Monday, March 12th 2007

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  3. (GOVX)

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Today Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by percentage gained is Atlantis Business Development Corporation, Inc. (ABSD) previously at $0.034 up 76% at $0.06 with 590,733 shares traded. (ABSD) was highlighted today and daily in The Knobias Clip Report.

Atlantis Business Development Corporation, Inc. announced an update late last month (ABDS) Sale of Its Subsidiary EFTAS to Nettel Holdings, Inc. under which Nettel Holdings, Inc. will acquire the majority interest in the EFTAS Employment Program. EFTAS (Employment for the Armed Services) supports our military men and women, seeking civilian employment, as they return to their local communities at the conclusion of their military service.

Atlantis Business Development Corporation operates as a business development company that primarily assists eligible portfolio companies with capital information. The business development company is a vehicle established by Congress to allow smaller, retail investors to participate in and benefit from investing in small private businesses as well as the revitalization of larger private companies.

NetSky Holdings, Inc. (NKYH) previously at $0.02 up 50% at $0.03 with 1,465,409 shares traded. (NKYH) was highlighted today by Hot and Inside Move.

NetSky Holdings, Inc. announced on Friday that the company has recently launched an online advertising service, provides website owners with targeted web traffic for their websites which helps to generates traffic to individual websites through ads placed on approved websites in its network. Advertisers interested in increasing traffic to their website can order targeted traffic directly from
NetSky Holdings is an Internet consolidation company acquiring ISPs, web hosting companies and revenue generating websites.

GeoVax Labs, Inc. (GOVX) previously at $0.35 up 42% at $0.50 with 6,968,035 shares traded (GOVX) was highlighted today by, Breakout Trading, OTC Picks and OTC Advisors

GeoVax Labs, Inc. reported last week on the successful results from a preclinical trial using GeoVax's vaccines for the therapeutic treatment and prevention of Acquired Immunodeficiency Disease Syndrome ("AIDS") in non-human primates. The results have resulted in preliminary plans to conduct human therapeutic studies utilizing GeoVax's vaccines. Researchers are hopeful that future tests will have similar positive results on humans.
GeoVax Labs, Inc. engages in the development and testing of human vaccines for diseases caused by human immunodeficiency virus-AIDS and other infectious agents.

Xtreme Motorsports of California, Inc. (XTMS) previously at $0.0031 up 29% at $0.004 with 106,470,752 shares traded. (XTMS) was highlighted today by Stock Market Gains and this month by Breakout Trading.

Xtreme Motorsports of California, Inc. announced today that in response to shareholder concerns related to dilution, has secured the cancellation of approximately 394 million of the 839 million shares of common stock issued and outstanding. Stock Market Gains stated today "XTMS news that they have reduced the share structure by 47%" The company also announced that current sales under contract, which comprises vehicles in the process of being manufactured, totals approximately $2.1 million. This includes $1.7 million in dealer orders and approximately $400,000 under order from private buyers.In addition, the company is in the process of completing a letter of intent with a dealer for an additional $850,000 in various vehicle models for 2007. Xtreme Motorsports is a manufacturer of custom and production-line sandrails, desert and dual sport racecars.

Today Topping The Daily Newsletter leader by volume is SLEEP HOLDINGS, INC. (SLHJ) previously at $3.20 up 25% at $4.00 with 109,849 shares traded. (SLHJ) was highlighted today and recently by Knobias Clip Report.

SLEEP HOLDINGS, INC. announced today that a Dallas investor
SLEEP HOLDINGS, INC. plans to increase his stake in the company. Allen and Company, Ltd. and Elan Equites Corp. of Europe have jointly agreed to purchase 2,000,000 million newly issued restricted Sleep Holdings common stock directly from the company. Additionally, Allen and Elan have acquired options to purchase an additional 6,800,000 shares at prices up to $35 per share.
SLEEP HOLDINGS, INC. announced recently they have acquired Sleep Business Solutions, LLC in Bay City, Texas, for $54,450 in cash and issued a $145,550 convertible note for a total purchase price of $200,000, they also announced last month that they have acquired Innovative Sleep Solutions, located in Soldotna, Alaska through a combination of equity and convertible notes totaling $400,000.
SLEEP HOLDINGS' provides innovative solutions to patients suffering from sleep disorders.

Lumera Corporation (LMRA) previously at $3.65 up 24% at $4.54 with 7,136,953 shares traded. (LMRA) was highlighted today by Momentum Traders and

Lumera Corporation announced today that it had received a purchase order from Lockheed Martin for Lumera's high electro-optic activity materials .Shares were down Friday, but today's news sent the stock upward. Lumera Corporation designs proprietary molecular structures and polymer compounds for the bioscience and communications/computing industries.

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. (NIHK) previously at $0.07 up 20% at $0.084 with 4,785,755 shares traded. (NIHK) was highlighted today by Market Pulse, Knobias Clip Report, Micro Cap Pulse, Micro Stock Profit and OTC Journal. (NIHK) was also highlighted recently by Market Pulse, OTC Journal, Micro Stock Profit and Micro Cap Pulse

Nighthawk Systems, Inc. announced today that it has received an initial order for customized wireless power control units to be used by DaimlerChrysler. The wireless power control units will be used to control the venting of heat in their Trenton, Michigan engine plant, units will help eliminate expensive wiring costs for DaimlerChrysler and will allow DaimlerChrysler to wirelessly control the exhaust fans from almost anywhere inside or outside of the plant.
Nighthawk is a leading provider of intelligent wireless power control products that enable simultaneous activation or de-activation of multiple assets or systems on demand. Nighthawk's installed customer base includes major electric utilities, internet service providers and fire departments in over 40 states. Nighthawk's products also enable custom message display, making them ideal for use in traffic control and emergency notification situations.

Jones Soda (JSDA) previously at $17.13 up 8% at $18.67 with 4,552,436 shares traded. (JSDA) was highlighted today by and and recently by Stock Market Gains and Trading Markets. (JSDA) was also highlighted Friday in The Daily Newsletter.

Jones Soda saw a new 52-week high of $18.67 after closing at 17.16 on Friday. The boost due in part to company sales which rose 15 percent and its disclosure of its new retailers who would carry its cans of pop made with pure cane sugar. The list included retailers such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Kmart and Safeway, among others. Major analysts have upgraded the stock from "neutral" to "Buy" stated today" JSDA was one of the biggest percentage gainers in the market on Friday closing up $3.18 to a new all time high of $17.13. They beat earnings estimates and announced that Wal-Mart will now carry their products. JSDA grew revenues from $20.1MM in 2003 to $27.5MM in 2004 to $34.2MM in 2005 and $39MM in 2006. Analysts estimate $50.1MM in revenues for 2007 and $57.5MM in revenues for 2008. JSDA is now trading with a price/sales ratio of 9.39."
Jones Soda Co. engages in the development, production, marketing, and distribution of beverages including Jones Soda a premium soda; Jones Naturals, a noncarbonated juice and tea drink; Jones Organics, a ready-to-drink organic tea; and Jones Energy and WhoopAss, citrus energy drinks.

The QualityStocks Public Company Sponsor Corner 

Today The Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Solar EnerTech Corp. (SOEN) previously at $1.08 up .06% at $1.14 with another big volume day with 492,994 shares traded.

Solar EnerTech Corp. a announced today that an Analyst Report is available from, which is initiating research.

Solar EnerTech Corp. announced today the completion of a private placement with Institutional Investors for $8.3 million. The financing was prompted by increased demand for the Company's solar cell products, The funds will aid in the purchase of silicon feedstock to fulfill recent purchase orders. Additional uses will include the purchase of equipment for the Company's second 25Mw production line.

Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, the Company has also established a marketing, purchasing and distribution arm in Northern California's Silicon Valley. The company plans to invest in PV cell research to develop cells to use in its manufacturing processes. They have also taken major steps toward establishing a leadership role in solar technology research and development. Disclaimer

Intellegentias Inc. Hope everyone is watching this one the way we are, WOW what a great month so far. The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight Intellegentias Inc. (ITLI) as "One to Watch" previously at $1.41 up 16% at $1.64 with 401,669 shares traded. (ITLI) has been on an amazing upward trend since we first profiled the company on 1/3/07 at 1.00 with the daily volume way above the 138,000 average volume.

Intellegentias Inc. held the open form conference call last week to discuss Company plans and goals. The conference call will take place telephonically with a simultaneous webcast.

Intellegentias Inc. is one of the most dynamic and fastest-growing companies in the Homeland Security sector. Intellegentias, Inc. which markets its Homeland Security software to Law Enforcement Agencies, Telco's and ISP's all over the world. The software allows customers to locate and prosecute terrorists and criminals, and to stay in compliance with federal legislation and directives Investigatia, Inc., launching in 2007, is their data investigation company. Investigatia intends to focus on fraud, identity theft, identity authentication and verification. Interceptia, Inc., launching in 2007, is the company's Lawful Intercept company. Interceptia intends to focus on Legal Interception of telecommunications by law enforcement authorities (LEA's) and intelligence services. Disclaimer

The Daily Newsletter would like to highlight B2Digital, Inc. (BTOD) as "One To Watch" at $0.63 with 12,869 shares traded. (BTOD) was highlighted this month by Twin Trader and OTC Picks and this month by Penny Stock Solutions, Twin Trader and Beacon Equity Research

B2Digital, Inc. announced today the engagement of, an internet-based publishing platform designed to create, catalogue, distribute and make functional, fact based corporate business news and financial content.

B2Digital, Inc. who was recently rated a "Speculative Buy" with a target price of $1.20 by Beacon Equity Research Analyst, Lisa Springer, CFA. The report states ""B2Digital provides in-room, on-demand video entertainment and satellite services to the lodging industry. In addition to offering video entertainment, B2Digital also provides Internet access with greater bandwidth that further enhances in-room services. Customers can make airline reservations, order pizza, purchase event tickets and arrange transportation using the same network that delivers in-room entertainment such as Hollywood movies, sports events and concerts."

B2Digital is a leading innovator in the delivery of digital content. B2Digital is actively designing new technologies to be integrated into existing content delivery platforms for small to medium-sized cable television companies. Disclaimer


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Press Release Source:

Solar EnerTech Analyst Report; Research Initiation From
Monday March 12, 4:00 pm ET

LOS ANGELES, March 12, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- Solar EnerTech Corp. (OTC BB: SOEN.OB - News ) Analyst Report is available from, which is initiating research.

Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic (``PV'') solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, China, where the Company has established a sophisticated 42,000-square foot manufacturing plant in Shanghai's Jinqiao Modern Technology Park.

Report Link

IPOdesktop research report

About Solar EnerTech Corp. Solar EnerTech is a photovoltaic (``PV'') solar energy cell manufacturing enterprise based in Shanghai, China, where the Company has established a sophisticated 42,000-square foot manufacturing plant in Shanghai's Jinqiao Modern Technology Park. This facility is capable of producing 25Mw of solar cells from its current production line and 50Mw when upon completion of the second line slated for Q4 of this year. Solar EnerTech has also established a Joint R&D Lab at Shanghai University to research and develop higher efficiency cells and to put the results of that research to use immediately in its manufacturing processes. Led by one of the industry's top scientists, the Company's R&D program will work to bring Solar EnerTech to the forefront of advanced solar technology research and production. The Company has also established a marketing, purchasing and distribution arm in Northern California's Silicon Valley

About IPOdesktop, the leading provider of independent IPO research for professional money managers and individual investors, also produces the IPO Hardball radio program. In the 'Analysts Corner' at, research reports are available for both recent IPOs and emerging companies. IPOdesktop editors are quoted by The Wall Street Journal, Dow Jones Newswires, MarketWatch, Reuters, USATODAY, and others. IPOdesktop editors also co-host financial programs at


Press Release Source: B2Digital, Incorporated

B2Digital Announces Engagement of to Assist in Communication of Current IPTV and Broadband Strategies
Monday March 12, 11:54 am ET
Delivering Live and On-Demand Content Over Broadband

PHOENIX, March 12, 2007 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- B2 Digital, Inc. (OTC BB: BTOD.OB - News ), an innovator in the digital content delivery business, announced today the engagement of, an internet-based publishing platform designed to create, catalogue, distribute and make functional, fact based corporate business news and financial content.

B2Digital's corporate webpage is located at . ``We are excited to announce our partnership with,'' stated B2Digital's Chairman, Robert Russell. ``Their ability and expertise in the delivery of current and up to date fact based corporate news and financial information is second to none for small public companies. The utilization of their information delivery platform as well as the ability to self administer the delivery of our content provides us a direct and up to date communication link allowing us the ability to deliver our latest business news and information directly to our shareholders, customers, vendors and the general public.''

B2Digital provides Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) services by use of their proprietary and innovative technologies utilized to convert standard cable television networks into streaming digital network television systems through the use of digital compression technology. In any digital information delivery system, the volume of content that can be delivered is limited by the bandwidth available in the delivery medium. B2Digital's digital compression technology frees up substantial amounts of bandwidth, allowing for the delivery of a broader range of digital services using existing delivery mediums.

Mr. Luis Leung, Director of, added, ``The alignment of B2Digital's expertise and innovation in IPTV and Audiostocks' ability to provide B2Digital a platform to deliver the most current company information possible to its customers and investors creates a synergy of business opportunities that is both refreshing and exciting. Today's business world is driven by the delivery of focused, precise and up to date information and we look forward to providing B2Digital the tools and ability to deliver this information to those who are most interested.''

Other companies in the digital content delivery market include LodgeNet Entertainment Corporation, SeaChange International, i-Cable Communications and Crown Media.

See B2Digital's corporate webpage located at to find more detailed information on B2Digital, including their Independent Investment Analysis Report by Investor Insight and the IPTV Industry Analyst Report published by IPTV world forum 07 ( ).

About B2Digital

B2Digital is a leading innovator in the delivery of digital content. B2Digital is actively designing new technologies to be integrated into existing content delivery platforms for small- to medium-sized cable television companies, allowing cable companies to deliver more and higher quality services through existing hardware platforms. B2Digital, through its wholly owned subsidiary Hotel Movie Network, also owns a minority interest in , a provider of community oriented content through Internet Protocol Television.

About is an Internet-based publishing platform designed to create, catalogue, distribute and make functional, financial content and data related to that content. solutions generate rich media exposure for public and private companies, industry groups and investment professionals through the proprietary software platform. software is primarily used to: (1) facilitate executive and company participation in industry and event-based roundtables and conferences; (2) create and distribute audio-based content related to a particular private or public company or an industry in which a company conducts business; (3) append interview-related and other rich media content to traditional press releases; and (4) for registered investment professionals only, to add interview-based audio content to financial research. content is distributed to millions of individuals online and over 30,000 financial professionals, including North American and international buy-side analysts, investment research professionals and portfolio managers. All content is copyrighted to protect licensing partners.

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