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New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NGBF)

Red Chip reported earlier on New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NGBF) and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Lake Mary, Florida, New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. is a renewable fuels provider. They have an exclusive license for North America, Central America, and the Caribbean to commercialize proprietary technology to manufacture alternative biofuels from vegetable oils and animal fats. As part of the Specialty Chemicals industry, New Generation Biofuels trades on the NASDAQ Capital Market. Their process consists of a simple, precise, additive blending process in an emulsion. The process manages the properties of vegetable oil at the point of combustion.

New Generation Biofuels is marketing their proprietary biofuel as a lower cost, renewable alternative energy source with significantly lower emissions than traditional fuels. They are working on establishing direct sales from manufacturing plants that they may purchase or build. They also will consider sublicensing their technology to qualified licensees.

The Company's mission is to market a new class of biofuel for different markets. Key applications for their proprietary biofuels include power generation fuel to replace #2 oil and kerosene in combustion turbines, as well as power generation fuel to replace #2 or #6 fuel oil in existing power boilers. Another application is as heating fuel to replace #2, #4, or #6 fuel oil in boilers and generators. In addition, applications include marine engines, off road-transport, and general industrial.

In October of 2008, New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc. announced that they signed a sales agreement with Taunton State Hospital in Taunton, Massachusetts to provide renewable biofuel. The hospital will be the first facility to use New Generation Biofuels' product in their industrial boilers.

Subsequently, in November, the Company announced that they entered into a Test Burn Agreement with Progress Energy Florida. This is to demonstrate their proprietary biofuel technology in utility boiler applications. New Generation Biofuels will supply their biofuel for a test program occurring in early 2009 at Progress Energy Florida's Bartow Plant in St. Petersburg. The test program will evaluate the technical and environmental performance characteristics of New Generation Biofuel's products as a light off fuel and for flame stabilization in a boiler application.

New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc. recently announced that their Chief Executive Officer David A. Gillespie was interviewed by theStreet.com. He discussed the implications of the Obama administration on the development of biofuel markets. The interview, broadcast January 19, 2009 is accessible through

Mr. Gillespie expressed his confidence in the Obama administration's commitment to renewable energy and their expected support to continue furthering the development of the second generation of the biofuels industry. New Generation Biofuels' unique blending process provides the opportunity for their customers to switch to the fuel without incurring major expenses or modification of their facilities or infrastructure.

In late January of this year, New Generation Biofuels Holdings Inc. announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding with First Florida Biofuels, LLC. New Generation Biofuels will provide technology and expertise for the development of a potential joint venture. The purpose is to explore and pursue biofuel projects in Florida. First Florida Biofuels will provide their marketing expertise and will arrange financing for the projects.

New Generation Biofuels' CEO, and President, David A. Gillespie said, "We are excited to be working with First Florida Biofuels. The unique expertise they provide on the Florida market landscape gives us a leg up as we continue to roll out our business in Florida."

New Generation Biofuels Holdings, Inc. (NGBF) closed today's session at $0.94 down $0.06 or 5.99 percent. Volume was 37,450 shares for a 3-month average volume of 43,041.90.

One Voice Technologies Inc. (ONEV)

Stock Stars reported previously on One Voice Technologies Inc. (ONEV) and today we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1987, One Voice Technologies Inc. is a global voice technology enterprise that provides voice recognition solutions. They are the world's first developer of 4th Generation voice solutions for the Telecom and Interactive Multimedia markets. As part of the Business Software and Services industry, One Voice Technologies trades on the OTCBB. They have their headquarters in La Jolla, California.

Their Intelligent Voice™ solutions use innovative and patented technology that allows people to send e-mail, SMS, Instant Messaging, and paging by using their voice. Their technology also allows users to purchase products, acquire information, and control devices, again, by using their voice. One Voice's telecom solutions make it possible for businesses to group conference call for up to 64 participants. The Company offers personal computer (PC) manufacturers the ability to bundle a voice interactive computer assistant. This allows PC users to talk to their computers to play digital media along with PC-to-Phone calling, and PC-to-PC audio/video.

The Company markets their Media Center Communicator™ 3.1 in retail outlets nationwide. Customers can purchase Media Center Communicator and voice control their music, photos, videos, and more using their own voice. Media Center Communicator works out-of-the- box with no voice training required. Users can speak commands such as "Play American Idol", or "Call Pizza Delivery", and the technology performs the processes.

One Voice Technologies Inc. also has their MobileVoice™ for MID (Mobile Internet Devices). One Voice’s MobileVoice for MID  applications suite offers voice activated music, photos, videos, and complete Internet browsing and voice search capabilities running on Intel® Centrino® Atom™ processor technology-based MID's. Running on Moblin-based operating systems, including Ubuntu Mobile and Red Flag Midinux, MobileVoice for MID has the option to be pre-bundled on new MID's coming to the market.

Last week, One Voice Technologies Inc. announced that the government owned phone company in India, Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, would launch their MobileVoice Email service this month. MobileVoice Email allows both wireless and landline subscribers to read and send email from their existing phones. It supports most of the popular email service providers. Representatives from One Voice and their local technology and sales partner in India Mantec Consultants will meet with Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited officials to oversee a smooth successful launch of MobileVoice to Mahanagar's subscribers.

One Voice Technologies Inc. (ONEV) closed today at $0.0058, which was up $0.0011 or 23.40 percent from yesterday's close. Volume was 24,665,041 shares

Players Network (PNTV)

Today, CelluloseEthanolProducers.com reported on Players Network (PNTV), Small Cap Voice did recently, and we choose to highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Players Network is a Digital Media Company that focuses on the Las Vegas and Gaming Lifestyles. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, they produce and distribute original content for their own Video On Demand Channels on television in over 22,000,000 homes and for their Broadband Network at www.playersnetwork.com. They also produce and distribute original content for display on Blinkx, Google, YouTube, and Yahoo Video, for DVD Home Video, and mobile platforms. In addition, they get their original content out through worldwide television syndication.

Players Network has a twelve-year history of providing consumers with quality Gaming and Las Vegas Lifestyle content. They also provide the gaming industry with strategic partnership services in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and throughout the global Gaming Industry. The Company is the leading Digital Media 3-Screen Network dedicated to Las Vegas Entertainment and the Gaming Lifestyle.

On January 12, 2009, Players announced that they have partnered with The National League of Poker (www.NLOP.com). This is to create a Players Network branded online poker site. This site will allow members to play legally online poker for free. Participants will have the chance to win more than $50,000 a month in cash and prizes.

Last week, the Company announced that they launched multiple Video On Demand (VOD) channels on Hulu.  Hulu offers free, premium content in a clean and easy-to-use environment for the consumer.  Hulu offers advertisers the opportunity to reach a highly targeted audience. This creates a revenue sharing program for their content providers. Hulu will feature two Players Network channels, including "Players Network" and "Vegas On Demand" in the near future.

Players Network (PNTV) closed Tuesday's session at $0.09 up $0.02 or 20.00 percent. Volume was 15,100 for a 3-month average volume of 16,100.

Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG)

Hot OTC, Dutton Associates and The Green Baron reported previously on Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG) and today we choose to highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Santa Fe Gold Corporation is working to establish itself as a major player in the precious metals mining field. Headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico, their goal is to produce significant cash flow from precious metals holdings while creating a portfolio of quality exploration and development projects. The Company has project locations in New Mexico and Arizona.

Their Black Canyon Mica project in Arizona is approximately thirty miles north of Phoenix. It is 3.5 miles west-southwest of Black Canyon City. Their Planet Micaceous Iron Oxide project is located in the northwest corner of La Paz County, west central Arizona. It lies just south of the Bill Williams River twelve miles above its junction with the Colorado River.  This project is well served by existing infrastructure for both construction and operation.

In New Mexico, their Ortiz Mine Grant is thirty miles by road northeast of Albuquerque. The villages of Golden, Madrid, and Cerrillos, with a combined population of less than 1,000 people, lie in and adjacent to the Grant. New Mexico Highway 14 traverses the western portion of this Grant. In August 2004, Santa Fe Gold acquired exclusive rights for exploration, development, and mining of gold and other minerals on 57,267 acres of the Ortiz Mine Grant in Santa Fe County.

Also in New Mexico, the Company's Summit Silver-Gold property is in an isolated setting in Grant County, southwestern New Mexico. This is near the Arizona state line. The property lies within the Steeple Rock Mining District. This district has recorded notable historic production of gold, silver, base metals, and fluorspar from several mines. These mines are currently not operating.  They include Carlisle, East Camp, and Norman King. Santa Fe Gold Corporation's Summit Silver-Gold project is financed through to production and construction is underway. The two million ounce Ortiz gold project is making progress toward potential development as well. Santa Fe Gold Corporation formerly was AZCO Mining.

Today, Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG) closed at $0.75 up $0.08 or 11.94 percent. Volume was 136,554 for a 3-month average volume of 68,137.50.

SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. (SIRF)

Today, StockMarket News Alert reported on SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. (SIRF), Stock Stars did recently, Knobias, StockEgg.com, HotOTC.com, The Street, SA Advisory, SmallCap Investor, Ahead of the Bulls, Trading Markets did previously, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. is a NASDAQ traded company that develops and markets GPS-enabled silicon and premium software location platforms.  They base these platforms on semiconductor and software products designed to enable location-awareness using GPS and other location technologies, enhanced by wireless connectivity and multimedia capabilities for high-volume mobile consumer devices and commercial applications. Founded in 1995, SiRF has their corporate headquarters in San Jose, California. They also have sales offices, design centers, and research facilities worldwide.  

The Company's technology is now a part of diverse mobile consumer devices. These include automobile navigation systems, portable navigation devices, mobile phones, mobile computers, GPS-based peripherals, and handheld GPS devices. Commercial applications of their technology include location servers, asset tracking devices, and fleet management systems.

SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. markets and sells their products in wireless handheld devices such as mobile phones and in automotive electronics systems, including navigation and telematics systems. They also market and sell them in consumer electronics products such as recreational GPS handhelds, mobile gaming machines, digital cameras, and wearable devices. In addition, they market and sell them in mobile computing systems, including personal digital assistants, notebook computers, universal mobile personal computers, and mobile internet devices.

SiRF announced last November that they are working with Samsung to bring the power of GPS-enabled location services to GSM mobile phone subscribers in China. The low-power SiRFstarIII multimode A-GPS architecture is at the core of the Samsung SGH-i728 mobile phone. The Company designed this SiRF architecture to guide people to their destinations; support timely, location-enhanced traffic, weather, event updates, and other useful information, and help locate local restaurants, entertainment, and hotels. The SiRF GSC3LTf product, used in this Samsung mobile phone, puts the SiRFstarIII architecture on a small, wireless-friendly chip. It integrates several power management and control functions to reduce power consumption, complexity, and bill-of-material costs.

Today, SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. announced a definitive agreement under which SiRF and CSR plc will merge in a stock-for-stock transaction. This is to create a global leader in connectivity and location platforms. The Boards of Directors of both companies unanimously approved the transaction. They expect this deal to close in the second quarter of 2009. CSR is a leader in the Bluetooth connectivity business and have core expertise in multiple connectivity technologies.

Today, SiRF Technology Holdings Inc. (SIRF) closed at $1.68 up $0.60 or 55.56 percent. Volume was 9,731,965 significantly higher than the 3-month average volume of 703,989.

ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE)

Today, SmallCapVoice.com and Red Chip reported on ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE), HotOTC.com, Stock Egg, and Hot Stock Chat did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ERHC Energy Inc. is an independent oil and gas company engaging in exploration in the prospective Gulf of Guinea off the coast of central West Africa.  The Company also engages in the development of undeveloped and marginal oil and gas fields. ERHC has interests in Blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 9 in the offshore Joint Development Zone (JDZ) of Nigeria and the island nation of Sao Tome and Principe.  ERHC has additional interests in the territorial waters of Sao Tome and Principe. This area's name is the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). ERHC Energy Inc. lists on the OTCBB.
Founded in 1986, ERHC Energy Inc. began their current operations as an independent oil and gas company in 1996. They have participation agreements with subsidiaries of Addax Petroleum Inc. and Sinopec Corp. The operators of JDZ Blocks 2 (Sinopec), 3 (Anadarko) and 4 (Addax) have secured approval from the Joint Development Authority for drilling locations.  ERHC was among the first enterprises to identify the possibility of significant oil reserves in the Gulf of Guinea. This was traditionally an undeveloped oil region of the world.

ERHC Energy Inc. recently announced changes in the way they approach their technical functions. The post of Vice President Technical will no longer be a full-time position. This is to reflect the status of ERHC's technical operations and to operate in a cost-effective manner. Daniel Gralla is managing ERHC's technical functions on a part-time basis as Vice President Technical. This took effect January 1, 2009.

Yesterday, the Company reported financial results for the first quarter ended December 31, 2008. For the three months ended December 31, 2008, the Company's interest income totaled $281,535. Their net loss totaled $429,107, which was down almost 27 percent from $586,765 for the three months ended December 31, 2007. General and administrative expenses decreased by approximately $310,000 during the first quarter. This is more than 30 percent, compared to the same period in 2007.

Chief Operating Officer and Acting Chief Executive Officer Peter Ntephe said, "As we continue to navigate the challenging economic environment, we believe our strong financial position will make it possible to explore opportunities for growth in the Gulf of Guinea and elsewhere."

Today, ERHC Energy Inc. (ERHE) closed at $0.19 for no change. Volume was 242,289 for a 3-month average volume of 295,820.

Gold Resource Corp. (GORO)

WallStreet Grand reported last week on Gold Resource Corp. (GORO), Standout Stocks did recently, SmallCap Voice and OTC Advisors did earlier, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Gold Resource Corporation is a mining company focused on the production and pursuing development of gold and silver projects. They look for projects that feature low operating costs and produce high returns on capital. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company has 100 percent interest in four potential high-grade gold and silver properties in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Construction is underway at their flagship property, the El Aguila Project. The Company is targeting gold production their in mid-2009. This is subject to obtaining remaining permits, regulatory approvals, equipment deliveries, and construction schedules.

On December 15, the Company announced that they intercepted high-grade mineralization in the deepest hole drilled to date at their Aguila Project. This extends the mineralization to 500 meters below the surface. High-grade mineralization was intercepted in a 35-meter step-out hole becoming the most southeasterly intercept in the La Arista area. La Arista is part of Gold Resource Corporation’s Aguila Project.

On January 13, 2009, Gold Resource Corporation announced the granting of permission to begin the open pit pre-stripping at their El Aguila Project in Oaxaca. Mexico's Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) granted Gold Resource Corporation's 100 percent owned Mexican subsidiary, Golden Trump Resources, S.A. de C.V. an amendment to their existing tailings permit. This gives them the go-ahead to remove the overburden from the El Aguila open pit deposit.  They can now use that material in the continuing construction of the tailings dam. The overburden removal at the open pit is now underway.

William W. Reid, President of Gold Resource Corporation, stated, "The amendment allowing removal of the overburden from the open pit deposit to be used for tailings dam construction has the added benefit of preparing the deposit for mining. We are optimistic the final federal open pit mining permit should be granted soon."

Gold Resource Corp. (GORO) closed today at $4.90 up $0.28 or 6.06 percent. Volume was 222,484. The 3-month average volume is 101,734.

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (JASO)

Today, HotOTC.com reported on JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (JASO), Stock Egg did last month, Wealth Daily Mail, Knobias, Zacks, Vital Stocks, OLI Split Alert did previously, and we highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Shanghai, China, JA Solar Holdings Co., Ltd. mainly focuses their efforts on the development, manufacture, and sales of high quality solar photovoltaic (PV) products. Trading on the NASDAQ, the Company is advancing solar photovoltaics as a financially viable sustainable solution for the world's environment and energy needs. JA Solar also has manufacturing operations in Hebei and Yangzhou, China.
Established in July of 2006, JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. became the holding company of JingAo Solar Co., Ltd.  JingAo Solar Co., Ltd. began in May 2005 as a joint venture between the JingLong Industry And Commerce Group Co., Ltd. (JingLong Group), the Australia PV Science & Engineering Company, and the Australia Solar Development Company. The JingLong Group is the world's largest mono-crystalline silicon manufacturer. JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. believes the establishment of the company with the JingLong Group is a partnership giving JA Solar an advantage on the global solar PV stage.
JA Solar also sources from other reputable polysilicon wafer suppliers, while maintaining an ongoing strong relationship with the JingLong Group.

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. sells their products to solar module manufacturers. These manufacturers then assemble and integrate these solar cells into modules and systems that convert sunlight into electricity.  JA Solar's research team engages in the exploration and development of PV technology. They work to enhance the market competitiveness of the products and steer the production process in an integrative perspective.  The R&D Center mission is to develop advanced PV technology and raise the conversion efficiency of PV cells.

JA Solar imports all of their equipment from the U.S., Germany, and Italy. These include Wafer Texturing and Cleaning Machines, PECVD Systems, Diffusion Furnaces, Screen Printing Lines and Sort/Testing Systems, among others. JA Solar sells their products to customers in China, Germany, Sweden, Spain, South Korea, and the United States.

Today, JA Solar Holdings Co. announced that Ming Yang, Vice President of business development and corporate communications, would present at the Kaufman Brothers Green Investor Conference. This will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 18, at the Langham Hotel in Boston. On Thursday, Feb. 19, Mr. Yang will present at the Piper Jaffray Clean Technology and Renewables Conference at the Westin Times Square in New York.

JA Solar Holdings Co. Ltd. (JASO) closed today's session at $3.15 up $0.16 or 5.35 percent. Volume was 10,137,308 for a 3-month average volume of 5,883,340.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Kraig Biocraft Labs (KBLB)
Convergence Tech. (CNVC)

QuoteMedia Inc.(QMCI)
Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB). Today, Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. closed trading at $0.25, which was up $0.05 or 25.00 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 40,920 shares, higher than their 3-month average volume of 3,554.84 shares.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. announced that Dr. Fraser's research team recently accomplished five thousand genetic transfers in a single week using the newly designed DNA insertion packets.

.Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (KBLB) a biotechnology company, has their focus on developing high performance polymers and technical fibers. The company is utilizing their proprietary genetic engineering technology to develop and produce polymers and protein-based materials, including Spider silk, which may have numerous commercial and consumer applications.

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. is working with university scientists and laboratories to create these new polymers that have potentially broad applications in the multi-billion dollar marketplace for high performance polymers. The company sponsors and collaborates on research projects within university genetic engineering laboratories as a means of utilizing the greatest minds in their field.

Spider Silk is one of the strongest fibers produced in nature. The spider's repelling silk is of particular commercial interest since it is both extremely strong and extremely flexible. Although exciting commercial opportunities exist for the natural polymer, there is no known way to produce the fibers in commercial quantity. KraigLabs, in cooperation with two leading universities, has acquired proprietary genetic engineering technology to unlock the mystery.

CEO Kim Thompson leads the company with formal education in the fields of economics and law. With interest in genetic engineering dating back to the 1970s, Mr. Thompson has invented a pending provisional patent application for a number of organic polymers. This patent application has been assigned to benefit Kraig Biocraft and is a central part of the company's efforts in bringing those inventions to the market. Disclaimer

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Daily Blog

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. News:

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Announces Availability of New Research Report

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Announces the Successful Activation of Fluorescence Marker Genes Which It Incorporated Into Its Spider Silk DNA Insertion Packets

Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. Announces the Successful Activation of Fluorescence Marker Genes Which It Incorporated Into Its Spider Silk DNA Insertion Packets

Convergence Technologies Group, Inc. (CNVC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Convergence Technologies, Inc. (CNVC). Today, Convergence Technologies, Inc. closed trading at $0.115, which was down $0.135 or 54.00 percent. Their volume today was 51,000 shares.

Convergence Technologies, Inc. announced that they have acquired Bookkeeper International Equities Corp in an all-stock transaction. Bookkeeper International Equities Corp is a private Merchant Banking Group that provides merger and acquisition advisory services, investor relations, and corporate finance consulting services to microcap issuers.

Convergence Technology Group, Inc. (CNVC) announced today that they have agreed with QualityStocks to be featured in The Small Cap QualityStocks Daily Newsletter, Daily Internet broadcast with Cathy Rankin, Vanessa Ramirez and Jenn Hoffman, and QualityStocks Daily Blogs and Message Boards.

Convergence Technologies Group, Inc. provides publicly traded companies with the tools and support needed to effectively address the challenges that they face. Since inception, the company has focused exclusively on microcap companies. By maintaining this focus, they have developed an acute sense of awareness to their needs and the obstacles they face.

As an Advisory Management Consulting Firm, the company focuses on educating management about their own functionality, and understanding the intricacies of the capital markets where they trade. The process of building shareholder value depends greatly on understanding how the markets work in the microcap arena, and the street's definition of the word “value.”

Convergence Technologies Group, Inc. has also developed the resources necessary to bring quality investment banking services to microcap companies. They provide a full range of Capital Services, including financial advisory services related to mergers, acquisitions, restructuring and recapitalizations. By focusing solely on microcap companies, the company can deliver comprehensive financial advice and funding strategies to management teams with sound long-term goals.

President and CEO Domino Mocharski has established a reputation for thinking innovatively and developing creative entrepreneurial strategies. He has experience working in the securities industry and has been active as a private investor for several years in various private/public ventures. Mocharski's role in business development has aided in the successful increase of shareholder equity for many companies. Disclaimer

QuoteMedia Inc. (QMCI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight QuoteMedia Inc. (QMCI). Today, QuoteMedia Inc. Inc. closed trading at $0.075, which was up $0.005 or 7.14 percent. Their volume today was 2,100 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 22,273.40 shares.

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI) announced that it has launched a custom version of QuotestreamTM Wireless to be use on the iPhone™, Apple Inc.'s popular multimedia smartphone. The software features real-time market data, multiple streaming portfolios, detailed stock quotes, intraday and historical charts, corporate news and events, audio and vibration alerts, level II market depth, time and sales, market indices, tick trend indicators, online trading and more.

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI) is a leading data provider of financial stock market data , market news feeds, and related financial software solutions to financial service companies, online brokerages, clearing firms, banks and public corporations.

The Company's diversity of technical expertise, its agile responsiveness to custom corporate requirements, and its proven commitment to superior delivery technologies have established QuoteMedia as a frontrunner in the financial market data industry.

QuoteMedia, Inc's low cost data provision contracts, combined with other factors such as the Company's uniquely streamlined, cost-effective and proprietary data delivery systems, provide healthy margins even at the wholesale level. Most of QuoteMedia's competitors use outdated data delivery technologies based on legacy style data networks that incur more bandwidth, heavier server and network loads, higher server costs, and higher data delivery costs. Disclaimer

QuoteMedia, Inc. Daily Blog

QuoteMedia, Inc. News:

QuoteMedia Launches Quotestream Wireless for the iPhone

QuoteMedia Reports 26% Increase in Revenue for Q3 2008; and 33% Increase for Comparative 9 Month Period

QuoteMedia Reports 30% Increase in Revenue for Q2 2008

Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Hunt Gold Corporation (HGLC). Today, Hunt Gold Corporation closed trading at $0.0001, for no change from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 87,671,778 shares significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 1,435,980 shares.

Hunt Gold Corporation is a gold mining and exploration company focused on the development and exploration of their “Mockingbird,” “Ambassador,” “Golden Eagle,” “Gladstone Lookout,” “Lady Alde,” “Lookout Silver,” “Starlight,” “American Flag,” “Venezia,” “Stormcloud,” “Cherry,” “Buffalo Limecap,” “Red Cloud” and “Federal” gold properties.

The company is currently in the process of drilling on its “Mockingbird” Gold Property. The property consists of approximately 2,500 acres and is located in Mohave County, Arizona. Previous mining efforts identified the property as having the potential to hold more than a million ounces of gold resource. Hunt Gold's drilling program was initiated to verify the gold mineralization previously identified by surface sampling, and to begin building a proven or probable gold resource.

The Ambassador Gold Project is located near Prescott, Arizona in the Black Hills Mining District, which is south of the Verde Mining District and west of the Cherry Creek Mining District. Each of these districts has seen significant past production of gold, silver and copper. Well-known area mines include the United Verde, United Verde Extension, Yaeger, Monarch and Logan Mines.

The Golden Eagle property is geographically located between and on trend with the Mesquite gold mine and the Picacho gold mine. Mesquite was mined by Newmont for over 15 years and produced a total of 4MM ounces gold, while Picacho produced 388,000 ounces of gold. Past exploration by UNC focused on sampling of the underground workings of the Ambassador Mine, which showed excellent gold grades at the mine exposures and the potential for developing an economic ore deposit of over 1,000,000 ounces of gold and gold equivalent silver and copper credits. Disclaimer

Hunt Gold Corp. Daily Blog

Hunt Gold Corp. News:

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Proposed Stock Buyback

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Payment of Stock Dividends

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Escalated Drilling & Exploration


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