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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Thursday, February 25th, 2016

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Max Sound Corp. (MAXD)

PennyStocks24, SmallCapVoice, Barchart, TopPennyStockMovers, and BUYINS.NET reported earlier on Max Sound Corp. (MAXD), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Max Sound Corp. sells and licenses products and services founded on its Max Sound technology for sound recording and playback. The Company’s emphasis is on licensing its technology to content creators, manufacturers, and network broadcasters. Max Sound serves motion picture, music recording, video game, broadcasting, and Internet video and audio, and consumer electronics markets.  In essence, MAX-D is to Audio what HD is to Video. Max Sound has its headquarters in Santa Monica, California.

Max Sound’s technologies include MAX-D HD Audio and VSL's Optimized Data Transmission Technology. The Company’s patent pending technology is hardware/platform agnostic. There is no need for a user to change or add equipment. The MAX-D HD Audio technology has greater than 70 filed patents pending. It currently can be found on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon DSP Processors. Qualcomm produces over 750 million chips each year, and represents 8 billion dollars of the worldwide chip market.

MAX-D HD remains one-tenth the size of a WAV file. Research & Development (R&D) of the MAX-D HD Audio Technologies continues to be the Company’s main focus now that it has entered its licensing phase. At present, Max Sound has a MAX-D API (Application Programming Interface). It lets the MAX-D HD proprietary algorithm and coding to be inserted into applications. These include streaming services, automotive head units, DSP memory in speakers, developer platforms, and also web-based applications.

Max Sound markets Max Sound technology. The MAX-D Audio Process makes everything sound better. It can convert any audio file to high-definition (HD) quality without increasing its file size. The technology improves diverse types of audio, and also compressed audio and video as used in mp3 files, iPods, Internet, and satellite/terrestrial broadcasting.

MAX-D is a proprietary audio process. It restores lost, compressed sound harmonics and brings HD sound to digital media. MAX-D improves the sound a listener hears from any device through restoring the lost, compressed sound in real time. This is without increasing the file size.

Mr. John Blaisure is the President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Max Sound. Before joining Max Sound, Mr. Blaisure was the Founder, President, and CEO of Effective Network Systems (ENS).

Max Sound Corp. (MAXD), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0029, even for the day, on 10,579,643 volume with 88 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 5,243,169 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0027/$0.115.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO)

SmallCapVoice, Tip.us, PennyStocks24, Value Penny Stocks, Hot Stock Profits, Ascending Stocks, and Greenbackers reported on Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. provides motor vehicle history reporting to dealers and consumers, develops and manages custom mobile apps for dealer networks and businesses, and offers and administers vehicle and capital lease programs for municipalities. It has its roots in the powersports industry where it originally concentrated on providing consumer and municipal financing to the powersports, recreation, and automobile industries. Sparta Commercial Services is headquartered in New York, New York.

The Company’s Mobile Applications Division offers two customizable mobile app products. These are specifically designed for vehicles dealers and for small and growing companies. The Specialty Mobile Apps product gives dealers their own branded mobile app. The app enables dealers to stay in contact with their customers and communicate concerning promotions, special events, new inventory arrivals, and more.

The newest mobile app product from Sparta is iMobileApp. It provides small and growing companies with a customized mobile app for their businesses. This mobile app costs less that traditional and web marketing. iMobileApp.com is a leader in mobile applications for small and growing companies.

Specialty Mobile Apps is a product that gives vehicle dealers their own branded mobile app. The app permits dealers to maintain continuing contact with its customers and communicate upcoming and ongoing promotions, special events, new and used inventory, and more.

Specialty Reports, Inc. is a subsidiary of Sparta Commercial Services. It provides detailed used vehicle title history reports to dealers, insurance companies, credit unions, and more, and also to consumers. Specialty Reports provides buyers accurate, timely, and full title history reports. The Company targets four motor vehicle markets through https://www.carvinreport.com/ (automobiles and light trucks), https://cyclechex.com/ (motorcycles), https://www.rvchecks.com/ (recreational vehicles) and http://truckchex.com/ (commercial trucks).

Sparta's Municipal Leasing Division provides and administers a specialized municipal leasing program for local and state agencies. Its commitment is to serving jurisdictions with small and growing vehicle fleets who are looking for a better and more economical way to bankroll their vital equipment needs. This is from police motorcycles and cruisers, to EMS equipment and busses, to almost any kind of equipment a municipality requires. Additionally, The Municipal Leasing Division works with larger jurisdictions to provide competitive leasing facilities for specific sections of its fleet portfolio.

Last month, Sparta Commercial Services reported that recent iMobileApp client BUDK Worldwide, Inc. purchased two additional mobile applications for its sister companies. BUDK Worldwide is an e-Commerce business established more than 25 years ago.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0021, up 23.53%, on 4,429,612 volume with 28 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 3,530,637 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0012/$0.15.

Validian Corp. (VLDI)

Stock News Now, Damn Good Penny Picks, Penny Picks, PREPUMP STOCKS, Penny Stock Newsletter, Value Penny Stocks, Epic Stock Picks, Hot Stock Profits, Value Penny Stocks, StockMarketIntel, and TopPennyStockMovers reported on Validian Corp. (VLDI), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed Validian Corp. provides software products for public and private enterprises. Fundamentally, the Company is a leading innovator in cyber-security technology. It develops and markets solutions to protect against the threats of today's digital world. Validian is first-to-market to provide secure storage, access, and transfer of Digital Information on wired, wireless, or mobile networks over the Internet.

Validian’s corporate mission is to deliver innovative information protection solutions, which assist government agencies, enterprises, and individuals in lessening the impact of theft, disclosure, non-compliance, or malicious tampering with digital assets. Validian has its headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario.

Validian offers solutions that can undergo customization to the client's business process to ensure end-to-end authenticity, integrity, and also custody of high value digital assets. Its technology enables the next generation of secure Cloud Computing, Cloud Storage, Distributed Computing and Web Application and WebPortal Access and Usage for desktop and laptop computers, servers, tablets, and SmartPhones.

The Company’s products include ValidianProtect, which embeds its technology into any application. Another product is Validian Media Protect. This is an anti-piracy solution. Validian Media Protect safeguards high-value movie and music content during production and post-production.

Validian also has its Validian Medical Protect. This provides secure remote access and exchange of any type of medical file between medical professionals. In addition, its products include Validian Secure Microsoft SharePoint. This permits secure content management and web portals. Products also include Validian Mobile, which enables secure e-commerce transactions over non-compatible Smartphone devices, cell sites, and networks.

Validian announced in November 2015 that its original equipment manufacturer (OEM) customer and their channel partner completed the development of the Beta of their Validian-enabled mobile communications application that was successfully demonstrated to a number of its Channel Partners and prospective customers.

Validian's OEM Customer deployed the Beta to an initial number of end users during November 2015, and has an increasing list of customer orders and prospects in their sales pipeline. Roll out continued through that quarter forward, with a global launch scheduled for Q2 2016.

This month, Validian announced that its OEM customer (a solutions provider) signed an agreement with Validian to integrate its core cyber security technology, ValidianProtect, into one of their principal commercial solutions. Their solution is presently deployed into Banks, large Enterprises and Government departments. The solutions provider is integrating ValidianProtect as part of an upgrade to its existing solution to leverage several of Validian's inventive features and capabilities. This includes its Cyber Security Information Policy Management Platform.

Validian Corp. (VLDI), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0307, down 8.90%, on 382,968 volume with 16 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 534,241 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.02/$0.075.

Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. (VNTH)

TheMicrocapNews, BUYINS.NET, and PennyStocks24 reported previously on Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. (VNTH), and we choose to highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. is a mobile health technology business. The Company is developing personalized and point-of-care screening employing applications (apps) based on chemical sensing residing within a Bluetooth device, which works with any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Nano Mobile is the first non-invasive, inexpensive, mobile, early cancer screening and monitoring platform. Nano Mobile Healthcare has offices in New York, New York and Mountain View, California. Nano Mobile Healthcare’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

The Company formerly went by the name Vantage mHealthcare, Inc. It changed its name to Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. in September of 2015. This is to align the strategic direction of the Company within the developing and innovative mobile healthcare technology sector. In addition, the name change is to avoid confusion with different other businesses that use the legacy Vantage name.

Nano Mobile’s mission is to commercialize mobile breath sensor technologies, which permit Health Care providers (HCPs) to better manage the health care range - from managing illness to wellness. The Company has been developing a low cost point-of-care screening device. This device will detect and analyze common components from human breath and provide an early indication of chronic diseases. This includes heart failure and various kinds of cancer, and also contagious diseases such as strep throat.

The device is presently in a clinical environment. The final development stage for the healthcare sensor will be formal clinical trials and ultimately to obtain Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval.

Nano Mobile’s first product is the Nano Mobile Health Sensor that is in development. It’s the union of nano-electronics, bio-informatics, and wireless technology to create the next generation mobile health application. The expectation is that the first mobile app will be for lung cancer screening with additional mobile healthcare apps in the planning stages.

The roots of the Nano Mobile sensor technology date back to 2007. This is when The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) launched the sensor into orbit and concluded that the sensor worked successfully in outer space and was unaffected by extreme vibrations and sudden changes in gravity. Additionally, the sensor technology was successfully tested on the International Space Station (ISS).

Nano Mobile Healthcare, Inc. (VNTH), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0004, up 60.00%, on 4,499,999 volume with 5 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 4,814,399 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0001/$0.0699.

MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC)

Stockgoodies, WallstreetSurfers, PennyStocks24, and INO.com Market Report reported on MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC) is a leader in electronic check solutions and mobile payments technology. In essence, MyECheck is an electronic check, cloud banking, as well as mobile payments technology developer and licensor. The Company provides comprehensive payment solutions for all payment applications. These include mobile payments. In addition, MyECheck provides the industry's most advanced security and fraud control technologies. The Company is the Winner of the 2015 PYMNTS Award for Best Check Innovation. MyECheck is based in Folsom, California.

The Company is now going after opportunities in Africa and other emerging international markets. This is in addition to the United States market.

MyECheck operates under license to US Patent 7,389,913, "Method and Apparatus for Online Check Processing."  This was granted to the Company in June of 2008. This patented new payment method is the quickest, safest and lowest cost method of processing payments and moving money in the United States. MyECheck customers include corporations, retailers, governments, payment processors, and financial institutions.

MyECheck provides a family of mobile payment apps. These can be downloaded onto any smart mobile device and used at once with no special hardware requirements. MyECheck’s merchant Point-Of-Sale (POS) app can be downloaded and run from leading accounting software. Furthermore, MyECheck licenses turnkey payment systems and performs custom systems development and systems integration services, in addition to its payment services.

MyECheck has launched its eMobile Pay. This is a unique mobile commerce platform. eMobile enables businesses to send bills electronically and accept real-time guaranteed payments for only a low flat fee per transaction with no hardware or other expenses.

In January, MyECheck announced that it entered into an agreement with General Payment Systems, Inc. (GPSI). With this agreement, GPSI will integrate MyECheck's patented Electronic Check Service for quicker, safer and lower cost payments directly from any U.S. bank account to government agencies. GPSI is a payment processing technology enterprise. It specializes in the $500 billion government payment space.

MyECheck, Inc. (MYEC), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.01, up 6.38%, on 1,053,711 volume with 35 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 3,451,109 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0051/$0.0235.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Lingo Media Corp. (LMDCF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Lingo Media Corp. (LMDCF). Today, Lingo Media Corp. closed trading at $0.563, up 3.55%, on 1,500 volume with 2 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 4,196, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0862/$0.6745.

Lingo Media Corp. is pleased to announce that it has been selected to the 2016 TSX Venture 50® and has been ranked #1 in the Diversified Industries category. Lingo Media achieved the greatest appreciation in both share price, gaining 745%, and in market capitalization, gaining 992%, amongst all 2016 TSX Venture 50® companies. "We are honored to be recognized as a 2016 TSX Venture 50® company and to be ranked #1 within the Diversified Industries sector. It is a testament to our corporate vision and determination that we are generating results and exceeding expectations," commented Michael Kraft, President and CEO of Lingo Media.

Lingo Media Corp. (LMDCF) (LM.V) is an EdTech company that's changing the way the world learns English through an innovative combination of proven educational techniques and accessible technology. The company provides both online and print-based solutions through its two distinct business units: ELL Technologies and Lingo Learning. Through ELL Technologies, Lingo has made considerable progress in English-learning markets throughout Latin America. Through print-based publisher Lingo Learning, the company has built a significant presence in the Chinese education market, which includes more than 300 million students.

The company's groundbreaking English programs are developed and marketed for students at every stage of development – from the classroom to the boardroom. This versatility has allowed Lingo to secure contracts and build relationships with clients in a variety of markets around the globe. In Mexico, a subsidiary of the company has partnered with a recognized university that allows it to offer its courses along with certification. In Peru, the company's subsidiary provides its groundbreaking Scholar program to a branch of the country's armed forces.

Through ELL Technologies, Lingo also markets electronic learning solutions that are suitable for pre-readers. Lingo's Kids program – which features cross-platform, multi-browser compatibility – requires no prior knowledge of the English language, allowing the company to address the entire student life cycle in blended learning environments, traditional classroom settings and the home with one cutting-edge solution. The Kids program addresses the critically underserved pre-school market, which includes roughly 181.4 million children across Asia and 30.1 million throughout Latin America and the Caribbean, according to UNESCO.

Although Lingo has traditionally leaned on its print-based offerings as a primary source of revenue, the company's recent efforts to shift into the thriving eLearning market have highlighted the immense potential of a more heavily digital approach. In the second quarter of 2015, Lingo recorded more revenue from digital products than print-based solutions for the first time in its history. With the global eLearning market set to reach $107 billion in 2015, according to a report by Global Industry Analysts, the company's performance and growing foothold in some of the world's most rapidly expanding markets place it in a favorable position. Disclaimer

Lingo Media Corp. Company Blog

Lingo Media Corp. News:

Lingo Media Selected to the 2016 TSX Venture 50 & Ranked #1 In the Diversified Industries Sector

Lingo Media to Present at the World Outlook Financial Conference 2016 on January 29th & 30th

Lingo Media Corp. (LMDCF) (LM.V) Continues to Generate Strong Profits with Q3 Net Income of $631,730

GTX Corp. (GTXO)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight GTX Corp. (GTXO). Today, GTX Corp. closed trading at $0.011, even with yesterday's close. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 416,813, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0052/$0.023.

GTX Corp. reports a successful presentation at the SeeThruEquity & The Brewer Group 2nd Annual Innovations Investor Conference at The Ritz-Carlton in Miami on February 22, 2016. GTX Corp CEO, Patrick Bertagna, presented on the Company's 2016 initiatives - discussing where the ever-growing $18 billion dollar wearable technology industry is heading and the Company's positioning as a pioneer in the industry, specifically relating to its recently granted new patents and the overall value proposition of its entire IP portfolio. Mr. Bertagna discussed GTX Corp's expanding domestic and international distribution channels, current Pilot programs and new product launches, the value behind reimbursement codes in 4 States, and how the Company is planning to grow its global subscriber base.

GTX Corp. (GTXO), through its robust IoT enterprise monitoring platform and licensing, subscription recurring revenue business model, offers a complete end-to-end solution backed by an extensive portfolio of patents with filing dates going back as early as 2002, patents pending, registered trademarks, copy rights and URLs. GTX was featured in a 38-page research piece outlining the value proposition of the company's IP portfolio, and was also published in a SeeThruEquity research report discussing the value of the company's IP.

GTX has established a growing global distribution network with partners in more than 20 countries, and has garnered millions of dollars' worth of free media with coverage on CNN, Good Morning America, The Doctors, Fox News, Discovery Channel, ABC, NBC, CBS, The New York Times, LA Times, U.S.A. Today, the LA Business Journal, AARP and hundreds of other television, radio, magazine and newspaper media outlets across the globe.

The company's flagship, patented GPS SmartSoles were recently showcased in Munich at the Telefonica Digital Innovation Day 2015; was featured in AARP's 2015 technology gear guide; and came in second place, with Microsoft finishing first and Samsung taking third, in the 2015 Wearables, Health, Fitness & Wellness category at CTIA's Hot for the Holidays Awards competition.

As GTX continues to expand its brand awareness and distribution channels both domestically and internationally, in parallel it also plans to introduce new products with an emphasis on e-health and wellness. Corporate strategies are guided by a visionary management team with the insight and experience needed to navigate the plentiful opportunities and potential market share in the emerging multibillion IoT and Wearable Tech industries.

"With approximately 2% of the population having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, dementia, autism, TBI or some other cognitive disorder which may lead to wandering due to memory loss, GTX plays a vital role in the safety, security and recovery of these individuals and their caregivers." --- Patrick Bertagna GTX Corp CEO. Disclaimer

GTX Corp. Company Blog

GTX Corp. News:

GTX Corp Reports Successful Presentation at the SeeThruEquity & The Brewer Group 2nd Annual Innovations Investor Conference

GTX Corp to Present at 2nd Annual Innovations Investor Conference and Announces Date of Shareholder Meeting

GPS SmartSoles Launch in Latin America

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS). Today, Star Mountain Resources, Inc. closed trading at $0.515, up 0.98%, on 2,000 volume with 2 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 7,810, and its 52-week low/high is $0.40/$1.40.

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. (SMRS), a minerals exploration company, is focused on acquiring and consolidating mining claims, mineral leases, producing mines, and historic mines with production and future growth potential identified through exploration efforts. The company's operations are currently focused on the initiation, production and expansion of acquired mineral resources in the Star Mountain Mining District, Beaver County, Utah and turning them into producing assets.

Comprised of 2,320 acres, the company's Star Mountain/Chopar Mine project consists of 116 lode-mining claims and four metalliferous mineral lease sections located in the Star Mountain range, Star Mining District, in Beaver County, Utah, approximately five miles west of Milford, Utah. Exploration activities to date include geological analysis, and a limited reverse circulation & core drilling program.

The Star Mountain Mining District, which is dotted with historic mines dating back to the late 1800s, has a long and storied history within the mining industry. The company believes that the application of modern exploration tools will reveal additional resources that were previously unattainable. Leveraging the region's mild climate and accessibility to nearby rail lines and roads, management will look to translate this potential into sustainable returns in the years to come.

Star Mountain Resources has adopted a discovery-based business model to grow its industry presence in the future. The company plans to thoroughly explore and initially develop its leasehold before seeking senior industry partners to assist in the capital-intensive development and operation phases. Building on this strategy, Star Mountain Resources will also continue to seek quality projects that can be evaluated on their own technical and financial merit. Disclaimer

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. Company Blog

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. News:

Star Mountain Resources Receives Industry Guide 7 Mineral Reserves Report on Balmat Mine

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. Closes Acquisition of Balmat Zinc Mine in New York State

Star Mountain Resources, Inc. to Acquire Balmat Zinc Mine in New York State

Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI). Today, Agora Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.39, up 5.41%, on 569,892 volume with 245 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 170,338, and its 52-week low/high is $0.03/$2.50.

Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI), together with its wholly-owned subsidiary, Geegle Media, is leading a diversified family entertainment and media enterprise through business segments which include: TV on Demand, interactive media, business products and consumer platforms. With its multi-dimensional approach, Geegle Media supports Agora Holdings' mission to deliver innovate and high-quality business solution products and to deliver video content from around the world.

Geegle Media web platforms include; GeegleTV, Frame, 1000Salads, RealtyTV and LobbyTV. Geegle TV is a multi-platform video entertainment website that curates high-quality video content from around the world. In 2016, GeegleTV will serve as co-producer by airing original content. By exposing undiscovered content to millions of users and rendering it shareable to social media, Geegle TV will serve as a marketing partner to local and internationally based TV shows not yet on the open market.

For commercial use, Geegle Media provides a variety of solutions that include web development and billing software for VoIP applications. RealtyTV is its state-of-the-art platform for real estate brokerages. LobbyTV is another of its widely used products by business offices. For individuals, Geegle TV combines radio, On Demand movies, news, sports and children's content.

Geegle Media is also developing 1000salads, an online hub that encourages healthy lifestyles. The portal will feature recipes and products, health-oriented articles and a curated selection of local restaurants and grocers that deliver to the health-conscious user. Currently in its alpha stage of development, 1000salads is gearing up its sales and marketing in preparation for its launch in 2016.

Geegle Media differs from other On Demand providers, such as Netflix and HBO, in that its service is free of constraints such as subscription, fees and penalties. As consumers increasingly opt for personalized sources of entertainment, Agora recognizes the vast opportunities and growth potential provided by the rising popularity of TV On Demand. The company also benefits from strong and visionary management with a track record of bringing innovative ideas to fruition. Disclaimer

Agora Holdings, Inc. Company Blog

Agora Holdings, Inc. News:

Agora Holdings, Inc., (OTCMKTS: AGHI) Analyst Coverage; Preparation for the Launch of FRAME

Agora Holdings Inc.'s Geegle Media Set to Release FRAME This Month

Agora Holdings, Inc. (AGHI) CEO Featured in Exclusive QualityStocks Interview

FlexWeek (FXWK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight FlexWeek (FXWK). Today, FlexWeek closed trading at $1.10, even for the day. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 210, and its 52-week low/high is $0.075/$1.15.

FlexWeek (FXWK) is a pioneer in the global peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace with the introduction of a unique platform that allows timeshare owners to discover, book and offer unused vacation time directly to the public and other timeshare owners. This approach eliminates the need for timeshare owners to use costly trading platforms such as Interval International or RCI, while potentially reducing unused timeshare inventory.

FlexWeek's P2P website (www.FlexWeek.com) and mobile application is similar to AirBNB's $20 billion approach to the travel industry, but is the first and only P2P marketplace exclusive to fractional vacation ownerships. FlexWeek differs from the existing model, where timeshare weeks must be "banked" with a trading company such as Interval International or RCI, and instead charges the booking fees to the renter of the vacation time, eliminating the cost to the private timeshare owner.

The FlexWeek platform also addresses another specific industry challenge. The average timeshare is only booked 79% of the year, according to the American Resort Development Association's 2012 research survey. Whether or not a privately owned timeshare unit is used, the owner still has to pay annual maintenance fees, and most owners end up losing thousands of dollars in wasted paid-for vacation time over their ownership period. With FlexWeek, an owner of unused paid vacation time can now offer their specific booked week for rent directly to the FlexWeek marketplace to recoup cost or even make a profit on the rental. The glut of unused timeshare inventory allows a potential renter to stay in a very nice condo for a fraction of what they would pay in hotel fees making it a win-win for both the owner and the renter of the vacation time.

Led by founder Kristopher Chavez, who has more than 10 years of experience operating businesses that acquire, rent, sell and transfer timeshares internationally, FlexWeek's management team will leverage its collective expertise to facilitate the company's direction and growth in this new market. FlexWeek's leadership has founded rapidly growing sales organizations generating 8-figure revenues within a year's time, and has experience scaling other models to financial success and/or acquisition rapidly with limited investment. Disclaimer

FlexWeek Company Blog

FlexWeek News:

FlexWeek, Inc. (FXWK): Stay in Vacation Homes around the World for Less than the Cost of Hotels

FlexWeek, Inc. (FXWK) Announces Engagement of QualityStocks Corporate Communications Suite

FlexWeek, Inc. (FXWK) is “One to Watch”


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