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The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter for Monday, January 8th, 2018

The QualityStocks
Daily Stock List


Medifocus, Inc. (MDFZF)

MoneyHub, OTC Markets, Street Insider, and MarketWatch reported earlier on Medifocus, Inc. (MDFZF), and we highlight the Company as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Medifocus, Inc. has a portfolio of medical technologies that use patented Focal Thermal Technology to treat conditions ranging from Prostate Diseases to Breast Cancer. A Biotechnology Company, Medifocus develops and commercializes minimally invasive treatment systems used in the treatment of cancerous and benign tumors, and enlarged prostates, medically known as Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH). Medifocus is based in Columbia, Maryland. The Company’s shares trade on the OTCQB.

Medifocus owns two technology platforms with roughly 100 issued and pending U.S. and international patents. One platform is the “Endo-thermotherapy Platform”. The other platform is the “Adaptive Phased Array Microwave Focusing Platform”.

Based on these proprietary technology platforms, Medifocus has developed two advanced therapeutic products. One is the Adaptive Phased Array (APA)-1000 system for the treatment of breast cancer. The other is the Prolieve® system for the treatment of BPH.

Medifocus’ Prolieve® Thermodilatation™ System provides symptomatic relief to men with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) through a simple, 45-minute, in-office treatment. Prolieve® is Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Medicare approved for treating symptomatic BPH with more than 100,000 cases performed in the U.S. alone, and with proven long-term safety, efficacy, and durability.

The Prolieve system provides treatment that combines the Company’s microwave thermotherapy capability with a proprietary balloon compression technology to heat the prostate and dilate the prostatic urethra. The purpose of the Prolieve system is to provide a relatively painless and effective alternative to drug therapy and also certain types of surgical procedures to treat the symptoms of BPH.

The Company’s Heat Activated Gene Therapy exclusively licensed from Duke University aims at using Medifocus’ Focal Thermal Technology to enhance selective expression of therapeutic genes injected intratumorally to optimize cancer cell killing while lessening systemic side effects.

Medifocus’ APA 1000 Breast Cancer Treatment System developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has been shown in Phase 2 clinical trials to offer significant additional shrinkage of the sizes of breast cancer in combined ChemoThermal therapy versus Chemotherapy alone. Additionally, it was shown to be effective in reducing margin positivity when patients were treated with APA 1000 before lumpectomy.

Upon Medifocus starting the Pivotal trial for breast cancer, the business development effort will center on securing one or more strategic licensing, product R&D and marketing partners internationally to collaborate with Medifocus in its effort to commercialize the APA focused heat treatment systems for cancer globally.

Medifocus, Inc. (MDFZF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.035, up 40.00%, on 5,100 volume with 1 trade. The average volume for the last 60 days is 13,678 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.0085/$0.0387.

Neo Lithium Corp. (NTTHF)

MarketWatch, OTC Markets, Stockhouse, Barchart, TipRanks, StockNewsNow, 4-Traders, InvestingNews, and PennyStockTweets reported on Neo Lithium Corp. (NTTHF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, Neo Lithium Corp. is rapidly advancing its wholly-owned, high quality, Tres Quebradas lithium brine project (3Q Project) in Latin America's Lithium Triangle in the Province of Catamarca, Argentina. The 3Q Project is a unique high-grade and low impurity lithium brine lake and salar complex that covers roughly 35,000 hectares. Neo Lithium’ shares trade on the OTC Markets’ Group’s OTCQB.

The Company recently completed a preliminary economic assessment (PEA) of the 3Q Project. It indicates very strong economics for a 35,000 tonne per year lithium carbonate mine.

The 3Q Project is in the southern end of the “Lithium Triangle” in the Puna Plateau. This area is characterized by high altitude salt flats, many of which contain elevated lithium concentrations.

The 3Q Project is one of the fastest growing lithium brine projects in the industry. It has moved from discovery to PEA in 22 months. More than $10 million was invested in the 3Q Project by September 2017, with a 60 person year-round camp.

The 3Q Project is fully equipped with the full camp and access road, and with a last generation weather station operating year round. It also has a full geochemical analytical lab on site, solar and diesel power, and a zero waste sewage system.

Ten diamond drill holes (totaling 1,960 meters) and 13 rotary wells (totaling 1,177 meters) were completed in 11 platforms by Neo Lithium in the first season of drilling. The Company initiated the second round of drilling to upgrade resources into reserves and explore upside potential at depth on already drilled sectors and sectors that remain unexplored.

Last month, Neo Lithium announced the filing of a technical report in association with the release of the results of its PEA for the production of lithium carbonate from its wholly-owned Tres Quebradas lithium brine project (3Q Project) in Catamarca Province, Argentina, titled Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) 3Q Project NI 43-101 Technical Report.

The Technical Report was prepared by GHD Chile SA (GHD). GHD is a foremost independent engineering services firm. Regarding environmental and permitting considerations, Neo Lithium is fully permitted for the present work program to feasibility and up to construction. The current emphasis is on baseline studies and the Company has completed the analysis for flora, fauna, limnology and microbiology for the summer, fall and winter. Additionally, social and archeology studies have been completed.

Neo Lithium filed the Technical Report with positive PEA results on its 3Q Project showing a capital cost reduction from US$588.7 million to US$490.2 million via the relocation of evaporation ponds. The average production rate is 35,000 tonnes of lithium carbonate annually.

The expected mine life is 20 years with a 3 year ramp up period beginning in 2021. The updated IRR (Internal Rate of Return) is 27.9 percent.

Today, Neo Lithium announced the appointment of Mr. Gabriel Pindar as the Company’s new Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the addition of three engineers to the 3Q Project team. Neo Lithium also announced the results of the second drill hole of its 2018 exploration campaign from its 3Q Project.

Mr. Pindar was appointed as COO and continues as a Director of Neo Lithium. He has more than 25 years of experience building large scale mines and related infrastructure projects globally. This includes processing facilities, rail, as well as ports.

Neo Lithium received the results of the second hole drilled this exploration season. New drill hole PP1-D-15 yielded 238 meters with an average grade of 784 mg/L Lithium, 7,544 mg/L Potassium and Mg/Li ratio 2.02 and Sulfate/Li ratio 0.25. The hole is in the western part of the northern target. It extends earlier results in the area down depth. Results from two more drill holes in the northern target are pending.

Neo Lithium Corp. (NTTHF), closed Monday's trading session at $2.088, up 10.98%, on 15,984 volume with 20 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 17,580 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.71/$1.8925.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc. (GLXZ)

Marketbeat, Red Chip, SmallCapVoice, TaglichBrothers, The Green Baron, FeedBlitz, and Stock Profile reported earlier on Galaxy Gaming, Inc. (GLXZ), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc. is the world's largest independent developer, manufacturer, and distributor of casino table games and enhanced systems. The Company develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative proprietary table games, state-of-the-art electronic wagering platforms, and enhanced bonusing systems to land-based, riverboat, cruise ships, and online casinos around the world. Galaxy Gaming has its corporate office in Las Vegas, Nevada and the Company lists on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

Galaxy Gaming has an installed base of its products on thousands of gaming tables located in hundreds of casinos. The Company sells its products chiefly through its internal sales force, to casinos throughout North America, the Caribbean, the British Isles, Europe, and Africa, and also to cruise ships and internet gaming sites worldwide.

Galaxy Gaming is expanding its international footprint via its partnership with WPT Enterprises, Inc. WPT Enterprises is the owner of the World Poker Tour.

In addition, Galaxy Gaming is the exclusive provider of SpectrumVision. This is a proprietary technology employed to detect invisible markings on playing cards.

Furthermore, by way of its iGaming partner, Games Marketing Ltd., Galaxy Gaming licenses its proprietary table games to the online gaming industry. The Company’s games can be played online at FeelTheRush.com.

This past November, Galaxy Gaming announced its results for the quarter ending September 30, 2017. For Q3 2017 in comparison to Q3 2016, Revenue grew 20 percent to $3,830K. Adjusted EBITDA (Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization) decreased 16 percent to $1,278K.

The Company had a pre-tax Loss of $6K versus pretax Income of 1,013K. It had a Net Loss of $28K versus Net Income of $662K. Balance Sheet improvements (in comparison to December 31, 2016) include Cash increasing 37 percent to $3,162K.

Total Debt (gross) decreased 12 percent to $9,846K. Stockholders’ equity rose 14 percent to $5,269K.

Mr. Todd Cravens, Galaxy Gaming’s President and Chief Executive Officer, said, “Our year-over-year revenue growth of 20.0 percent reported for the third quarter of 2017 was the highest quarterly revenue growth reported this year. As has been the case for several quarters, we have been adding staff and other resources to support this growth and our future aspirations. One of the benefits of these investments was realized in September when we received a higher level of licensing from the Nevada Gaming Commission. This licensure allows us to broaden our sales activities in Nevada and gives us a roadmap to pursue licenses in other jurisdictions.

Galaxy Gaming, Inc. (GLXZ), closed Monday's trading session at $1.11, down 1.83%, on 10,000 volume with 6 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 9,156 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.521/$1.47.

Cardax, Inc. (CDXI)

Zacks reported earlier on Cardax, Inc. (CDXI), and today we are reporting on the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Cardax, Inc. is a development stage life sciences enterprise based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Company dedicates primarily all its efforts to developing consumer health and pharmaceutical products that it believes will provide many of the anti-inflammatory benefits of steroids or NSAIDS through targeting many of the same inflammatory pathways and mediators, but with exceptional safety profiles. Cardax’s shares trade on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

The Company’s Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio consists of 21 issued patents. These include 14 in the United States and seven in China, India, Japan, and Hong Kong. Cardax said it will continue to seek appropriate patent protection for its products in the U.S. and other selected nations. Cardax’s patents will expire between 2023 and 2028, subject to patent extensions. The Company has five patent applications pending in Europe, Canada, and Brazil.

Cardax is preparing proprietary nature-identical products and related derivatives by way of total synthesis to provide scalable, pure, and economical therapies for diseases where inflammation and oxidative stress are strongly implicated. This includes, but is not limited to, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, dyslipidemia, metabolic disease, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hepatitis, cognitive decline, macular degeneration, and prostate disease.

Cardax’s initial main emphasis is its astaxanthin technologies. Astaxanthin is a strong and safe naturally occurring anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant without the adverse side effects characteristic of anti-inflammatory treatments using steroids or NSAIDS (including immune system suppression, liver damage, cardiovascular disease risk, and gastrointestinal bleeding). The safety and efficacy of Cardax’s product candidates have not been directly evaluated in clinical trials or confirmed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In 2014, Cardax and Capsugel entered into a Collaboration Agreement for the joint development of astaxanthin products for the consumer health market utilizing Capsugel’s proprietary lipid multiparticulate (LMP) formulation technology. Capsugel’s LMP technology encapsulates dissolved or suspended active ingredients into spherical lipid matrix particles. The expectation is it will boost the oral bioavailability of astaxanthin.

Furthermore, BASF has exclusively licensed rights from Cardax. This is to develop and commercialize nature-identical astaxanthin in consumer health products. BASF will pay Cardax royalties on future net sales of such products. Moreover, Cardax can purchase nature-identical astaxanthin from BASF for consumer health applications.

Cardax’ ZanthoSyn® is the Company’s first product to help consumers safely address their inflammatory health. Cardax says that ZanthoSyn® is a physician recommended anti-inflammatory supplement for health and longevity, which features astaxanthin with optimal absorption and purity. ZanthoSyn® contains astaxanthin, which is Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) according to FDA regulations.

In October 2017, Cardax announced that it entered into a mutual exclusivity agreement with General Nutrition Corporation (GNC) for ZanthoSyn. The exclusivity agreement builds on Cardax’s previously announced national rollout of ZanthoSyn across GNC's greater than 3,200 U.S. corporate stores.

It now designates GNC as the exclusive "brick-and-mortar" retailer of ZanthoSyn in the U.S. The exclusivity agreement encompasses the use of ZanthoSyn as a human dietary supplement, with an initial term of two years and provides for automatic renewals. GNC is the leading specialty retailer of health, wellness, as well as performance products.

Cardax, Inc. (CDXI), closed Monday's trading session at $0.15, up 2.60%, on 18,700 volume with 3 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 99,498 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.07/$0.59.

NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP)

SmallCapVoice, Pennystockmania, ThePennyPicks, PennyPickGains, and WallstreetSurfers reported earlier on NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

OTCQB-listed, NaturalShrimp, Inc. is an international leader in aquaculture technology. The Company has developed and tested the first commercially-viable system for growing shrimp indoors. The system employs a proprietary technology to reliably produce healthy, naturally-grown shrimp weekly without the use of antibiotics or toxic chemicals. NaturalShrimp is based in Dallas, Texas.

NaturalShrimp’s production facility is outside of San Antonio, Texas. The Company’s European partner has built a production facility in Medina del Campo, Spain. Expansion plans include domestic and worldwide production facilities and distribution channels.

NaturalShrimp, Inc. owns 100 percent of NaturalShrimp Corporation, formed to operate in the United States and Canada, and 100 percent of NaturalShrimp Global, Inc., established to create International Joint Venture (JV) Partnerships.

NaturalShrimp has developed a technology to produce fresh, gourmet-grade shrimp dependably and economically in an indoor, re-circulating, saltwater facility. Its eco-friendly, bio-secure design does not depend on ocean water. It recreates the natural ocean environment allowing for high-density production, which can be replicated anywhere globally.

The NaturalShrimp Automated Monitoring and Control system utilizes individual tank monitors to automatically control the feeding, the oxygenation, and also the temperature of each of the facility tanks independently. In addition, a facility computer, running custom software, communicates with each of the controllers and performs additional data acquisition functions that can report back to a supervisory computer from anywhere in the world.

The computer automated water controls optimize the growing conditions for the shrimp as they mature to harvest size. This provides a disease-resistant production environment.

NaturalShrimp, along with its technology partner F&T Water Solutions, LLC, has teamed with Filtertech, Inc. on manufacturing the production equipment package to initially be installed at NaturalShrimp’s La Coste facility. The proprietary equipment package is the basis of the Company’s patented technology. The equipment covers NaturalShrimp’s base process of growing healthful, naturally grown shrimp without the use of chemicals and/or antibiotics.

In essence, NaturalShrimp’s production facilities will be the aquaculture industry’s first truly eco-friendly, sustainable way of cultivating shrimp in high density environments. The Company’s closed system production methods will produce fresh, gourmet grade shrimp without the use of antibiotics, pollutants, and other chemicals or without further depleting the globe’s oceans from overfishing.

Mr. Gerald Easterling, Mr. Bill G. Williams, and Mr. Tom Untermeyer founded NaturalShrimp in 2001. Mr. Williams serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Easterling serves as President. Mr. Untermeyer serves as Chief Technology Officer.

NaturalShrimp, Inc. (SHMP), closed Monday's trading session at $0.20, up 96.08%, on 17,336 volume with 10 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 35,683 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.065/$1.00.

Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG)

OTC Markets, Zacks, 4-Traders, InvestorsHub, MarketWatch, The Street, Investopedia, Stockflare, StreetInsider, and Stockhouse reported on Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Established in 1991, Santa Fe Gold Corporation’s intention is to establish itself as a significant player in the precious metals mining field. Its objective is to produce substantial cash flow from precious metals holdings. This is while creating a portfolio of high quality exploration and bankable development projects that will ensure future revenue growth. OTCQB-listed, Santa Fe Gold is headquartered in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

The Company’s focus is on Gold, Silver, and Copper, Precious, Industrial and Base metals. Santa Fe Gold’s assets include the Knight’s Peak region of Grant County, New Mexico consisting of the Malone Mines, Patanka, Hillcrest Barranca and Principal Mines, altogether incorporating about 20 mine sites and all situated at Knight’s Peak, together with an expanded area surrounding the Malone Mines in the southern area of Burro Mountains, New Mexico.

In addition, Santa Fe Gold owns very significant holdings in the Playas Lake Bed Area of Hidalgo County. This includes the presences of Titanium ore and other rare earth minerals and deposits.

At the end of November 2017, Santa Fe Gold announced that preparations were underway to start mining production as soon as possible upon completion of the acquisitions and final permitting. Santa Fe is in the closing stage of acquisition of 100 percent of Bullard’s Peak Corporation and Black Hawk Consolidated Mines Company.

The acquisitions include the previously optioned AG1 Silver Mine and all lands surrounding the project. This includes a potential Porphyry Silver Discovery, Cobalt, and Lithium, Manganese and Nickel and all rights to same.

In late December, Santa Fe Gold announced it received an additional US$849,958.17 with more funding expected from International Investment Group and its associated investors, bringing their overall stake in Santa Fe Gold to in excess of $6 Million converted to equity at prices close to recent market quotes.

The Company expects to complete 100 percent of the purchase of Silver Mines: Bullard's Peak Corporation and Black Hawk Consolidated Mines in the opening days of 2018. The expectation is that production will commence in the interim afterward. Furthermore, Santa Fe Gold expects to announce at least four new acquisitions in Q1 of 2018.

Santa Fe Gold President and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Tom Laws, said in December, "We are delighted with the increased investment in Santa Fe Gold which demonstrates confidence in our ongoing near term plans. We expect to close on the AG1 Silver Mines early in the New Year as well as being able to give additional details on why we are really excited about this and other new acquisitions."

Santa Fe Gold Corporation (SFEG), closed Monday's trading session at $0.185, even for the day, on 127,404 volume with 28 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 97,161 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.045/$0.2323.

Primero Mining Corp. (PPPMF)

Zacks, Stockhouse, and Business Insider reported on Primero Mining Corp. (PPPMF), and today we are highlighting the Company, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

A precious metals producer, Primero Mining Corp. is a gold mining company that owns the San Dimas gold-silver mine in Mexico (100 percent owned). The Company’s total concession area in the San Dimas district totals 68,628 hectares. Primero’s emphasis is on becoming a foremost intermediate gold producer through building a portfolio of high quality, low cost precious metals assets in the Americas. Primero Mining has its corporate office in Toronto, Ontario. The Company lists on the OTC Markets Group’s OTCQB.

Primero Mining acquired the San Dimas mine in August of 2010. The San Dimas mine is roughly 125 kilometers northeast of Mazatlán, on the border of Sinaloa and Durango States, in central west Mexico. The San Dimas mine comprises five ore zones or blocks: Central, Sinaloa Graben, Tayoltita, and Arana Hanging Wall, and San Antonio West. These are contained within a 22,500 hectares contiguous property.

The Company uses long-hole stoping and mechanized cut-and-fill underground mining methods. All mined production undergoes processing at the Tayoltita mill. The San Dimas deposit is considered to be one of the most significant precious metal deposits in Mexico, positioned within a very large (15 square kilometers) mining district.

Historic production from the San Dimas district has been estimated to total 11 million ounces of gold and 582 million ounces of silver. The Tayoltita mill has a nameplate capacity of 2,500 tonnes per day.

Regarding its exploration properties, Primero Ming has its Ventanas and Lechuguilla concessions. These are adjacent and to the south of the San Dimas mine, in the southern part of the San Dimas District. The Company owns 100 percent of the Ventanas and Lechuguilla properties.

The Ventanas property is 32 kilometers southeast of San Dimas. It totals 3,470 hectares. Ventanas contains no less than 17 old mine workings and multiple low to intermediate sulphidation epithermal veins systems. Numerous parts of the Ventanas property remain under-explored.

The Lechuguilla Greenfield property is directly adjacent to the south of San Dimas. Lechuguilla is largely unexplored because of its huge size and the region's challenging topography.

Primero Mining Corp. (PPPMF), closed Monday's trading session at $0.095, up 26.67%, on 737,443 volume with 96 trades. The average volume for the last 60 days is 314,739 and the stock's 52-week low/high is $0.06/$0.699.


The QualityStocks
Company Corner


Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (GRCK)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (GRCK). Today, Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. closed trading at $0.007339, up 22.32%, on 8,582,504 volume with 113 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 10,171,913 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0027/$0.1499.

Grey Cloak Tech (OTCQB: GRCK) today announced the launch of its brand new YouTube Channel, CBD TV which will feature topics ranging from educational videos on CBD, in-house staff video reviews of products found on CBD.co, to interviews with the top executive in the CBD and hemp arenas.  CBD TV will be hosted on YouTube and will be one of the chief communication tools for the Grey Cloak family of companies with its shareholders and the general public. It can be found by going to CBD.co/tv

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. (OTCQB: GRCK), a Las Vegas, Nevada-based company, aims to expand into the rapidly growing cannabinoid (CBD) market through the pending acquisition of Eqova Life Sciences, which focuses on providing a full spectrum line of clinical-grade hemp oil (CBD) products to the medical practitioner market. Eqova Life Sciences, based in Denver, Colorado, develops its own high quality, branded product line of hemp oil health products, with the offer of producing private labels to qualified partners.

Eqova Life Sciences recently exhibited the company's CBD products at the Integrative Medicine Summit in Denver, Colorado, which was attended by over 200 medical professionals. As part of the exhibition, Eqova Life Sciences also debuted its new CannaBio Salve, an innovative topical salve infused with several aromatic natural oils. The company's formulations combine the scientifically-validated, powerful benefits of cannabinoids in standardized products which are then distributed to patients under the care of qualified health practitioners. All Eqova products are carefully researched and go through rigorous third-party testing before and after marketing, providing the security of a clinical-grade product made in cGMP Compliant Labs located in the United States.

According to The Hemp Business Journal, the CBD products marketplace is projected to grow 700 percent by 2020 with annual sales reaching $2.1 billion. The purchase of Eqova Life Sciences would be a natural fit for the company, which has been looking for a way to build shareholder value by adding acquisitions from the rapidly growing CBD sector. Grey Cloak Tech believes medical practitioners seeking high-quality CBD products represent a vastly underserved market. To date, no other hemp oil company has exclusively focused on providing clinical-grade, full-spectrum hemp oil products to this important segment of the medical community.

Grey Cloak Tech also develops advanced software to overcome costly digital threats, most commonly known as online fraud. Grey Cloak Tech leads the industry with continuous development of the most comprehensive and effective weapons against online security threats. The company's proprietary digital advertising fraud detection software, Fraudlytic, provides a cloud-based, secure platform that monitors Internet traffic in real time, blocking malicious and false clicks, while allowing real consumers to view offers and make purchases. Disclaimer

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. Blog

Grey Cloak Tech, Inc. News:

Grey Cloak Announces the Launch of CBD TV

Grey Cloak Announces the Launch of CBD.co — “The Cannabinoid Marketplace”

Grey Cloak Tech Announces Hiring of Stephen Goldberg as New Chief Marketing Officer for CBD.co

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG). Today, Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions closed trading at $0.0601, off by 17.10%, on 1,357,675 volume with 151 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 713,701, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0161/$0.20.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (OTC:REFG), today responded to Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Cole Memo and other internal enforcement guidelines from the Obama Administration that de-prioritized enforcement of federal marijuana prohibition against individuals and businesses complying with state laws regarding marijuana.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions (REFG), headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming, is a first-tier merchant processing cannabis industry pioneer, offering one of the first and only comprehensive card processing operations of its kind to serve the state-sanctioned medical marijuana industry. The company's state of the art system, which also tracks sales and tax collection, and eliminates the need to deal in cash-only transactions.

Through its robust, closed-loop merchant processing system, the company's unique "StateSourced" proprietary system enables authorized operation under FinCEN parameters and complies with all regulatory frameworks. StateSourced is tailored to deliver full-spectrum merchant processing services, providing the convenience of modern commercial card processing resources and making it the first operation of its kind geared to the legal cannabis industry.

StateSourced is not a prepaid or gift card, which is an important variable for merchants since standard banking institutions have not offered this form of payment processing to the legal cannabis industry. Federal law still considers marijuana illegal under the Controlled Substances Act, although 29 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the plant either for medicinal or recreational uses or both. This restriction has kept financial institutions at bay since most banks are federally insured and haven't been inclined to venture into the nascent industry.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions is able to offer its StateSourced card on a state-by-state basis where the card can be used in purchasing product from a legal, authorized vendor, providing a much-needed option for consumers and businesses alike. In another first, the company is collaborating with First Bitcoin Capital Corporation to integrate First Bitcoin's cryptocurrency ($Weed) with Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions' StateSourced payment gateway. This collaboration will allow state-licensed marijuana establishments across the nation to accept both StateSourced debit cards and cryptocurrencies such as WeedCoin and Bitcoin.

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions president and CEO Jeremy Roberts and his executive team are working with state lawmakers to introduce legislation in an effort to address the growing problems in banking for the medical cannabis industry. For companies in the emerging legal cannabis industry, where retail and non-retail transactions such as vendor payments and payroll are almost exclusively paid for with cash, the solutions offered by StateSourced can help businesses avoid the inherent risks associated with a cash-intensive sector. Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions has also signed its first StateSourced contract with a Las Vegas-based vertically integrated marijuana establishment.

"We've completed our transition from development stage to revenue stage," says Roberts. "We have just started our business development efforts and the market is responding very well. We anticipate having many more, similar releases."

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions provides end-to-end management across multiple systems for medicinal marijuana operations. The company solves the fragmentation problem experienced by many of these rapidly growing companies by identifying tools that are important to dispensaries and customizing those tools to meet the specific needs of this unique industry. Disclaimer

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Company Blog

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions News:

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Responds to Attorney General’s Decision to Rescind the Cole Memo Guidance

Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions Launches of State of the Art Industry Compliant Payment Processing System

NetworkNewsAudio Releases Exclusive Audio Interview with Medical Cannabis Payment Solutions


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight EVIO, Inc. (EVIO). Today, EVIO, Inc. closed trading at $1.95, up 17.19%, on 196,969 volume with 329 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 90,666, and its 52-week low/high is $0.47/$3.10.

EVIO, Inc. (EVIO), via the EVIO Labs division, is the nation's leading provider of accredited analytical testing, scientific research and advisory services to the regulated cannabis industry. EVIO Labs provides state-mandated ancillary services that are required to ensure the safety and quality of the nation's cannabis supply. EVIO Labs has performed over 50,000 tests during the past two years and grown from one laboratory in Oregon to nine labs spanning California, Oregon, Colorado, Massachusetts and Florida.

EVIO Labs is driving the cannabis testing industry by providing clients nationwide with consistent high-quality cannabis analytical services backed by quality control assurances. The company also provides advisory services that help cannabis producers and retailers enhance production processes, achieve regulatory compliance and meet quality goals.

EVIO Labs is on track to open 18 laboratories by the end of 2018 at locations around the United States. The Oregon-based company provides analytical services that include testing cannabis and industrial hemp flower, extracts and infused products. The labs specialize in performing the following tests:

  • Cannabinoid analysis, which properly characterizes the many primary cannabinoids found in cannabis including THC, CBD, and several other cannabinoids.
  • Terpene analysis, which identifies the aromatic compounds of the plant (terpene), which can help identify the therapeutic potential of a cannabis flower or extract.
  • Moisture content and water activity, which measure the moisture levels of dried cannabis and are indicators of microbiological growth potential.
  • Pesticide residue analysis of over 100 different pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, growth regulators and other agrochemicals that may be present on cannabis.
  • Detection of harmful residual solvents left behind in the cannabis extract production process.
  • Microbial testing screen for bacterial and fungal contamination in cannabis and cannabis-infused products.
  • Detection of heavy metals including lead, cadmium, mercury, and arsenic.

EVIO Labs is rapidly becoming the nation's leading cannabis biotechnology company. Led by a management team with extensive experience in designing and rolling out successful business ventures, product research and development, regulatory and compliance protocols, medical cannabis cultivation, production and analytical chemistry techniques, EVIO Labs is prepared to take advantage of today's fastest growing industry. Disclaimer

EVIO, Inc. Company Blog

EVIO, Inc. News:

EVIO Inc. Announces the Appointment of New President, Albert Lustig

EVIO Inc. Completes Acquisition of Licensed California Cannabis Testing Laboratory

EVIO Labs Colorado Licensee Announces ISO 17025 Accreditation


The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight ABcann Global (ABCCF). Today, ABcann Global closed trading at $1.69, up 10.46%, on 1,859,673 volume with 1,640 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 490,066 and its 52-week low/high is $0.6171/$1.616.

ABcann Global (TSX.V: ABCN) (OTCQB: ABCCF) ABcann Medicinals, Inc. is a globally licensed, cost efficient producer of premium quality organic standardized medicinal cannabis. One of the earliest licensed Canadian medical marijuana producers under Canada's federally-controlled Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR), ABcann has five years of operating experience in the burgeoning medical marijuana space. The company currently owns and operates a fully functioning 14,500 square foot facility in Napanee, Ontario. Additionally, ABcann owns 65 acres of real estate with proper zoning and existing infrastructure in place to support the construction of another production facility of up to one million square feet.

In a November 2016 report, market research firm Canaccord Genuity Group forecasted that the medical marijuana market in Canada could see sales in excess of $8 billion by 2024, creating a sizable opportunity for the country's licensed producers (LPs). The research firm also noted that the "rigorous process of becoming a licensed producer of cannabis in Canada imposes significant barriers to entry and there will be a shortfall of supply in a legalized market in the short-term." This market barrier serves as a strategic advantage for ABcann as it prepares for its highly-anticipated IPO, which is currently scheduled for April 2017.

Canaccord's synopsis of the Canadian cannabis industry is supported by recent market activity, as companies sporting one of the illustrious Canadian government licenses for medicinal production have recorded strong growth following IPO. Canopy Growth (OTC: TWMJ), one of the largest fully-licensed Canadian marijuana growers, saw share prices skyrocket by more than 700 percent in the months following its initial offering. Aphria Inc. (OTC: APHQF), another licensed grower, climbed by more than 900 percent following its IPO. Other companies that have recorded huge growth since going public include Aurora Cannabis (OTC: ACBFF), climbing nearly 900 percent, and SupremePharma (OTC: SPRWF), which soared more than 1,300 percent.

With these market trends in mind, ABcann's impending IPO is one that prospective investors in the marijuana sector will want to explore. Recalls from some of the biggest players in the Canadian cannabis industry have highlighted the considerable learning curve that LPs face in today's market, which makes ABcann's proven track record in the market all the more noteworthy. The company has built a reputation over the years for its best-in-class standardized approach to growing cannabis, including the thoughtful omission of pesticides and a computer monitored growing technique that allows ABcann to minimize the risks of variance in its yields and ensure the creation of consistently high-quality products.

This technique, which the company calls the ABcann Advantage, has helped it record a customer retention rate of 94.7 percent alongside 30 percent month-over-month customer growth. When combined with ABcann's current yield rate, which it has measured at roughly 100 percent greater than the industry average, the company has constructed a strong foundation upon which to build a sizable presence in the global cannabis industry. This global growth potential is illustrated by ABcann's partnership with Israel's Syqe Medical, producer of the world's first selective-dose pharmaceutical grade medicinal plant inhaler. After visiting the company's production facility, Perry Davidson, founder of Syqe Medical, noted that ABcann's production technologies put it "in a class with the best in the world" in its ability to produce standardized pharmaceutical grade cannabis.

ABcann's entry into the public sector is being guided by a seasoned management team, board of directors and advisory board that feature well over a century of combined industry experience. Ken Clement, the company' founder and executive chairman, has been the key component and driving force behind ABcann's development since its inception. His vision of standardized production and dosage sets ABcann apart in the medical cannabis sector. Clement is joined on the company's management team by CEO Aaron Keay. Keay brings more than a decade of capital markets experience to ABcann, having played a role in raising approximately $250 million for public and private market issuers.

Notably, ABcann also has access to the 'Father of Cannabis Research', Raphael Mechoulam, PhD, through its board of advisors. An organic chemist and professor of medicinal chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mechoulam was the first scientist to isolate both cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), and he has received more than 25 prestigious academic awards, including the Rothschild Prize in Chemical Sciences and Physical Sciences in 2012.

With more than 65 acres of growth capacity, a healthy cash balance to fund upcoming construction efforts, steady sales growth, industry-leading yield rates and an established operations team in place, ABcann is well-positioned to compete in the rapidly-expanding Canadian medicinal cannabis industry. These factors, along with the company's ongoing global expansion into the European, Australian and Israeli markets, show why ABcann Medicinals' upcoming public offering fits the bill as "Canada's Next Medical Marijuana IPO." Disclaimer

ABcann Global Blog

ABcann Global News:

ABcann Appoints New Chief Marketing Officer

ABcann Global Announces Receipt of Health Canada License to Produce Cannabis Oils

ABcann Enters into Agreement to Acquire Leading Medical Cannabis Clinic

AV1 Group, Inc. (AVOP)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight AV1 Group, Inc. (AVOP). Today, AV1 Group, Inc. closed trading at $0.0374, up 6.86%, on 70,008 volume with 12 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 63,098 and its 52-week low/high is $0.017/$0.28.

AV1 Group, Inc. (AVOP), is a publicly traded investment and holding company established to identify, secure and monetize emerging growth companies in a number of sectors that include cannabis related technologies, grow houses and cultivation, and e-commerce businesses positioned for exponential growth. After identifying businesses displaying revolutionary concepts able to develop a substantial footprint in high-growth markets, the business model followed calls for incubating and supporting the best opportunities.

The company seeks to discover inspired entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that are poised for significant revenue generation. Management expertise can be seen in the development of embryonic-stage subsidiaries as the company brings a spectrum of backgrounds to the table with a significant resource of knowledge and experience to every venture. AV1 Group explores every opportunity to help each sector exceed its revenue goals while building close, active working relationships as it prepares each respective division to be a robust competitor within the various chosen markets.

AV1 Group companies include:

  • XFIRESmartSystems.com – Intelligent lighting solutions and wireless access for many different applications.
  • VaporHighUSA.com – Over 800 vaping products; bitcoin payments accepted.
  • DentalCannatizer.com – Revolutionary dual jet dental water jet integrates hemp oil infusing.
  • IntelligentLightingCorp.com – Comprehensive, energy-efficient lighting solutions.
  • CannaLighting.com – Wholly owned subsidiary building strategic relationships in the LED sector to provide solutions for grow houses and cultivation centers.
  • MJIQ – First, comprehensive, enterprise-grade integrated software suite being developed for the legal cannabis industry.
  • Hemptory.com – Engaging online destination for all hemp and cannabis related products and services.
  • Lawster.com – Puts consumers and small businesses in contact with legal services and service providers.
  • MJTestLabs.com – Under development website will serve cannabis dispensaries, laboratories and industry affiliates.

AV1 Group's business model delivers an advantage with internally-created projects that are poised for revenue generation and a cross-company revenue platform that enables the company to incubate and foster growth in early-stage subsidiaries under one umbrella. Disclaimer

AV1 Group, Inc. Blog

AV1 Group, Inc. News:

NetworkNewsWire Announces Publication Featuring Growth Opportunities for Innovators of Lighting Technologies

AV1 Group Announces Purchase Order from an Additional California Prison

AV1 Group, Inc. (AVOP) Engages NetworkNewsWire for Corporate Communications Solutions

Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS). Today, Cache Elite Inc. closed trading at $0.010425, up 6.38%, on 864,138 volume with 32 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 554,195 and its 52-week low/high is $0.0021/$0.06.

Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS) is a forward-thinking technology and service provider. The company provides homeowners with the latest in 3D designs, decorative hardware (http://www.eliteknobs.com), and travel and vacation services. Its foray into travel-related services can be found at the TripWitz website (http://www.tripwitz.com) where its proprietary back-end software, called Internet Travel Management Software, helps TripWitz provide its customers with a distinctive, cost-effective and perfect travel experience that sets it apart from other online travel agencies such as Expedia and Travelocity.

TripWitz provides real-time, dynamically packaged vacation quotes that include airfare, hotels, villas, ground transportation and activities. Every client searching for a smarter way to travel will find TripWitz is able to cut out the stress and frustrations found with other online travel agents. The company provides its intuitive travel services to clients searching vacations possibilities at more than 20,000 destinations around the globe.

TripWitz contracts with over 500,000 hotels and connects with the world's airlines through Google's ITA Gateway software that allows for advanced availability solutions to satisfy millions of queries per second at the lowest possible fares. Seasonal rate fluctuations for many travel services, including ground transportation options, are included in the company's software, giving clients the best possible rates. TripWitz prides itself on giving users a friendly vacation experience that includes access to an experienced vacation destination specialist. Customers are never left to fend for themselves at any point of their vacation experience. TripWitz is also accepting Bitcoins, the international cryptocurrency, as payment for not only flights but vacations as well.

A new report published by Allied Market Research projects the global online travel market will reach an estimated $1,091 billion by 2022, with the Asia-Pacific region expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. Travelers are looking for sound help in making travel decisions that fit within their budgets. Younger travelers, those within the 21-31 year age bracket, are seen as a more mobile generation, using social media and smartphones for many of their travel planning and booking needs.

TripWitz is an accredited member of the CCRA (Travel Commerce Network), which connects the company to over 180,000 properties worldwide. TripWitz is also an ARC approval agency. ARC accredited agencies are the most select group of dedicated professionals in the U.S. travel industry and are recognized as having met stringent financial, personnel and security requirements.

The official press release announcing the recent launch of TripWitz can be found at the following link: Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS) Unveils New Venture Into the $341 Billion Travel Industry. Disclaimer

Cache Elite Inc. Blog

Cache Elite Inc. News:

Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS) Engages NetworkNewsWire for Corporate Communications Solutions

Cache Elite Inc. (ILUS) is “One to Watch”

A New Audio Interview with Cache Elite, Inc. CEO, Derrick McWilliams, is now at SmallCapVoice.com

RJD Green Inc. (RJDG)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight RJD Green Inc. (RJDG). Today, RJD Green Inc. closed trading at $0.0097, even for the day, on 1,665,070 volume with 39 trades. The stock’s average daily volume over the past 60 days is 869,928, and its 52-week low/high is $0.0055/$0.029.

RJD Green Inc. (RJDG) is a holding company with a focus on acquiring and managing assets and companies in three divisions. These initial high-growth enterprise opportunities offer diversity in separate recession resistant markets. The division holdings include:

  • RJD Green Healthcare Services – provides services to reduce cost and enhance management and operational capabilities in the healthcare sector.
  • Earthlinc Environmental Services – provides green environmental services and technologies.
  • Silex Holdings – acquires specialty construction and industrial manufacturing assets.

RJD Green Healthcare Services, through its wholly owned subsidiary IOSOFT Inc., provides proprietary software and IT support for medical billing, healthcare claims adjudication, and electronic payments between healthcare payers and providers. IOSOFT's unique payment technologies and services or software can be integrated with existing systems of healthcare payers such as Blue Cross, Aetna, CIGNA and others. IOSOFT provides targeted offerings for healthcare providers, provider networks, physicians and hospitals, and clearinghouse companies.

Earthlinc Environmental Solutions was formed to bring forward green-applied technologies and offer environmental services with a focus on North America. The division's first acquisition, Animal Waste Management, is launching operations of a patented, fully developed technology for processing waste produced on commercial poultry and hog farms. Development of this technology was supported by the University of Arkansas and the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. This important technology improves the farm's productivity and is competitively priced with the current expense of handling waste removal at these sites.

The company's third division – Silex Holdings Inc. – was formed to acquire and manage high-growth assets and business enterprises in the industrial and construction specialty services sectors. With its first acquisition of Silex Interiors, a manufacturer, distributor and installer of counter tops, cabinets and related kitchen and bath products, the division is poised to expand into major national markets through internal expansion, acquisition and franchising. The company is modeled to operate a minimum of four corporately owned locations with 12 to 18 franchise locations nationwide.

RJD Green seeks to participate as owners, partners or in joint ventures in a wide range of business enterprises. The company's goal of creating a successful, enjoyable business enterprise for its company team and staff, along with its business partners and investors, is paired with the goal of maximizing the business potential of the enterprise by enhancing profits and the quality of the company. Disclaimer

RJD Green Inc. Company Blog

RJD Green Inc. News:

RJD Green, Inc. Updates Progression of Animal Waste Management and 2017 10K Filing

RJD Green Inc. Appoints Director

RJD Green Inc. Subsidiary, IOSOFT, Discusses Contracts Procured and Revenue Expectations


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