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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Friday, March 15th, 2013

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. (DIIG)

Stock Guru reported recently on Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. (DIIG), and today we are highlighting the Company as "One to Watch" next week here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. is an OTCQB-listed company that owns and operates Canadian Teleradiology Services (CTS). CTS provides leading-edge remote radiology (teleradiology) technology to hospitals and practices, on-call 24/7. They specialize in MRI, CT, PET, US, NM, MAMMO, X-Ray, and BMD modalities. Additionally, the Company focuses on the acquisition of existing full service imaging clinics in the U.S., and the development of new diagnostic imaging technology. Diagnostic Imaging International has their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Teleradiology is the process of assessing radiological patient images, including x-rays, CTs, and MRIs, from one location to another for the purposes of interpretation and/or consultation. Diagnostic Imaging connects clients with a worldwide teleradiology network providing access to global partner facilities, as well as American and Canadian board-certified radiologists. These radiologists read the scans, review the audio information, prepare a medical report, and transmit the reports to hospitals and clinics. The Company's business plan is to own and operate full service diagnostic imaging clinics. These may include MR, CT, and PET machines.

With their acquisition of CTS, Diagnostic Imaging is realizing Phase One of their business plan. The benefit of the CTS system of services is to allow hospitals and clinics access to radiologists. The service system additionally helps hospitals and clinics in remote locations, where it is difficult to hire skilled radiologists, and access professional, skilled radiology staff.

The CTS services include full PACS Networking and Compatibility. The Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS) offer Remote Teleradiology Services to PACS-based hospitals and clinics. CTS services also include Certified Radiologists based in North America and vetted by the hospital; 24-hour turnaround on non-emergency reports; 1-hour turnaround on emergency verbal STAT reports, and references from client public hospitals and clinics on request.

In December 2012, Diagnostic Imaging International announced that on December 10, 2012, they closed the acquisition of Schulkyll Open MRI (SOMRI). SOMRI provides quality MR services. SOMRI is an outpatient MRI clinic located in Pennsylvania.

SOMRI has been providing MR services to their community for more than ten years. With the acquisition of SOMRI, Diagnostic Imaging International is embarking on Phase Two of their business plan. This MRI clinic along with the Company's Teleradiology business will allow them to offer complete solutions for doctors, clinics, hospitals and patients.

We are tracking Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. (DIIG) on our radar screens as "One to Watch" here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Diagnostic Imaging International Corp. (DIIG), closed Friday's trading session at $0.03, even for the day, on 37,990 volume with 4 trades. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.004/$0.12.

Independence Energy Corp. (IDNG)

PennyStocks24, Stocks Gone Wild, Epic Stock Picks, EpicVIP Group, Otcstockexchange, Whisper from Wall Street, PennyStockSpy, OTCPicks, and SizzlingStockPicks reported this week on Independence Energy Corp. (IDNG), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Independence Energy Corp. is an oil and gas exploration and development company focusing on projects in the United States. The Company is looking to advance their existing projects further by way of development or offset drilling. They are also looking to expand their portfolio to include additional property interests in the U.S. Independence Energy has their headquarters in Seal Beach, California.

Their projects include the Quinlan Wells (Quinlan #1, Quinlan #2, Quinlan #3, and Quinlan #4 - three productive oil wells (Quinlan #1, #2, and #3) and one salt-water disposal well). The Quinlan Lease property is 120 acres. Currently, Independence Energy holds a 10 percent interest in the three productive Quinlan Lease wells. Since they acquired an interest in the project in late 2011, significant infrastructure and water handling upgrades were made at the site.

In addition, the Company has a turnkey 5 percent Working Interest (WI) in the highly prospective MontCrest Energy Drilling Program #3 in Coleman County, Texas (the MontCrest Drill Program). The MontCrest Drill Program consists of a turnkey participation in two exploration wells targeting multiple oil bearing sand formations currently productive in the region. MontCrest Energy, Inc. is the project operator.

Pertaining to the MontCrest Drill Program, the expectation is that the Shields-MEI #105-H Prospect Well will be drilled as a horizontal well targeting the Gardner Sandstone formation. Moreover, the expectation is that the Vaughn-MEI #106 Prospect Well will undergo drilling to an estimated total depth of 4,650' to test a historically productive dolomite formation and five other known formations at shallower depths.

Last week, Independence Energy announced that they completed a transaction that has resulted in the acquisition of a 100 percent interest in the Coleman South oil and gas exploration land package in Coleman County, Texas. The new Coleman South Lease project covers an area of approximately 1,400 acres, four miles southwest of Novice, Texas.

This week, the Company announced that they are advancing discussions with diverse operators and drilling companies currently undergoing consideration for the development of the Coleman South oil and gas exploration land package in Coleman County, Texas.

Independence Energy Corp. (IDNG), closed Friday's trading session at $0.0175, down 4.89%, on 5,207,544 volume with 178 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 841,090 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0027/$0.966.

IMPACT Silver Corp. (IPT.V)

Today we are reporting on IMPACT Silver Corp. (IPT.V), here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

IMPACT Silver Corp. is a silver mining company with two production centers in Mexico - the Guadalupe and the Capire. The Company also holds a 17.29 percent share in Defiance Silver Corp. Defiance Silver is advancing IMPACT Silver's 200 tpd (tonne-per-day) processing plant and mineral concessions to production in the Zacatecas Silver District in Mexico. IMPACT Silver's objective is ultimately establishing their company as a multimillion-ounce silver producer. IMPACT Silver has their corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company's shares trade on the TSX Venture Exchange.

The Company has a portfolio of advanced projects encircling a 623 square kilometer land package situated approximately three hours southwest of Mexico City. IMPACT Silver controls two large mineral districts within a 100 percent-owned contiguous land package. These are the 423 square kilometer Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District and the 200 square kilometer Mamatla Silver District. They additionally control several concessions in the northern Zacatecas Silver District.

At Guadalupe, their 100 percent owned and operated underground silver mines feed a central 500 tpd processing plant located within the historic Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District. The recent start of production at the underground Cuchara-Oscar Mine at Guadalupe and the start of preliminary operations at the open-pit Capire Mine represent the next phase of major production growth for IMPACT Silver.

Last month, IMPACT Silver announced that they successfully moved their newest silver mine into production. The start of production at the Cuchara-Oscar Mine represents the Company's fourth underground silver mine taken from discovery to production at the Royal Mines of Zacualpan Silver District in Mexico. Initial production at Cuchara-Oscar will come from the Marqueza Vein, with plans to expand production to the nearby Oscar, Resguardo and Maria de Jesus Veins later this year.

Yesterday, IMPACT Silver announced the start of preliminary operations at the Company's second production center in Mexico, the new Capire Production Center. The open-pit Capire mine and pilot processing operation is situated in northern Guerrero State in south-central Mexico. Construction of the 200 tpd pilot plant is now complete. They expect first concentrate shipments within the second quarter of 2013.

IMPACT Silver Corp. (IPT.V), closed Friday's trading session at $1.01, even for the day, on 45,600 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.96/$1.86.

Vendum Batteries, Inc. (VNDB)

PennyStocks24 reported yesterday on Vendum Batteries, Inc. (VNDB), UltimatePennyStock did earlier, and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Vendum Batteries, Inc. focuses on developing a cellulose-based power source for the automotive and aeronautical industries. The battery is entirely biodegradable. It primarily consists of cellulose; it uses none of the toxic elements used in traditional batteries. The Company's intention is to sell licenses to use their intellectual property (IP) to produce and develop paper battery technology. Vendum Batteries lists on the OTC Markets' OTCQB. Founded in 2009, the Company has their corporate headquarters in El Segundo, California, and an office in Reading, United Kingdom (UK).

The design of their paper battery is to use a paper-thin sheet of cellulose infused with aligned carbon nanotubes. The nanotubes act as electrodes allowing the storage devices to conduct electricity. The batteries have no mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium or other heavy metals. Additionally, no ozone-depleting solvents are used in production and the batteries are 90 percent composed of cellulose, the same plant cell used in paper products. They are temperature resistant. Their lack of water content means they can function in temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit and down to 100 below zero.

Vendum has a pending patent on the non-toxic, carbon-based lightweight battery. The Vendum Battery will undergo development from the Company's current low power capacity, to accommodate, soon, the ever-growing worldwide demand for durable battery power for cell phones, iPods, human implants and eventually electrical vehicles, and more.

First, Vendum Batteries will be developing low power source solutions for all types of greetings cards, audio books, traditional board games, intelligent packaging/wrapping paper and possibly toys and trade show gadgets. At the same time, the Company will start R&D into integrating their battery technology with Photovoltaic cells.

In August of 2012, Vendum Batteries announced that they identified a major opportunity in the market for electronic greeting cards. The Company is aiming to cooperate with Green Greeting Card Companies and other major producers such as Hallmark for use of the Vendum carbon nanotube paper batteries in greeting cards. Global Industry Analysts, Inc. expects the worldwide market for greeting cards to be greater than $30.4 billion in 2015, and Hallmark is the biggest producer.

Vendum Batteries, Inc. (VNDB), closed Friday's trading session at $0.0002, down 33.33%, on 34,777,416 volume with 41 trades. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.107.

BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS)

MicroCap Gems and Nebula Stocks reported earlier on BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS), and today we choose to report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1987, BioLife Solutions, Inc. develops, manufactures and markets patented hypothermic storage and cryopreservation solutions for cells and tissues. BioLife markets their proprietary HypoThermosol® and CryoStor® platform of solutions to academic and commercial organizations in the biobanking, drug discovery, and regenerative medicine markets. BioLife Solutions lists on the OTCQB and the Company has their headquarters in Bothell, Washington.

The Company's products are serum-free and protein-free, fully defined. They undergo formulation to reduce preservation-induced cell damage and death. BioLife's enabling technology provides academic and clinical researchers major improvements in post-thaw cell, tissue, and organ viability and function. In addition, BioLife Solutions provides custom product formulation and custom packaging; as well as contract aseptic manufacturing fill and finish services.

Their HypoThermosol® series of products includes HypoThermosol FRS, a solution formulated to decrease the free radical accumulation in cells undergoing prolonged hypothermic preservation. They also include HypoThermosol Purge, a flush solution designed for use during the transitions from normothermic to mild hypothermic, to rinse culture media and native fluids from tissue and whole organ systems before suspension in a preservation solution.

Their CryoStor® series of products consists of CryoStor CS2, CryoStor CS5, and CryoStor CS10. These are cryopreservation freeze media products designed to mitigate temperature-induced molecular cell stress responses during freezing and thawing. The Company's BloodStor products consist of BloodStor 55-5 pre-formulated with DMSO USP, Dextran-40 USP, and water for injection quality water; and BloodStor 100, which contains DMSO USP.

In February, BioLife Solutions announced that Mr. Rick Stewart, Chief Executive Officer of Kirkland, Washington-based Cardiac Dimensions, joined their Board of Directors. Mr. Stewart was appointed to the Company's Audit Committee. Mr. Stewart has served as President and Chief Executive Officer, and a member of the Board of Directors of Cardiac Dimensions since 2001. Cardiac Dimensions is a leader in the development of innovative, minimally invasive treatment modalities to address heart failure and related cardiovascular conditions.

BioLife Solutions, Inc. (BLFS), closed Friday's trading session at $0.32, up 15.38%, on 155,364 volume with 29 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 27,239 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.47/$0.065.

Lustros, Inc. (LSTS)

AllPennyStocks, Penny Stock Buzz, and SmallCapVoice reported this month on Lustros, Inc. (LSTS), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Based in Santee, California, and trading on the OTCQB, Lustros, Inc. specializes in the production of Copper Sulfate from traditional mining and the treatment of copper tailings (waste materials leftover from prior mining operations). In January 2012, the Company purchased a majority stake of Sulfatos Chile SA., a Chilean private company currently involved in the manufacturing of Copper Sulfate and copper mining. Sulfatos Chile SA owns the Anica Copper Mines (600-hectare mineral property) and a copper sulfate production project.

Lustros' subsidiary Mineraltus SA is a Chilean corporation that will process tailings of expired copper mines to secure the raw materials to manufacture high quality, feed-grade copper sulfate. In 2011, Lustros' Sulfatos Chile bought an 800-hectare property located in the Sierra del Cocou, Comuna de Illapel in the IV Region of Chile. The Company has dedicated 225 hectares to the construction of an industrial plant to process feed-grade Copper Sulfate. The designation of the remaining area is for future growth and the development of additional plants. The sourcing of the copper will be from their Anica Mine.  

In late December 2012, Lustros announced that they secured the final funding needed to complete the copper sulfate processing plant in Puerto Oscuro, Chile. This final funding enabled the Company to complete the crushing plant, leaching pads and the remaining work needed on the Sx/Cr plant. Copper sulfate (CuSO4) is a value-added product derived from copper ore. Demand is increasing rapidly for its use in farming and agriculture.

Recently, Lustros announced that Mr. William Farley accepted the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). The Company's current CEO, Gonzalo Troncoso, will remain as President. Mr. Farley is the sole shareholder of Liam Ventures, Inc., a private equity firm with investments in diverse industries. These include technology, communications, railroad, and basic industries. Mr. Farley is also CEO and owner of Zrii International in Salt Lake City, Utah, a liquid nutritional marketer.

Lustros, Inc. (LSTS), closed Friday's trading session at $0.62, up 3.33%, on 68,700 volume with 35 trades. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.322/$2.48.

Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. (MYRY)

OTCPicks, Investor News Source, Penny Dreamers, Stock Twiter, and Pumps and Dumps reported earlier on Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. (MYRY), and we are reporting on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. is an interactive marketing and development firm. The Company designs and develops customized marketing plans, social media marketing campaigns, pay per click (PPC), and search engine marketing. In addition, they develop in house web and mobile applications. Myriad Interactive Media lists on the OTC Markets' OTCQB.

For Application Development, Myriad is currently developing an interactive mobile application for the Apple iPhone and Apple iPad devices. The Company is registered as an Apple developer. They plan on launching this application under their Apple SDK. In addition, they will be introducing mobile development for the Google Android platform.

Concerning Social Media Marketing, Myriad Interactive Media has the ability to build and structure marketing campaigns for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. They can perform a total analysis on the customer's target audience and utilize best practices in creating and launching social media campaigns. The most common campaigns the Company plans to conduct will be for growing brand recognition and driving user engagement.

For Search Engine Marketing, the Company is a recognized search firm with Google. Myriad structures high quality AdWords campaigns. Pertaining to Website Development, Myriad has a separate team of consultants working on website development as well as web architecture. Their team can build complete web solutions from scratch, including graphic design and CSS coding.

Myriad has developed an in-house daily deal aggregator web application for the Brazilian market called CuponZilla.com.br. The platform is a sophisticated application that tracks all of the daily deals in Brazil offered by daily deal sites such as Groupon, PeixeUrbano and Groupalia. They track these deals by using application programming interface (API) and parsing technology.

In October 2012, Myriad Interactive Media announced that the Company acquired a distinctive social media technology called Mingle from a technology firm headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. This social media application combines social media networks into one place.

Yesterday, Myriad Interactive Media announced the launch of Mingle Suite, their proprietary social media technology platform. Mingle Suite is an innovative social media technology designed to build very valuable search engine optimization for businesses at a fraction of the cost. Mingle works by synchronizing all social media accounts and taking advantage of the traffic they create to substantially improve search rankings. 

Myriad Interactive Media, Inc. (MYRY), closed Friday's trading session at $0.0283, up 95.17%, on 4,797,495 volume with 236 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 131,310 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0081/$0.17.

Candente Copper Corp. (DNT.TO)

Super Stock Picker and Stockhouse reported earlier on Candente Copper Corp. (DNT.TO), and we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange, Candente Copper Corp. is developing the large scale, 100 percent owned, 7.5 billion pound, Feasibility Stage Canariaco Norte Copper Project located in northern Peru's prolific mining district. The Company, together with their subsidiaries, engages in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties in Peru. They mainly explore for copper, gold, silver, and molybdenum. Founded in 1997, Candente Copper is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company's Canariaco Norte deposit contains a Measured and Indicated resource of 752.4 million tonnes grading 0.49 percent copper equivalent and an Inferred Resource of 157.7 million tonnes at 0.44 percent copper equivalent. A second mineralized copper porphyry, Canariaco Sur, has been discovered adjacent to the Canariaco Norte deposit. Excellent evidence exists for the presence of a porphyry deposit at the Quebrada Verde target. Both offer the potential to expand significantly the scope of the Canariaco copper project. 

Canariaco Norte, Canariaco Sur and the third target, Quebrada Verde, are part of an extensive porphyry complex covering a minimum length of 5 kilometers and an average width of 2 kilometers. The porphyry complex is covered entirely by the Canariaco property that is held 100 percent by Candente. Geological mapping, geophysics and geochemical sampling by Candente, and by Billiton in 1999 (including limited drilling), indicate a strong potential for additional porphyry copper-gold mineralization within the complex. Candente Copper's near-term are the completion of a Feasibility Study on the Canariaco Norte copper project and extensive exploration drilling on the Canariaco Sur and Quebrada Verde targets.

At the end of February 2013, Candente Copper reported results from the second and third exploration holes of the 2013 drilling program on the Canariaco Sur porphyry copper-gold system. Highlights include CS-13-004: 411.30 meters (m) averaging 0.25 percent copper equivalent from 0 to 411.30m (0.0.19 percent copper, 0.08 grams per tonne (g/t) gold and 1.5 g/t silver). This includes 197.30m averaging 0.35 percent copper equivalent from 214m to 411.30m (0.26 percent copper, 0.11 g/t gold and 2.0 g/t silver).

Highlights also include CS-13-005: 265 (m) averaging 0.19 percent copper equivalent from 0 to 265m (0.15 percent copper, 0.05 g/t gold and 1.1 g/t silver). This includes 37m averaging 0.44 percent copper equivalent from 178m to 215m (0.36 percent copper, 0.10 g/t gold and 2.1 g/t silver). This intercept occurs within a more extensive intercept of 87m grading 0.30 percent copper equivalent from 178m to 265m (0.25 percent copper, 0.06 g/t gold and 1.6 g/t silver).  

Candente Copper Corp. (DNT.TO), closed Friday's trading session at $0.41, up 5.13%, on 61,500 volume. The stock's 52-week low/high is $0.26/$1.09.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO). Today, International Stem Cell Corp. closed trading at $0.29, up 9.43%, on 411,021 volume with 59 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 388,524, and its 52-week low/high is $0.161/$0.65.

International Stem Cell Corp. announced today that their breakthrough method of deriving neuronal cells for the treatment of Parkinson's disease has been published in an influential research publication from the publishers of Nature, Scientific Reports. The paper goes into details of the technology developed by ISCO's team for producing highly pure populations of GMP-grade neuronal cells suitable for pre-clinical studies and clinical trials.

International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) specializes in the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSCs) and the development and commercialization of cell-based research and cosmetic products. The company was first to perfect the natural phenomenon of parthenogenesis, which utilizes unfertilized human eggs to create hpSCs. These stem cells, created in a particular form called HLA homozygous, can be immune-matched to millions of people regardless of sex or racial background, with minimal expectation of immune rejection after transplantation.

hpSCs are as pluripotent as embryonic stem cells (ESCs) and have significant therapeutic potential but their creation does not involve the destruction of a viable human embryo – thus sidestepping the controversy and ethical dilemmas associated with the use of human embryonic stem cells. Different from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSs), hpSCs do not involve manipulation of gene expression back to a less differentiated stage – a practice that may become a safety or regulatory obstacle in clinical applications.

A relatively small number of hpSC lines can offer the potential of producing the first true stem cell bank, UniStemCell, which ISCO intends to create as a means of serving populations across the globe. The company's scientists are currently focused on using hpSC to treat severe diseases of the eye, nervous system, and liver, for which cell therapy has been clinically proven but is limited due to the unavailability of safe human cells.

In addition to its therapeutic focus, ISCO also provides two revenue streams. Firstly through its subsidiary Lifeline Cell Technology, specialized cells and growth media for biological research around the world, and secondly its subsidiary Lifeline Skin Care, the company manufactures and sells anti-aging skincare products utilizing an extract from the hpSC and by leveraging the latest discoveries in the fields of stem cell biology, nanotechnology, and skin cream formulation technology. Disclaimer

International Stem Cell Corp. Company Blog

International Stem Cell Corp. News:

International Stem Cell Corporation Technology for Deriving Neuronal Cell Published by Nature Publishing Group

International Stem Cell Corporation Raises Additional Capital

International Stem Cell Corporation to Present at 65th American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting

The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM). Today, The Guitammer Company Inc. closed trading at $0.20, up 33.33%, on 139,100 volume with 19 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 14,713, and its 52-week low/high is $0.082/$0.35.

The Guitammer Company Inc. (GTMM) is a leader in low frequency sound products and technology. Its innovative and award winning line of patented ButtKicker-brand low frequency audio transducers let users feel low-frequency sound (bass). ButtKicker brand products are used around the world by leading entertainment and theater companies such as AMC, IMAX and Disney in movie theaters and attractions; by world-famous musicians; in home theaters, simulators and for car audio.

ButtKicker brand products are distributed by Pearl Drums for musicians under the trade name, "Pearl's Throne Thumper by ButtKicker", and factory installed in home theater seating by Palliser Furniture. ButtKicker brand products' patented design makes them musically accurate, powerful and virtually indestructible. The Company is headquartered in Westerville, OH.

The Guitammer Company's newly patented broadcast technology, ButtKicker LIVE! enables the excitement, impact and feeling of sporting events to be broadcast along with the sound and video. ButtKicker LIVE! puts you into the action, whether you're at home or at the event.

ButtKicker Live! technology is available for cable, satellite, fiber optic, IPTV and over-the-air broadcast and has been successfully tested with several major content (sports) providers. ButtKicker(r) and ButtKicker Live!(r) are registered trademarks of The Guitammer Company. Disclaimer

The Guitammer Company Inc. Company Blog

The Guitammer Company Inc. News:

The Guitammer Company Announces Strong 2012 Financial Results

Guitammer and State of Ohio Modify Terms of "Innovation Loan"

Guitammer Names National Sales Manager - Home Theater

Loans4Less.com, Inc. (LFLS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Loans4Less.com, Inc. (LFLS). Today, Loans4Less.com, Inc. closed trading at $0.10, up 17.65%, on 17,700 volume with 4 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 5,056, and its 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.39.

Loans4Less.com, Inc. (LFLS) is an online mortgage broker which matches qualified individuals seeking mortgage loans with suitable lenders who offer the company a competitive wholesale lending program. Maintaining an A+ TrustLink rating with the Better Business Bureau, the company provides competitive rates, terms, costs, daily updates, extensive market information, and trusted first-class service to the public.

Leveraging its portfolio of 62 different web domains, Loans4Less.com is focused on developing a national consumer platform for conforming residential mortgage programs and implementation of other consumer loan programs via operating providers. The company's expansion strategy includes rapidly growing revenues through strategic and cost-effective advertising, licensing, and/or third party agreements that build national recognition of the Loans4Less® brand.

The management team has accumulated many years of experience in the real estate and financial services sectors. This combination of expertise provides the knowledge and foresight necessary to get the best results for the company and their thousands of loyal clients. The team skillfully navigated through the credit crisis that destroyed much of their competition, putting the company in a stronger position to increase market share.

Loans4Less.com is not exposed to the risks and/or problems that are associated with sub-prime lending. Having never defaulting on an obligation or been involved in any litigation, the company is poised for rapid growth in today's low interest rate environment with its industry leading reputation and well established relationships with respected lenders. Disclaimer

Loans4Less.com, Inc. Company Blog

Loans4Less.com, Inc. News:

Loans4Less.com, Inc. - Audited Financials 2012

Loans4Less.com, Inc. Engages CPA Firm to Audit Financials

Loans4Less.com, Inc. Provides Preliminary Financial Results for Year Ended December, 31 2012

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM). Today, Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. closed trading at $0.17, up 3.03%, on 224,660 volume with 123 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 172,552, and its 52-week low/high is $0.15/$0.30.

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. (CXM) is a health sciences and regenerative medicine company focused on acquiring and strategically developing new and innovative products and businesses to address significant unmet medical needs. Comprised of large-market opportunities with definable pathways to commercialization, partnering, and other economic monetizations, Cardium's current portfolio includes the Tissue Repair Company, Cardium Biologics, and the company's in-house MedPodium Health Sciences healthy lifestyle product platform.

The company's lead commercial product Excellagen® topical gel for wound care management recently received FDA clearance for marketing and sale in the United States. In addition to plans to advance the product's commercialization in the U.S. and internationally via strategic partnerships, the company plans to develop new product extensions for additional wound healing applications and is working towards securing approval for marketing and sale in South Korea and through the CE Mark application process in the European Union.

Generx®, Cardium's lead clinical development product candidate, is a DNA-based angiogenic biologic designed to treat patients with myocardial ischemia due to coronary artery disease. Cardium recently initiated its Generx Phase 3 / registration study in Russia. Consistent with its capital-efficient business model, Cardium is also actively evaluating new technologies and business opportunities. The company utilizes its team's skills in late-stage product development to bridge the critical gap between promising new technologies and product opportunities that are ready for commercialization.

Cardium is dedicated to building on its core products and product candidates to continually create new opportunities for greater success. Leveraging the advantages of its capital-efficient, asset-based business strategy, the company provides a diversified and more balanced portfolio of risk/return opportunities with the chief objective of providing long-term shareholder value. Disclaimer

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. Company Blog

Cardium Therapeutics, Inc. News:

Cardium Receives ISO Certification for Excellagen

Cardium's To Go Brands® to Launch Expanded VitaRocks® kids Vitamin Line With New Retail Distribution

Cardium's Excellagen® Awarded American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Approval, Company Also Announces Addition of a Regional Distributor for Excellagen

Scientific Reports Publishes International Stem Cell Corp. (ISCO) Technology for Deriving Neuronal Cell

International Stem Cell Corp., a biotechnology company focused on the therapeutic applications of human parthenogenetic stem cells (hpSC), this morning told investors that its breakthrough method of deriving neuronal cells for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease has been published in Scientific Reports, a primary research publication from the publishers of Nature Publishing Group.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a common neurodegenerative disorder caused by a progressive loss of dopamine-producing neurons resulting in gradual dysfunction of the motor system. Pharmacological treatments are useful in the relatively early stage of the disease, but the continuous use of pro-dopaminergic medication eventually becomes ineffective and can worsen some of the motor symptoms. ISCO is developing a treatment for PD based on replacing the lost neurons with new neuronal cells derived from human parthenogenetic stem cells. To this end ISCO has developed a sophisticated and efficient manufacturing process for neuronal cells which has now been published in the peer-reviewed journal Scientific Reports.

The paper describes the technology, developed by ISCO’s R&D team, for producing highly pure populations of GMP-grade neuronal cells suitable for pre-clinical studies and clinical trials. The neuronal cells created using this approach are further characterized using a number of analytical methods and shown to function in a similar manner to adult cells. Moreover, neuronal cells produced using this new method, express greater levels of dopamine, the neurotransmitter central to PD, than previously reported approaches. Furthermore, these hpSC-derived neuronal cells are cryopreservable and can be stored frozen, and provides a practical route to creating neurons of sufficient quality to be used to treat Parkinson’s disease patients.

“It is important that our research is reviewed and validated by the scientific community and being able to publish in a Nature-branded, journal provides confirmation of the quality of ISCO’s scientific research,” stated Dr. Andrey Semechkin, CEO and Co-Chairman.

For more information, visit www.internationalstemcell.com

GlobalWise Investments, Inc. (GWIV) Offers Flexible ECM Deployment

GlobalWise Investments, provider of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems to businesses and organizations through its subsidiary Intellinetics, is a pathfinder in the use of cloud related technologies.

The company’s ECM solutions allow users to gain control over what has become for many a chaotic world of poorly organized stored documents, records that can be important but that can easily be lost in the volumes of paper that are processed every day. Using advanced software, which can be easily integrated with host business applications and copy/scanning procedures, documents become easily accessed and available for carefully secured access on a 24/7 basis from anywhere in the world.

Through partnerships and state-of-the-art technology, Intellinetics offers clients flexible deployment, designed to suite each organization’s unique requirements. The company’s advanced ECM solutions are delivered to customers using several delivery models:

• Cloud / SaaS (Software as a Service) Based Platform – The Intellinetics software is maintained in the Internet (public) or intranet (private) cloud for client use.

• Hardware Vendor Integrated Service – The Intellinetics software is integrated with leading hardware vendors such as Lexmark, Samsung, and Dell, as a value-added service, essentially merged with copier or multi-function printer hardware.

• Software Vendor Integrated Service – The Intellinetics software is integrated via OEM into existing enterprise software packages, allowing the client to easily access ECM services directly on their current system.

• Premise (Client-Server) – The Intellinetics software is maintained at the client location in a traditional client-server based configuration.

• Hybrid (Premise + Cloud/SaaS) – Deployment uses attributes of both Cloud and Premise based installations of the Intellinetics software.

For additional information on GlobalWise and its subsidiary, Intellinetics, visit www.GlobalWiseInvestments.com and www.Intellinetics.com.

Bergamo Acquisition Corp. (BGMO) Solar Pumping System Does Heavy Lifting

It wasn’t that many years ago when solar power was hard to consider as a serious mainstream energy source, with what were then low-efficiency solar collectors and crude support technologies. Today, even though continuing technological breakthroughs and large scale installations have turned that impression around, there is still a sense that small remotely based solar PV systems are only good for powering low-consumption electronics, and that such systems are not yet ready to do any “heavy lifting.”

Bergamo Energy, a Florida-based subsidiary of international holding company Bergamo Acquisition Corp., is a good example of how remotely stationed solar capabilities have grown over the years, and how even small installations can now perform heavy duty chores. The company is advancing a rugged solar powered water pumping system that can be used to power the pumping and processing of large volumes of water for communities in remote off-the-grid areas of both developing and industrialized nations. Using powerful PV arrays, together with a proprietary electrical inverter and high-efficiency pumping technology, Bergamo can provide critical water supplies from lakes, rivers, or wells.

Below are some specifications that give an idea of what the different size Bergamo systems can do when pulling water from typical underground wells.

• 200 foot deep well:
8,000 liters per hour, up to 180,000 liters per hour
• 300 foot deep well:
4,500 liters per hour, up to 180,000 liters per hour
• 600 foot deep well:
1,600 liters per hour, up to 160,000 liters per hour

For additional information, visit www.BergamoCorp.com

Dakota Plains Holdings, Inc. (DAKP) JV’s Major Rail Capacity, Inbound Logistics, and Storage Upgrade at Williston Facility

Dakota Plains Holdings announced some major news today regarding expansion of their New Town, North Dakota oil transloading facility (current on-site tank car capacity of 160), in conjunction with JV partner and wholly-owned subsidiary of World Fuel Services Corp. (INT), Petroleum Transport Solutions, LLC., as construction of the new Pioneer Project kicks off.

The Pioneer Project is on the company’s sprawling 192-acre New Town site, which will eventually host the planned double loop track (8,300 feet each), containing an interior space of some 90 or more acres for facilities, including a ten-tank car load out building and two 90k bbl storage tanks (with room for more development in future). This greatly extends capacity of the existing facility, which is ideally located in the heart of the Williston Basin, with a majority of incoming oil supply derived primarily from regional Bakken sources. The expansion dovetails with the four existing 2,500-foot tracks and will allow them to be used for inbound oilfield commodities/supplies like sand and equipment.

This expansion will bump-up overall throughput handsomely for crude oil off take services provider DAKP, which will get more traction out of their existing marketing, transloading, and crude oil trucking portfolio thanks to the upgrade. The New Town facility is in its fourth year of successful midstream operations and DAKP has amassed a considerable reputation, as well as a sizeable trucking fleet, and some 1.1k railroad tank cars (directly or indirectly). The global fuel logistics pros at World Fuel Services, which can boast of clients in over 8k locations across 200 countries worldwide, have armed their subsidiary quite well for the task. 2013 is looking like a milestone year for DAKP as a result of this beefed up capacity.

The Pioneer Project will nearly triple overall throughput to 80k bbls/day (up from 30k) and have room for 120 tank cars. Expansion of storage to 270k bbls is in the plans already and the partnership knows full well that with plenty of room on the interior of the loop, additional storage tanks can be rapidly implemented. DAKP will be able to easily scale up reliability and efficiency by turning the existing infrastructure into incoming support, while also obtaining access to gathering systems and short-range pipelines.

Chairman and CEO of DAKP, Craig McKenzie, projected a banner year for the company in 2013, as the new Pioneer Project’s exceptional economics translates directly into bottom-line growth for shareholders. McKenzie also emphasized how the expansion opens up new logistics business for the company and allows DAKP to expand an already attractive services portfolio to operators in this bustling basin.

Taking full advantage of the extant partnership between DAKP, World Fuel Services, and Canadian Pacific, the relevant crude will be transported using Canadian Pacific’s network, a task they were all too happy to help with, according to Exec. VP and Chief Marketing Officer for Canadian Pacific, Jane O’Hagan. In fact, O’Hagan pointed out how it was a great chance for Canadian Pacific to increase crude volume moving through the network and into the market, clearly pleased with how this expansion will help Canadian Pacific realize a more cost effective means of handling inbound commodities for the Bakken as well.

Finalization of the project has been moved up a notch or two and is looking like December of this year, with an estimated sticker price of around $50M to be split by the JV partners equally. As the existing infrastructure is destined primarily for logistical services, like supporting incoming supplies (chemicals, pipe, sand, etc.), the company has lined up debt financing for that part of the operation.

Senior VP of Supply & Trading over at World Fuel, Carlos Cuervo, expressed excitement at the prospect of playing a major role in this expansion and explained that the move will significantly broaden World Fuel’s penetration into the Bakken crude oil marketing space. It looks like DAKP has their strategy for capturing Williston Basin midstream activity down pat, and this JV upgrade will go a long ways towards further cementing the company in the region as a major provider of tansloading, transporting, and marketing of crude oil and crude oil-related products.

For more information on Dakota Plains Holdings, visit www.DakotaPlains.com


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