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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Thursday, February 1st, 2018

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


LiCo Energy Metals, Inc. (WCTXF)

OTC Markets, MarketWatch, Stockhouse, InvestorsHub, Barchart, SmallCapVoice, Streetwise Reports, Metals News, and StockoftheWeek.net reported on LiCo Energy Metals, Inc. (WCTXF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed, LiCo Energy Metals, Inc. conducts exploration for metals used in the production of lithium-ion batteries. The Company has four ongoing projects in mining-friendly jurisdictions within the U.S., Canada, and Chile. It has an increasing portfolio of encouraging projects, all with goals of developing battery-grade lithium or cobalt. LiCo Energy Metals has its corporate headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company’s projects include the Glencore Bucke Property, the Teledyne Cobalt Project, the Purickuta Exploitation Project, the Dixie Valley Lithium Project, and the Black Rock Desert Lithium Project. The Glencore property comprises 16.2 hectares. It sits along the west boundary of LiCo’s Teledyne Cobalt Project.

The Teledyne Cobalt Project comprises 5 mining claims and 6 staked crown claims in the Buck and Lorrain Townships, in the district of Temiskaming, Ontario. The project encompasses 115.5 hectares of mining and surface rights, with an additional 439.1 hectares of staked crown claims.

The Purickuta Project comprises160 hectares. It is one of a few "exploitation concessions" granted within the Salar de Atacama, home to roughly 37 percent of the globe’s Lithium production.

LiCo has entered into an option to acquire 100 percent, net 3 percent smelter royalty to acquire 348 claims in the Dixie Valley Exploration Project in Churchill County, Nevada. Additionally, the Company has entered into an option agreement where it may earn an undivided 70 percent interest subject to a 3 percent Net Smelter Return Royalty in the existing Black Rock Desert Lithium Project. This Project comprises 199 placer claims (3,980 acres/1,610 hectares) in southwest Black Rock Desert, Washoe County, Nevada.

Last week, LiCo Energy Metals reported assay results for drill holes TE17-04 and TE17-05 completed on the Teledyne Cobalt Property, positioned 6 km northeast of Cobalt, Ontario. The design of the present drill program was to confirm and extend the existing known mineralization along strike and up and down dip.

A summary of the most significant results of the recent drill core assays include TE17-05 2.32 percent Co over 4.00 m from 126.5 to 130.50 m, including 21.9 percent Co over 0.36 m from 127.64 to 128.00 m; and TE17-05 1.70 percent Co over 6.00 m from 136.00 to 142.00 m.

The summary also includes TE17-04 1.82 percent Co over 6.00 m from 138.00 to 144.00 m, including 5.06 percent Co over 1.75 m from 141.25 to 143.00 m, and 18.70 percent Co over 0.15 m from 141.64 to 141.79 m. LiCo completed 11 diamond drill holes totaling 2,200 m in the fall of 2017 on the Teledyne Cobalt Property.

In addition, last week, LiCo Energy Metals updated its shareholders on the completion on the Glencore Bucke Property Phase 1 diamond drilling program. During the fall of 2017, the Company completed 21 diamond drill holes totaling 1,900 m. The drill program, along with the Phase 1 diamond drilling program completed on the Teledyne Cobalt Property, satisfied the Company’s flow-through financing obligations.

Furthermore, the exploration program at the Glencore Bucke Property satisfied LiCo’s contractual obligations to Glencore plc. LiCo was to incur $250,000 of exploration expenditures on the Property within six months of the approval date.

Mr. Tim Fernback, President and Chief Executive Officer of LiCo Energy Metals, said, “We are very pleased with the results of the Glencore Bucke Phase 1 drill program. We not only were successful in completing the objective of the drill program but also with the overall grade, width and consistency of the mineralization. We are working on the design and amount of meters to be drilled of the Phase 2 drill program which will then be the basis of completing a 43-101 compliant resource estimation, which will be completed in conjunction with the Teledyne Cobalt Project."

LiCo Energy Metals, Inc. (WCTXF), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.1197, up 1.11%, on 951,223 volume with 210 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,781,774 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.059/$0.895.

ProGreen US, Inc. (PGUS)

Promotion Stock Secrets and Penny Stock Prodigy reported previously on ProGreen US, Inc. (PGUS), and we report on the Company today, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ProGreen US, Inc. engages primarily with investments in agricultural and real estate projects in Baja California, Mexico. It is focusing on intensifying its property investments in Baja California, Mexico, via its joint venture (JV) partnership with Inmobiliaria Contel, as well as through its subsidiary Procon Baja JV.  Listed on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB, ProGreen US is based in San Diego, California.

Regarding the Company’s Baja Project, it entered into a JV with a Mexican landowner, Inmobiliaria Contel and has jointly created Pro Baja, the Company’s newest JV with ProGreen owning 51 percent and Inmobiliaria Contel 49 percent. ProGreen has established an office location in Ensenada that will serve as headquarters for all of its activities in Baja California. Procon and Contel will operate from this location. 

Procon has acquired 5,100 acres of land with 4.7 miles of oceanfront on the Bay of El Rosario, for which a master plan is being drawn for the development of a very large, completely green, global vacation and retirement community called "CieloMar." Contel is currently active in the high margin produce industry, growing crops for exporters to the U.S. market, with an abundance of land available for expansion under its JV partnership.  

ProGreen US has completed development of the first tract of land, which consists of roughly 300 acres. Of this, some 100 usable acres have been cleared.

ProGreen US earlier signed another agreement for a further 1,900 acres (500-800 usable for farming), and a 3-year option for 11,500 acres (1000-2500 usable for farming). This land, once developed and prepared, will be offered for long term lease (10-15 years), with the JV holding the title.

At the end of October, ProGreen said that a video podcast of its massive Baja California Real Estate project "CieloMar" has been published on the Company's website. The first video podcast presents an outline of some of the development's major amenities. These amenities include a private airport, a commercial and industrial area, a yacht marina, and three golf courses.

This month, ProGreen US announced that it has started the process of obtaining the certification of its agriculture operations in Baja California, for direct export, so that the Company can sell the ProGreen Farms™ produce directly to prospective United States buyers.

ProGreen is continuing with this year's chili pepper harvest. In addition, it has started the planning phase for next year's operations and is currently moving ahead planning with some of the first steps. Moreover, ProGreen is in advanced discussions with a market leading U.S. food processor, for direct sales of produce from the ProGreen Farms™ operations in Baja, California.

ProGreen US, Inc. (PGUS), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.017, up 3.03%, on 346,000 volume with 8 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 659,609 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0082/$0.03.

TRxADE Group, Inc. (TRXD)

MarketWatch, OTC Markets, Zacks, InvestorsHub, YCharts, The Street, Taglich Brothers, InfrontAnalytics, Barchart, 4-Traders, Marketbeat, Wall Street Analyzer, Streetwise Reports, Stockflare, Amigo Bulls, and Simply Wall St reported on TRxADE Group, Inc. (TRXD), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Based in Florida, TRxADE Group, Inc. brings together buyers and sellers of pharmaceutical products and services. TRxADE is a web based market platform. It enables trade among healthcare buyers and sellers of pharmaceuticals, accessories, and services. The Company was previously known as Xcellink International, Inc. It changed its name to TRxADE Group, Inc. in February of 2014. Established in 2010, TRxADE Group lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

The Company’s platform has heavy integration with UPS, Automated Clearing House providers, EDI capability with supply chain partners, and digitized transactional pedigree automation. TRxADE Group provides a web-based trading platform for Independent and Community Pharmacies.

TRxADE’s flexible marketplace promotes fair trade and access to some of the strongest supply houses in the country. The Company provides buyer and sellers an innovative opportunity to access premier product choices, availability and true market pricing transparency.

TRxADE Group’s corporate vision is to open channels of distribution to ease product shortages and to avoid unnecessary purchases of higher priced pharmaceuticals. The design of the Company is to perform integrally within worldwide pharmaceutical distribution channels.

TRxADE Group’s platform maintains a wide-ranging generic and brand pharmaceutical portfolio. This portfolio is accessible to community pharmacies across the country. The Company offers pricing alerts and analytics from more than 200k NDCs.

The TRxADE pharmaceutical exchange opens and broadens the distribution channel to the retail, community pharmacy.  A purchasing pharmacy can view products from manufacturers, buying groups and wholesalers on a real-time and ongoing basis. TRxADE is recognized for its user-friendly searching of hard-to-find generic pharmaceuticals at considerably reduced prices.

The Company also has its industry leading price prediction model “RX Guru™”. It integrates product shortage insight into pharmacy acquisition benchmarks (PAC) to determine trends and pricing variances, which result in major purchasing opportunities.

In essence, TRxADE is a web-based market platform with greater than 8,300 registered independent pharmacy customers. It enables its customers to quickly source and purchase pharmaceuticals, accessories, and services from a broad array of manufacturers and drug distributors.

TRxADE Group, Inc. (TRXD), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.45, up 18.42%, on 7,029 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 1,400 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.22/$1.00.

HCi Viocare (VICA)

CEO.ca, MarketWatch, and Financial Times reported earlier on HCi Viocare (VICA), and we also report on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

HCi Viocare concentrates on the development and marketing of prosthetics and orthotics. The Company has a strong pipeline of near-market to research-stage technologies. Established in 2007, it previously went by the name China Northern Medical Device, Inc. It changed its  name to HCi Viocare in March of 2014.  HCi Viocare has its executive office in Athens, Greece, and its research and development (R&D) center in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom (UK). 

The Company’s business model consists of creating the first cross-border independent chain of Prosthetics & Orthotics (P&O) and Diabetic Foot clinics in Europe and the Middle East and developing a broad portfolio of proprietary hardware solutions with first in line the Flexisense™ sensor system. The clinics will operate according to British and International standards. They will provide independent and personalized quality of care for its patients. The first HCi Viocare clinic has been operating since September of 2015 in Glasgow.   
HCi Viocare has two fully owned subsidiaries. One is HCi Viocare Technologies and the other is HCi Viocare Clinics. HCi Viocare Technologies is developing hardware solutions aiming to empower the user through providing on demand information and enhancing living quality. 

The R&D center is working on a large portfolio of progressive, leading-edge, and disruptive technologies in the Digital Health, Prosthetics, and Orthotics, Diabetes, Assistive Devices and Sports & Wellbeing fields. The Company has developed an inventive sensing technology with the brand name Flexisense™. 

Flexisense™ technology is the next generation of sensing technologies for wearable devices. Flexisense™ is a unique sensing technology. It measures pressure and shear forces. Furthermore, it provides on demand information wirelessly. Flexisense can be incorporated in a broad spectrum of applications.  
HCi Viocare Technologies has developed a new application for its sensing technology Flexisense™, now for automotive tires. Flexisense™ applied to tires can monitor, in real time, tire deformation and actual traction between the tire and the ground. Flexisense™ feeds back information to the vehicle's CPU. This lets the vehicle adjust to changing road and weather conditions.  Flexisense™ also significantly increases safety and performance.

Yesterday, HCi Viocare announced that its Management, acknowledging the great advantages of Blockchain technology, decided to develop its own proprietary Blockchain based system for handling the sensitive client records in its Scottish Clinics subsidiary. In addition, this team will develop a proprietary Blockchain based system for handling and storing the data produced from the medical applications of its Flexisense™ technology.

HCi Viocare (VICA), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.045, down 25.00%, on 94,442 volume with 17 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 25,257 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.03/$0.33.

Drone USA, Inc. (DRUS)

OTC Markets, InvestorsHub, Stock News Now, Stock Daily Review, 4-Traders, and Stockhouse reported on Drone USA, Inc. (DRUS), and we report on the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Drone USA, Inc. is a developer, manufacturer, and distributor of low altitude drones and related technologies. The Company’s principal target markets include U.S. police, firemen, and the U.S. Government. Drone USA designs and builds high quality drones, training, insurance, replacement parts and anything a customer needs to make sure their missions are successful. All the Company’s products will be manufactured and assembled in the U.S.

Drone USA has its corporate office in West Haven, Connecticut. The Company lists on the OTC Markets’ OTCQB.

The services Drone USA offers include Real Estate Photography for Advertisement; Utility Inspection; and Construction Inspection & Photo/Video Marketing. Moreover, Services include Precision Agriculture; Search & Rescue Assistance; and Fire Hot Spot Location. All of Drone USA’s drones operate with closed encrypted software. This is for national security purposes. 

Howco Distributing Co. (Vancouver Washington) is a subsidiary of Drone USA. Howco Distributing is Drone USA’s manufacturing supply chain segment.

Howco Distributing is a premier supplier of spare and replacement parts to the United States Federal Government and commercial customers around the world. Howco is an authorized provider for hundreds of manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s).

Howco Distributing's services cover bid solicitation, contract management, packaging and logistics for construction, transportation, mining and heavy equipment spare and replacement parts to customers globally using a broad array of supply chain solutions. 

Drone USA is working on three profitable growth strategies. These are Police & U.S. Government drone sales; growing Howco Distributing’s product line and reach; and acquiring companies that broaden Drone USA’s product and customer base. 

In October 2017, Drone USA announced that its Connecticut subsidiary, HowcoCT, officially opened its doors for business in West Haven, Connecticut.

Mr. Michael Bannon, Chief Executive Officer of Drone USA, said, “Part of our three-pronged approach to profitable growth is opening other Howco Distributing locations throughout the United States. A core component to our competitive advantage stems from being near our suppliers. We have identified several existing Howco suppliers in the Northeast region.”

This past December, Drone USA announced the sale of 15 surveillance drones. This sale was to a $120-billion Fortune 500 company.

Drone USA, Inc. (DRUS), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0902, down 18.75%, on 19,527 volume with 6 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 12,141 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0852/$0.465.

Atico Mining Corporation (ATCMF)

Streetwise Reports, Stockhouse, MarketWatch, InvestorsHub, Marketwired, Capital Cube, Barchart, The Street, Investing News, Junior Mining Network, OTC Markets, 4-Traders, and The Northern Miner reported on Atico Mining Corporation (ATCMF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Atico Mining Corporation concentrates on exploring, developing, and mining copper and gold projects in Latin America. The Company focuses on developing and operating high margin midsized Cu-Au deposits. Atico has a proven team of mine developers and mine operators. The Company’s main project is the El Roble mine, located in Colombia.

Incorporated in 2010, Atico Mining is based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The Company’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB. Atico’s business strategy is to build a mid-tier copper-gold producer through acquiring advanced-stage projects with the potential for high-margin operations and sustainable organic growth.

Atico Mining is in production and producing cash flow at the El Roble mine. The Company’s ownership of El Roble is 90 percent of the operating mine and surrounding claims. El Roble is situated in Carmen De Atrato, Colombia. The deposit type is Mafic-Type Volcanic Massive Sulphide.

El Roble is a producing mine with an 800 Tonnes per day throughput capacity. The end product is CU (+AU, AG) concentrate. El Roble is a 6,679 hectare project.

Recent evaluations by Atico Mining identified high-grade mineralization below the lowest production levels at El Roble. These evaluations also defined a measured and indicated resource of 1.86 million tonnes grading 3.46 percent copper and 2.27 g/t gold.

Last week, Atico Mining announced operating results for the three and twelve month periods ended December 31, 2017 from its El Roble mine. Production totaled 5.33 million pounds of copper with 2,972 ounces of gold for the fourth quarter and 20.63 million pounds of copper with 10,923 ounces of gold in concentrates for the full year 2017.

Since obtaining control of the mine on November 22, 2013, Atico Mining has upgraded the operation from a historical nominal capacity of 400 tonnes per day.

Mr. Fernando E. Ganoza, Atico Mining Chief Executive Officer, said, "Atico has successfully concluded its fourth full year of operating the El Roble mine, exceeding 2017 guidance while achieving the highest annual production results to date. In the upcoming year, we will focus on increasing mineral resources through aggressive exploration at the El Roble mine and the surrounding prospective 6,600 hectare land package, to continue growing production and expanding the operation."

Atico Mining Corporation (ATCMF), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.5913, up 2.50%, on 17,775 volume with 10 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 46,246 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.4022/$0.749.

Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. (BDIC)

TradingView, Equities.com, MarketWatch, YCharts, and News to Watch reported on Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. (BDIC), and we also highlight the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. provides automotive and criminal offender monitoring security products. The Company has its state‐of‐the‐art ignition interlock device: BDI-747. This device is approved and available in eight states for evidentiary and preliminary screening use. Fundamentally, Blow & Drive Interlock is an offender monitoring and police-grade alcohol detection device manufacturing and offender monitoring business.

The Company lists on OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB. Blow & Drive Interlock is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

Interlocks are required for use by DUI or DWI (Driving Under The Influence or Driving While Intoxicated) offenders. This is as part of their mandatory court or motor vehicle department program.

Blow & Drive Interlock’s goal is to have the BDI-747 available to customers across the United States. Furthermore, the Company continues to do research and development (R&D) on the next stage of offender monitoring. It believes this will be Smartphone enabled monitoring applications (apps) that could decrease or eliminate the need for ankle bracelets or hand-held breathalyzers.

Blow & Drive Interlock’s BDI-747 is an ignition interlock device, breath-alcohol testing device roughly the size of a Smartphone. The ignition interlock device requires the driver to exhale into the device before starting the vehicle. The device will prevent the vehicle from starting if the driver's blood-alcohol content surpasses a predetermined set level.

The BDI-747 can record BAC levels. It provides 2-way communication, GPS location technology, and image technology. In addition, the BDI-747 is wireless.

At the beginning of November, Blow & Drive Interlock announced its newest products to go to market in Early 2018. The Company unveiled and demonstrated its Home Alcohol Monitoring Device.

The Handheld device has a camera and GPS/WIFI & live streaming. It allows those in Judicial and Probation departments to monitor offenders who are required to stay sober from alcohol while on probation.

Blow & Drive Interlock also unveiled its 4G LTE Live-Streaming Video Body Worn Camera for Law Enforcement. With the Company’s 4G LTE Live-Streaming Video Body Worn Camera, Law Enforcement Personnel on the scene can transmit a live feed from their body cameras to headquarters. This permits police decision makers’ access to real time information concerning what each officer is seeing.

The body camera weighs approximately 210g. It provides up to 32 GB of memory and 5-megapixel recording. Moreover, it offers infrared technology for night recording, numerous resolution settings, pre-and post-recording capabilities, and many more features. These are to assist officers in obtaining high quality video recording.

Blow & Drive Interlock Corp. (BDIC), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.249027, up 15.83%, on 274 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 3,832 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.1381/$0.52.

China Education Resources, Inc. (CHNUF)

Marketwired, OTC Markets, Barchart, Stockhouse, MarketWatch, Business Insider, Wall Street Reporter, and Stockwatch reported on China Education Resources, Inc. (CHNUF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTCQB, China Education Resources, Inc. is an ed-tech company. It has leading technology of intelligent systems and contents to provide online/offline learning, training courses, and social media for teachers, students and education professionals. China Education Resources has its headquarters in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Company, by way of its subsidiaries in China, is a foremost provider of kindergarten to grade 12 (K-12) education resources and services. This is through its national internet site to China's kindergarten to grade 12 education market.

In addition, the Company has developed soccer education textbooks and a training/learning online platform to provide an innovative blend of online/offline contents and services to teachers and students for soccer education programs. The soccer textbooks include 13 student soccer textbooks (one book per grade) and four teacher’s books for teaching the student soccer textbooks. Additionally, the soccer textbooks have soccer training video contents for students and teachers.

China Education Resources is working on an indoor kids’ soccer training program. The Company has rented a 2,900 square foot space in a shopping mall to commence its indoor kids’ soccer training program. The program will offer face to face soccer training together with the Company’s online soccer training platform with video contents and online/offline interaction among students, coaches and parents.

China Education Resources’ online teacher training program has expanded into another four new provinces in China. The Company was recently selected by the Ministry of Education, China to provide vocational teacher training programs. The vocational online training platform has been developed by China Education Resources together with an initial 185 training courses.

Today, China Education Resources provided an update on its business development. The Company signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with World Book, Inc. World Book is part of Berkshire Hathaway and the publisher of the renowned World Book Encyclopedia.

The two parties are discussing cooperation opportunities in certain areas. This includes partnering together to create custom contents around China Education Resources’ programs; distribution of World Book’s books and digital products in English to schools and libraries in China; licensing and translating into Chinese World Book’s titles and selling the books in China; book club with the direct to consumer model, and more.

China Education Resources, Inc. (CHNUF), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.11, up 33.66%, on 64,000 volume with 11 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 20,363 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0604/$0.124.

HighCom Global Security, Inc. (HCGS)

NetworkNewswire, Stockopedia, Marketwired, InvestorsHub, and 4-Traders reported on HighCom Global Security, Inc. (HCGS), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Listed on the OTCQB, HighCom Global Security, Inc. is a foremost provider of equipment and services for the security and defense industries. The Company is establishing a wide-ranging portfolio of security businesses. It acquires, manages, and builds industry leading businesses that provide specialized, mission-critical solutions, which address the needs of its customers.

The Company previously went by the name BlastGard International, Inc. It changed its name to HighCom Global Security, Inc. in August of 2014. HighCom Global Security has its head office in Columbus, Ohio.

The Company’s HighCom Armor division provides high performance and affordable body armor, personal protective equipment, as well as armor systems and related accessories. Its ballistic solutions have undergone deployment to hundreds of thousands of operators globally. This includes the U.S. armed forces, allied forces, federal government agencies, plus law enforcement and corrections, and other security personnel, domestically and internationally.

HighCom Armor Solutions, Inc. designs, develops, tests, manufacturers, and distributes body armor and personal protective equipment. This includes greater than two dozen NIJ compliant hard and soft armor products.

HighCom Global Security’s BlastGard Technologies division has patented BlastWrap® technology. This technology acts as a “virtual tent” to effectively lessen blast effects and suppress post-blast fires.

The innovative BlastWrap® technology works by triggering physical and chemical processes to dissipate blast energy. As a result, this reduces the aftermath of acoustic and shock waves, peak overpressure, reflected peak overpressure, impulse and afterburn. The remaining, considerably decreased energy is transmitted at a slower, more sustainable level.

BlastWrap® does not dispense chemical extinguishants. It uses neither alarms, sensors, nor an activation system. In addition, BlastWrap® is nontoxic and ecologically friendly.

Last month, HighCom Global Security announced that Mr. Craig Campbell, an Executive Officer and Director of the Company, submitted his resignation to the Board of Directors, effective Tuesday, January 16, 2018. Francis Michaud, who currently serves as Chief Financial Officer of the Company, was elected to the Board to fill the vacancy left by Mr. Campbell and was also appointed to serve as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

HighCom Global Security, Inc. (HCGS), closed Thursday's trading session at $0.0187, up 16.88%, on 27,296 volume with 4 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 41,814 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.006/$0.10.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF). Today, Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. closed trading at $1.87, off by 7.43%, on 317,087 volume with 182 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 83,031, and its 52-week low/high is $0.047/$2.46.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF) is pleased to announce that it has filed three provisional patents with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) related to the delivery of cannabinoid-based products. Also today, CannabisNewsWire released a report on the company detailing why Pivot Pharmaceuticals is “One to Watch”

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF), based in Vancouver, Canada, is an emerging biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development and commercialization of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals that provide novel treatments for unmet healthcare needs. Pivot's recent acquisition of BiPhasix ™ Transdermal Drug Delivery technology for the delivery of cannabinoids (CBD) to patients provides the answer for an age-old problem associated with cannabinoid-based therapies: the lack of a robust smoke-less delivery mechanism.

Research into the bioavailability of cannabinoid-based therapeutics shows that rates of absorption vary greatly between smoking cannabis to an orally-consumed product, with a difference noted even between individuals. Cannabinoids are degraded in the stomach and smoking may not appeal to patients for health or lifestyle reasons. Topical delivery, while a better alternative, has suffered from weak formulation issues. Transdermal cannabinoid delivery, on the other hand, could provide a better alternative route since it reduces side effects and bypasses other absorption issues. In addition, transdermal delivery provides the benefit of enabling patients to access a steady stream of medication over a prolonged period with fewer side effects.

Pivot Pharmaceutical's newly created subsidiary, Pivot Green Stream Health Solutions Inc. ("Pivot Green Stream"), will focus on improving the bioavailability of cannabinoid-based and pharmaceuticals. BiPhasix™ has been tested in FDA and EMA approved human clinical trials, which have shown the delivery system enhances the bioavailability of many drugs and improves clinical outcomes. Pivot Green Stream is tasked with developing several natural health products containing cannabinoids (CBD) that can receive a Health Canada Natural Health Product (NHP) designation. This marketing method ensures a shorter development cycle and faster revenue generation opportunities.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc., which has positioned itself as a growing and crucial vertical in the cannabis industry, represents a compelling opportunity in the biotechnology field. The company's plans include working with Licensed Producers (LP) and Licensed Dealers (LD) to bring newer therapies to patients. The company has also applied to list on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE).

The global medical marijuana market is expected to reach a value of $55.8 billion by 2025, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc. The growing number of states and countries gaining approval for using cannabis in therapeutic applications is expected to continue driving the market forward.

Pivot Pharmaceuticals has assembled a highly experienced management team, bringing together a wealth of clinical, commercial, product development and financial experience. Among the many healthcare targets in Pivot's pipeline are cancer supportive care, pain and inflammation, women's sexual dysfunction, dermatology and eye disease. Disclaimer

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. Company Blog

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. News:

Pivot Files Three New Provisional Patents for the Delivery of Cannabinoids

Pivot Pharmaceuticals Inc. (PVOTF) is “One to Watch”

Pivot Continues To Build Technology Portfolio

MGX Minerals Inc. (MGXMF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight MGX Minerals Inc. (MGXMF). Today, MGX Minerals Inc. closed trading at $1.3388, up 10.64%, on 344,020 volume with 200 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 265,054 and its 52-week low/high is $0.543/$1.7098.

MGX Minerals Inc. (MGXMF) is pleased to announce as a result of the recently closed acquisition of now wholly-owned subsidiary ZincNyx Energy Solutions, Inc. (“ZincNyx”), the Company now controls 20 metal air battery and fuel cell patents. To date ZincNyx has been awarded 20 patents covering its mass storage technology.

MGX Minerals Inc. (CSE: XMG) (FKT: 1MG) (OTCQB: MGXMF) is a diversified Canadian resource company developing large-scale mineral portfolios in specific commodities and jurisdictions in North America. The company controls significant interest in lithium, magnesium and silicon assets that offer streamlined development timelines and low capital expenditures. MGX Minerals and its engineering partner have developed a patent-pending, low-energy design process to extract valuable minerals from the abundant, highly mineralized brine wastewater produced each year by oil and gas companies.

This proprietary, petrolithium process rapidly concentrates lithium and other minerals from brine in less than a day. That's a stunning advancement from the conventional method of extracting minerals from brine through an evaporation process that can take up to 18 months, requires hundreds of acres of land, and averages less than a 50 percent mineral recovery rate. Using this advanced water purification technology, MGX Minerals cleans the wastewater that accompanies petroleum as it's being pulled up to the surface. The company's petrolithium process eliminates the need to inject contaminated wastewater back into the ground, which prevents drinking water contamination and possible earthquakes.

In January 2017, MGX Minerals successfully recovered concentrated lithium from heavy oil evaporator blowdown wastewater using its rapid recovery process, an accomplishment independently confirmed by the Saskatchewan Research Council. In August 2017, the company also successfully processed wastewater and lithium brine from eight North American projects at its one-cubic-meter-per-hour processing plant, proving the technology is economically viable. Research group Global Water Intelligence expects the wastewater treatment industry to grow into a $45 billion market annually by 2025, which suggests there are ample revenue-generating opportunities for MGX Minerals technology.

Lithium, the "white gold" of the new energy economy, is the key to clean energy development as global demand for hybrid and electric vehicles, high-drain portable electronic devices, and large-scale energy storage systems ramps up. Grand View Research, Inc. reports that the global lithium-ion battery market is expected to reach $93.1 billion by 2025. Current market forces show a high demand for lithium and a low supply, which further supports the necessity of MGX Mineral's cleaner, faster method of extracting high-value minerals from brine wastewater.

MGX Minerals is led by a team of industry standout performers who have worked in the mining and technology industries for decades. The leadership team is joined by an array of top-notch technical partners with unmatched experience in the oil and gas sectors, environmental services industry, marketing and product development, along with applied research and commercial development of technologies. Disclaimer

MGX Minerals Inc. Blog

MGX Minerals Inc. News:

MGX Minerals Announces Acquisition of 20 Patents for Zinc Air Fuel Cell Battery

MGX Minerals Receives Approval to Conduct 3D Seismic Survey at Utah Petrolithium Project, Blueberry Unit, Paradox Basin

MGX Minerals Commences Development of Next Generation Zinc Air Mass Storage System

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE: PREV) (OTCQB: PRVCF) (FSE: 18H)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (PRVCF). Today, PreveCeutical Medical Inc. closed trading at $0.385, up 6.94%, on 45,507 volume with 21 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 5,572, and its 52-week low/high is $0.01/$0.80.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE:PREV) (OTCQB:PRVCF) and UniQuest Pty Limited, the main commercialization company of the University of Queensland (UQ), Australia, are expecting 2018 to be an exciting, productive year for joint medical research projects.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (PRVCF), headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, is a health sciences company dedicated to researching and developing innovative options for preventive and curative therapies utilizing organic and Nature Identical™ products. The company is strategically staking out select positions in the medically acute areas of diabetes and obesity, pain management, neurological disorders and cancer.

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. had its beginnings in 2009 when Stephen Van Deventer, a seasoned businessman and venture capitalist, and Kimberly Van Deventer, a successful entrepreneur, met and formed a business partnership. The duo created Cornerstone Global Partners, a venture capital and business development company, and became involved in numerous ventures including building companies such as Aurora Cannabis Inc. Taking their interest in the health and wellness market further, the pair began researching how nature and science can work together to benefit health-conscious consumers. Coining and trademarking the word "PreveCeutical" – a combination of the words "preventive" and "pharmaceutical" – was a precursor to the company's formation and incorporation in October 2015.

The company's first product was developed in the Dominican Republic and is now marketed and distributed worldwide by PreveCeutical. It is a Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom product sold under the trade name CELLB9®. This product is an oral dilute solution infused with select peptides sourced exclusively from the blue scorpion (Rhopalurus princeps) found only in Caribbean nations. The active potentiated ingredients in CELLB9, which have been used in over 40 countries for over a decade, appear to support health at a deep, cellular level. PreveCeutical's research team is using proprietary chemistry to generate Nature Identical™ peptides derived from natural compounds found in Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom with the goal of eventually treating, regulating and preventing cancer progression. Peptides are also being used to target an array of disease indications including metabolic disorders, pain management, cancers, cardiovascular and infectious diseases.

PreveCeutical is developing the first nose-to-brain delivery system of cannabinoids (CBDs) with a novel process that prepares insoluble drug-containing nano-micelles and successfully incorporating them into a proprietary sol-gels application, essentially creating a targeted drug delivery vehicle. Intended for use via a nasal spray, this unique formulation rapidly gels upon contact with mucosal tissue, which paves the way for direct nose-to-brain delivery. This novel application eliminates first pass metabolism (stomach, intestines, liver), potentially improving bioavailability and delivering extended time release formulations that may alleviate side effects of higher dosage therapeutics. This CBD-based patented formula is projected to be deployed in selected markets with licensed medical marijuana companies within 18 months.

PreveCeutical is working with four leading Australian research centers to develop a curative therapy for diabetes and obesity. This four-year program involves engineering a novel approach that selectively targets the gene that encodes for the protein PTP-1B, which is implicated and over-expressed in both type-2 diabetes and obesity. PreveCeutical's gene-silencing technology would effectively "turn off" the genetic signal which leads to the over-production of this key protein molecule, bringing it back down to safe, normalized levels, and prevent the body from storing excessive fat. Diabetes kills one person every six seconds, with more than $800 billion spent globally on the disease.

Another exciting joint venture, established with Sports 1 Marketing, will focus on the therapeutic potential in the peptides and proteins connected to the Caribbean Blue Scorpion venom to potentially treat mild brain injury concussions. Developing a therapeutic product geared towards athletes who suffer from concussions could help alleviate suffering experienced by those who are affected by head trauma.

PreveCeutical Medical's science and research team is led by Dr. Harendra (Harry) Parekh, Ph.D., who is based at the University of Queensland's (UQ) Pharmacy Australia Centre of Excellence (PACE), and Dr. Makarand Jawadekar, Ph.D., whose 28 years of R&D experience with Pfizer Inc., is applicable in his role as chief science officer. Research collaborators include Dr. Rakesh Veedu, an emerging expert internationally in the field of molecular medicine, and Professor Grant Ramm, who is currently head of a leading medical research institute located in Brisbane, Australia.

PreveCeutical Medical is partnering with leading industry experts and companies in its quest to be a leader in the preventive health sciences sector. Its Research and Development partnership with UniQuest, the main commercialization company for the University of Queensland, provides PreveCeutical with the rights to all intellectual property arising from projects created under the agreement. PreveCeutical Medical Inc.'s management team brings an extensive portfolio of research experience, product development, deep corporate strategy and capital markets leadership to the company's core. Disclaimer

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. Company Blog

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. News:

PreveCeutical Medical Inc. (CSE: PREV) (OTCQB: PRVCF) Teams with UniQuest to Develop Novel Cannabinoid Delivery System

PreveCeutical Signs Research and Option Agreement with UniQuest Pty Limited for Development of Non-Addictive Analgesic Peptides

NetworkNewsAudio Announces Audio Press Release (APR) on the Cannabis Industry Driving Medical Therapy R&D

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX). Today, ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. closed trading at $0.73, up 1.39%, on 143,725 volume with 127 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 247,995 and its 52-week low/high is $0.40/$2.14.

NetworkNewsAudio announces the Audio Press Release (APR) titled "Sino Adoption of Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies on Horizon," featuring ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (OTCQB: CIIX). To hear the NetworkNewsAudio version, visit LINK. To read the original editorial, visit LINK

Founded in 1999, ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. (CIIX) has become a leading financial information website for Chinese-speaking investors in the United States and China. Recognizing unprecedented opportunities in the U.S. cannabis industry, CIIX is also laying the groundwork to capitalize on growing demand for cannabidiol (CBD)-based nutrition and health products.

Through its primary website, www.ChineseInvestors.com, CIIX offers a variety of investor education products and services, including real-time market commentary, analysis and educational related services in Chinese language character sets; consultative services to smaller private companies considering becoming a public company; and advertising and public relations related support services.

At the center of this initiative is the ChineseInvestors Method, a unique integration of a disciplined investing process, web-based tools, personalized instructions and support. Using this strategy, CIIX provides reliable market information to help investors make informed investment decisions and meet their individualized financial goals.

CIIX is also leveraging its financial expertise to enter into the burgeoning CBD industry, which within a few years has grown from a relatively invisible sector to a billowing market expected to reach $2.1 billion in consumer sales by 2020.

The increasing demand for CBD-based products is a catalyst for innovative business endeavors. To this accord, CIIX has established a three-year development plan to capitalize on the convergence of CBD and the nutrition and health products market in mainland China, where the benefits of CBD oil have not been widely recognized.

Under a wholesale agreement with a reputable CBD health brand, CIIX is launching the world's first online CBD health products store published in the Chinese language. The site, www.ChineseCBDoil.com, caters to a growing number of Chinese people awakening to the numerous health benefits of CBD oil for treatment of a variety of conditions such as anxiety, stress, poor sleep, Alzheimer's disease, and more. CIIX expects to launch this website at the end of January 2017, and plans to sell CBD-infused products via online and in-store.

In conjunction, CIIX's cannabis-focused "Yelp"-style mobile app is in development as a platform for Chinese people to review and discuss various cannabis products. The app will be the first marijuana social media mobile app designed for Chinese-speaking customers worldwide. Disclaimer

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. Blog

ChineseInvestors.com, Inc. News

NetworkNewsAudio Announces Audio Press Release (APR) on Rise and Resilience of Cryptocurrencies

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication on Emerging Leaders in Blockchain and Cryptos

Sino Adoption of Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies on Horizon

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Singlepoint, Inc. (SING). Today, Singlepoint, Inc. closed trading at $0.062, off by 2.36%, on 11,832,863 volume with 627 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 13,696,131, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0132/$0.415.

NetworkNewsAudio announces the Audio Press Release (APR) titled "How Blockchain is Transforming Payments and More," featuring SinglePoint, Inc. (OTC Pink: SING). To hear the NetworkNewsAudio version, visit LINK. To read the original editorial, visit LINK.

Singlepoint, Inc. (SING) has grown from a full-service mobile technology provider to a publicly-traded holding company. Through diversification into horizontal markets, SinglePoint is building its portfolio by acquiring an interest in undervalued subsidiaries, thereby providing a rich, diversified holding base.

SinglePoint's approach is to first research and identify acquisition opportunities in which it can take an active and influential role among existing leadership to provide enhanced strategy and direction. Target companies are undervalued, cash-flow positive, with high potential and verified assets. SinglePoint acquires and takes controlling interest of successful candidate companies.

SinglePoint recently signed a Letter of Intent to acquire an interest in Jacksam Corp., dba Convectium, a profitable California-based provider of equipment, branding, and packaging solutions for the cannabis industry. Convectium has developed the world's first cartridge and vape pen oil filling machine for wholesale distribution to dispensaries. The 710Shark and 710Seal systems can fill and package over 100 cartridges or disposable vape pens in 30 seconds and are sold to dispensaries through its EquipCanna.com brand. The company also operates a consumer brand that includes BlackoutX and HazeSticks and reaches customers in over 52 countries.

Additionally, SinglePoint has raised more than $300,000 and has signed a Letter of Intent to secure an additional $1 million in funding. The move provides management with ample capital to execute its business plan, while avoiding debt repayments that can eat into cash flow and reduce flexibility over time. It's also a rare development for a development-stage company in the cannabis industry.

Guided by a visionary leadership team with extensive experience in technology, engineering, marketing and raising capital, SinglePoint continues to explore high-potential acquisition opportunities to grow and diversify its current holding base. The company also plans to uplist to the OTCQB and become a fully reporting company during the current fiscal year.

The company has engaged Milost Advisors to pursue acquisitions and financing facilities toward funding acquisitions, as well as to provide working capital. Milost Advisors will assist SinglePoint in the acquisition of undervalued companies with annual revenues of at least $50 million, and has already identified potential acquisition targets for the company to consider. Disclaimer

Singlepoint, Inc. Company Blog

Singlepoint, Inc. News:

NetworkNewsAudio Announces Audio Press Release (APR) on Blockchain's Capability to Create Efficiencies Across Digital Transactions

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication on Innovative Nature of Blockchain Transforming Finance and Business

How Blockchain is Transforming Payments and More

First Cobalt Corp. (TSX.V:FCC) (OTCQB:FTSSF)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight First Cobalt Corp. (FTSSF). Today, First Cobalt Corp. closed trading at $0.887, off by 0.89%, on 234,996 volume with 272 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 278,809, and its 52-week low/high is $0.3148/$1.3041.

First Cobalt Corp. (FTSSF) this morning announced positive results from its 2017 drill program, which intersected 25 meters of fracture-controlled silver mineralization in Canada’s Cobalt Camp. The company’s drilling found 106.2 g/t silver over 13.7 meters, including 445 g/t silver over 3.0 meters, near the Keeley Shaft. Also today, Uptick Newswire, a leader in international micro-cap coverage and investor communication, welcomed back Trent Mell, President and CEO of First Cobalt Corporation. To listen to the full interview please click here to the following link: https://upticknewswire.com/featured-interview-ceo-trent-mell-of-first-cobalt-corp-otcqb-ftssf-2

First Cobalt Corp. (TSX.V: FCC) (OTCQB: FTSSF), with headquarters in Canada, seeks to create the world's largest pure-play cobalt exploration and development company. The company's current focus is on its Greater Cobalt Project located in Silver Centre, Ontario. The company is also in the midst of a three-way merger with Cobalt One Ltd. and CobalTech Mining Inc. and on completion First Cobalt will control over 10,000 hectares of prospective land and 50 historic mining operations in the Cobalt Camp in Ontario, Canada, as well as a mill and a permitted refinery facility.

The merger agreements with Cobalt One Ltd. and CobalTech Mining Inc., announced earlier this year, will result in a combined land position of more than 10,000 hectares (nearly 25,000 acres) in the Cobalt Camp containing approximately 50 past cobalt/silver producers and working mines. Initial test results from a mineralogical assessment of sample material taken from various historical mines located throughout the Cobalt Camp show both cobalt-rich and silver-rich mineralization styles. Samples taken at the former Bellellen mine, located within the Greater Cobalt Project in Ontario, show high grade cobalt assays, prompting First Cobalt to increase its drilling program at that site.

First Cobalt Corp. is moving quickly to leverage its potential against an economic background that estimates global consumption for refined cobalt is set to grow at an average rate of approximately 5 percent per annum for the next 10 years. The electric vehicle market, in particular, is driving this sector since more than 50 percent of the world's current production of cobalt is used in the manufacture of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The global lithium-ion battery market, as estimated by Zion Market Research, indicates the value at around USD $31 billion in 2016 and is expected to generate revenue of nearly USD $68 billion by end of 2022, growing at a compound annual growth rate of slightly above 17 percent.

The company's clear pathway to production and cash flow generation includes being one of only four fully permitted cobalt extraction refineries in Canada with significant material and processing infrastructure on site. With the price of cobalt increasing significantly and its importance in the growing battery market underpinning a strong long-term demand forecast, First Cobalt Corp. and its mining interests are primed for success.

First Cobalt Corp. President and CEO Trent Mell, a mining executive and capital markets professional with extensive international transactional experience, is joined by a team of reputable and seasoned deal-makers, mine builders and mine operators with decades of global experience in exploration, business development, geoscience, engineering and finance. Disclaimer

First Cobalt Corp. Company Blog

First Cobalt Corp. News:

NetworkNewsBreaks – First Cobalt Corp. (TSX.V: FCC) (OTCQB: FTSSF) Announces Positive Results from 2017 Drill Program

Trent Mell, President and CEO of First Cobalt Corporation Returns to “Stock Day” with Everett Jolly for an Operational Update and 2018 Forecast

First Cobalt Initiates District Scale Study of Cobalt Camp Structural Controls


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight EVIO, Inc. (EVIO). Today, EVIO, Inc. closed trading at $1.90, off by 4.04%, on 52,859 volume with 100 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 111,120, and its 52-week low/high is $0.47/$2.85.

EVIO, Inc. (EVIO) this morning said it has successfully closed its latest round of financing totaling $5,973,000. The capital raise exceeded EVIO management’s original goal of only raising $3 million to finance the company’s expansion in California. Also today, CannabisNewsWire released a report detailing how EVIO, Inc. provides clients across the United States with consistent, high-quality cannabis analytical services.

EVIO, Inc. (EVIO), via the EVIO Labs division, is the nation's leading provider of accredited analytical testing, scientific research and advisory services to the regulated cannabis industry. EVIO Labs provides state-mandated ancillary services that are required to ensure the safety and quality of the nation's cannabis supply. EVIO Labs has performed over 50,000 tests during the past two years and grown from one laboratory in Oregon to nine labs spanning California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and Florida.

EVIO Labs is driving the cannabis testing industry by providing clients nationwide with consistent high-quality cannabis analytical services backed by quality control assurances. The company also provides advisory services that help cannabis producers and retailers enhance production processes, achieve regulatory compliance and meet quality goals.

EVIO Labs is on track to open 18 laboratories by the end of 2018 at locations around the United States. The Oregon-based company provides analytical services that include testing cannabis and industrial hemp flower, extracts and infused products. The labs specialize in performing the following tests:

  • Cannabinoid analysis, which properly characterizes the many primary cannabinoids found in cannabis including THC, CBD, and several other cannabinoids.
  • Terpene analysis, which identifies the aromatic compounds of the plant (terpene), which can help identify the therapeutic potential of a cannabis flower or extract.
  • Moisture content and water activity, which measure the moisture levels of dried cannabis and are indicators of microbiological growth potential.
  • Pesticide residue analysis of over 100 different pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators and other agrochemicals that may be present on cannabis.
  • Detection of harmful residual solvents left behind in the cannabis extract production process.
  • Microbial testing screen for bacterial and fungal contamination in cannabis and cannabis-infused products.
  • Detection of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic.

EVIO Labs is rapidly becoming the nation's leading cannabis biotechnology company. Led by a management team with extensive experience in designing and rolling out successful business ventures, product research and development, regulatory and compliance protocols, medical cannabis cultivation, production and analytical chemistry techniques, EVIO Labs is prepared to take advantage of today's fastest growing industry. Disclaimer

EVIO, Inc. Company Blog

EVIO, Inc. News:

NetworkNewsBreaks – EVIO, Inc. (EVIO) Secures Over $5.9M in New Financing to Fund Expansion

EVIO, Inc. (EVIO) Provides a Critical Service to the Regulated Cannabis Industry

EVIO Inc. Announces the Appointment of Ron Russak as Vice President of Operations


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ABcann Global (ABCCF). Today, ABcann Global closed trading at $2.1521, off by 14.40%, on 1,419,280 volume with 2,012 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 766,204 and its 52-week low/high is $0.6171/$3.2929.

ABcann Global (TSX.V:ABCN) (OTCQB:ABCCF) announced today that, further to its news release of December 12, 2017, it has completed the acquisition of Harvest Medicine Inc.

ABcann Global (TSX.V: ABCN) (OTCQB: ABCCF) ABcann Medicinals, Inc. is a globally licensed, cost efficient producer of premium quality organic standardized medicinal cannabis. One of the earliest licensed Canadian medical marijuana producers under Canada's federally-controlled Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), ABcann has five years of operating experience in the burgeoning medical marijuana space. The company currently owns and operates a fully functioning 14,500 square foot facility in Napanee, Ontario. Additionally, ABcann owns 65 acres of real estate with proper zoning and existing infrastructure in place to support the construction of another production facility of up to one million square feet.

In a November 2016 report, market research firm Canaccord Genuity Group forecasted that the medical marijuana market in Canada could see sales in excess of $8 billion by 2024, creating a sizable opportunity for the country's licensed producers (LPs). The research firm also noted that the "rigorous process of becoming a licensed producer of cannabis in Canada imposes significant barriers to entry and there will be a shortfall of supply in a legalized market in the short-term." This market barrier serves as a strategic advantage for ABcann as it prepares for its highly-anticipated IPO, which is currently scheduled for April 2017.

Canaccord's synopsis of the Canadian cannabis industry is supported by recent market activity, as companies sporting one of the illustrious Canadian government licenses for medicinal production have recorded strong growth following IPO. Canopy Growth (OTC: TWMJ), one of the largest fully-licensed Canadian marijuana growers, saw share prices skyrocket by more than 700 percent in the months following its initial offering. Aphria Inc. (OTC: APHQF), another licensed grower, climbed by more than 900 percent following its IPO. Other companies that have recorded huge growth since going public include Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF), climbing nearly 900 percent, and SupremePharma (OTC: SPRWF), which soared more than 1,300 percent.

With these market trends in mind, ABcann's impending IPO is one that prospective investors in the marijuana sector will want to explore. Recalls from some of the biggest players in the Canadian cannabis industry have highlighted the considerable learning curve that LPs face in today's market, which makes ABcann's proven track record in the market all the more noteworthy. The company has built a reputation over the years for its best-in-class standardized approach to growing cannabis, including the thoughtful omission of pesticides and a computer monitored growing technique that allows ABcann to minimize the risks of variance in its yields and ensure the creation of consistently high-quality products.

This technique, which the company calls the ABcann Advantage, has helped it record a customer retention rate of 94.7 percent alongside 30 percent month-over-month customer growth. When combined with ABcann's current yield rate, which it has measured at roughly 100 percent greater than the industry average, the company has constructed a strong foundation upon which to build a sizable presence in the global cannabis industry. This global growth potential is illustrated by ABcann's partnership with Israel's Syqe Medical, producer of the world's first selective-dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plant inhaler. After visiting the company's production facility, Perry Davidson, founder of Syqe Medical, noted that ABcann's production technologies put it "in a class with the best in the world" in its ability to produce standardized pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

ABcann's entry into the public sector is being guided by a seasoned management team, board of directors and advisory board that feature well over a century of combined industry experience. Ken Clement, the company' founder and executive chairman, has been the key component and driving force behind ABcann's development since its inception. His vision of standardized production and dosage sets ABcann apart in the medical cannabis sector. Clement is joined on the company's management team by CEO Aaron Keay. Keay brings more than a decade of capital markets experience to ABcann, having played a role in raising approximately $250 million for public and private market issuers.

Notably, ABcann also has access to the 'Father of Cannabis Research', Raphael Mechoulam, PhD, through its board of advisors. An organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mechoulam was the first scientist to isolate both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and he has received more than 25 prestigious academic awards, including the Rothschild Prize in Chemical Sciences and Physical Sciences in 2012.

With more than 65 acres of growth capacity, a healthy cash balance to fund upcoming construction efforts, steady sales growth, industry-leading yield rates and an established operations team in place, ABcann is well-positioned to compete in the rapidly-expanding Canadian medicinal cannabis industry. These factors, along with the company's ongoing global expansion into the European, Australian and Israeli markets, show why ABcann Medicinals' upcoming public offering fits the bill as "Canada's Next Medical Marijuana IPO." Disclaimer

ABcann Global Blog

ABcann Global News:

ABcann Completes Acquisition of Harvest Medicine

ABcann Granted Australian Import License

ABcann Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE). Today, Global Payout, Inc. closed trading at $0.0321, off by 19.55%, on 18,414,946 volume with 566 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 14,877,614, and its 52-week low/high is $0.009/$0.16.

CannabisNewsWire, a multifaceted financial news and publishing company, today announces the publication of an editorial featuring Global Payout, Inc. (OTC:GOHE), a client of CNW and a leading provider of comprehensive and customized prepaid payment solutions for domestic and international organizations distributing money worldwide.

Global Payout, Inc. (GOHE) provides comprehensive payment solutions that can be fully customized for virtually any domestic and international organization distributing money worldwide. The company is committed to enabling global access to technology for optimizing financial transactions and delivering a global financial eco-system with top-tier banking institutions and the highest level financial technology partnerships.

Today, more than ever before, commercial enterprises and government institutions need powerful financial technology solutions that have the flexibility to deliver innovative customer centric services and drive operational efficiency gains throughout the organization. The Global Reserve Platform is Global Payout's fully configurable "banking-in-a-box" web-based platform that can fulfill the front-to-back office processing requirements of domestic, foreign exchange and international payment service providers. This platform is designed to improve work flow, operational efficiencies, and global financial management for enterprises operating across the globe.

The Global Reserve Platform can manage practically any financial product, including core and traditional banking products, online banking, card management, mobile wallets, merchant payment processing, biometric payments and authentication management, bill payments and P2P payments, international remittances, government benefits management, loans management, FOREX, and SWIFT / ACH / SEPA payments. Powered by the Global Reserve Administrative module, the platform can be customized for enterprises across a multitude of business sectors.

Investment in financial technology (FINTECH) companies has grown dramatically in recent years with the role of today's banks shrinking and demand for improved financial solutions continuing to rise. As the industry has continued to expand rapidly, Global Payout's management team has directed its focus on identifying the most promising market sectors with FINTECH needs. The four core areas selected are logistics, small and medium enterprises (SME), banking and travel.

In 2015, Global Payout introduced MoneyTrac Technology Inc. as a majority owned subsidiary to more effectively focus on the development of financial technologies that specifically address many of the challenges that enterprises in a variety of alternative and "high-risk" market sectors are faced with in processing financial transactions. Powered by Virtu Network Solutions, the MoneyTrac Technology platform is one the most configurable and intuitive financial technology platforms available to alternative and "high-risk" enterprises and provides them with solutions that effectively manages everything from pin debit and virtual currency, to compliance and cash flow logistics.

With the global economy constantly becoming more diversified and connected, Global Payout is well positioned with the technology software solutions its team has developed to address many different needs worldwide. Management has committed itself to exploring and identifying every avenue possible for further establishing itself as a recognized leader in FINTECH solutions. Disclaimer

Global Payout, Inc. Company Blog

Global Payout, Inc. News:

CannabisNewsWire Announces Publication on Innovators Taking Advantage of Cannabis and Blockchain Buzz

MoneyTrac Technology, Inc. in Discussions with POS Company Providing End-to-End Disruptive Application Technology to Complete Suite of Financial Services

Global Payout, Inc. announces Logistics Subsidiary - SecurCapital Corp upcoming global schedule of Fintech & Blockchain Conferences


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