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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Monday, March 5th, 2018

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


OptimizeRx Corp. (OPRX)

Marketbeat, Streetwise Reports, and Bull in Advantage reported on OptimizeRx Corp. (OPRX), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OptimizeRx Corp. is the nation’s foremost provider of digital health messaging for the pharmaceutical industry. OptimizeRx is the leading aggregator of pharmaceutical-sponsored services in electronic health record (EHR) platforms. A health technology software company, OptimizeRx is based in Rochester, Michigan. The Company lists on the OTCQB.

OptimizeRx’s core product is a novel patient financial support software application. It replaces traditional physical drug samples through automating the process of distributing coupons and vouchers into healthcare providers’ eRx workflow, then automatically delivering them electronically to the pharmacy.

It promotes patients’ savings and support from the world's largest pharmaceutical companies. These include Pfizer, Lilly, Novartis, AstraZeneca, and many others.

The application replaces drug samples with electronic trial vouchers and co-pay coupon savings. These are electronically added to an e-Prescription and sent electronically to the pharmacy and are integrated within top Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms in the country. These include Allscripts, Amazing Charts and Quest.

OptimizeRx also launched its OPTIMZEHR™. This is its consulting and implementation practice to assist pharmaceutical-biotechnology companies and healthcare provider platforms in determining and executing on mutually beneficial opportunities to jointly assist physicians and patients within their EHR workflow.

The Company has a group of services that integrate complete brand support into the EHR. This leads to enhanced patient care and improved outcomes. The offerings include Brand Messaging and Brand Support. OptimizeRx’s core product has been financial messaging, providing physicians with electronic coupons, co-pay offers, and vouchers for their patients at the point of care (PoC).

OptimizeRx has directly integrated its financing messaging with Amazing Charts, a top EHR and subsidiary of Harris Healthcare, to help patients save money and be better educated about prescriptions. OptimizeRx services will operate seamlessly within the Amazing Charts EHR workflow and alert health care providers (HCPs) to prescription savings and support information for patients.

Amazing Charts provides EHR, practice management, and other Health IT solutions. These have been adopted by more than 11,000 clinicians in more than 7,500 private practices.

This past January, OptimizeRx announced that it expanded its partnership with Allscripts Healthcare (MDRX). This partnership now includes an array of real-time messaging to Allscripts ambulatory platforms. This agreement includes financial, informational, as well as clinical messaging delivered at the point-of-care (PoC) via Allscripts ePrescribe™, Allscripts Professional EHR™ and Allscripts TouchWorks® EHR solutions.

Allscripts’ industry leading electronic health record (EHR) and ePrescribing (eRx) network totals over 180,000 physicians across 45,000 ambulatory facilities, 2,500 hospitals, and 17,000 post-acute organizations.

Last month, OptimizeRx announced that it gained access to the electronic health record (EHR) system of NextGen Healthcare. NextGen is a top five EHR and a unit of Quality Systems. OptimizeRx services will operate within the NextGen Healthcare EHR workflow and notify healthcare providers (HCPs) in real-time of potential prescription savings and support information for their patients.

For Q4 2017 and Full Year 2017, OptimizeRx’s Net Revenue was up 75 percent to a record $4.0 million in Q4, and up 56 percent to a record $12.1 million for the year. Net Loss for Q4 2017 was $0.2 million or $(0.01) per share, versus a Net Loss of $0.4 million or $(0.01) per share in Q4 2016. The improvement in Net Loss was mainly because of the increase in Revenue and decrease in Operating Expense as a percentage of Revenue.

OptimizeRx Corp. (OPRX), closed Monday's trading session at $1.59, up 2.58%, on 650 volume with 6 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 22,027 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.63/$1.66.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PVOTF)

OTC Markets and MarketWatch reported on Pivot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PVOTF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

An emerging biopharmaceutical enterprise, Pivot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is developing novel treatments to address unmet medical needs. The Company's pipeline targets indications such as cancer supportive care, pain and inflammation, women’s sexual dysfunction, dermatology, and eye disease. Pivot Pharmaceuticals is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Its wholly-owned subsidiary is Pivot Green Stream, Inc. Pivot Pharmaceuticals' shares trade on the OTC Markets Group's OTCQB.

The Company engages in the development and commercialization of therapeutic pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals and also drug delivery platform technologies. Pivot focuses on the pharmaceutical development of proprietary drug delivery technologies for maifold indications using small molecules, biological, and botanical products to treat unmet medical needs.

The Company has in-licensed BiPhasix™ Transdermal Drug Delivery platform technology for the delivery and commercialization of Cannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD), and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) based products, for human and animal use.

Pivot’s potential CBD pharmaceutical pipeline includes PVT-011, PVT-0I2, PVT-013, and PVT-014. The Company’s subsidiary, Pivot Green Stream, concentrates on the research and development (R&D) of cannabinoid based nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals.

Pivot Green Stream’s initial product development candidates will include topical treatments for women’s sexual dysfunction (PGS-N005) and psoriasis (PGS-N007), as well as an oral product (PGS-N001) for cancer supportive care.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals previously signed a Definitive Agreement with Altum Pharmaceuticals, Inc., to acquire the worldwide rights to BiPhasix™ Transdermal Drug Delivery technology for the development and commercialization of Cannabinoids, Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products.

BiPhasix™ can entrap and transport pharmaceutical products through the skin to attain therapeutic benefit in a broad assortment of indications. Studies have shown that BiPhasix™ can substantially enhance the bioavailability of numerous drugs, leading to improved clinical outcomes. The proprietary technology can also serve as an alternative dosage form to injectables through providing less invasive routes of administration, including dermal, transdermal, and nasal, vaginal, ocular, and rectal.

Last week, Pivot Pharmaceuticals and its wholly-owned medical cannabis products division, Pivot Green Stream Health Solutions, announced that Pivot signed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to establish a California-based entity (PGS-California) to speed up the monetization of the Ready To Infuse Cannabis (RTIC) technology.

The Company’s plan is to construct manufacturing facilities in legal cannabis markets across North America and Europe, obtain the necessary licensures, and launch products utilizing RTIC technology that transforms cannabis oil into powder for infusion. Pivot Pharmaceuticals will appoint Ross Franklin and Patrick Rolfes to executive leadership roles within PGS-California to help execute its business strategy of conducting research, development and commercialization of cannabinoid-based products.

Yesterday, Pivot Pharmaceuticals announced that it entered into a 45 day standstill period with a TSX listed company to explore a business opportunity of mutual interest and benefit. This may result in a co-research and development program, a product launch and/or commercialization agreement, or some other form of potential partnership. The standstill period will end on February 6, 2018.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PVOTF), closed Monday's trading session at $1.25, even for the day, on 96,121 volume with 125 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 110,209 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.047/$2.46.

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. (LIXT)

Stockhouse, 4-Traders, Real Pennies, MarketWatch, InvestorsHub, and Simply Wall St reported on Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. (LIXT), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. is a drug discovery company based in East Setauket, New York. The clinical-stage Company utilizes biomarker technology to identify enzyme targets associated with serious common diseases and then designs novel compounds to attack those targets. Lixte’s product pipeline encompasses two major categories of compounds at different stages of pre-clinical and clinical development that the Company believes have wide-ranging therapeutic potential for cancer and other debilitating and life-threatening diseases. Lixte Biotechnology lists on the OTCQB.

The Company’s cancer drug development strategy has led to the discovery of novel compounds. These have the potential to be therapeutically useful against several other important but seemingly dissimilar diseases.

The phosphatase inhibitors are in pre-clinical development for lessening the extent of tissue damage following stroke, heart attack, and septic shock. The deacetylase inhibitors are in pre-clinical development for the prevention and treatment of neurodegenerative diseases, traumatic brain injury, and topically for fungal dermatitis.

Lixte’s commitment is to discovering drugs for more effective treatments for cancer. It has identified molecular signaling pathways altered in disease states and designed compounds that can safely target them in animal models.

The Company’s current drug portfolio includes inhibitors of protein phosphatases, which are vital to cell division and DNA damage repair, and inhibitors of protein deacetylases that regulate pathways of gene expression and protein degradation.

Lixte Biotechnology’s unique phosphatase inhibitor is LB-100, its lead compound. LB-100 is in a Phase I clinical trial at two NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Centers and three U.S. Oncology Research locations.

Lixte Biotechnology granted an exclusive license of its LB-100 for the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) in Asia to Taipei Medical University (TMU). LB-100 is not currently approved for treatment of HCC.

Under the license, Taipei Medical University will ascertain the effectiveness of LB-100 against HCC in clinical trials conducted in compliance with Taiwanese and U.S. regulatory requirements. TMU will pay milestone and royalty payments to Lixte Biotechnology.

In February, Lixte Biotechnology Holdings noted that investigators at the Terry Fox Laboratory, British Columbia Cancer Agency, Vancouver, British Columbia, reported on February 7, 2018 (Lai et al., Sci. Transl. Med.10, eaan8735 (2018)) that in animal models the Company’s protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) inhibitors overcome resistance of chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML) cells to standard treatment.

Dr. John S. Kovach, Lixte Biotechnology Holdings’ Chief Executive Officer, said "The vast majority of CML cells are killed by drugs called tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI), the prototype of which is imatinib (Gleevec), considered the first truly targeted form of chemotherapy. … The Terry Fox investigators found inhibition of PP2A with LB-100 or LB-102 preferentially sensitizes these resistant CML cells to killing by TKI compared to normal bone marrow stem cells. If these results can be replicated in the clinic, LB-100 and analogs may further improve the effectiveness of CML therapy.”

Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. (LIXT), closed Monday's trading session at $0.13, up 4.00%, on 1,000 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 3,292 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.094/$0.39.

Almadex Minerals Limited (AXDDF)

MarketWatch and Streetwise Reports reported on Almadex Minerals Limited (AXDDF), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Almadex Minerals Limited holds a large mineral portfolio comprising projects and NSR royalties in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Currently, the Company is concentrating on exploration at its El Cobre gold/copper porphyry project in Veracruz, Mexico. Almadex Minerals has its head office in Vancouver, British Columbia. An exploration enterprise, the Company lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

At its El Cobre gold/copper porphyry project, Almadex Minerals holds a 100 percent interest, subject to a sliding-scale Net Smelter Returns (NSR) royalty equivalent to 0.5 percent if production from the property surpasses 10,001 tonnes per day of ore. The NSR can be reduced to 0.25 percent at this production rate through the payment of US$3 million.

Company properties in Mexico include the aforementioned El Cobre property and an Eastern Cluster of properties. In British Columbia, Canada, the Company has properties in the Southern British Columbia Gold Belt. It also has the Lac de Gras area diamond project located at Mackay Lake in the Northwest Territories (NWT).

In the United States, Almadex Minerals has the Willow Project. This Project is in Douglas and Lyon Counties Nevada. The Willow Project totals approximately 10,252 hectares. The Company also has the rest of its Nevada Portfolio - the Monte Cristo Project, Paradise Valley, and Veta, along with the Willow Project.

Almadex Minerals acquired three Mexican properties from Alianza Minerals Ltd. It acquired the Yago, Mezquites, and San Pedro properties in return for a 1 percent NSR capped at CAD$1 million.

Almadex Minerals earlier announced that it and its wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary, Almadex Americas, Inc., signed a definitive agreement to option up to 75 percent of its interest in the Willow project, Nevada, to Abacus Mining and Exploration Corp.

Recently, Almadex Minerals announced it received the final assay results from the final 2017 drill holes EC-17-043 (Raya Tembrillo) and 044 (El Porvenir). The Raya Tembrillo area is the very northern portion of the large Villa Rica Zone of the El Cobre property. It is roughly two kilometers south of the Norte Zone where most of the preceding drilling since 2016 on the El Cobre property was carried out. The Porvenir Zone is approximately 3 km to the southeast of the Norte Zone and 1.8 km southeast of the Raya Tembrillo area of the Villa Rica Zone.

J. Duane Poliquin, Almadex Minerals’ Chairman, said, “We are very excited to report these final assays from the very successful 2017 drill program. In 2017 we stepped out roughly 2 kilometers to the south of the Norte Zone and hit significant mineralization in first pass drilling in the northern part of the large Villa Rica Zone. We believe that the results from Raya Tembrillo are proof of large scale porphyry potential in this part of the project. The drill results from 2016 and 2017 clearly show that we are dealing with a large cluster of porphyry systems all of which hold the potential to be important porphyry copper-gold deposits. We are currently defining a large 2018 drill program and look forward to reporting that shortly.”

Last week, Almadex Minerals announced that its Board of Directors unanimously approved a strategic reorganization of the Company’s business. Almadex's early stage exploration projects, royalty interests and certain other non-core assets will be transferred to a newly incorporated company (Spinco). Almadex Minerals shareholders will receive shares in Spinco in proportion to their shareholdings in Almadex Minerals (the Spin-out).

The El Cobre gold/copper porphyry project will remain in Almadex Minerals. Almadex Minerals is undertaking the reorganization to concentrate on the development of its El Cobre gold-copper porphyry project. Almadex Minerals’ present team of Officers will manage Spinco.

Almadex Minerals Limited (AXDDF), closed Monday's trading session at $1.17, down 2.50%, on 105,103 volume with 148 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 127,158 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.6537/$1.44.

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT)

MicroCap Daily, InvestorsHub, OTC Markets, StreetInsider, Stockhouse, Insider Financial, and Zacks reported on Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

A biopharmaceutical enterprise, Generex Biotechnology Corporation engages in the discovery, research, development, and financing of new compounds, therapies, diagnostics, delivery systems, and medical technologies. The Company’s main emphasis has been its proprietary technology for the administration of formulations of large molecule drugs to the oral (buccal) cavity utilizing a handheld aerosol applicator. Generex Biotechnology has offices in Burlington, Ontario, and Miramar, Florida. The Company lists on the OTCQB.

Generex Biotechnology has two business focuses. One is implementing an acquisition strategy. The second is financing sponsored clinical trials. The Company is positioning its business as a diversified holding company involved in growing its pipeline of compounds, therapies, treatments, diagnostics, and technologies in all stages in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) process via accretive acquisitions.

Generex Oral-lyn is an insulin spray for the treatment of Type I and Type II diabetes. The Company states that Generex Oral-lyn is a safe, simple, fast, effective, and pain-free alternative to subcutaneous injections of prandial insulin. It is conveniently delivered to the membranes of the oral cavity through a simple asthma-like device with no pulmonary (lung) deposition.

RapidMist is an advanced buccal drug delivery technology. It consists of a proprietary formulation and a proprietary device design, which can deliver drugs by way of the buccal mucosa safely. Therefore, this eliminates the pain from and need for numerous injections. RapidMist has been shown to have a rapid onset of action with no lung deposition, precise dosage control, easy use and handling, and improved patient compliance.

This past October, Generex Biotechnology announced that its subsidiary, Hema Diagnostic Systems, LLC, entered into an exclusive contract with Imerlab Sociedad Comercial Limitada for the distribution and sale of the Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS® diagnostic test in the Republic of Chile. The Chilean Ministry of Health has registered the Rapid 1-2-3® Hema HIV EXPRESS®. It has been approved for sale there.

Imerlab Sociedad Comercial will have the exclusive rights to negotiate with private entities and public institutions for the placement and sale of the product in clinical settings that require fast point-of-care (PoC) testing for HIV, not only in urban hospital and outpatient clinics, but also in parts of the nation that have limited laboratory and testing resources.

In December, Generex Biotechnology announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Antigen Express, Inc., entered into a License and Research Agreement with Shenzhen BioScien Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd. to develop and commercialize the Antigen Express AE37 immunotherapeutic vaccine for prostate cancer in the People’s Republic of China (including Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau).

Shenzhen BioScien Pharmaceuticals will pay Generex Biotechnology a non-refundable, up-front license fee of $700,000 USD. With this Agreement, Shenzhen BioScien Pharmaceuticals will also make milestone payments to Generex Biotechnology of $1,000,000 USD each upon completion of the Phase II and Phase III clinical studies of the vaccine and a milestone payment of $2,000,000 USD upon regulatory approval of the vaccine in the territory. In addition, Generex Biotechnology will receive a 10 percent royalty on Net Sales of the product.

Generex Biotechnology will hold an investor conference call at 10:30 a.m. Eastern time on Thursday, January 4, 2018. The purpose of this conference call will be to provide investors with an update on its initiatives and strategic plans. This includes its capital reorganization, its controlling interest in Hema Diagnostic Systems, LLC, the recently announced initiatives of Antigen Express, Inc., the Company’s wholly-owned immuno-therapeutics subsidiary, with Merck Sharp & Dohme B.V. and Shenzhen BioScien Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., and the Company’s buccal drug delivery platform technologies.

Generex Biotechnology Corporation (GNBT), closed Monday's trading session at $3.39, up 2.73%, on 623 volume with 17 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 2,932 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $2.16/$10.00.

UEX Corporation (UEXCF)

OTC Markets, Stockwatch, MarketWatch, Barron’s, Junior Mining Network, Stockhouse, Ceo.ca, Barchart, Geology for Investors, Investing News, Wolcott Daily, Morningstar, and OTC Dynamics reported on UEX Corporation (UEXCF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Formed in 2002, UEX Corporation is a junior exploration enterprise with a varied portfolio of projects in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin. Since its establishment, the Company has made major advancements in the discovery and development of existing and new uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin. UEX has its corporate headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as well as a satellite office in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company lists on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

UEX’s foundation is considerable existing uranium resources. In addition, UEX is exploring the West Bear Cobalt-Nickel Prospect via its 100 percent owned subsidiary CoEx Metals Corporation. The West Bear Project was previously part of UEX’s Hidden Bay Project. It contains the West Bear Cobalt-Nickel Prospect and the West Bear Uranium Deposit.

Furthermore, the Company is increasing its resources at Christie Lake. The new Orora Discovery tested UEX’s first identified new target on this project.

Overall, UEX has a large inventory of historical mineralized holes, which can undergo follow up to make new discoveries. Fundamentally, UEX’s emphasis is on growing Christie Lake Uranium and enhancing Shareholder value by way of Cobalt.

UEX is involved in 16 uranium projects, including six that are 100 percent owned and operated by the Company, one joint venture (JV) with AREVA Resources Canada, Inc. that is 90.1 percent owned by UEX and is under option to and operated by ALX Uranium, and 8 JVs with AREVA, one JV with AREVA and JCU (Canada) Exploration Company Limited, which are operated by AREVA, and one project (Christie Lake) under option from JCU (Canada) Exploration Company Limited and operated by UEX.

At present, UEX is advancing a number of uranium deposits in the Athabasca Basin. These include the Christie Lake deposits, the Kianna, Anne, Colette and 58B deposits at its currently 49.1 percent-owned Shea Creek Project, the Horseshoe and Raven deposits on its 100 percent-owned Horseshoe-Raven Development Project, and the West Bear Deposit at its 100 percent-owned Hidden Bay Project.

In late January of this year, UEX announced that the 2018 drilling program on the Christie Lake Project was ready to begin. The winter 2018 exploration program is underway. The objective is expanding the uranium resources on the Yalowega Uranium Trend.

The $1.5 million program comprises roughly 4,500 m of drilling in 9 holes. This program will center on testing targets positioned along strike and northeast of the Orora Deposit.

Last week, UEX announced that the winter drilling program on the West Bear Cobalt-Nickel Prospect is taking place. UEX’s plan is to spend $1.5 million drilling its 100 percent owned West Bear Cobalt-Nickel Prospect on the Hidden Bay project, immediately east of the West Bear Uranium Deposit (WBU Deposit).

This program comprises roughly 3,500 m of drilling in 30 to 40 holes to define the known mineralized zones. The Company’s anticipation is that the drilling program will be completed by the middle of April 2018.

UEX Corporation (UEXCF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.23, even for the day, on 1,335 volume with 5 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 38,943 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.1116/$0.3131.

International Frontier Resources Corporation (IFRTF)

MarketWatch, Stockhouse, Marketwired, 4-Traders, and Emerging Growth reported on International Frontier Resources Corporation (IFRTF), and we are reporting on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

International Frontier Resources Corporation has a demonstrated record of accomplishment advancing oil and gas projects. The Company, by way of its Mexican subsidiary, Petro Frontera S.A.P.I de CV and strategic joint ventures (JVs) is advancing the development of petroleum and natural gas assets in Mexico. International Frontier Resources is based in Calgary, Alberta and the Company’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

International Frontier Resources (IFR) has projects in Canada and the United States, including the Northwest Territories and the State of Montana. In 2015, IFR created a JV company - Tonalli Energia - together with Grupo Idesa, one of Mexico’s largest petrochemical companies. IFR and Grupo Idesa are fully aligned; each owns a 50 percent share in Tonalli.

An industry-leading JV combines the strength of Grupo Idesa and IFR. Grupo Idesa is a well-established Mexican petrochemical company. In addition, IFR brings proven Canadian expertise to Mexico.

Block 24 Tecolutla establishes IFR’s Mexican JV as one of the first operators in Mexico and provides important insights into future rounds. Tecolutla is a very underdeveloped mature field with considerable upside potential.

Tonalli has submitted the regulatory applications and documentation, which will permit IFR to proceed with the drilling permit and operations at Tecolutla. The Tecolutla Block is in the Tampico-Misantla Basin within the State of Veracruz.

The Tecolutla Field is 7.2 square kilometers. It contains an oil reservoir at 2,340 meters or about 7,700 feet. The Tecolutla Block is a 60-80m gross pay carbonate reservoir on a structural high with proven oil production.

The expectation is that the existing wells at Tecolutla will exceed historic production numbers and peak initial production (IP) rates with the arrival of new recovering techniques, technology, and expertise to be undertaken by Tonalli.

Last month, International Frontier Resources announced that it received total proceeds of $2,561,045 from the exercise of warrants by members of the Executive and Technical team, Board of Directors and investment community. The Company issued an additional 24,961,880 common shares from its Treasury via the conversion of these warrants to shares.

Mr. Steve Hanson, International Frontier Resources’ President and Chief Executive Officer, stated, “We are pleased to have received a considerable investment in our business from our team, board members and the investment community. This additional capital will allow us to accelerate our business, further our development plans at Tecolutla and participate in future bid rounds in Mexico."

International Frontier Resources Corporation (IFRTF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.1859, up 3.57%, on 8,000 volume with 2 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 65,039 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.112/$0.31.

Petrolia Energy Corp. (BBLS)

MarketWatch and Market Exclusive reported on Petrolia Energy Corp. (BBLS), and we also highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Petrolia Energy Corp.’s chief focus is utilizing cutting-edge technology and the implementation of its own pioneering, proprietary technologies to improve the recoverability of existing oil fields. The Company’s team of experts has a first-rate record of converting oil fields into compliant, producing, and profitable entities. Petrolia’s main objectives are to locate undervalued assets, identify properties with resolvable environmental and mechanical issues and lessening lift costs resulting in increased shareholder value.

Petrolia Energy has its headquarters in Houston, Texas. The Company formerly went by the name Rockdale Resources Corp. A domestic oil exploration and production enterprise, Petrolia Energy’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

The Company concentrates on new oil wells in established areas of oil production. Petrolia has more than 80 years of operational and management experience throughout the energy industry.

Petrolia Energy announced in October of 2016, that it purchased a 90 percent working interest (WI) by way of a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) and a share exchange agreement (SEA) with Jovian Petroleum Corp. and its subsidiaries, Jovian Resources, LLC and SUDS Properties, LLC, increasing its ownership to 100 percent WI for the Slick Unit Dutcher Sands (SUDS) field in Creek County, Oklahoma.

In 2017, Petrolia Energy completed the acquisition of a 60 percent net WI in the Twin Lakes San Andres Unit (TLSAU) lease, in Chaves County, New Mexico. This brings the Company’s total ownership of TLSAU to 100 percent.

On the whole, the TLSAU lease includes 4,864 gross and net acres; 2,292,903 barrels of 1P reserves; 44 existing vertical oil production wells, 12 that are presently producing; 44 existing injection wells for water flood and/or CO2 injection for enhanced oil recovery (EOR); wide-ranging surface infrastructure, and a dedicated Caprock well to supply future water flood operations.

Last week, further to Petrolia Energy’s press release dated December 5, 2017, the Company announced that it completed the acquisition of Bow Energy Ltd. Petrolia Energy acquired all of the issued and outstanding common shares in the capital of Bow. The Acquisition closed on February 27, 2018. Bow Energy is a Canadian based oil and natural gas company.

The acquired assets of Bow Energy comprise greater than 948,000 net acres onshore North Sumatra, Indonesia that consists of interests in five production-sharing contracts (PSCs) and one Joint Study Agreement (JSA) with the Indonesian government. These assets are surrounded by existing transportation infrastructure and significant discoveries by Repsol, ConocoPhillips and Chevron.

Petrolia Energy Corp. (BBLS), closed Monday's trading session at $0.35, down 10.26%, on 54,136 volume with 17 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 19,241 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0511/$0.47.

Ethos Gold Corp. (ETHOF)

MarketWatch, InvestorsHub, YCharts, 4-Traders, The Street, Stockhouse, Streetwise Reports, and TradingView reported on Ethos Gold Corp. (ETHOF), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Ethos Gold Corp. centers on the acquisition and exploration of mineral properties around the world. Currently, it holds one property in the White Gold District in the Yukon Territory. Ethos Gold has 100 percent ownership in the WC property. The Company primarily explores for gold, antimony, arsenic, lead, and silver deposits.

Ethos Gold is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. Incorporated in 2007, the Company formerly went by the name Ethos Capital Corp. It changed its name to Ethos Gold Corp. in April 2012. The Company lists on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

Ethos Gold’s WC property comprises 44 contiguous quartz claims totaling about 815 ha. The WC property is a target for intrusion-related 'Pogo-style' mineralization or fault controlled epithermal systems such as the close by Coffee Deposit.

Ethos Gold contracted Ground Truth Exploration, Inc. in 2012 to conduct a small 301 soil geochemical sampling program for the WC property. This was completed in July 2012.

The intention of this program was to identify areas of interest based on anomalous gold in soil values and to establish the mineral potential of the property. Samples were collected along 10 sample lines. Individual samples were collected with 50 meters between stations along traverse lines.

Fourteen sample sites returned values in excess of 10 ppb Au with a maximum value of 171 ppb Au. The sample with the second highest gold concentration (119 ppb Au) has coincident anomalous antimony (19 ppm Sb), arsenic (117 ppm As), lead (200 ppm Pb), and silver (13 ppm Ag).

The anomalous multi-element chemistry is akin to that identified by the Company at the Betty property, attributed to bonanza vein mineralization derived from and related to Western Copper's Casino Au-Cu-Mo porphyry.

Last month, Ethos Gold’s Board of Directors announced, with great sadness, the sudden death of its Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Gary Freeman. Mr. Freeman was a prolific venture capital financier and company builder. He contributed to the success of numerous Canadian listed issuers.

Mr. Freeman was formerly the President and CEO of Pediment Gold Corp. from 2005 to 2011. Mr. Freeman was instrumental in financing, marketing, as well as shareholder relations' capacities with several junior exploration companies.

Mr. Craig Roberts was appointed by the Board of Directors to serve as President and CEO on an interim basis to oversee daily operations and corporate strategy. Mr. Roberts will act in this capacity until the Board of Directors identifies a suitable candidate for the position of President and CEO.

Ethos Gold Corp. (ETHOF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.1244, up 1.88%, on 1,500 volume with 2 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 7,069 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.10/$0.231.

Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. (SUME)

Zacks and MarketWatch reported on Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. (SUME), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Established in 2011, Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. operates as a retail electric service provider in the State of Texas. The Company has its wholly-owned subsidiaries - Summer Energy, LLC, a Texas Limited Liability Company (Summer LLC), Summer Energy of Ohio, LLC (Summer Ohio), and Summer EM Marketing (Marketing LLC). Summer Energy Holdings is based in Houston, Texas.

The Company’s key personnel come from other well-known local energy companies. Altogether, this team has more than 37years of retail energy experience.

The Company’s sole operations are conducted by way of Summer LLC. Summer Energy acquires wholesale energy and resells to commercial and residential customers.

Summer Energy’s geographic coverage includes Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, Houston and the Greater Houston area, Corpus Christi, and all surrounding cities. The Company’s emphasis is on delivering reliable, low cost solutions to customers throughout Texas.

The Summer LLC subsidiary is a licensed Retail Electricity Provider (REP) in Texas. Usually, Texas regulatory structure permits REPs, such as Summer LLC, to obtain and sell electricity at unregulated prices. REPs pay the local transmission and distribution utilities a regulated tariff rate for delivering electricity to its customers

As an REP, Summer Energy sells electricity and provides the related billing, customer service, collections and remittance services to commercial and residential customers. The Company provides retail electricity to commercial and residential customers in designated target markets within Texas.

Residential customers are a secondary target market. Summer Energy anticipates that most of its customers will be in the Houston and Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan areas. However, it anticipates an increasing number will be in an assortment of other metropolitan and rural areas within Texas.

The chief target in the commercial market is small to medium-sized customers (less than one megawatt of peak usage). Nonetheless, the Company will also selectively go after larger commercial customers via Management's existing, historical relationships.

In March of 2017, Summer Energy announced it was chosen as one of Houston’s 2017 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®. “The Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®” competition identifies and honors companies that deliver outstanding human resource practices and an impressive dedication to its employees. The assessment of organizations is based on categories including communication, work-life balance, employee education, diversity, recognition, retention, and more.

Summer Energy Holdings, Inc. (SUME), closed Monday's trading session at $2.40, down 4.00%, on 533 volume with 2 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 731 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $1.00/$3.05.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V:PQE) (OTCQX:PQEFF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Petroteq Energy Inc. (PQEFF). Today, Petroteq Energy Inc. closed trading at $1.32, up 19.28%, on 346,753 volume with 500 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 60,867, and its 52-week low/high is $0.015/$1.8892.

Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSXV: PQE; OTCQX: PQEFF; Frankfurt: A2DYWC), a company focused on the development and implementation of proprietary technologies for the energy industry, today announced that it has successfully completed testing of all major process systems at its heavy oil extraction facility in Asphalt Ridge, Utah. Further, the Company has initiated test runs of the utility system—among the final steps prior to launching commercial production.

Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V: PQE) (OTCQB: PQEFF), with headquarters in Canada, seeks to create the world's largest pure-play cobalt exploration and development company. The company's current focus is on its Greater Cobalt Project located in Silver Centre, Ontario. The company is also in the midst of a three-way merger with Cobalt One Ltd. and CobalTech Mining Inc. and on completion First Cobalt will control over 10,000 hectares of prospective land and 50 historic mining operations in the Cobalt Camp in Ontario, Canada, as well as a mill and a permitted refinery facility.

The merger agreements with Cobalt One Ltd. and CobalTech Mining Inc., announced earlier this year, will result in a combined land position of more than 10,000 hectares (nearly 25,000 acres) in the Cobalt Camp containing approximately 50 past cobalt/silver producers and working mines. Initial test results from a mineralogical assessment of sample material taken from various historical mines located throughout the Cobalt Camp show both cobalt-rich and silver-rich mineralization styles. Samples taken at the former Bellellen mine, located within the Greater Cobalt Project in Ontario, show high grade cobalt assays, prompting First Cobalt to increase its drilling program at that site.

Petroteq Energy Inc. is moving quickly to leverage its potential against an economic background that estimates global consumption for refined cobalt is set to grow at an average rate of approximately 5 percent per annum for the next 10 years. The electric vehicle market, in particular, is driving this sector since more than 50 percent of the world's current production of cobalt is used in the manufacture of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The global lithium-ion battery market, as estimated by Zion Market Research, indicates the value at around USD $31 billion in 2016 and is expected to generate revenue of nearly USD $68 billion by end of 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of slightly above 17 percent.

The company's clear pathway to production and cash flow generation includes being one of only four fully permitted cobalt extraction refineries in Canada with significant material and processing infrastructure on site. With the price of cobalt increasing significantly and its importance in the growing battery market underpinning a strong long-term demand forecast, Petroteq Energy Inc. and its mining interests are primed for success.

Petroteq Energy Inc. President and CEO Trent Mell, a mining executive and capital markets professional with extensive international transactional experience, is joined by a team of reputable and seasoned deal-makers, mine builders and mine operators with decades of global experience in exploration, business development, geoscience, engineering and finance. Disclaimer

Petroteq Energy Inc. Company Blog

Petroteq Energy Inc. News:

Petroteq Energy Announces Completion of All Major Process Systems at Its Utah Heavy Oil Extraction Facility

Petroteq Energy Announces Proposed Issuances of Securities

Petroteq Energy Inc. (TSX.V: PQE) (OTCQX: PQEFF) Introduces Blockchain Innovation to Reduce Oil & Gas Industry Transaction Costs

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Singlepoint, Inc. (SING). Today, Singlepoint, Inc. closed trading at $0.0605, up 5.00%, on 3,389,316 volume with 245 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 10,104,765, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0132/$0.415.

CFN Media Group ("CannabisFN"), the leading creative agency and media network dedicated to legal cannabis, announces publication of an article discussing SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC: SING) and their recently announced entry into the blockchain healthcare space with its letter of intent with ORHub, a technology provider that aims to make operating rooms much more efficient.

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) has grown from a full-service mobile technology provider to a publicly-traded holding company. Through diversification into horizontal markets, SinglePoint is building its portfolio by acquiring an interest in undervalued subsidiaries, thereby providing a rich, diversified holding base.

SinglePoint's approach is to first research and identify acquisition opportunities in which it can take an active and influential role among existing leadership to provide enhanced strategy and direction. Target companies are undervalued, cash-flow positive, with high potential and verified assets. SinglePoint acquires and takes controlling interest of successful candidate companies.

SinglePoint recently signed a Letter of Intent to acquire an interest in Jacksam Corp., dba Convectium, a profitable California-based provider of equipment, branding, and packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. Convectium has developed the world's first cartridge and vape pen oil filling machine for wholesale distribution to dispensaries. The 710Shark and 710Seal systems can fill and package over 100 cartridges or disposable vape pens in 30 seconds and are sold to dispensaries through its EquipCanna.com brand. The company also operates a consumer brand that includes BlackoutX and HazeSticks and reaches customers in over 52 countries.

Additionally, SinglePoint has raised more than $300,000 and has signed a Letter of Intent to secure an additional $1 million in funding. The move provides management with ample capital to execute its business plan, while avoiding debt repayments that can eat into cash flow and reduce flexibility over time. It's also a rare development for a development-stage company in the cannabis industry.

Guided by a visionary leadership team with extensive experience in technology, engineering, marketing and raising capital, SinglePoint continues to explore high-potential acquisition opportunities to grow and diversify its current holding base. The company also plans to uplist to the OTCQB and become a fully reporting company during the current fiscal year.

The company has engaged Milost Advisors to pursue acquisitions and financing facilities toward funding acquisitions, as well as to provide working capital. Milost Advisors will assist SinglePoint in the acquisition of undervalued companies with annual revenues of at least $50 million, and has already identified potential acquisition targets for the company to consider. Disclaimer

Singlepoint, Inc. Company Blog

Singlepoint, Inc. News:

SinglePoint Looks to Apply Blockchain to Healthcare with New LOI -- CFN Media

CannabisNewsBreaks – SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) CEO Discusses Recent LOI to Acquire Stake in MTH Development Group on MoneyTV

SinglePoint, Inc. (SING) Featured in Extensive Superb Crew Interview of Smart Cannabis

Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA). Today, Marijuana Company of America Inc. closed trading at $0.0247, up 6.47%, on 8,298,528 volume with 314 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 15,428,524 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0181/$0.0728.

Innovative hemp and cannabis corporation Marijuana Company of America’s (OTC: MCOA) hempSMART product line continues to deliver new industrial hemp-based CBD products to consumers. To view the full article released today by CannabisNewsWire on this subject, visit: http://cnw.fm/9HayA. Also today, MCOA announced the release of a new product designed for pets. Nearly $67 billion was spent on pets in the U.S. in 2017, and MCOA’s new pet supplement targets the hottest sector of the booming pet care market – natural pet supplements.

Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) (the "Company") are pioneers in the cannabis industry going back to 2009 when Don Steinberg, MCOA's CEO, founded the first marijuana company ever to trade on a US stock market, Medical Marijuana Inc. Since then, Don and his partner, Charlie Larsen, have formed Global Hemp Group and Marijuana Company of America. They have experienced the shift of legislation first hand, not only for the legalization of marijuana but also the emerging hemp-based CBD products.

The CBD market is growing expotentially and consequently the founders of MCOA have contructed their business model around the development of industrial hemp-based CBD products. The industrial hemp plant can also be used to produce products that are carbon neutral or even carbon negative, like the longest, strongest natural fiber on earth, building materials that are mold, pest and fire proof, super foods and so much more for additional business opportunities. No part of the plant is left unused and the Company's overall stategy is to take advantage of every profit center from farm to the multiple valuable finished products.

The cannabis and hemp industries are experiencing unprecedented exponential growth that is expected to continue for many years as these industries are now accepted globally and continue to mature and expand. North American consumers spent $6.7 billion on legal cannabis products in 2016, up 34% from 2015's $5 billion. This trend is widely expected to explode at a 27% compounded annual growth rate to reach $22.6 billion by 2021, according to ArcView Market Research.

The company offers investors the opportunity to be on the forefront of cannabis and hemp innovation through cultivation, processing in the legal and cannabis and industrial hemp sectors. The Company's business model includes producing a diverse portfolio of synergistic business segments that provide value to its shareholders. Its vertically integrated business model and distribution platforms are positioned to capture market share by developing recognizable and valuable brands.

Under the MCOA umbrella, wholly owned subsidiary hempSMART™, Inc. is committed to bringing high quality CBD-based products to the market through its affiliate marketing program. Through hempSMART, MCOA's strategic approach to the distribution of products is through a networking architecture geared to maintain customer loyalty and capture market share. The patent-pending product "hempSMART Brain," is designed to revolutionize the safe and effective support of healthy brain function. The brand new product, HempSMART DROPS, is a full-spectrum CBD tincture formulated with hemp and fractionated coconut oils. The hempSMART marketing team has decades of experience, and is well positioned to take the hempSMART brand to a global audience. Disclaimer

Marijuana Company of America Inc. Blog

Marijuana Company of America Inc. News:

Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) Expands hempSMART™ Product Line with New Pet Products

CannabisNewsBreaks – Marijuana Company of America, Inc. (MCOA) Offers Hemp-based CBD Products through its hempSMART Line

Marijuana Company of America Inc. (MCOA) in CBD Sector for the Long Haul

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX.V:ALY) (OTCQB:ATIXF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight AnalytixInsight Inc. (ATIXF). Today, AnalytixInsight Inc. closed trading at $0.35, off by 0.85%, on 6,500 volume with 2 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 35,368 and its 52-week low/high is $0.15/$0.6898.

Individual investors now have the ability to utilize algorithms and analytics that are similar to those employed by Wall Street behemoths. CapitalCube.com, the flagship product of artificial intelligence pioneer AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF), performs billions of computations and delivers comprehensive analysis on every listed stock in the world every day.

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF) is an artificial intelligence (AI) company that transforms data into knowledge. The company has developed a proprietary, machine-learning technology that algorithmically analyzes big data and distills it into actionable insights. AnalytixInsight has strategic initiatives in fintech, blockchain and workflow analytics, and its technology is scalable and extendable to virtually any data-driven industry such as sports, communications, healthcare, insurance or government.

The company's flagship product – CapitalCube.com – is a financial portal providing comprehensive company analysis including on-demand fundamental research, portfolio evaluation and screening tools on over 50,000 global equities and North American ETFs. CapitalCube's online portal is designed to empower investment ideas by providing in-depth analysis, peer-to-peer performance evaluations, accounting and earnings reports, dividend strength and AI-supported information about likely corporate actions such as dividend changes, share buybacks and acquisitions. AnalytixInsight provides a robust technology that is frequently rebalanced to maintain a desired risk profile, matching risk to ideal ETF exposure, with regular compliance reporting.

CapitalCube's freemium pricing model allows free access to basic financial information, with additional in-depth analysis and predictive analytics provided at a rate of $25 per month, and customized peer analysis for $300 per month. CapitalCube publishes 3,000 articles daily and has multi-language capabilities. Thomson Reuters and Africa Investor have recently been added to the growing network of content partnerships that already includes Euronext NV, Yahoo Finance and The Wall Street Journal.

Euclides Technologies is a subsidiary company focused on Field Service Management software solutions, led by a team with decades of experience in developing and implementing workforce management solutions for large global corporations. With worldwide customers representing over 100,000 field service personnel across multiple industries, Euclides Technologies has a deep understanding of the increasing amount of data generated within the industry, as well as the analytics solution offerings to transform that data into knowledge.

MarketWall is a Fintech subsidiary that develops integrated software solutions as part of an ecosystem of smart devices that includes PCs, tablets, smart phones, wearable mobile devices and Smart TV. AnalytixInsight Inc. has joint ownership in MarketWall together with Intesa Sanpaolo, Italy's largest retail bank which has over 4,000 branches and a market capitalization of $40 billion Euros. MarketWall is expected to deploy its real-time stock trading and mobile banking app to Intesa Sanpaolo's 12.6 million customers in six European countries during 2018. The mobile stock trading application will directly interface with Intesa Sanpaolo's established MarketHub trading platform. As a Samsung Global Partner, the MarketWall app is preloaded in mobile devices in certain areas in Europe.

AnalytixInsight is currently evaluating and pursuing Blockchain initiatives which are contiguous with its artificial intelligence platform, to use a distributed ledger technology to reduce transaction costs and settlement times for its users, partners, and subsidiaries. The Company believes these initiatives will enhance current revenues being received from existing multi-year agreements with its partners. Disclaimer

AnalytixInsight Inc. Blog

AnalytixInsight Inc. News:

Is Artificial Intelligence Pioneer AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF) Undervalued?

AnalytixInsight Inc. (TSX.V: ALY) (OTCQB: ATIXF) Plans 2018 Rollout of Stock Trading App

AnalytixInsight Named a Top 10 Technology Company on the TSX Venture 50™

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX). Today, ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. closed trading at $0.64, off by 2.29%, on 24,466 volume with 24 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 191,597 and its 52-week low/high is $0.40/$1.83.

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX) has become the premier financial information website providing real-time market commentary, analysis and education-related services to Chinese-speaking investors. In 2018, the company is strategically focusing on building its core financial services business. CIIX has announced a spinoff of all hemp-related assets as the company explores new ways to expand.

Founded in 1999, ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX) has become a leading financial information website for Chinese-speaking investors in the United States and China. Recognizing unprecedented opportunities in the U.S. cannabis industry, CIIX is also laying the groundwork to capitalize on growing demand for cannabidiol (CBD)-based nutrition and health products.

Through its primary website, www.ChineseInvestors.com, CIIX offers a variety of investor education products and services, including real-time market commentary, analysis and educational related services in Chinese language character sets; consultative services to smaller private companies considering becoming a public company; and advertising and public relations related support services.

At the center of this initiative is the ChineseInvestors Method, a unique integration of a disciplined investing process, web-based tools, personalized instructions and support. Using this strategy, CIIX provides reliable market information to help investors make informed investment decisions and meet their individualized financial goals.

CIIX is also leveraging its financial expertise to enter into the burgeoning CBD industry, which within a few years has grown from a relatively invisible sector to a billowing market expected to reach $2.1 billion in consumer sales by 2020.

The increasing demand for CBD-based products is a catalyst for innovative business endeavors. To this accord, CIIX has established a three-year development plan to capitalize on the convergence of CBD and the nutrition and health products market in mainland China, where the benefits of CBD oil have not been widely recognized.

Under a wholesale agreement with a reputable CBD health brand, CIIX is launching the world's first online CBD health products store published in the Chinese language. The site, www.ChineseCBDoil.com, caters to a growing number of Chinese people awakening to the numerous health benefits of CBD oil for treatment of a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress, poor sleep, Alzheimer's disease, and more. CIIX expects to launch this website at the end of January 2017, and plans to sell CBD-infused products via online and in-store.

In conjunction, CIIX's cannabis-focused "Yelp"-style mobile app is in development as a platform for Chinese people to review and discuss various cannabis products. The app will be the first marijuana social media mobile app designed for Chinese-speaking customers worldwide. Disclaimer

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. Blog

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. News

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX) Announces New Company and Focused Financial Future

MoneyTV with Donald Baillargeon, 3/2

CannabisNewsBreaks – ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX) Releases Stock Dividend Details Regarding Spinoff of Hemp-related Assets

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG). Today, Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions closed trading at $0.0362, off by 2.16%, on 161,274 volume. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 667,712, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0161/$0.12.

Cannabis-focused financial services company Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions’ (OTC: REFG) CEO Jeremy Roberts believes that proposed legislation in Utah will be ready for consistent debate before the end of the current legislative session on March 8. An article discussing the company reads: “A medical cannabis bill that would advocate a more moderate approach and would “bridge the gap” between two very different legalization initiatives currently underway, has every chance to be successful, according to Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (OTC: REFG) CEO Jeremy Roberts, quoted by the Deseret News (http://cnw.fm/WDo7C).

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG), headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is a first-tier merchant processing cannabis industry pioneer, offering one of the first and only comprehensive card processing operations of its kind to serve the state-sanctioned medical marijuana industry. The company's state of the art system, which also tracks sales and tax collection, and eliminates the need to deal in cash-only transactions.

Through its robust, closed-loop merchant processing system, the company's unique "StateSourced" proprietary system enables authorized operation under FinCEN parameters and complies with all regulatory frameworks. StateSourced is tailored to deliver full-spectrum merchant processing services, providing the convenience of modern commercial card processing resources and making it the first operation of its kind geared to the legal cannabis industry.

StateSourced is not a prepaid or gift card, which is an important variable for merchants since standard banking institutions have not offered this form of payment processing to the legal cannabis industry. Federal law still considers marijuana illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, although 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the plant either for medicinal or recreational uses or both. This restriction has kept financial institutions at bay since most banks are federally insured and haven't been inclined to venture into the nascent industry.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions is able to offer its StateSourced card on a state-by-state basis where the card can be used in purchasing product from a legal, authorized vendor, providing a much-needed option for consumers and businesses alike. In another first, the company is collaborating with First Bitcoin Capital Corporation to integrate First Bitcoin's cryptocurrency ($Weed) with Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions' StateSourced payment gateway. This collaboration will allow state-licensed marijuana establishments across the nation to accept both StateSourced debit cards and cryptocurrencies such as WeedCoin and Bitcoin.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions president and CEO Jeremy Roberts and his executive team are working with state lawmakers to introduce legislation in an effort to address the growing problems in banking for the medical cannabis industry. For companies in the emerging legal cannabis industry, where retail and non-retail transactions such as vendor payments and payroll are almost exclusively paid for with cash, the solutions offered by StateSourced can help businesses avoid the inherent risks associated with a cash-intensive sector. Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions has also signed its first StateSourced contract with a Las Vegas-based vertically integrated marijuana establishment.

"We've completed our transition from development stage to revenue stage," says Roberts. "We have just started our business development efforts and the market is responding very well. We anticipate having many more, similar releases."

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions provides end-to-end management across multiple systems for medicinal marijuana operations. The company solves the fragmentation problem experienced by many of these rapidly growing companies by identifying tools that are important to dispensaries and customizing those tools to meet the specific needs of this unique industry. Disclaimer

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Company Blog

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions News:

CannabisNewsBreaks – Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) CEO Believes Proposed Legislation on Medical Marijuana in Utah Will be a Success

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) Helps Fill State Coffers

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication on the Commitment of Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG) to Regulatory Compliance Ahead of Utah Bill

Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS). Today, Petrogress, Inc. closed trading at $0.0235, off by 9.62%, on 248,578 volume with 17 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 204,114, and its 52-week low/high is $0.017/$0.072.

Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) founded in 2009, owns and operates a fleet of tankers from its base in the historic Port of Piraeus, Greece, through a series of Marshall Islands subsidiaries. The company is an international merchant of petroleum products which includes reliably marketing and trading crude oil, distillates, and refined products off the coast of West Africa. The company also operates service and shipping facilities at the Port of Limassol in Cyprus and the Port of Tema, Greater Accra, in Ghana. It is actively seeking expansion opportunities, including in operating and developing natural gas production and transmission facilities along with LNG processing in the U.S., refinery operations in north and west Africa, and the transport and sales of LNG in Europe.

Petrogress has created a diversified revenue stream, giving it a significant advantage over similar companies working in the oil and gas shipping arena. A case in point is the recent formation of "PG Cypyard & Offshore Service Terminal Ltd. ("Cypyard"), through the company's wholly owned subsidiary, Petrogress Int'l, LLC. Cypyard is concluding negotiations for an operations and management agreement covering ports in Hellenic Cyprus, including the Port of Limassol, directly with the Cyprus Ports Authority. Current plans include a long-term lease with renewal options covering all in-place port facilities, including floating dock and dry dock areas, with cranes and scaffolding, construction and repair workshops and storage, and complete on-site administrative and office space.

"I think the opportunities there are great, and dealing directly with partners in government has numerous benefits," said Christos P. Traios, president of Petrogress Inc. in a news release announcing the venture. The recent appointment of two industry experts to the Petrogress Advisory Board is expected to help the company capitalize on future growth opportunities while simultaneously developing a comprehensive U.S. and international lobbying and government outreach program to facilitate business plans in the U.S., European Union and Africa.

Additional Petrogress Inc. subsidiaries are:

  • Petrogress Co. Ltd., an international merchant of petroleum products that combines regional market knowledge with over 20 years of excellent shipping experience.
  • Petrogress Co. Ltd., an international merchant of petroleum products that combines regional market knowledge with over 20 years of excellent shipping experience.
  • Petrogress Oil & Gas Energy Inc., which has expansion plans through a supply of liquified natural gas located in the oil fields of Texas with an eye toward exporting LNG to Mediterranean markets.

Petrogress continues to "adjust its sails" in order to meet new challenges. Opportunities include upstream oil resources and exploration, the addition of more product fleet carriers, downstream movement of petroleum products from refineries to finished sales, and sea transportation of liquified natural gas. A closely followed economist, Jim O'Neill, states that oil prices could spike more than 25% in the next year. O'Neill, now an economics professor at the University of Manchester, says the market is finally waking up to the fact that global economic growth is gaining momentum and likely expanding at 4 percent or higher. That means there will be more demand for oil, the article states, which translates into brighter days ahead for companies like Petrogress. Disclaimer

Petrogress, Inc. Company Blog

Petrogress, Inc. News:

Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) Sees a Bright Future in Western and Central Africa

NetworkNewsBreaks – Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) Poised to Capitalize on Growing U.S. LNG Export Market

Petrogress, Inc. (PGAS) Continues Global Expansion in Nigeria

Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP). Today, Reign Sapphire Corp. closed trading at $0.112, off by 10.08%, on 45,770 volume with 17 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 63,640, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0519/$0.325.

Direct-to-consumer jewelry company Reign Sapphire Corp. (OTCQB: RGNP) intends to launch an Initial Coin Offering (“ICO”) for its sapphire-backed cryptocurrency, Reign Coin, as soon as regulatory approval is received. An article discussing the company reads: “Reign Coins are designed to earn interest and fees through transactions, which are then shared collectively by all coin holders in the network through crypto-dividends.” To view the full article, visit: http://nnw.fm/cXj8b.

Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP), is a direct-to-consumer, custom and branded jewelry company headquartered in Los Angeles, California. Reign's mission is to provide ethical and sustainable jewelry direct to the modern consumer, marketed through sophisticated digital initiatives that speak directly to individuals through social media channels and personalized promotions. The company's lean operating model ensures expenses are linked to order flow with flexible production schedules targeting just-in-time delivery, which in turn reduces or eliminates commodity risk. Reign is a member of the American Gem Trading Association, which is committed to fair trade and processing of gemstones.

Reign Sapphire Corp. owns and operates three divisions: Reign Brands, Reign Ventures and Reign Blockchain. Reign Brands features four unique, niche jewelry brands with separate social media followings:

  • Reign Sapphires: Ethically produced, millennial-targeted sapphire jewelry sourced from Australia.
  • Coordinates Collection: Custom jewelry inscribed with location coordinates commemorating life's special moments.
  • Le Bloc: Classic, customized jewelry.
  • ION Collection by Jen Selter: Athleisure jewelry brand.

Reign Ventures is the company's joint venture platform for investment and development of jewelry technology-related products.

Reign Blockchain authenticates its sapphires as conflict-free, allowing customers to wear products created by a company that shares their beliefs in human dignity and environmental stewardship. In 2018, Reign Blockchain is preparing to conduct an initial coin offering (ICO) for ReignCoin, subject to regulatory approval. ReignCoin will serve as Reign's cryptocurrency as part of a blockchain-based loyalty reward program.

The company's products are sold through a commission-based affiliate program that is supported by personalized email campaigns and promotions, celebrity promotion and gifting, digital advertising based on keyword purchases and sponsored ads, and creative publicity events and media outreach to attract maximum exposure. The successful launch of a company-wide social media influencer campaign across all its retail brands boosted Reign's Instagram, Twitter and Facebook followings by double digits within the first three weeks of going live.

Reign continues to seek out international partnerships, adding to the success it has already achieved in the Middle East, where its flagship store is in the Dubai Mall. The company recently teamed up with the original founder of its Coordinates Collection brand, Owen de Vries, who will lead its Europe and United Kingdom sales efforts. The Netherlands-based operation will proliferate Reign point-of-sales that are adapted for local language, digital marketing and customer service.

Reign Sapphire Corp. is led by president and CEO Joseph Segelman, who has also served on the board of directors since December 2014. Segelman earlier served as the Chief Executive Officer and managing director of Australian Sapphire Corporation, Shefa Mining Corporation and Spencer Lloyd & Associates. He is an experienced marketing and operations professional with over 20 years of experience in logistics and marketing, and extensive experience in the Australian mining and gem industry. He is also a director and board member of OBK (a Sydney, Australia, based charity) and a Captain (Chaplain) in the Australian Army reserves. Segelman is the author of "Take Action: Successful Australians Share their Secrets." (Lothian Books, 2004).

The company's board of advisors includes Andrea Hansen, jewelry marketing veteran and former president of the Women's Jewelry Association; Jeremy Avitan, CPA and compliance executive; Michael Lawrence corporate lawyer and litigator, Doug Cole, corporate financier and entrepreneur, Thierry Chaunu, a luxury goods executive with prior senior management roles at Chopard, Christofle and Cartier, and Pinny Gwinisch, founder of Ice.com and adjunct professor at McGill and Rutgers University. Disclaimer

Reign Sapphire Corp. Company Blog

Reign Sapphire Corp. News:

NetworkNewsBreaks – Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP) to Launch Sapphire-backed Cryptocurrency

Reign Sapphire Corp. (RGNP) Offering Custom-Made Jewelry that’s Memorable and Conflict-Free

Reign Sapphire Corp. Coordinates Collection Expands with New Men's Line in Sterling Silver and 14K Gold

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (POTN)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (POTN). Today, PotNetwork Holdings Inc. closed trading at $0.3408, off by 20.56%, on 25,660,509 volume with 4,661 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 13,942,138, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0006/$0.957.

PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (OTC Pink:POTN) today announced that its subsidiary, Diamond CBD, Inc., had entered into an exclusive agreement with affinity marketing company Exponential, Inc., a cause-related technology marketing firm that develops white-label e-commerce platforms serving charities, clubs and non-profit organizations globally.

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. (POTN), based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is a holding company. The company's First Capital Venture Co. subsidiary is the owner of Diamond CBD, Inc., a producer of widely-distributed CBD hemp extracts and the primary operating entity of PotNetwork Holdings.

Diamond CBD is made up of chemists and other scientists focused on developing and producing very high-quality CBD oil over a broad range of products, based upon a thorough understanding of the various natural molecules found in hemp and their particular properties. All products are made with federally legal cannabidiol (CBD), and are available in hundreds of flavors and sizes. The company emphasizes a dedication to 100% natural lab-tested CBD ingredients, with a carefully monitored process all the way from the source farm, through production, and final delivery to retail shelves.

PotNetwork, through Diamond CBD, delivers products to all 50 states, as well as internationally, and controls 15 CBD brands. The company lists the following product brands:

  • Diamond CBD Gummies - Diamond CBD branded edible gummies made from crystal isolate. Available in a variety of flavors and gummy styles, including rainbow bites, mini fruit, gummy worms, sour snakes, and more.
  • Chill Gummies - Chill gummies are more robust than its counterpart, the "Relax" gummy line. Chill Gummies are edible CBD gummies available in a wide variety of flavors, strengths, and styles including gummy bears, sour snakes, rainbow bites, watermelon slices, sour snakes, rainbow bites, peanut butter chocolate, ocean gummies, gummy worms, gummy rings and more.
  • CBD Liquid Gold - CBD Liquid Gold is derived from naturally grown industrial hemp plants, certified by USA labs and then carefully mixed with a patent-pending (non-PG) all-natural base formulation.
  • Blue CBD - Blue CBD Crystal Isolate is a high-end vapor liquid and oral drop infused with premium CBD rich hemp oil. CBD liquids are Premium Gold quality and test at a 7X higher concentration.
  • Relax Gummies - Relax Gummies give a lighter effect of CBD with some natural flavors in comparison to its counterpart Chill Gummies. Relax Gummies are perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth that's looking for a lighter effect without sacrificing quality or taste.
  • Premium Hemp Liquid Pet - CBD For Pets is a new and refreshing product from Diamond CBD for all the millions of pets out there. It is an organic product and also has unique flavors in it.
  • CBD Re-Leaf - Disposable, long-lasting, and ready to Use CBD Re-leaf vaping pens available in a variety of flavors. Easily take CBD anywhere on the go.
  • Relax Extreme CBD - Relax Extreme CBD Oil provides a high-quality, high-strength dose of CBD through oral drops. It is very easy to use and works instantly. Simply place a drop under the tongue. Available in various strengths.
  • CBD Double Shot - CBD Double Shots are specifically designed for one-time use. Easily squeeze the package in your mouth and swallow; it's that simple. Take it anywhere you go. Relaxation is now conveniently in your pocket. Drinkable CBD shots provide a quick boost of relaxation on the go. Available in various flavors.
  • Chill Pill - CBD infused capsules available in various strengths. Relax, take a Chill Pill.

Over 1.2 million people currently use cannabis, including CBD products, for medical application, including cancer, epilepsy, and depression. By sourcing hemp outside the U.S., the company avoids current federally-based legal problems involved in growing cannabis domestically. In the meantime, PotNetwork Holdings continues to target a large and rapidly developing cannabis market, expanding from $6.5 billion in 2016, to an expected $30 billion in 2021 (Forbes), and $50 billion in 2026 (Bloomberg). The cannabidiol market alone is projected to reach $2.1 billion in 2020, a 700% increase from 2015. PotNetwork Holdings Inc. plans to expand its subsidiaries as well as make strategic acquisitions. Disclaimer

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. Company Blog

PotNetwork Holdings Inc. News:

PotNetwork Holding’s Diamond CBD Signs Exclusive Global Affinity Marketing Agreement with Exponential, Inc.

PotNetwork Holding Inc. Generates Over $3,000,000 in Sales Over First 45 days of 2018

PotNetwork Reaches New Sales Milestones and Concentrates its Focus, Analysts Review and Target

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE:LXX) (OTCQB:LXRP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP). Today, Lexaria Bioscience Corp. closed trading at $1.34, up 3.08%, on 91,367 volume with 201 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 457,519 and its 52-week low/high is $0.27/$2.54.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (LXRP) has developed and out-licenses its proprietary technology for improved taste, rapidity, and delivery of bioactive compounds, including cannabinoids. Though boasting a wide range of health benefits, cannabinoids are traditionally poorly absorbed by the body's gastrointestinal tract. To achieve higher effectiveness, consumers usually default to smoking. Lexaria provides a superior administration method by delivering hemp oil ingredients – or through locally licensed partners, cannabis oil ingredients – through a patented process within food products.

The key differentiator between Lexaria's products and others on the market is the company's disruptive technology proven to enhance the absorption of orally ingested cannabinoids while improving the "unusual" taste of cannabinoids and allowing for lower overall dosing with higher efficacy. Lexaria is primarily a B2B enterprise, and is in licensing discussions or has existing agreements with companies in Canada, the largest-market states in the USA, and internationally. Lexaria has also developed its own brands partly for demonstration purposes, utilizing its patented technology to infuse hemp oil ingredients within lipids in popular foods. These brands include ViPova™, Lexaria Energy Foods, and TurboCBD™.

In 2015, Lexaria commissioned an independent, third-party lab to test its technology under carefully monitored in vitro conditions. Results showed that the company's technological process and lipid formulation both improve intestinal absorption as much as 500%. Additional follow-up studies in human volunteers suggested that Lexaria's processed, lipid-infused tea may be more effective in an actual gastrointestinal system than in an in vitro simulation with results indicating as much as a 1,000% increase in overall absorption.

Lexaria also has an R&D partnership with the Canadian government's National Research Council. That R&D is expected to characterize molecular bond formation theorized to occur with Lexaria's unique technology between the lipid delivery agents and the bioactive substances it processes and combines. Results from this R&D are expected to support accelerating B2B relationships – not just in the cannabis industry, but also to support new B2B business relationships in the fields of vitamins, NSAIDs, and nicotine delivery. All of these sectors expected to offer additional future growth potential.

Aside from testing, a critical component of Lexaria Bioscience's business model is a strong intellectual property portfolio that utilizes the most commonly used food processing techniques. As of 2017, the company's patent portfolio includes 19 patent applications filed and pending in more than 40 countries around the world. The most recent patent applications expand Lexaria's lipophilic food and beverage composition claims to include the processing of cannabinoids, vitamins, NSAIDs and nicotine in many of the world's most commonly used food processing ingredients. Lexaria is expecting additional new patent awards both in the USA and internationally in 2017 and 2018.

Royalties play a vital role in Lexaria's revenue-generating business model. The company out-licenses its technology (royalty) to third party partners, and has several deals signed and/or pending. The company's growth initiatives are guided by a management team headed by CEO Chris Bunka, a serial entrepreneur who has raised more than $50 million in working capital for the companies he has led over the course of his career. He is supported by a team of professionals with extensive experience in pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors, invention, toxicology, consumer goods, and other relevant skillsets. Disclaimer

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. Blog

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. News:

Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE: LXX) (OTCQX: LXRP) Enters Seven-Year Licensing Agreement with Cannfections Group, Inc.

NetworkNewsAudio Covers Global Licensing Agreement of Lexaria Bioscience Corp. (CSE:LXX) (OTCQX:LXRP) and NeutriSci International Inc. (TXS-V:NU) (OTCQB:NRXCF)

Lexaria Enters Licensing Agreement with Cannabis Edibles Infusion Company


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