Tuesday March 27th 2007
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The QualityStocks Daily

Today The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight DigitalPost Interactive (DGLP) at $1.08 with 1,000 shares traded.

DigitalPost Interactive announced this month they would offer their customers a free basic version of its website www.Thefamilypost.com this unique family platform give users a free opportunity to sample the site with the option to upgrade to a subscription version at any time. TheFamilyPost.com, provides families with personalized websites to share and preserve their digital memories
DigitalPost Interactive also announced this month that they would provide a nationwide service that helps America's overseas troops stay connected with their families by providing free, interactive family websites during overseas deployments.
DigitalPost Interactive provides user-friendly web platforms for sharing digital media online. Through the company's flagship site www.familypost.com, and www.WebsitesForHeroes.com, the company now markets its technology to markets, including the education, sports, and travel industries.

Today The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter would like to highlight CanAm Uranium Corp. (CAUI) previously at $1.24 up 2% at $1.27 with 532,817 shares traded.

CanAm Uranium Corp. announced today that with Joint Venture Partner El Nino Ventures Inc. will be commencing on the first phase of the CDN $500,000 2007 Work Program on the Bancroft Uranium Project
CanAm Uranium Corp. is focused on the strategic acquisition and development of exploration properties in well-known prolific mining areas, especially known for Uranium, of Canada, Southern Africa, Australia and the United States. CanAm Uranium Corp has optioned over 136,000 acres of claims collectively within the Saskatchewan Athabasca Basin, Ontario and British Columbia


This week we will be highlighting companies who will be attending the ValueRich Small-Cap Financial Expo Miami 2007 which will be held on March 27, 2007 - Mar 28, 2007 The Expo is a venue for small public companies to highlight their prospects for investment bankers and other potential investors.

Senetek PLC (SNTKY) closed today at $0.23 with 43,350 shares traded.

Senetek PLC announced last month that Plethora Solutions Holdings Senetek's exclusive licensee for its patented erectile dysfunction drug Invicorp, will initiate the final component of the clinical development program for Invicorp® in the U.S. in the second quarter of this year. The product has already received marketing authorization in Denmark, as well as in England and New Zealand.

Senetek PLC a life sciences product development company with a portfolio of intellectual properties targeting the science of aging, including skincare and dermatological therapeutics, erectile dysfunction and nutrition.

Simtrol (SMRL) closed today at $2.10 with 65,588 shares traded. (SMRL) was recently highlighted by Knobias Clip Report and OTC Picks.

Simtrol, Inc. engages in the design and development of Windows-based control software solutions in the United States. Simtrol develops and sells a unique form of device control middleware that ties devices to applications using open standard interfaces. The Company's proven open architecture to give clients more choices, improved functionality, unlimited scalability, easy deployment, and better pricing. Their products are used in a number of vertical markets including healthcare, law enforcement, digital signage, education, corporate, hospitality and residential as well as well as a number of Fortune 1000 corporations, government entities, educational systems and other end users.

Softnet Technology (STTC) closed today at 0.026 on huge volume with 2,718,800 shares traded.

Softnet Technology has been named in recent articles concerning a deal between Microsoft and CompUSA to offer the services of Microsoft's Small Business Specialist Community and to CompUSA's small-business customers.
SoftNet Technology Corporation, through its subsidiaries, offers information technology (IT) consulting services and solutions to enterprises and service providers.

Tank Sports (TNSP) previously at $0.72 up 4% at 0.75 with 6,900 shares traded. (TNSP) was highlighted this month by Wall Street Grapevine and Knobias Clip Report.

Tank Sports announced this month that the first stage of research and development has been completed for its new 150cc and 250cc motorcycles that run on E85 ethanol composed of (85% alcohol, 15% gasoline) The company plans to have the ethanol fueled units into the U.S. and international markets by August of 2007.
Tank Sports is a leading company that develops, engineers, and markets high performance on-road motorcycles and scooters, as well as off-road all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), dirt bikes and Go Karts

WaterBank of America (WBKA) closed today at $0.61 (WBKA) was highlighted this month by Investor Ideas.

WaterBank of America announced in Early February that it has entered into several key distribution and marketing agreements for the promotion of the Company's ICEROCKS® products. Including a contract in place with Main Street Marketing for representation of ICEROCKS throughout the Southeastern region of the United States. The company’s ICEROCKS® products are ice cubes in innovative, secure and convenient package. The company also signed NFL's 2004 Defensive Rookie of the year Jonathan Vilma, as to be a spokesperson for ICEROCKS®.

Now let's take a look at some of the top percentage gainers from today.

Topping The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is Diamant Art Corporation (DIAAF) previously at $0.0003 up 100% at $0.0006 with 52,502,608 shares traded. (DIAAF) was highlighted today by OTC Stock Exchange as a Breakout on News.

Diamant Art Corporation announced yesterday that in light of a proposed plastic ban in San Francisco, that Diamant Art Corporations line of environmentally conscious bio-degradable plastic wrap, bio-products and food films meet the demands of the proposed plastic ban. The ban would force large-scale grocery retailers in the San Francisco area to use grocery bags made of substances such as bio-degradable plastic that can be composted, recycled paper and reusable bags. Diamant believes that its bio-product line is ready to fill the void for bio-products needed in the San Francisco area. Diamant has already shipped 14.6 million feet of its custom-made orange bio-degradable pallet wrap to Sigma Supply of Arkansas

Diamant Art Corporation primarily engages in the production, distribution, and marketing of replications of original paintings. In addition, the company intends to manufacture a non-PVC (poly vinyl chloride) food packaging stretch film, under license from Diamant Plastics Corp.

Atlantis Business Development Corporation, Inc. (ABSD) previously at $0.0145 up 37% at $0.02 with 5,187,314 shares traded. (ABSD) was highlighted by Knobias Clip Report. At the start of this year (ABSD) shares were trading in the $1.05 to 1.15 range with highs in the 1.60 range.

Atlantis Business Development Corporation, Inc. announced in late February that the company is rapidly moving forward on a definitive agreement to complete the deal with Nettel Holdings, Inc. The transaction under which Nettel Holdings, Inc. will acquire the majority interest in the EFTAS Employment Program, have agreed to the terms outlined in the Letter of Intent, previously announced February 23, 2007.
Nettel Holdings, Inc. a technology holding company focused on the VoIP Industry. EFTAS (Employment for the Armed Services) supports our military men and women, seeking civilian employment, as they return after the conclusion of their military service.
Atlantis Business Development Corporation, Inc. operates as a business development company providing debt and equity financing to public and private companies.

One Voice Technologies, Inc. (ONEV) previously at $0.028 up 33% at $0.0375 with 14,225,617 shares traded. (ONEV) was highlighted today by StockEgg.com and this month by HotOTC.com and OTC Advisors

One Voice Technologies, Inc. announced this month that following an industry and competitive market overview in the voice recognition sector have yielded several exciting developments for One Voice Technologies, Inc. First the acquisition of Tellme Networks by Microsoft Corporation for an estimated $800 million and the acquisition of Bevocal ) by Nuance Corporation for an estimated $140 million both voice recognition companies in the telecommunications sectors. Both acquisitions highlight an industry need for the development and deployment of voice recognition solutions.
One Voice Technologies, Inc. engages in the development and sale of voice recognition-based software for the telecom and interactive multimedia personal computer sectors. They company is the world's first developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets.

Topping The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter leader by volume is Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. (RVME) previously at $0.0003 up 33% at $0.0004 with 160,504,016 shares traded. (RVME) was highlighted today by OTC Picks.

Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. announced this month they have completed its new television episodes on schedule and increased assets reaching 44 television episodes and 44 DVD titles for distribution.
Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. also announced yesterday that they have signed a major product sales distribution deal with STL/Faithworks to place Raven Moon DVDs in Wal-Mart, Target and other retail stores. The company’s products will be supplied to multiple retail chains, including giant Wal-Mart, through the STL/Faithworks national distribution network.
STL/Faithworks is the largest provider of Christian DVD products in Great Britain and Europe and STL, Inc. also serves the US Christian publishing and retailing community
Raven Moon Entertainment, Inc. is involved with the production of family entertainment programs for television, DVDs, music CDs, related toys and G-Rated Movies.

Document Security Systems, Inc. (DMC) previously at $8.60 up 26% at $10.89 with 523,700 shares traded. (DMC) was highlighted today in The Knobias Clip Report.

Document Security Systems, Inc. announced today that after a one day hearing, the German Federal Patent Court in Munich, Germany, ruled that the Company's European Patent is a valid patent in Germany. The suit in the European Court against the European Central Bank alleges that the Euro banknotes produced by the European Central Bank ("ECB") infringe DSS's European Patent
Document Security Systems develops optical deterrent technologies that help prevent counterfeiting and brand fraud from the use of the most advanced scanners, copiers and imaging systems in the market.

Today we highlight CompleteAuto (RCAU) at $1.85 up 18% at $2.20 with 4,452,489 shares traded. (RCAU) was yesterdays QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained previously at $0.08 up a whopping 2212% at $1.85 with 7,860,833 shares traded. (RCAU) was highlighted today by Bull in Advantage, GMCR, OTC Picks, The Subway, The Bull Report The Capital Report and Twin Trader. (RCAU) was also highlighted yesterday by Bull in Advantage, GMCR, OTC Picks, OTC Stock Exchange, The Bull Report, The Capital Report and Twin Trader.

CompleteAuto announced today that it has unexpectedly penetrated the 10,000 vehicle listings barrier, and is continuously listing vehicles on a rapid basis.
CompleteAuto announced yesterday that they have received certification to operate as a Solutions Provider in eBay Motors' Local Market Program. Certification by eBay will now allow dealers to utilize the CompleteAuto software to bring more local buyers directly into their dealerships, making the eBay selling process more simplistic and allowing buyers to test drive the car before purchase. Dealers will now be able to list their entire lot on eBay Motors for one flat subscription fee per month allowing buyers within a 100 mile radius of the dealership will see a dealer's entire inventory online. As a result CompleteAuto has already seen substantial increases in their revenue generating customer base.

CompleteAuto functions as a certified solution provider for eBay Motors and offers proprietary software, personnel and design solutions to hundreds of automotive dealerships around the country.

The QualityStocks Public Company Sponsor Corner 

Today The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Solar EnerTech Corp. (SOEN) previously at $1.50 up 6% at $1.60 on another huge volume day with 970,817 shares traded.

Solar EnerTech Corp. announced this month that it has signed an interim sales agreement worth a total of $8 million for the sale of 2Mw of solar cells and modules with Shanghai Very Sun Technologies Co., Ltd. ("Very Sun")

Solar EnerTech Corp. announced today the completion of a private placement with Institutional Investors for $8.3 million. The financing was prompted by increased demand for the Company's solar cell products, The funds will aid in the purchase of silicon feedstock to fulfill recent purchase orders. Additional uses will include the purchase of equipment for the Company's second 25Mw production line.

Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, the Company has also established a marketing, purchasing and distribution arm in Northern California's Silicon Valley. The company plans to invest in PV cell research to develop cells to use in its manufacturing processes. They have also taken major steps toward establishing a leadership role in solar technology research and development. Disclaimer

Solar EnerTech News:

Solar EnerTech Inks Sales and Distribution MOU Entering Markets in India

Solar EnerTech Completes $17.3 Million Private Placement With Institutional Investors

The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter would like to welcome our Newest Client Lucas Energy, Inc. (LUCE) previously at $2.40 up 2% at $2.45 with 3,500 shares traded. (LUCE) has been highlighted this month by Small Cap Voice and Knobias Clip Report.

Lucas Energy, Inc. announced this month that it has completed its ninth acquisition in the last seven months with the lease of 498 acres of land in Gonzales County, Texas. The comany plans to revitalize the three current active wells to boost production immediately. The company also believes that there are significant proved undeveloped reserves in the upper cretaceous zones on this property.
Lucas Energy, Inc. is an independent oil and gas company is focused on identifying underperforming oil and gas assets, which can be revitalized through the application of modern well technology. The company currently operates eight separate oil and gas leases. Disclaimer

The QualityStocks.net Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Novori Inc. (NOVO) as "One To Watch" (NOVO) previously at $0.92 up 33% at $1.20 with 24,700 shares traded.

Novori announced last month that they have captured the first place position for e-commerce sales growth in the USA, rising from the third fastest growth industry in 2006. The principal component propelling online jewelry sales growth rate is diamond rings, engagement rings and other high-ticket items.

Novori is a leading online interactive retailer of diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry. Novori launched their website in 2005 and has built a well-respected brand by providing consumers with superior customer service and a better way to buy diamond engagement rings. Novori hit huge sales growth in its second year, with 2006 revenues exceeding 2005 by 2,374%. Due to strong holiday sales, online jewelry rose from the third fastest to become the # 1 fastest growing online industry for 2007 according to Comdex published statistics. Disclaimer



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