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Visualant Inc. (VSUL)

SmallCap Voice reported recently on Visualant Inc. (VSUL), and today we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Visualant Inc.'s focus is to capitalize on the business opportunities in national security, document forgery/fraud, brand protection, label fraud, and product tampering. They develop low-cost, high speed, light-based security and quality control solutions. Visualant Inc. has their corporate headquarters in Seattle , Washington . Founded in 1998, they are part of the Business Services industry.

The Company's patent-pending technology uses controlled illumination with specific bands of light. It measures and records what is viewable, and manages data gathered in an innovative manner. This enables devices to establish a unique spectral signature for both individual and classes of items. When matched against existing databases, the spectral signatures allow precise identification and authentication of any item or substance.

Visualant's color technology provides multi-dimensional spectral-based pattern file creation and matching. One can create color pattern files from any digital photograph or scan. There is no need to reprint, recreate, recall, or modify existing digital source documents. Pattern files matched against existing databases detect identity crime, forgery, counterfeiting, and other frauds. The technology uses full spectrum color patterns. They are more accurate than black and white systems.

In December 2008, Visualant Inc. announced the execution of a strategic development agreement with RatLab LLC of Seattle. The agreement involves a non-commercial license from Visualant and a reciprocal license to certain RatLab LLC technology. This agreement will enable continuing development of the core Visualant proprietary spectral pattern based color technology.

Last month, Visualant announced the execution of their first commercial licensing agreement with RatLab LLC. The license provides Visualant with an equity participation in a "to be formed" RatLab LLC affiliate and a market rate royalty. The fields of use include medical diagnostics, agricultural, environmental applications, and gemology.

Today, Visualant announced the execution of a Letter of Intent for the acquisition of TransTech Systems, Inc. of Wilsonville , Oregon . TransTech Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of identification, security, and authentication products and services. TransTech can provide an established market presence for Visualant's verification technology. Ron Erickson, Visualant Chairman, said, "We are thrilled to be joining forces with Jim and the TransTech team. They have a great reputation for leadership in the provision of client-oriented security and authentication solutions and provide a solid base for distribution of our technology."

Today, Visualant Inc. (VSUL) closed at $0.33 for no change. Volume was 5,000 shares. The 3-month average volume is 14,462.90.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. (IMDS)

HotOTC.com, Standout Stocks, StockEgg.com, PamplonaPicks.com, and OTC Picks reported earlier on Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. (IMDS) and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. is a medical technology company. Located in Plantation , Florida , the Company engages in the research, development, and marketing of a non-invasive breast imaging system.

They have developed a breast-imaging device that utilizes advanced laser technology and proprietary algorithms to create three-dimensional cross sectional images of the breast without the use of x-rays and compression. The name of this device is Computed Tomography Laser Breast Imaging (CTLM®).

Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. has entered the final stages of the FDA Pre-Market approval process for their CTLM® patented breast imaging system. The CTLM® system is in use internationally in Austria , the Czech Republic , Germany , Italy , China , and Poland . The Company received CE Marking, CMDCAS ( Canada ), Canadian License, UL listing, ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 certification, China SFDA and FDA export certification, enabling sales in international markets.

The Company designed the CTLM® system to work in conjunction with mammography to provide additional information to radiologists. The system is for use in hospitals, imaging centers, clinics, and private practices. Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. is planning to continue clinical studies to evolve the system as a screening device for women of all ages.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems is also researching potential supplements to their existing technology and other medical applications utilizing optical tomography techniques. They are engaged in the development of a Laser Imager for Lab Animals (LILA). They will target pharmaceutical developers researching new cancer treatment drugs as possible customers for this product.

The CTLM® procedure is non-invasive, painless, and does not expose the patient to ionizing radiation or painful breast compression. The procedure reveals information about blood distribution in the breast and may visualize the process of angiogenesis, which typically accompanies tumor growth.

Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. (IMDS) closed today at $0.0159 up $0.0018 or 12.77 percent. Share volume was 778,425 for a 3-month average volume of 1,346,930.

Power3 Medical Products Inc. (PWRM)

Small Cap Voice, Momentum Traders, Hot OTC, Knobias, and OTC Picks reported earlier on Power3 Medical Products Inc. (PWRM), and we highlight the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Power3 Medical Products Inc. engages in the early detection, monitoring, and targeting of diseases through the analysis of proteins. Headquartered in The Woodlands, Texas , and trading on the OTCBB, they work in areas such as cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's. Their original focus was on research and development but they have moved now into the commercialization of their technologies and products. The Company began as a medical device enterprise.

Founded in 1992, Power3 Medical Products Inc. purchased ProteEx of The Woodlands, Texas in 2004. Founded in 2000, ProteEx was a company with much protein expertise. Power3 now operates a CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment) certified proteomics lab at their headquarters in The Woodlands. Proteomics is the science of protein interactions within living cells. Power3's patent-pending technologies find use in developing screening and diagnostic tests for the early detection and prognosis of disease. They also find use in helping identify protein biomarkers and drug targets.

In 2008, Power3 Medical Products, Inc. announced the filing of a U.S. Patent application for the diagnosis of multiple forms of Alzheimer's disease by monitoring a panel of protein biomarkers in human blood serum. Their filing further extends the reach of their prior filed U.S. Utility Patent Application that identified 47 protein biomarkers useful in the early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease. A diagnostic test that will allow physicians to diagnose Alzheimer's patients earlier and with greater accuracy would enable those patients to begin drug treatment when it could be most effective.

The Company targets their diagnostic tests toward markets with critical unmet needs in areas including neurodegenerative disease (NuroPro). Power3 Medical expects to complete phase II and III clinical validation trials of their blood serum diagnostics for Alzheimer's disease (AD-NuroPro) in the third quarter of 2009. They will then follow this with completion of filing with the FDA. Power3 recently signed their first distribution agreement to provide their blood serum diagnostic for breast cancer, BC-SeraPro™, in twelve Middle Eastern countries.

On February 2, 2009, Transgenomic, Inc. and Power3 Medical Products, Inc. announced they finalized a transaction, pursuant to their signed Letter of Intent announced December 2, 2008, with the signing of a definitive collaboration and exclusive license agreement for the rights to Power3 Medical's neurodegenerative biomarkers.

Transgenomic, with the agreement, now has exclusive rights in the U.S. and certain international markets to neurodegenerative biomarkers from Power3 Medical. These include NuroPro®, a proposed diagnostic for Alzheimer and Parkinson's diseases based on Power3's proteomics platform.

Power3 Medical Products Inc. (PWRM) closed today at $0.0135 up $0.0005 or 3.85 percent. Their share volume was 2,371,582 significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 582,137.

China BAK Battery Inc. (CBAK)

Stock Stars reported recently on China BAK Battery Inc. (CBAK), The Stock Advisors and The Capital Report did previously, and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

China BAK Battery Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of lithium-based battery cells in the world based on production output. Headquartered in Shenzhen, Peoples Republic of China , they make battery cells that are the principal component of rechargeable batteries. These find common use in cellular phones, notebook computers, and portable consumer electronics. Founded in 2001, the Company lists on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Along with Shenzhen, China BAK Battery Inc.'s facilities are in Tianjin , China . They recently expanded their facilities to be able to produce new products. Through their subsidiaries, the Company engages in the manufacture, commercialization, and distribution of a variety of standard and customized lithium ion rechargeable batteries. They manufacture lithium ion rechargeable batteries, such as steel-case cells, aluminum-case cells, battery packs, cylindrical cells, high-power lithium-phosphate cells, and lithium polymer cells.

China BAK Battery Inc. sells their products to battery pack manufacturers, original equipment manufactures, and replacement battery manufacturers. They market mainly in mainland China , Taiwan , India , the United States , and Hong Kong .

The Company announced recently that their Electric Vehicles Lithium-phosphate Power Battery Industrialization Project received selection as a key project of the Peoples Republic of China's (PRC's) National High Technology Research and Development Program, or "863 Program". This was from the PRC's Ministry of Science and Technology. China BAK will receive a grant of up to $3.1 million from the PRC's central government under expected terms of the official election.

They will also receive certain subsidy grants, the amount determined by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in following quarters. BAK International ( Tianjin ) Limited, China BAK's wholly owned subsidiary, will lead the commercialization of the Project. BAK International ( Tianjin ) Limited, focuses on research and development, manufacturing, and distribution of advanced high-power lithium-phosphate cells.

China BAK Battery Inc. (CBAK) closed today's session at $1.49 up $0.05 or 3.47 percent. Volume was 120,471 for a 3-month average volume of 328,882.

General Metals Corporation (GNMT)

OTC Picks, Wall Street.net, Small Cap Voice, and Boon Market reported previously on General Metals Corporation (GNMT), and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

General Metals Corporation is a junior mineral resource exploration company with a focus on production of their gold exploration and development projects. Headquartered in Reno , Nevada , General Metals Corporation received incorporation in 1988. The Company evaluates, acquires, explores, and advances their base and precious metals properties locally in Nevada , as well as North America . General Metals Corporation recently entered into an agreement to sell their 150 square kilometer mining concession for gold, diamonds, and base metals in Ghana , West Africa . The agreement is for $1,000,000 in cash and stock and they retain a royalty.

In Nevada, they have 100 percent leasehold interest in the Wilson Independence Gold and Silver Mine. This consists of fourteen whole and fractional mining claims in Lander County, Nevada. The Company believes that the Wilson Independence Mine project has the potential for near surface open pit and deeper high-grade underground production. They say that gold indications are in three discrete drilled zones. They believe these zones have sufficient values and spacing to warrant more development drilling. This mine project is an island within the Newmont Gold Phoenix Mine, the largest operating gold mine in the U.S.

The Wilson Independence mine produced intermittently from 1938 through 1987. Reported historic production by operators totaled 750,200 ounces silver and 11,029 ounces gold. The average recovered grade of all recorded production was 0.17 and 11.53 ounces of gold and silver per ton respectively.

On January 28, 2009, General Metals Corporation announced that their highly successful 2007 - 2008 Phase 1 drilling program at the Wilson Independence Mine identified significantly more mineralized material than originally anticipated. They also said this provides guidance to their planned activities to advance engineering and permitting in the ramp up for near term production.

General Metals Corporation (GNMT) closed today at $0.047 up $0.01 or 27.03 percent. Volume was 1,550,301 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 336,942.

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG)

Small Cap Pulse, Stock Stars, Stock Egg, and Clip Report reported previously on Plug Power Inc. (PLUG), and we are highlighting the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Latham, New York, Plug Power Inc. is a company who integrates fuel cell technology into backup power products. They design, develop, and manufacture fuel cell systems such as their GenCore®, a hydrogen fueled Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell system, to provide back-up power to businesses and governments in critical infrastructure. Their GenCore® systems for backup power are alternatives to batteries and standby gensets and provide continuous service, and reduced lifecycle costs. Plug Power Inc. trades on the NASDAQ Global Market.

Plug Power Inc. also manufactures their GenDrive™, a hydrogen fueled PEM fuel cell system to provide motive power to light industrial vehicles. They offer a drop-in replacement as an alternative to lead-acid batteries. They also offer more commercial space, and lower operational costs, and are operator-accepted and environmentally friendly. The Company's GenSys® systems for off-grid, prime power applications, provide lower maintenance and fuel costs, low emissions, and quiet operation. They also have a longer life compared to traditional internal combustion engines.

Plug Power's ongoing plans include developing on-site hydrogen generation. Using their natural gas reforming technology, they, in partnership with industry leaders, are actively developing product solutions to meet the on-site hydrogen needs of industrial gas customers. In the area of home refueling, Plug Power Inc., with Honda R&D, is extending the capability of existing natural gas products to include delivering pressurized hydrogen fuel. This solution will provide electricity and heat for homes and hydrogen for fuel cell vehicles.

Plug Power Inc., Tata Teleservices Limited (TTSL), and Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), successfully conducted a field trial in 2008, involving Plug Power's GenSys® prime power fuel cell product. This trial took place in rural India . Performed at a TTSL cell tower site the field trial was designed to test the performance of the GenSys® fuel cell and the LPG refueling infrastructure for cell tower applications in rural India . The GenSys® system, commissioned and operated by Plug Power, was used as the primary power source for meeting the site's total power load.

In December 2008, Plug Power announced that they would supply 220 of their GenDrive™ fuel cells to power Central Grocers Inc.'s entire fleet of lift trucks. Plug Power entered into a contract with Central Grocers Inc., to provide the grocery cooperative with the hydrogen-powered fuel cell systems. Central Grocers has their base in Illinois . Central Grocers is building a new distribution center scheduled to open at the end of 2009 in Joliet , Illinois and Plug Power's technology will provide power for 220 new Yale lift trucks.

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) closed today at $0.81 down $0.04 or 4.71 percent. Volume was 188,226 for a 3-month average volume of 303,648.

Tombstone Exploration Corporation (TMBXF)

Today, XplosiveStocks.com, StockEgg.com, Inside Moves, and HotOTC.com reported on Tombstone Exploration Corporation (TMBXF), Lebed.biz did yesterday, and we are highlighting the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Tombstone Exploration Corporation concentrates their efforts mainly on the exploration and development of mineral resources. They have the mineral rights to approximately 11,500 acres of historical mining land in the areas around Tombstone , Arizona . In fact, they are now the largest holder of land in the Tombstone Mining District. Trading on the OTCBB, Tombstone Exploration Corp. is part of the Industrial Metals & Minerals industry, and they have their headquarters in Tombstone , Arizona .

Tombstone Exploration Corporation will consider joint venture mining or other initiatives that will eventually expedite mining operation on their Tombstone property. This will be after the completion of necessary feasibility studies. The Company will acquire new properties via expansion and integrate the extraction of precious metals, rare earth, and other minerals. Their corporate goal is to produce metals and minerals below standard industry costs

This month, the Company sent six additional samples collected on February 5, 2009 to Copper State Analytical for assay for Gold, Silver, Manganese, Copper, Lead, and Zinc. Three of the samples came from the State of Maine Mine and three from the Randolph Mine. Both of these mines are on Tombstone 's Arizona mineral acreage.

Yesterday, Tombstone Exploration Corporation announced that Simon Russell joined the Company as Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Russell is a Geological Engineering graduate of the University of Arizona . He is also an alumnus of the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. In addition, he completed several graduate courses at the University of Nevada , Reno 's Mackay School of Mines.

Today, the Company announced that their technical staff is evaluating numerous exploration targets on the Company's wholly owned 11,500-acre land position in the West Tombstone District. This is for their upcoming 2009 Drill Program. The previous two drill seasons defined a shallow silver rich manganese deposit, which Tombstone Exploration will continue upgrading. Tombstone intends to test several silver and gold targets during the upcoming exploration program. This is because of the recent strength in precious metals prices.

Tombstone Exploration Corporation (TMBXF) closed Thursday's session at $0.175 down $0.027 or 13.15 percent. Volume was 1,143,381 for a 3-month average volume of 86,004.70.

PetroHunter Energy Corporation (PHUN)

SmallCap Voice, Hot Stock Chat, HotOTC.com reported earlier on PetroHunter Energy Corporation (PHUN), and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, PetroHunter Energy Corporation is a global oil and gas exploration and production company. Their commitment is to acquiring and developing unconventional oil and natural gas prospects. Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, the Company through their wholly-owned subsidiaries, PetroHunter Operating Company and Sweetpea Corporation Pty Ltd., has primary assets consisting of oil and gas leases and related interests in oil and natural gas properties. These include roughly 20,000 net mineral acres in Colorado and an undivided 50 percent working interest in 4 exploration permits consisting of approximately seven million acres in Australia .

PetroHunter targets high quality, mainly low risk, and niche-oriented exploitation projects. Their emphasis is often on projects that have been previously explored and identified, but were abandoned or shut in. PetroHunter seeks to identify and participate in either projects that are next to areas with current or prior production history, contain acreage with successful test wells, or have 2-D and/or 3-D seismic data that their consultant team of geologists believes present strong evidence of significant quantities of potential resources.

PetroHunter Energy announced in 2008, that they closed a transaction to sell and assign an undivided 50 percent working interest in their four Exploration Permits comprising approximately seven million acres in the Beetaloo Basin in Australia . Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd. issued PetroHunter securities convertible into common shares of Falcon stock for a value of US$20 million as consideration for acquiring a 50 percent working interest in the Beetaloo Basin project. This is in addition to the US$5 million in cash paid by Falcon to PetroHunter on August 25, 2008. PetroHunter retains the aforementioned undivided 50 percent working interest and remains the operator of the Beetaloo Basin project.

The Company modified their drilling and development plans in October 2008 for their 20,000 net mineral acre Buckskin Mesa project in Colorado . PetroHunter and Daniels Petroleum Company agreed to extend the date for commencing the first well in Buckskin Mesa to July 31, 2009 and to increase the total minimum number of obligation wells to 20 through December 2010.

On January 7, 2009, PetroHunter Energy announced they closed the sale of their 50 percent working interest in eight producing oil and gas wells to Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC. This was for $2.3 million and was effective December 1, 2008. The eight wells are in Garfield County , Colorado , and EnCana Oil & Gas (USA), Inc. operates them. PetroHunter stated that the sale of these non-operated properties is consistent with their plans of disposing of non-strategic assets. This disposition will provide additional funds for their ongoing operations.

PetroHunter Energy Corporation (PHUN) closed today at $0.019 up $0.003 or 18.75 percent. Volume was 903,300. The 3-month average volume is 421,416.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)
Sector 10 Inc. (SECT)

Cord Blood America, Inc., (CBAI)
Bald Eagle Energy Inc. (BEEI)

Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Hunt Gold Corporation (HGLC) Today, Hunt Gold Corporation closed trading at $0.0001, for no change from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 230,126,162 shares significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 1,435,980 shares.

Hunt Gold Corporation  announced that the Joint Venture Company acquired 800 million additional shares of the Company's Common Stock. In addition, Hunt Gold Corporation  has authorized an issue of up to US$10 million of Convertible Bonds.

Hunt Gold Corporation (HGLC) is a gold mining and exploration company focused on the development and exploration of their “Mockingbird,” “Ambassador,” “Golden Eagle,” “Gladstone Lookout,” “Lady Alde,” “Lookout Silver,” “Starlight,” “American Flag,” “Venezia,” “Stormcloud,” “Cherry,” “Buffalo Limecap,” “Red Cloud” and “Federal” gold properties.

The company is currently in the process of drilling on its “Mockingbird” Gold Property. The property consists of approximately 2,500 acres and is located in Mohave County, Arizona. Previous mining efforts identified the property as having the potential to hold more than a million ounces of gold resource. Hunt Gold's drilling program was initiated to verify the gold mineralization previously identified by surface sampling, and to begin building a proven or probable gold resource.

The Ambassador Gold Project is located near Prescott, Arizona in the Black Hills Mining District, which is south of the Verde Mining District and west of the Cherry Creek Mining District. Each of these districts has seen significant past production of gold, silver and copper. Well-known area mines include the United Verde, United Verde Extension, Yaeger, Monarch and Logan Mines.

The Golden Eagle property is geographically located between and on trend with the Mesquite gold mine and the Picacho gold mine. Mesquite was mined by Newmont for over 15 years and produced a total of 4MM ounces gold, while Picacho produced 388,000 ounces of gold. Past exploration by UNC focused on sampling of the underground workings of the Ambassador Mine, which showed excellent gold grades at the mine exposures and the potential for developing an economic ore deposit of over 1,000,000 ounces of gold and gold equivalent silver and copper credits. Disclaimer

Hunt Gold Corp. Daily Blog

Hunt Gold Corp. News:

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Completion of "Lookout Silver" Sale

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Completion of Sale of American Molygold Corp.

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Update on Sale of "Lookout Silver Mine"

Sector 10 Inc. (SECT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Sector 10 Inc. (SECT) Today, Sector 10 Inc. closed trading at $0.05, which was up $0.01 or 25.00 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 72,940 shares.

Sector 10 Inc. is focused on becoming the world's leading provider of mobile and stationary emergency life response equipment. The company dedicates its efforts to restructuring a fragmented industry with its globally patented Mobile and Stationary Response Unit (”MRU” and “SRU”) product lines and saving lives.

While expanding its global client base, Sector 10 strives to remain rooted in its core competencies and operating principles. The company's strategy is to continue to invest in management and business development, increase efficiency, manage risk and further strengthen our culture. Sector 10 aims to reach corporate profitability and produce a favorable investment environment by establishing a balanced trend of growth and capital management.

The company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on an extremely fragmented industry and dominate its future growth. While billions of tax dollars are wasted in emergency response, little is spent on preparedness. Through Sector 10's pre-deployed solutions, immediate help and safety is available to those who need it most. These systems provide first aid supplies, life saving equipment, occupant tracking through a real-time 3D interface, and emergency communications.

Leading the way at Sector 10 is Pericles DeAvila who serves as the company's CEO, inventor and lead creative thinker. DeAvila is responsible for all strategic, financial and operational aspects of Sector 10 and its associated businesses. DeAvila studied business and construction management in California and also studied at the Institute University of the Azores. He fluently speaks Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, as well as English and has entrepreneurial experience nationally and internationally. Disclaimer

Cord Blood America, Inc., (CBAI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cord Blood America Inc. (CBAI) Today, Cord Blood America Inc. closed trading at $0.0116, which was up $0.0012 or 11.54 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 25,656,891 shares for a 3-month average volume of 514,800 shares.

Cord Blood America (CBAI) is focused on becoming the most respected stem cell preservation company in the world. The company plans to achieve its goal by educating expectant parents, families with a history of disease, critically ill patients, and all others who wish to learn about their life saving service.

Through its subsidiary, CorCell, the company is a licensed and accredited cord blood company, which has been dedicated to its work since 1995. The company began in Pennsylvania as the first private cord blood company licensed for umbilical cord blood collection and today is one of the leaders in the industry.

Their stem-cell harvesting procedure is preferred by obstetricians for its safe, simple, and uncomplicated method. The precious stem-cells are stored in its private laboratory which is both internationally known and AABB accredited.

The company has demonstrated its desire to increase shareholder value and become cash flow positive by retiring registered convertible debt, in addition to lowering operational loss, increasing revenues, and halving the basic and diluted loss per share.Disclaimer

Cord Blood America Inc. Message Board

The Cord Blood America Blog

For more information please visit www.cordpartners.com

Recent News for Cord Blood America Inc.

MoneyTV, Week of 2/13

Cord Blood Announces $1 Million Reduction in Long Term Debt

Bald Eagle Energy Inc. (BEEI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Bald Eagle Energy Inc. (BEEI). Today Bald Eagle Energy Inc. closed trading at $0.1375, which was down $0.0022 or 1.57 percent. Their volume today was 12,750 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 120,862 shares.

Bald Eagle Energy Inc. (BEEI) is an oil and gas exploration company headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Their corporate mission is to be a partner in helping America work toward energy independence. The company is focusing their efforts on Alaska’s vast energy resources.

The company’s strategy for profitability is to reduce capital expenditures through a minimized team of experienced management, and to retain the consulting services of industry experts only when needed. They also utilize third-party drilling companies to limit investment in equipment and limit operating expenses.

Bald Eagle holds a 100% percent working interest in six separate leases in Alaska. The six leases total 18,418 acres. They are east of the Arctic Fortitude Unit and south of the Prudhoe Bay Unit, which has produced in excess of 10 billion barrels of oil from The Prudhoe Bay Field. This field is the largest oil field in North America. The company’s land position with these leases is within the range of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline and the Dalton Highway. Industry players such as BP, ExxonMobil, ConocoPhillips, Chevron and Anadarko surround the company’s interests in this region.

Even during challenging times, the world depends on oil & gas exploration and production companies to deliver millions of barrels of oil every day. Increased demand from emerging countries such as China further escalates competition for this precious resource. With today’s unreliable supply lines and unsympathetic suppliers, our nation needs secure domestic energy more than ever before. .Disclaimer

Bald Eagle Energy Inc. Message Board

Bald Eagle Energy Inc. Company Blog

Recent News for Bald Eagle Energy Inc:

Bald Eagle Energy Announces Completion of Acquisition for 6 Leases in Alaska's North Slope Region


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