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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 30th, 2012

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Ireland, Inc. (IRLD)

AllPennyStocks reported recently on Ireland, Inc. (IRLD), HotOTC, CoolPennyStocks, BullRally, PennyStockVille, PennyInvest, StockRich, MadPennyStocks, StockEgg did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Ireland, Inc. is a minerals exploration and development company headquartered in Henderson, Nevada. They focus on the discovery and extraction of precious metals from mineral deposits in the Southwestern United States. The Company is currently involved with two mining projects, both of which are prospective for gold and silver. The Company applies a proprietary discovery, sampling, and recovery methodology to locate, mine, and recover gold, silver, as well as other minerals. In 2007, Ireland acquired rights to acquire up to 100 percent of the two mining properties.

Ireland's flagship mining property is the Columbus Project, which they completed 100 percent acquisition of; this project consists of 19,738 acres in Esmeralda County, Nevada. The Project is located approximately halfway between Las Vegas and Reno, specifically over the Columbus Salt Marsh in Esmeralda County. In September 2011, the Company staked an additional 288 placer mineral claims, each covering 20 acres, adjacent to the placer mineral claims that they already own or have options to acquire. This increased the total acreage of placer mineral claims within the boundaries of the Columbus Project by 5,760 acres, to a total of 48,938 acres.  

Ireland completed the acquisition of the Columbus Project in early 2008. New geologic modeling at the Columbus Project has outlined seven mineralized zones. These zones have a total inferred geological resource of 343.9 million tons with an average grade of 0.040 opt gold equivalent.

Ireland maintains an option to acquire up to 100 percent of the Red Mountain Project. This project is located at the base of Red Mountain in the historical Rand Mining District in San Bernardino County, California. There is potential there for a gold, tungsten, and silver resource.

Ireland recently announced the results of tests completed by AuRIC Metallurgical Laboratories of Salt Lake City, Utah. Ireland completed a successful 3,000-pound bulk sample test at the Columbus Project (completed on sand material from the North Sand Zone). They continue to be encouraged by high recovery rates during extraction circuit testing.

This month, Ireland announced that they closed the second tranche of their private placement financing, raising $4.78 million. This will allow the Company to continue their metallurgical program by upgrading the onsite pilot plant for processing up to 2,000 tons of mineralized sand for bulk extraction of gold and silver, and to drill additional core holes to increase the resources and quality of resource definition at the Columbus Project. The Company has been granted the permit for their 2012 drill program. It will consist of 31 drill holes to a depth of 200 feet. The recent capital raise will allow Ireland to complete the drill program, which will cover an additional 0.48 square miles adjacent to the North Sand Zone. The goal of this program is to expand the North Sand Zone.

Ireland, Inc. (IRLD) closed on Friday at $1.07, up 15.05%, on 484,272 volume with 155 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 110,512. The 52-week low/high is $0.25/$0.95.

Valence Technology, Inc. (VLNC)

Greenbackers, Profit Confidential, Stock Fortune Teller, and The Street reported earlier on Valence Technology, Inc. (VLNC), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Valence Technology, Inc. is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacture of safe, long-life lithium iron magnesium phosphate advanced energy storage solutions and integrated command and control logic. The Company enables and powers some of the world's most innovative and environmentally friendly applications. These range from commercial electric vehicles to industrial and marine equipment. Founded in 1989, Valence Technology has their corporate headquarters in Austin, Texas.

From 2006 to 2011, Valence Technology emerged from a strong research and development platform to become a global leader in the development and manufacture of intrinsically safe, long-life lithium iron magnesium phosphate (LiFeMgPO4) advanced energy systems. The Company offers a proven technology and manufacturing infrastructure that delivers ISO-certified products and processes that are protected by an extensive worldwide patent portfolio. Valence Technology has their Research & Development Center in Nevada, their Europe/Asia Pacific Sales office in Northern Ireland, manufacturing facilities in China, and global fulfillment centers in North America and Europe.

Valence is the enabling battery technology for a number of products in the electric vehicles, hybrid yachts, Segway® Personal Transporters, medical carts, and industrial systems market sectors. Extensive research and development resulted in the successful commercialization of the U-Charge® range of battery modules in 12, 18 and 36 volt configurations. U-Charge® Advanced Energy Systems and Management Systems are a family of battery modules offering twice the run-time at less than half the weight of similar sized lead-acid batteries.

U-Charge XP® products are used in a broad variety of innovative applications. These include automotive and marine transport, industrial, military and stationary equipment. Systems are maintained and constantly monitored by customers using U-Charge® XP Accessories. This facilitates intelligent system management and quality Command and Control.

U-Charge® RT is suited to lower voltage applications where excellent run time and intrinsic safety is a prerequisite. The Lithium Iron Magnesium Phosphate RT series incorporates built-in automatic protection. It does not require an external battery management system for optimum usage. U-Charge® RT offers a 12 Volt scalable, modular approach, packaged in standard lead acid BCI format sizes suited for a huge assortment of applications.

On March 1, 2012, Electric Vehicles International (EVI) announced they have been awarded a U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule, making it possible for federal agencies and military forces to purchase EVI's vehicles.  Under solicitation QMAA-F6-110004-N, four EVI models of medium-duty all-electric trucks and vans have been approved for government purchase, giving EVI the most comprehensive GSA-approved portfolio of all-electric, medium-duty vehicles. Lithium iron magnesium phosphate batteries from Valence Technology power EVI vehicles.

Valence Technology, Inc. (VLNC) closed on Friday at $0.81, down 0.19%, on 300,116 volume with 677 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 318,857. The 52-week low/high is $0.70/$1.65.

Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. (BOY.TO)

Today we are reporting on Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. (BOY.TO), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. is in the business of commercial building and residential construction, municipal infrastructure and engineering projects. From their operating bases in Zhejiang Province and in Hainan Province, the Company focuses on construction projects in China's fast-growing regions of the Yangtze River Delta, Hainan Province and Shandong Province. Boyuan Construction has their corporate headquarters in Jiaxing City, China.

The Company's current project backlog includes residential, commercial, industrial and mixed-use developments. In their last three fiscal years ending June 30, 2011, Boyuan Construction completed more than 80 projects for several private and public sector clients. 

Boyuan is a National Class-I general contracting construction Company. They also hold a Class-I general contracting qualification for municipal infrastructure engineering, a Class-I specialized contracting qualification for architectural decoration and renovation, a Class-II specialized contracting qualification for ground foundation and groundwork, a Class-III specialized contracting qualification for anti-corrosion & insulating engineering, and a Class-III specialized contracting qualification for M&E installation.

Recently, the Company reported their financial results for the three- and six-month periods ended December 31, 2011. Q2 FY2012 Operational and Financial Highlights include record Q2 revenue of $54.3 million, up 19 percent from $45.5 million in Q2 FY2011. They had record Q2 EBITDA of $7.6 million, up 14 percent from $6.7 million in Q2 FY2011. They had Q2 net earnings of $3.1 million, down 8 percent from $3.3 million in Q2 FY2011.

Boyuan Construction has $44.2 million worth of projects initiated to date for the current fiscal year. They initiated a residential construction project located in Haikou, Hainan Island valued at $23.6 million. They also initiated a residential construction project located in Weifang, Shandong Province valued at $12.6 million.

In February, Boyuan Construction announced that they initiated construction on a five star hotel complex located in Sanya, a city on Hainan Island. This is one of the Company's core markets. The hotel complex consists of three buildings totaling 107,000 square meters and is valued at US$23.9 million. The expectation is that the completion of Boyuan's new project will be in the third quarter of calendar 2012.

Boyuan Construction Group, Inc. (BOY.TO) closed on Friday at $0.63, down 3.08%, on 27,029 volume. The 52-week low/high is $0.55/$2.10.

AuRo Resources Corp. (ARU.V)

We are reporting on AuRo Resources Corp. (ARU.V) today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

AuRo Resources Corp. is a junior exploration Company that lists on the TSX Venture Exchange. The Company is developing gold projects in Colombia's richest gold regions. AuRo possesses a large strategic land package consisting of 70,000 hectares within Colombia's most prolific gold, silver and copper exploration and mining regions. AuRo Resources has their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Their management and technical team has more than 100 years of combined experience across the mining spectrum. The Company holds property interests in three of Colombia's most prolific gold regions in Antioquia, Tolima-Quindio, and Santander-Norte de Santander. AuRo Resources has key infrastructure in place; projects are readily accessible by road, rail and rivers.

The Company's flagship El Tesoro project is "drill ready" and approximately 20 km from B2Gold's Gramalote project. The El Tesoro Mine consists of 848 contiguous hectares, located in the Northeast of Antioquia. AuRo Resources has 100 percent ownership, 0 percent NSR (Net Smelter Return). Gold Deposit Project elevation is less than 1,000 meters above sea level and there are 15 tunnels/mines within the concession.

The La Colosa West Project (Tolima & Quindio) is one of the largest land positions in the new gold-copper porphyry district. AuRo Resources has interests in approximately 30,000 hectares, 5-20 kms from AngloGold's 12.3 mill Oz gold discovery. AuRo's Surata Gold Project is located approximately 10 kilometers west of CB Gold's Vetas Gold Project in Santander, Colombia. The Project's 18,734 hectares consists of eleven concessions. Six have titles and five are in the application stage pending title. The titles are 100 percent owned by AuRo's Colombian subsidiary, Oro Barracuda, through contracts with the Colombian government, and are not option agreements.

Last week, AuRo Resources announced that they discovered a new target at their Arboledas Gold Project. This new target covers an area of approximately 2kms x 1km. It will be the focus of detailed mapping and soil sampling to define drilling targets. The remainder of the property continues to undergo evaluation. This will be subject to geologic mapping, rock and stream sediment sampling to define targets for detailed follow-up. The Arboledas gold property consists of four concession areas that total approximately 14,077 hectares.

AuRo Resources Corp. (ARU.V) closed on Friday at $0.08, down 5.88%, on 200,038 volume. The 52-week low/high is $0.07/$0.23.

Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KDMP)

Vantage Wire reported earlier on Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KDMP), and we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company with headquarters in Mesa, Arizona. The Company has expertise in drug delivery and formulation. They design new drugs from existing FDA approved generic drugs, by using New formulation, New dosage form and for New uses (NNN). The Company has developed a new formulation for drug delivery through the sublingual (under the tongue) route. Kedem Pharmaceuticals' shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board.

The design of Kedem's sublingual formulation is to enhance drugs to be delivered to the body without the need for injection. This design enables the vast majority of pharmaceutical drugs to be rapidly absorbed through the mucosal membrane (tissues of the mouth) quickly and efficiently.

The Company's lead therapeutic product is a male sexual enhancement drug. It goes by the name X-Excite and delivery is via sublingual route. In human studies, X-Excite has been shown to reach the blood stream faster than the oral route of delivery. The Company's second drug "Relax-B" is also under development in Canada for anxiety. In addition, the third drug will be an anti-migraine drug.

Kedem has a number of other drugs under development for fast and convenient delivery. These include drugs for osteoporosis, sleeping disorders, painkillers, anti-allergy medications, cardiovascular diseases, lung medications, and addiction replacement therapies. The Company's product portfolio includes orodispersable versions of both generic and brand products. Their products follow a 505 (b) 2 regulatory pathway as designed by the FDA.

In January, Kedem Pharmaceuticals announced that they initiated the development of Gleevec®. Gleevec® is an important anti-cancer drug for the treatment of several blood related cancers in children and adults. In children, the drug has demonstrated a powerful action against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. Gleevec® is the registered trade name for Imatinib, a specific inhibitor of tyrosine kinase BCR-ABL. BCR-ABL is a fusion protein created by the Philadelphia Chromosome abnormality that characterizes chronic myeloid leukemia (CML).

The drug undergoes administration orally. In children, there is a significant issue in getting the drug swallowed, because of the size of the pill and bad taste. Kedem's sublingual formulation with taste masking features makes the drug acceptable and pleasant in taste for children with chronic dosage requirements.

Kedem Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (KDMP) closed on Friday at $0.09, up 28.57%, on 12,800 volume with 4 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 42,284. The 52-week low/high is $0.008/$2.90.

GC China Turbine Corp. (GCHT)

FeedBlitz, Stock Guru, and All about trends reported previously on GC China Turbine Corp. (GCHT), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

GC China Turbine Corp. is a manufacturer of 2-blade and 3-blade wind turbines. The Company develops an innovative technology in the wind turbine manufacturing arena that meets rigorous requirements for low-cost and high reliability. The Company was formerly known as Nordic Turbines, Inc. GC China Turbine is a holding company whose primary business operations are conducted through a wholly owned Hong Kong subsidiary, Luckcharm and their wholly owned Chinese subsidiary GC Nordic. The Company has their headquarters in Wuhan, the People's Republic of China.

GC China Turbine was founded in 2006 as an offshoot of leading technology supplier to the Chinese Utility Industry, Guoce New Technology Co.  With the idea of "soft design," GC China Turbine worked to develop a wind turbine technology ranging from 2-blade to 3-blade in the wind energy space that would be reliable and cost-effective to manufacture. 

The 2-blade technology is less commonly used in the China wind farm market compared to 3-blade technology. However, the development project that created the 2-bladed wind turbine has been operating for 10 years with 97 percent availability. The Company's current product is a 2-blade 1.0 megawatt (MW) utility scale turbine with another 1.1 megawatt 2-blade utility scale wind turbine prototype under trial assembly, which is upgraded based on the 1.0 megawatt wind turbine.  Designs for a 2.5 megawatt and larger offshore megawatt utility scale turbines are also in development.

The Company has licensed game-changing technology. The 2-bladed wind turbine technology is based on a 10 year, 75 million dollar R&D investment by the Government of Sweden. GC China Turbine is the only manufacturer of Megawatt 2-Blade Systems in China. The design offers technological, cost saving, logistical, as well as operational advantages. The Company is venturing with Wuhan Guoce Nordic New Energy Co. Ltd., an arm of the highly regarded, well-established and successful multi-division Wuhan Guoce Group of Companies.

GC China Turbine Corp. (GCHT) closed on Friday at $0.03, down 3.85%, on 9,569 volume with 2 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 23,621. The 52-week low/high is $0.009/$0.49.

Global Axcess Corp. (GAXC)

Greenbackers reported recently on Global Axcess Corp. (GAXC), SmallCapVoice did earlier, and we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Global Axcess Corp. is an independent provider of self-service kiosk solutions. The Company provides turnkey ATM and other self-service kiosk management solutions, which include cash and inventory management, project and account management services. Founded in 2001, Global Axcess has their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

Currently, the Company owns, manages or operates more than 5,300 ATMs and other self-service kiosks in their national network across 43 states. Their solutions include ATM and DVD kiosk management and support services focusing on serving the self-service kiosk needs of merchants, grocers, retailers and financial institutions across the country. The Company's goal is to leverage their ability to deploy, manage, maintain and process transactions to a broader array of self-service kiosks.

Global Axcess is the number six ranked non-bank independent ATM sales organization. They have established a profitable, fully integrated growth platform providing for three complementary business models. These business models are ownership; sale, distribution and maintenance; and transaction processing.

The Company's value drivers include long-term customer contracts with attractive terms and a recurring revenue base. They also include attractive Gross Margins and EBITDA as well as low-cost infrastructure to provide premier returns and economies of scale.

Global Axcess currently generates revenues from transaction fees, self-service kiosk network management services, and management fees. Transaction fees generally derive from a charge for processing transactions on the Company's self-service kiosk network. The Company also derives revenues from providing self-service kiosk network management services to banks and other third-party owners of self-service kiosks included in their network. Concerning management fees, revenue generates from the outsourcing by financial institutions of certain self-service kiosk management functions.

Early in March, Global Axcess announced that they signed a five-year renewal agreement with their largest convenience store customer to support approximately 250 locations throughout the southwest region of the United States. The agreement was effective February 22, 2012. It continues a full turnkey Global Axcess program.

Global Axcess Corp. (GAXC) closed on Friday at $0.58, even with yesterday’s close, on 1,000 volume. The average volume for the last 60 days is 21,366. The 52-week low/high is $0.30/$0.76.

Freestone Resources, Inc. (FSNR)

Today we are highlighting Freestone Resources, Inc. (FSNR) here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Freestone Resources, Inc. is an oil and gas technology development company. The continuing goal of the Company is to develop new technologies that allow for the utilization of their extensive resources in an environmentally responsible and cost effective way. Freestone Resources' shares trade on the OTC Bulletin Board. The Company has their headquarters in Dallas, Texas.

On August 22, 2007, the Company changed their name to Freestone Resources, Inc. in anticipation of going into the oil and gas technology development business. Since that time they started developing and acquiring rights to chemical solvents that can increase the production in oil and gas wells, decrease the viscosity of heavy oil, and extract hydrocarbons from various forms of matter. Freestone Resources has developed an Oil Recovery Unit (ORU) that they've successfully licensed to Hydrex to chemically remove oil from oil sands and oil contaminated soils.

In October 2011, Freestone Resources entered into a joint venture with MEA Solutions, LLC to deliver a total solution for water resource management in the oilfield services sector. An integral component of the service includes owning and operating water recycling systems. The joint venture, Freestone Water Solutions, LLC, will utilize specialized, proprietary technology designed to treat and recycle flowback water (frac water that immediately flows back to the surface), as well as produced water for subsequent reuse in the fracking process.

Freestone Resources is constantly exploring new and innovative technologies. New technology leads to increased revenues by utilizing state of the art products such as their cutting-edge oil sand extraction and oil remediation technology.

In early February, Freestone Resources announced the ongoing operation and testing of the water treatment system. The design of the system is to recycle and treat flowback and produced water through their joint venture with MEA Solutions, Freestone Water Solutions (FWS). The ongoing operations in the field have produced extremely positive results.

Freestone Resources, Inc. (FSNR) closed on Friday at $0.15, down 21.05%, on 78,501 volume with 9 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 35,185. The 52 –week low/high is $0.04/$0.35.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV). Today, GlobalWise Investments, Inc. closed trading at $1.83, up 0.55%, on 8,000 volume with 12 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 3,620, and its 52-week low/high is $1.20/$1.85.

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV), via wholly-owned subsidiary Intellinetics, Inc., is a leading-edge technology company focused on Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions for the digital age. The ECM industry continues to grow rapidly as a result of unrestricted proliferation of digital content within today's business environment. Leveraging its proprietary cloud-based computing software, GlobalWise is poised to capture a significant market share of this burgeoning industry.

GlobalWise's ECM service is delivered to customers via five unique delivery models which cover the spectrum of business needs: Cloud/Saas (Software as a Service), Hardware Vendor Integrated Service, Software Vendor Integrated Service, Premise (Client-Server), Hybrid (Premise & Cloud/Saas).This diversity gives advanced security & privacy features with an on-demand structure needed for large Tier 3 and Tier 4 businesses that are currently underserved by the market.

The Intellinetics platform defines a new industry benchmark and game-changing approach by combining advanced virtualization & automated content management with an open and service-oriented architecture using web services. The company provides strategies, tactics, and technologies used to manage paper and digital assets from capture to long-term archive, without the need for manual processes conducted by a full time employee.

GlobalWise's management boasts a combined total of over 60 years in ECM leadership and industry experience. The ECM industry is expected to exceed $5.1 billion by 2013 with Gartner predicting a compound annual growth rate of 9.5%. IBM Market Insights predicts adoption of cloud computing to grow by 26% CAGR between 2010 through 2013. Leveraging management and key department heads, Intellinetics has a strong foundation from which to capture significant market share within the lucrative $149 billion Business Software & Services industry. Disclaimer

GlobalWise Investments Company Blog

GlobalWise Investments News:

GlobalWise Market Expansion to Capitalize on Industry Trends and Innovations in Mobile Technology

GlobalWise Releases Case Study on Ricart Automotive Group

GlobalWise Announces Channel Sales Partnership With Primary Solutions

ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF). Today, ProGaming Platforms Corp. closed trading at $0.2890, up 1.40%, on 11,507 volume with 9 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 26,083, and its 52-week low/high is $0.115/$0.359.

ProGaming Platforms Corp. (PPTF) specializes in designing, implementing and managing high performance Information Technology Systems ("ITS") infrastructure solutions. Offering national, multi-national and global, turnkey ITS infrastructure solutions, the company is capable of delivery professional services to Fortune 1000 and large multi-site firms as they increasingly single source and outsource to reduce costs while optimizing critical planning, design, program, project and construction management and managed services.

Leveraging standardization, rapid mobilization and a just-in-time professional services approach, Beacon Enterprise Solutions serves as a single source for national, multi-national and global enterprise clients, including special practices focused on data centers, campuses, smart buildings, outside plant, wireless systems and other technology-based applications and projects. Clients are provided with consistent and predictable results anywhere in the world. The company's solutions allow clients to focus on their core businesses without the distraction of having employees spend valuable time on services that Beacon can provide on any continent, in any country using any language.

Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, with regional headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Dublin, Ireland, and Prague, Czech Republic, in addition to personnel located throughout the United States and Europe, Beacon Enterprise Solutions services a diverse range of clients. For more than 30 years, the company has enabled businesses in a variety of vertical markets to dramatically reduce costs, enable global standardization, manage day-to-day technology systems moves, adds and changes, and take on major projects – all under a single national, multi-national or global agreement.

Beacon Enterprise Solutions has carefully assembled a seasoned management team and operating strategy to maximize organic growth and new business development across multiple vertical markets. More than 4,000 companies, from small businesses to Fortune 50 firms, have chosen the company's solutions. Disclaimer

ProGaming Platforms Corp. Blog

ProGaming Platforms Corp. News:

ProGaming Platforms Develops Social 3D Flash Game to Showcase Gaming Platform and Capitalize on Online Advertising Opportunities

ProGaming Platforms Issues Letter to Shareholders

ProGaming Platforms Corp. Announces Ten-for-One Forward Stock Split

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (SSNT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (SSNT). Today, SilverSun Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.18, up 12.50%, on 207,630 volume with 69 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 6,584, and its 52-week low/high is $0.005/$0.36.

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. (SSNT), via wholly-owned subsidiary SWK Technologies, is a premier total solutions provider specializing in business software for manufacturers and distributors. Established in 1988, the company focuses on meeting the needs of small-sized and mid-sized businesses ("SMB" marketplace) with accounting and business management products, including SilverSun's own proprietary software. The company also offers its own cloud-based solutions and provides network services (network configuration, data backup, 24/7 remote monitoring, etc.) to its clients.

SilverSun distinguishes itself from traditional software resellers by offering a wide range of value-added services, consisting primarily of programming, training, technical support, and other consulting and professional services. The company also provides software customization, data migration, business consulting, and implementation assistance for complex design environments. Currently, the company has over 1,000 active customers.

In addition to driving organic growth, SilverSun's aggressive growth strategy includes acquiring firms in the extensive and expanding SMB marketplace to create substantial value for its shareholders, employees, and partners. SilverSun aims to leverage SWK Technologies as a platform to roll up and aggregate the best and brightest ERP resellers, as well as other software companies with proprietary products that serve the SMB marketplace. The company's most recent acquisition was in January 2012.

In 2011, SilverSun increased sales 40% over the previous year and strengthened its balance sheet through the elimination of all outstanding debt. With organic sales accelerating, significant debt reduction, and great depth of expertise and resources, SilverSun is well positioned to become a dominant player in the growing business software marketplace. Disclaimer

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. Blog

SilverSun Technologies, Inc. News:

SilverSun Technologies Reports Record Revenues and Earnings for Full Year 2011

SilverSun Technologies Signs Letter of Intent to Acquire HighTower

SilverSun Technologies Eliminates Additional $1.3 Million of Debt

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI). Today, FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. closed trading at $0.85, up 10.39% on 10,500 volume with 6 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 25,125, and its 52-week low/high is $0.56/$2.15.

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. (FPMI) is a cutting edge provider of information, content distribution, media management and secure communications to the hospitality industry. The company's state of the art digital technology platform and Internet Protocol (IP) infrastructure presents hotels with a valuable opportunity to generate new revenue while enhancing guests' experiences by providing content that is more relevant to their unique interests.

The company's integrated platform stands far beyond the competition, offering unparalleled guest services such as messaging, folio review, express check outs, energy management and other personalized services while providing the traditional services of Free to Guest (FTG) programming, Video-On-Demand programming, a highly secured high speed internet service and many other interactive services such as gaming.

By combining TV and the web world through unparalleled IPTV/HDTV service, hotels are able to generate additional income through commercial spots, advertisements of local tourist services, hotel promotions and more. Features of the platform includes remote administration, support for more than twenty languages, easy installation and a comprehensive hotel services menu capable of providing detailed information about the hotel and upcoming activities, billing information, room service, guest messages and wake-up services.

The system's architecture consists of a Network Operating Center (NOC) and local hotel servers connected through a point-to-point broadband network. As each guest accesses the network, the resulting traffic generated undergoes analysis based on various criteria. This includes behavioral, geographical, seasonality, and more. Using this data, hotels are able to ensure advertisers maximum value for their advertising budget. Disclaimer

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. Company Blog

FluoroPharma Medical, Inc. News:

FluoroPharma is Granted Patent Rights for BFPET in Australia, Expanding Global Patent Position

FluoroPharma Medical Announces Phase II Study for CardioPET

FluoroPharma to Present at the Noble Financial Capital Markets Eighth Annual Equity Conference

It’s Hard to Overlook Longhai Steel, Inc. (LGHS)

Scrolling through another batch of earnings reports from big board companies in the steel business once again showcases the out-of-sync valuation of Longhai Steel and its industry peers.

Olympic Steel (NASDAQ: ZEUS) reported Q4 2011 net sales totaled $319.9 million, the highest ever for its fourth quarter, an increase of 48.7% from the $215.2 million reported for the year-ago period. Fourth quarter 2011 net income totaled $0.6 million, or $0.05 per diluted share, compared to a net loss of $1.6 million, or $0.15 per diluted share, in last year’s fourth quarter. Net sales for the year totaled $1.26 billion in 2011, a new record, increasing 56.7% from $805 million in 2010. For 2011, net income increased by $22.9 million to $25.0 million, or $2.28 per diluted share, compared to net income of $2.1 million, or $0.20 per diluted share, for 2010. Shares are trading around $24 each with a market cap of approximately $260 million.

China Gerui Advanced Materials Group (NASDAQ:CHOP) reported 2011 Q3 revenue of $101.1 million as compared to $61.9 million in the same quarter of 2010. Gross profit for the quarter was reported at $32.1 million; up from $18.6 million in the 2011 quarter. Operating income increased to $28.7 million from $16.5 million. Notably, the company was recently upgraded to NASDAQ Global Select. China Gerui has no long-term debt, but more than $216 million in short-term debt. Shares are trading at $3.57 with a market cap of approximately $210 million.

Schnitzer Steel Industries (NASDAQ:SCHN) said that it expects fully diluted earnings per share for the second quarter to be approximately $0.28 – $0.35. The company will report its earnings next week. Shares are trading at around $40 with a market cap of approximately $1.1 billion.

For its third quarter ended Feb. 29, 2012, Worthington Industries (NYSE: WOR) reported a profit of $25.9 million, or 37 cents a share, down from $26.3 million, or 35 cents a share, a year earlier on a 7.3% gain in revenues. Revenue at Worthington’s steel processing business, its biggest by sales, rose 22% to $367.3 million. Shares are currently trading at $19.14 each with a market cap of approximately $1.33 billion.

The unsung hero in this business looks to be Longhai Steel (OTCBB: LGHS), a producer of high-quality steel wire products in the People’s Republic of China. Today, the company announced its financial results for the year ended December 31, 2011, which included steel wire sales revenue of $608 million compared with $475 million for 2010, an increase of $133 million, or 28 percent. 2011 gross profit rang-in at $18.7 million compared to gross profit of $18.6 million for 2010. 2011 net income was $11.2 million, or $1.12 per fully diluted share, compared with net income of $11.3 million for 2010.

As of December 31, 2011, shareholder’s equity equaled $57.5 million, or $5.72 per fully diluted share. Longhai has no long-term debt. Shares are trading at $1.60 each with a market cap of $14.8 million.

Shares have risen in value for LGHS recently, but this company still seems to have tremendous upside potential to get on par in valuation with others in the industry. The new plant getting fully online could potentially send annual sales near the $1 billion mark.

Mr. Steven Ross, Executive Vice President of Longhai, said in today’s release, “We are pleased to report record sales for 2011, largely driven by the opening of our new production facility in the fourth quarter of 2011. As the newly-opened steel wire facility continues to ramp output, we expect to see continued year-over-year improvements in operating results throughout 2012. During the first quarter of 2012 we also reconstituted our Board of Directors and transitioned to a new auditing firm, Marcum Bernstein & Pinchuk, LLP, both significant steps toward our goal of moving to a senior exchange.”

Ross continued, “Once fully ramped, the new facility will increase our overall capacity by approximately 60%, and have the capability to produce such high margin products as alloy steel, cold forging steel and welding rods. Over the next two quarters we expect to begin utilizing higher quality steel billets, which will enable us to produce higher quality and higher margin products for additional markets beyond construction and infrastructure.”

Guanwei Recycling Corp. (GPRC) Posts Record Financial Results for 2011

Guanwei Recycling, China’s leading clean tech manufacturer of recycled low density polyethylene (LDPE), today reported financial results for fiscal 2011, reflecting record sales and profits.

Net revenues for 2011 increased 34 percent to a record $63.6 million compared to $47.5 million reported a year earlier.

Net income in 2011 grew 29 percent to a record $12.7 million, or $0.64 per diluted share, compared with $9.9 million, or $0.50 per diluted share, reported in 2010.

Gross profit for 2011 increased approximately 27 percent to $19.48 million, while gross margins decreased to 30.64 percent from 32.20 percent a year earlier. The company attributes this decrease primarily to an approximately 22 percent increase in raw material costs.

The company increased its annual combined raw material import quota to 99,000 tons in 2011 and 115,000 tons in 2012; production capacity expanded to 80,000 tons from 65,000 tons.

As of December 31, 2011, Guanwei reported shareholders’ equity of $45 million, an increase compared to $34.1 million a year earlier. Total assets of $45.08 million at year end included cash and cash equivalents of $12.43 million, and accounts receivable of $4.48 million. Inventories increased to $16.85 million from $10.72 million a year earlier, and pre-payments and other assets of $2.10 million as of year-end 2011 compared with $475,195 at the end of 2010.

The company also paid off short-term debt and increased working capital at year end to $23.8 million from $13.4 million a year earlier.

Chen Min, chairman and CEO of Guanwei, called 2012 a “banner year” for the company, and noted increased production capacity, the company’s strong financial standing, and its obtaining of a substantial increase in its government quota for imported raw material.

“With these accomplishments,” Min stated in the press release, “we are confident of another year of record results in 2012. Even with an anticipated slowing in our domestic economy, we have a customer base that is well diversified, and the more than 40% price advantage our recycled plastic offers compared with virgin plastic continues to make it quite attractive.”

For more information visit www.guanweirecycling.com

Applied DNA Sciences, Inc. (APDN) smartDNA Gets Official Green Light for Forensic Use

Applied DNA Sciences, a provider of DNA-based security solutions, today announced that its botanical, smartDNA anti-theft system is now officially approved by the Swedish National Police Board (RPS). smartDNA will be used by law enforcement in all counties in Sweden effective June 2012.

smartDNA is a patented security system used to protect valuables in highly covert sting operations, and can be incorporated within existing security and anti-theft systems. In the event of a crime, the offender is marked (sprayed) with a DNA-marked fluorescing dye, which allows for detection and forensic evaluation. The technology is already used by the Swedish National Laboratory of Forensics (SKL), and has proven effective for criminal prosecution measures.

“We are very pleased with smartDNA as it has helped us to arrest the criminals for serious crimes committed. This has been proven in our evaluation of the system for the past year, and we expect, with support from SKL, our national forensic laboratory, to prosecute these criminals to the fullest extent of the law,” Anders Buren, detective superintendent for the Stockholm County Police, stated in the press release.

RPS, through the National Police Academy, is responsible training police officers and for developing new working methods, and technological and administrative support. It is also the principal agency for the SKL.

Per the board’s approval, beginning in June 2012, the entire Swedish police force will utilize smartDNA as a covert method of linking criminals to crimes.

Applied Sciences reports that since the launch of smartDNA in Sweden, more than 40 locations have installed smartDNA spray systems. The products are also available in the United States and are installed in a number of bank and pharmacy locations on Long Island, New York.

For more information visit www.adnas.com

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. (SVA) Phase I Clinical Data for EV71 Vaccine Against Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease Published in Vaccine

Sinovac Biotech yesterday announced that the positive phase I clinical data for its proprietary inactivated Enterovirus 71 (EV71) vaccine was accepted for publication by Vaccine, a peer-reviewed journal. The uncorrected proof is available online.

The EV71 vaccine is an inoculation against hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD). The article, entitled “Safety and immunogenicity of a novel human Enterovirus 71 (EV71) vaccine: A randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind, Phase I clinical trial,” gives a detailed look at the safety observation with preliminary immunogenicity data from the study, in which all three age groups (adult, children, and infants) showed good safety and tolerance profiles.

During the phase I clinical trial, vaccine candidates were first given to the adults, starting from the lowest dosage to higher dosages. After the two inoculations were administered, a safety observation was conducted and clinical experts and the Data Safety Monitoring Committee reviewed the safety evaluation report. When safety was confirmed, inoculations were then administered to the children; the same procedure was followed before the infants were inoculated. The Ethics Committee approved this trial protocol.

The results of the phase I clinical trial showed that Sinovac’s novel inactivated human EV71 vaccine was well tolerated in healthy volunteers, and good immunogenicity was indicated in the testing results on neutralizing antibody. The company confirmed these findings in the phase II clinical trial, which showed that the EV71 vaccine demonstrated a good immunogenicity and a favorable safety profile with no serious vaccine-related adverse events.

In January, Sinovac commenced phase III clinical trials prior to the hand, foot, and mouth disease outbreak season. Around 10,000 healthy volunteers were enrolled through the end of March. The phase III trial is progressing on schedule and is anticipated to be completed in the first half of 2013. The construction of an EV71 vaccine production plant is also underway to be ready for production as soon as the vaccine is approved.

More than 90 percent of reported hand, foot, and mouth disease cases occur in children under the age of 5, and the epidemic situation is still serious in China. HFMD is common in childhood and usually mild, but there has been an increase in severe cases reported that are associated with neurological problems caused by EV71. Sinovac’s progress brings the world one step closer to a novel vaccine that is effective against human EV71 outbreaks.

Sinovac Biotech Ltd. is a biopharmaceutical company based in China. Sinovac’s focus is on researching, developing, manufacturing, and commercializing vaccines that protect against human infectious diseases, as well as animal rabies vaccines for canines. In 2009, Sinovac was the first company in the world to get approval for its H1N1 influenza vaccine, Panflu. 1. Sinovac has a number of new pipeline vaccines currently in development. The company primarily sells its vaccines in China, with some selected vaccines exported to Mongolia, Nepal, and the Philippines.

For more information, visit the company’s Web site at www.sinovac.com


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