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i2 Telecom International Inc. (ITUI)
Power of the Dream Venture (PWRV)
VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN)
ERF Wireless Inc. (ERFW)

NextWave Wireless Inc. (WAVE)
Vermillion Inc. (VRML)
Anesiva Inc. (ANSV)
Palm Inc. (PALM)


i2 Telecom International Inc. (ITUI)

CEO Cast, Standout Stocks, SmallCap Voice, and Greenbackers reported recently on i2 Telecom International Inc. (ITUI) and today we feature the Company as "One to Watch" for next week here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Roswell , Georgia , i2 Telecom International Inc. provides telecommunications services employing voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) technology. Founded in February of 2002, i2Telecom's switching centers provide full access to global telecommunications carriers. This enables micro-gateway users to complete calls to any phone around the globe inexpensively and with great quality. The Company provides high quality international and domestic long-distance voice, video, and data services at a fraction of the cost of traditional carriers' rates.

The Company has their innovative MyGlobalTalk™. This product received the 2007 Product of the Year by Internet Telephony Magazine. MyGlobalTalk™ provides Internet telephone usage to every cell phone user, independent of wireless carrier technology, handset manufacturer, or type of wireless carrier voice/data plan they have. MyGlobalTalk™ is completely functional without local access to the Internet or nearness to an Internet "hotspot". MyGlobalTalk™ provides the benefits of a dual-mode phone for less cost using a customer's existing mobile handset.

i2Telecom International, Inc.'s Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) products and services use advanced state-of-the-art VoIP technology and use a combination of their own services network and the Internet to deliver high-quality phone calls, streaming video, and text chat to customers globally. i2Telecom International provides their VoiceStick®, MyGlobalTalk™, digital portal communications, and micro-gateway adapters for VoIP long-distance and other enhanced communication services to their customers.

Their VoiceStick® is a softphone on a USB drive. This product allows a user the portability of VoIP by enabling the user to call any phone or VoiceStick customer from anywhere in the world. With a VoiceStick SoftPhone, a user downloads the VoiceStick™ software from the My Account page, installs it on their laptop or desktop computer, and starts making calls anywhere globally.

Last fall, i2Telecom International Inc. announced the release of their MyGlobalTalk™ Global SIM card service. The SIM card allows users to change phones by removing the SIM card from one mobile phone and inserting it into another mobile phone or broadband telephony device. The MyGlobalTalk™ Global SIM card will allow customers to save up to 90 percent in mobile phone charges when calling outside the United States to end-points worldwide. Travelers can use the MyGlobalTalk™ Global SIM cards to make international calls without paying roaming fees. There are no inbound-charges in approximately 140 countries. The MyGlobalTalk™ Global SIM card is universal in all countries.

In late November, i2Telecom International, Inc. announced that they received U.S. Patent #7,460,480 from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office involving their claims for "Dynamically Adapting the Transmission Rate of Packets in Real-Time VoIP Communications to the Available Bandwidth" (DMTR) technology. The Company believes that it is the most valuable patent awarded to them to date.

i2Telecom believes the DMTR technology is in use by a number of original equipment manufacturers. These manufacturers deploy softphones, microgateway devices, gateways, routers, or switches. In addition, there are carriers that use the technology to improve the quality and eliminate degradation issues when transmitting voice packets over the Internet.

Paul Arena, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of i2Telecom International, Inc., said, "The DMTR technology patent is a foundational patent and a strategic component of our intellectual property. We believe that this patent has substantially more value than the patent we were granted earlier this year for our VoiceStick® technology, which we sold for $6.5 million. We plan to aggressively pursue a licensing strategy, or monetization through the sale of the patent or a combination thereof."

We're keeping our eye on i2 Telecom International Inc. (ITUI) as "One to Watch" for next week here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Today, i2 Telecom International Inc. (ITUI) closed at $0.045 down $0.009 or 16.67 percent. Volume was 239,122 for a 3-month average volume of 570,739.

Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. (PWRV)

This week, Red Chip reported on Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. (PWRV) and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Power of the Dream Ventures, Inc. is a technology holding company based in Budapest , Hungary . They identify and harness the technological skills of Hungary 's high-tech industry. Their mission is to turn promising ideas and ready to market products/technologies into global industry leaders.

Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. focuses on developing, acquiring, licensing, and co-developing technologies that originate exclusively in Hungary . The Company conducts their operations through their wholly owned subsidiary Vidatech. They focus on technologies that are in a prototype stage based on existing patents or in a prototype stage prior to patenting.

They also focus on existing products that require additional capital to commercialize. In addition, they look for emerging science and high technology research projects that require patenting, product development, and marketing help. They will also look for early stage university spin-off technologies and ideas that represent "disruptive technologies" that have the potential to affect the marketplace.

Power of the Dream Ventures works to enable solutions in the environmental technologies, power generation, power storage, software products and services, biotechnology, medical devices and the 'disruptive technologies' fields.

The Company recently announced the licensing of their FireSAFE technology to a group of Hungarian technology investors-managers. FireSAFE is an environmentally friendly, biodegradable liquid designed to prevent, and extinguish natural fires that are difficult to contain with water or other fire-fighting solutions. FireSAFE reaches the heart of the fire, coating all surfaces with a crystalline layer that hardens when exposed to heat. The layer is capable of withstanding heat as high as 1,100 degrees centigrade. The biodegradable active ingredient decomposes within four months. FireSAFE is also a preventive solution. During fire season, those areas that are the most likely to burn can receive spraying with the solution. Lumber used in construction is also treatable with FireSAFE to increase its fire resistance.

This week, Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. announced that in4, Ltd. is preparing to launch a Public Beta of iGlue, in4's internet search and content organizer application. They will do this on January 31, 2009. in4, Ltd. is a Hungarian software company in which Power of the Dream Ventures owns substantial equity. iGlue is an integrated online content manager and search engine. iGlue identifies and manages entities, not keywords.

Power of the Dream Ventures Inc. (PWRV) closed today's session at $0.30 up $0.05 or 20.00 percent. Volume was 70,400 for a 3-month average volume of 9,634.38.

VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN)

StockEgg.com reported recently on VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN) Penny Sleuth and Bull in Advantage did earlier, and today we are highlighting the Company here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

VisionChina Media Inc. operates out-of-home advertising networks using real-time mobile digital television broadcasts to deliver content and advertising on mass transportation systems in China . The Company trades on the NASDAQ and has their corporate headquarters in Shenzhen, China. Their network offers the ability to deliver real-time, location-specific broadcasting. This includes news, stock quotes, weather and traffic updates, sports highlights, and entertainment programs.

A potential 26 million viewers ride public transportation with mobile digital television displays each day. These are in cities that include Beijing , Changchun , Chengdu , Dalian , Guangzhou , Harbin , Nanjing , Ningbo , as well as Shanghai , Shenzhen, Suzhou , Wuhan , Wuxi and Zhengzhou . As of June 30, 2008, VisionChina's advertising network included over 60,160 mobile digital displays on mass transportation systems. Their mobile digital television advertising operations are through exclusive arrangements, direct investment entities, or both together.

Over 594 domestic and international companies have advertised on VisionChina's mobile network. The Company has expanded their advertising operations by buying time on existing mobile digital television networks in cities outside of their own network. This is to accommodate the advertising programs of their diverse clientele. The Company also operates a non-broadcast advertising platform in subway stations in Guangzhou and Shenzhen , China .

On Monday, VisionChina Media Inc. announced the renewal of an exclusive contract with Beijing Subway. This is to continue operation of the Company's mobile digital television advertising network on Line 13 and the Batong Line in the city of Beijing . VisionChina Media also announced that they finalized a definitive agreement with Beijing Subway to commence operations on Line 5, the Olympic Line (part of Line 8), and Line 10.This was effective January 1, 2009.

VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN) closed today at $7.70 up $0.75 or 10.79 percent. Share volume was 1,017,914, higher than the 3-month average volume of 560,595.

ERF Wireless Inc. (ERFW)

Today, HotOTC.com reported on ERF Wireless Inc. (ERFW), SmallCap Voice and Clip Report did earlier this week, and we are highlighting the Company too here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ERF Wireless Inc. is a corporation located in League City , Texas . They are the parent company of ERF Oil & Gas Services. The Company specializes in providing wireless and broadband product and service solutions to banking and commercial clients. Trading on the OTCBB, the Company does this on a regional, national, and international basis. Founded in 2004, the Company has principals who have over forty years of experience in the wireless broadband, network integration, triple-play FTTH, IPTV, and content delivery business.

ERF Wireless is the leading provider of secure wireless networks for the regional banking industry and one of the largest Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISP) in the U. S. They continue to build and operate wireless broadband networks across the U.S. utilizing a combination of acquisitions, partnerships, and new construction.

ERF Wireless is currently comprised of five divisions: Enterprise Network Services, Bundled Wireless Services, Network Operations, Wireless Messaging Services, and Oil & Gas Services. The Enterprise Network Services Division provides banks and financial institutions with secure, next generation high-speed data connectivity through their BranchNet, US-BankNet and WiNet solutions. The Bundled Wireless Services Division provides Internet, voice, data, and video services in the U.S. They do this under the ERF Wireless brand, as well as under the localized branding of other ISP companies they have acquired.

The Network Operations Division provides the maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of all wireless broadband networks that the Company constructs, acquires, maintains, and administers. They also do this for third party networks requiring these services. The Wireless Messaging Services Division provides project-level wireless broadband system design, construction, and implementation. They manufacture and supply high-power wireless infrastructure equipment. The Oil & Gas Services Division provides wireless broadband product and service offerings to major oilfield producers and service providers. This includes secure, cost-effective data transmission to and from drilling rigs and production wells worldwide.

ERF Wireless announced last September that they are significantly increasing their WISP acquisition activities to expand their wireless broadband networks in Texas , New Mexico , Oklahoma , Louisiana , Colorado , and possibly other states. The Company's goal is to add an additional 100,000 square miles of wireless network coverage in areas that will best support the growth of their Oil & Gas Division and their regional banking networks. ERF Wireless acquired 12 WISPs over the past four years.

The Company announced at the end of October that they obtained a nationwide license for operation in the 3.65 GHz WiMax band. They are collaborating with entities that will make additional licensed spectrum available in the 2.5 GHz band. ERF Wireless is evaluating different brands of WiMax equipment. Their goal right now is limited deployment of this new technology in selected WISP and oil and gas markets across Texas , New Mexico , and Louisiana .

On Tuesday of this week, ERF Wireless announced that they completed the acquisition of the assets and operations of Centramedia Inc., headquartered in Pampa , Texas . The transaction includes Centramedia's existing customer base of over 1,700 customers and over $1,200,000 in profitable recurring annual revenue. This includes certain wireless broadband projects for major oil and gas companies in the region. The Centramedia acquisition is ERF's first since they announced a major acquisition initiative on September 18, 2008. The acquisition allows ERF Wireless to market to over fifty oil and gas drilling locations, thousands of businesses and residents, and a number of regional and community bank charters.

Today, ERF Wireless, Inc. (ERFW) closed at $0.595 up $0.155 or 35.23 percent. Volume was 1,293,355 for a 3-month average volume of 143,530.

NextWave Wireless Inc. (WAVE)

Today, StockEgg.com and HotOTC.com reported on Nextwave Wireless Inc. (WAVE) and we are as well here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NASDAQ Global Market, NextWave Wireless, Inc., engages in the development, production, and marketing of mobile multimedia and wireless broadband products. The Company, founded in 1996, has their corporate headquarters in San Diego , California .

A holding company, NextWave, through their PacketVideo subsidiary, provides many of the largest network operators and mobile device manufacturers in the world with products and technologies. These technologies enable next-generation mobile-media services.

NextWave Wireless Inc. also owns an extensive portfolio of licensed spectrum in the United States , Canada , Europe, and South America . They provide a variety of products, from their industry-leading, device-embedded multimedia software, to their family of high-performance 4G chipsets. Companies such as LGE, Motorola, Nokia, NTT DoCoMo, Orange , Samsung, Sony Ericsson, T- Mobile, Verizon Wireless, and Vodafone use NextWave products.

On December 26, NextWave announced that they sold a 75 percent stake in their IPWireless, Inc. subsidiary to IPW Holdings. IPW Holdings is an entity formed by the senior management team of IPWireless. NextWave sold their stake for $1 million plus the reimbursement of NextWave's transaction expenses up to $500,000.

Yesterday, NextWave's PacketVideo subsidiary demonstrated how their TwonkyMedia server software will support the anticipated Windows 7 operating system. This is to enable the seamless sharing of media content among a variety of connected devices throughout the home. The TwonkyMedia server enables Windows 7 users to enjoy more media files and synchronize with a wider range of devices without negatively influencing CPU performance.

TwonkyMedia manager automatically shows icons for all the connected devices in the home that can play media. To play media a user drags the desired media onto the selected device. PV CEO and Co-Founder James C. Brailean, Ph.D. said, "Consumers increasingly want to access their media on many different connected devices. TwonkyMedia gives users the freedom to enjoy all of their photos, videos, and music without limitation, setting the stage for the next era of connected home media."

Nextwave Wireless Inc. (WAVE) closed Friday's session at $0.21 up $0.09 or 75.00 percent. Volume was 8,304,764, significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 601,306.

Vermillion Inc. (VRML)

Stock Stars and OTC Picks reported previously on Vermillion Inc. (VRML) and today we highlight the Company here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Vermillion Inc. focuses on the discovery, development, and commercialization of new high-value diagnostic tests that help physicians diagnose, treat, and improve outcomes for patients. The company lists on the OTCBB and has their headquarters in Fremont , California . They and their collaborators have diagnostic programs in oncology, hematology, cardiology, and women's health.

Vermillion retains rights to discoveries made for diagnostics development. They also retain exclusive rights to license discoveries made during the course of their collaborations. The Company applies a multi-biomarker approach to identify associations between genes, proteins, and diseases that translate into useful information about disease states. They then use this information to develop and commercialize those diagnostic tests to aid physicians in predicting disease risk, selecting appropriate therapies, monitoring disease progression, and improve the health of patients.

Vermillion announced in the last half of 2008, the publication of data supporting their peripheral artery disease (PAD) diagnostic program. Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) is a serious disorder affecting eight to 12 million Americans. It is often asymptomatic and the buildup of fat and cholesterol, or plaque, in the peripheral arteries, causes the disease. It inhibits normal blood flow and if left untreated, PAD more than doubles the risk of heart attack and stroke as well as increases the risk of amputation and death.

The data supporting Vermillion's peripheral artery disease (PAD) diagnostic program were published in the August 2008 issue of the peer-reviewed journal, Vascular Medicine. The study was led by John Cooke, MD, PhD, and Professor of Medicine at Stanford University . It involved researchers at Stanford, Mt. Sinai Medical Center ( New York ), and Vermillion.

Vermillion announced last fall that a team of scientists at Stanford University and Vermillion were awarded the prestigious "Best Research Award" at the Annual General Meeting of the PAD Coalition. Led by Dr. John Cooke at Stanford University and Dr. Eric T. Fung, Chief Scientific Officer at Vermillion, Inc., the research team discovered a novel set of biomarkers for PAD using SELDI-TOF proteomic profiling.

Vermillion Inc. (VRML) closed today's session at $0.57 up $0.27 or 90.00 percent. Volume was 1,000 for a 3-month average volume of 11,354.70.

Anesiva Inc. (ANSV)

Today, Wall Street News Alert and Greenbackers reported on Anesiva Inc. (ANSV), and we are as well here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the NASDAQ Global Market, Anesiva, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of novel pharmaceutical products for pain management. Headquartered in South San Francisco , California , the Company's lead product candidate is Adlea. This product is a small molecule formulation of capsaicin that is currently in development for the management of acute pain following orthopedic surgeries. Founded in 2001, Anesiva Inc. is part of the Biotechnology Industry in the Healthcare sector and they have a current market capitalization of $30.76 million.

Their Adlea product has shown in clinical trials to provide extended pain relief in multiple indications for site-specific, acute and chronic, moderate-to-severe pain. This is after only a single administration. Last month, the Company announced that a Phase 3 trial of Adlea achieved its primary efficacy endpoint of reduced post-surgical pain versus placebo following total knee arthroplasty (TKA, or total knee replacement surgery). This result was realized four to 48 hours after surgery. The key secondary endpoint of Adlea demonstrating a highly significant reduction in opioid medication consumption compared to placebo was also met.

Today, Shares of Anesiva Inc. rose after the Company said the Food and Drug Administration broadened approval of their topical anesthetic Zingo. It now has approval to include use in adults. The drug previously received approval in August 2007. This approval was previously for use in children from the ages of three to 18.

Today, Anesiva Inc. (ANSV) closed trading at $0.76 up $0.08 or 11.76 percent. Volume was 7,213,106, significantly higher than the 3-month average volume of 851,261.

Palm Inc. (PALM)

Today, Wall Street News Alert, Street Insider, StockEgg.com, Momentum Traders, and HotOTC.com all reported on Palm Inc. (PALM), and we are too here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Sunnyvale , California , Palm Inc. provides mobile products for individual users and business customers worldwide. The Company lists on the NASDAQ and they are an enterprise that creates powerful mobile products that enable people to manage better their on the go lifestyles. Their product portfolio includes their Palm® Treo™ and Palm Centro™ smartphones. They also market their Palm handheld computers, software, services, and accessories.

Palm sells via the Internet, retail, reseller, and wireless operator channels on a global basis. They also sell on the Internet through their Palm online stores. Their Palm smartphones are available with the Palm OS® and Windows Mobile® operating systems. The Company's smartphones, with carrier activation, combine a full-featured mobile phone with email , an organizer, messaging, and web access capabilities. These devices are user-friendly, lightweight, and compact. Palm smartphones have a built-in QWERTY keyboard for fast and efficient inputting of data. These smartphones are compatible with GSM and CDMA networks, which gives their customers choice in mobile operators.

The Company's Palm® Handheld Computers are tools for managing appointments, addresses, and to-do lists, or find use as peoples' offices on the go. The Company's handheld computers enable users to manage their schedules, carry MP3s, digital photos, and video clips. They also enable users to create and edit Word, Excel, and PowerPoint compatible files.

Palm Inc. recently said that Elevation Partners agreed to make an additional $100 million equity investment in Palm. Elevation Partners will increase their investment in Palm by acquiring newly issued Series C preferred stock convertible into Palm common stock at a price of $3.25 per share. Elevation will also receive warrants to acquire seven million shares of Palm common stock at the same price. Prior to March 31, 2009, Palm may elect to cause Elevation to sell up to $49 million of this new investment to other investors on the same or better terms than on which Elevation invested.

Today, Palm Inc.'s stock price jumped following the debut of their new touch-screen smart phone. The Company announced their new Palm Pre smart phone and WebOS operating system at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas yesterday. The Palm Pre features a touch screen as well as other features, including a slide-out keypad and the new operating system that the Company designed from scratch.

Today, Palm Inc. (PALM) closed at $5.96 up $1.51 or 33.93 percent. Volume was 65,445,735 significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 2,497,280.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)
Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD)

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)
Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC)

Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Hunt Gold Corp. (HGLC) Today, Hunt Gold Corp. closed trading at $0.0001, for no change from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 551,401,555 shares significantly higher than their 3-month average volume of 1,435,980 shares.

Yesterday, Hunt Gold Corporation provided an update regarding various issues. This included information concerning their continued drilling at their Mockingbird Gold Mine, assay reports, share structure, Website and Investor relations, purchases of stock by the Joint Venture Company, and sale of the Company's molybdenum interests. More details can be viewed at http://blog.qualitystocks.net/?p=14213

Hunt Gold Corporation (HGLC) is a gold mining and exploration company focused on the development and exploration of their “Mockingbird,” “Ambassador,” “Golden Eagle,” “Gladstone Lookout,” “Lady Alde,” “Lookout Silver,” “Starlight,” “American Flag,” “Venezia,” “Stormcloud,” “Cherry,” “Buffalo Limecap,” “Red Cloud” and “Federal” gold properties.

The company is currently in the process of drilling on its “Mockingbird” Gold Property. The property consists of approximately 2,500 acres and is located in Mohave County, Arizona. Previous mining efforts identified the property as having the potential to hold more than a million ounces of gold resource. Hunt Gold's drilling program was initiated to verify the gold mineralization previously identified by surface sampling, and to begin building a proven or probable gold resource.

The Ambassador Gold Project is located near Prescott, Arizona in the Black Hills Mining District, which is south of the Verde Mining District and west of the Cherry Creek Mining District. Each of these districts has seen significant past production of gold, silver and copper. Well-known area mines include the United Verde, United Verde Extension, Yaeger, Monarch and Logan Mines.

The Golden Eagle property is geographically located between and on trend with the Mesquite gold mine and the Picacho gold mine. Mesquite was mined by Newmont for over 15 years and produced a total of 4MM ounces gold, while Picacho produced 388,000 ounces of gold. Past exploration by UNC focused on sampling of the underground workings of the Ambassador Mine, which showed excellent gold grades at the mine exposures and the potential for developing an economic ore deposit of over 1,000,000 ounces of gold and gold equivalent silver and copper credits. Disclaimer

Hunt Gold Corp. Daily Blog

Hunt Gold Corp. News:

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Stockholder Updates

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Updates on Drilling & Assay Results

Hunt Gold Corporation -- Drilling Updates & Assay Results

Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD) Today, Nexia Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.0001, which was down $0.0001 or 50.00 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 44,331,998 shares.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. Nexia Holdings, Inc. reported that the new management of Wasatch Capital Corporation has identified seven new properties for acquisition under the real estate acquisition strategy undergoing implementation under Richard Surber's direction. The Company is conducting reviews and due diligence on the properties, and the properties are all located in the northern Utah area.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holdings company with operations in health and beauty, fashion retail, and real estate. Currently, the company owns two salons, one retail store, one online retail store and three commercial properties.

The two salons, Landis Lifestyle Salon and Landis Salon, are both located in Utah. Landis Lifestyle Salon, located in Salt Lake City, is an Aveda™ Lifestyle Salon, while Landis Salon, located in Bountiful, is an Aveda™ Concept Salon. Nexia plans to grow the Landis brand to a national level with up to 5 locations in the Salt Lake region before executing a national expansion plan that could include franchise opportunities.

The retail store, operated by subsidiary Black Chandelier, sets itself apart from clothing giants such as The Gap, Hot Topic, and Target by offering eco-friendly fabrics, in-house sewers and silk screeners, and crazy models like Lisa D'Amato. The store was designed to be a tourist attraction that offers an innovative retail shopping experience.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. also has more than a decade of experience acquiring undervalued properties in the area of Salt Lake City. The company's existing portfolio includes the historic Wallace-Bennett Building (a 38,000 sq. ft. multi-story office building in Salt Lake City), a 7,000 sq. ft. one-story retail building on State Street in Salt Lake City, and 100,000 sq. ft. building on Sam's Boulevard in Kearns. The company also owns seven small parcels of undeveloped raw land in Utah and Kansas. Disclaimer

Nexia Holdings, Inc. Blog

Nexia Holdings, Inc. News:

Nexia Set to Acquire Seven Residential Properties in Northern Utah

Nexia Reports Salon Revenues of $2,113,943

Nexia Assembles New Real Estate Acquisition Team

eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight eDOORWAYS Corporation (EDWY) Today, eDOORWAYS Corp. closed trading at $0.0034, which was up $0.0004 or 13.33 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 636,350 shares, higher than their 3-month average volume of 115,095 shares.

eDOORWAYS Corp. is committed to solving lifestyle problems for consumers while driving traffic to suppliers and service providers who offer innovative merchandise and solutions. The company has the potential to completely change the future landscape of business by offering a unique and comprehensive service that saves consumers valuable time and money. By uniting a consumer with the larger global consumer community, retailers, and manufacturers in an effective new way, eDOORWAYS promotes “dynamic” commerce, as opposed to the static model currently in existence.

The Company plans to capitalize on several emerging new trends. These newly created opportunities include: the large success of Web 2.0 Internet community service offerings such as MySpace, the movement towards niche marketing and targeted advertising, the introduction of new technologies that enable instantaneous, online presentation of information, and the rising consumer preference for using the Internet to gain information before making purchasing decisions.

eDOORWAYS plans to introduce local services using a city-by-city strategy that will minimize capital requirements, reduce staffing requirements, and optimize generated revenues. Ten major cities are targeted for launch in the first year. Advertising, PR campaigns and viral word-of-mouth will be used to give a public presentation to experts as well as educate the market.

The key benefits offered to consumers include a higher level of engagement with vendors, trusted information from other consumers, and superior customer service. Revenues will be generated through advertising placement fees, premium services, preferential placement fees, and a percentage of sales transactions. eDOORWAYS' progressive vision and professional management team makes it an attractive investment opportunity. Disclaimer

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC) Today, Axial Vector Energy Corp. closed trading at $0.135, which was up $0.005 or 3.85 percent. Their volume today was 37,755 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 116,495.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC) a publicly traded, development-stage company providing global energy solutions, develops multi-fuel engines and generators for use primarily in military and commercial applications.

Founded in 2002, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Axial Vector - through a joint venture agreement with Adaptive Propulsion Systems, LLC - develops and manufactures their engines and generators with an eye toward environmental responsibility and social benefit.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation owns, develops and licenses a technologically advanced suite of internal combustion engines and electric power generation modules. The company has also developed the world's only “coreless” no iron electric motors, which consume one half the electricity of conventional electric motors.

These cutting-edge technologies are focused on fulfilling global engine and energy needs by delivering greater fuel-efficiency, cost effectiveness, versatility, and environmental sensitivity than ever before in venues from the commercial to the industrial, including the vehicular and military sectors. Disclaimer

Axial Vector Energy Corporation Blog

Axial Vector Energy Corporation News:

Axial Vector Energy Corp. Summarizes Highlights of Investor Conference Call

Axial Vector Energy Corporation Announces Investor Conference Call Hosted by Company President/CEO, Sanjai Chhaunker

Axial Vector Announces the Formation of United States Wind Power Industry Joint Venture


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