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Worldwide Energy (WEMU)
WWA Group Inc. (WWAG)
ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB)
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN)

Empire Film Group Inc. (EFGU)
mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL)
Providential Holdings Inc. (PRVH)
Thresher Industries Inc. (THRR)


Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Inc. (WEMU)

Today, Red Chip reported on Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Inc. (WEMU), and we are as well, here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Founded in 1993, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing USA Inc. is an engineering and manufacturing company that specializes in the development of solar modules and high-tech component manufacturing and logistics. Trading on the OTCBB, and headquartered in South San Francisco, California, their customers are in the Eurospace, solar energy, wireless telecommunications, medical equipment, instrumentation, and automobiles industry among others.

The Company has been building a list of more than 100 clients both domestically and in China . They operate in five different sectors each having their own specialty in a growing market. Their operations are in Solar, Foundry, Machining and Stamping, Electronics, and Fiber Optics. In addition to specific divisions, Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing also provides sales, management, production control, and technical support services. Subsidiaries include Shanghai Intech Electro Mechanical Products Co. Ltd., Shanghai Intech Electronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd., and Shanghai Intech Precision Mechanical Products Manufacturing Co. Ltd., located in Shanghai , China .

The Solar division develops and manufactures solar modules that provide electric power for residential, commercial, industrial, and public utility applications under their brand name "Amerisolar". The foundry division manufactures die and investment castings, plastic injection parts, sand castings, and forgings. The Machining and Stamping division machines, stamps, and extrudes many materials to meet the needs of their clients. The Electronics division assembles PC board, cable, chassis, and coils for customers in different industries. The Fiber Optical division creates products that include coupler/splitter, attenuator, isolator, and fiber optic subcomponents.

Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing works to be very competitive in terms of manufacturing costs. Their wholly owned subsidiary Shangai Intech Electro-Mechanical Products Co. Ltd. hires 33 engineers to conduct reverse engineering to reduce production costs, to perform on-site quality control to increase success rates, and to engage in delivery control to increase on-time delivery rates. They do all of this taking advantage of the lower cost manufacturing in China . This China subsidiary is a key to Worldwide's double-digit growth over the past few years. The Company's newly established solar division is working to take Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing to the next revenue and profit level. Their mission is to become a major photovoltaic supplier in the solar energy industry.

Worldwide Energy and Manufacturing had strong third quarter 2008 revenue. This was due to their growing solar business. Their third quarter 2008 revenue grew to $19.1 million and was up 179 percent sequentially. This was from their increasing solar module sales by AmeriSolar, their energy division. AmeriSolar has witnessed significant business growth with solar module contracts reaching $38 million since their inception in February of last year.

Today, Worldwide Energy & Manufacturing USA Inc. (WEMU) closed at $3.75 up $0.05 or 1.35 percent. Volume was 200 shares for a 3-month average volume of 1,587.50.

WWA Group Inc. (WWAG)

WallStreet.net reported previously on WWA Group Inc. (WWAG) and today we highlight the Company as "One to Watch" here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

WWA Group Inc. is a company that trades and auctions transportation and industrial equipment worldwide. Through their wholly owned subsidiary, World Wide Auctioneers, Ltd. (WWA), they are one of the largest auctioneers of heavy equipment in the world. They focus their operations on under-served regions outside of North America. Founded in 1996, their corporate headquarters for the United States is in Tempe, Arizona. They also have a corporate office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

WWA auctions items that include mobile, stationary, earthmoving, and construction equipment. These include crawler tractors, excavators, wheel loaders, cranes, trucks and trailers, generators, compressors, agricultural tractors, and forklifts. WWA Group Inc. also sells light vehicles and related items, including boats and motorcycles. The company also owns and charters a shipping vessel called the M/V Iron Butterfly.

WWA Group Inc. has a market share of more than 65 percent of all industrial equipment auction sales concluded in Dubai in 2005, 2006 and 2007. They hold fully unreserved auctions, with no minimum bids, seller bids, or reserved items. This is their assurance to buyers and sellers that all equipment trades are at fair market value (FMV). The company holds auctions in Dubai, Guangzhou, Jakarta, and Perth with more locations planned. Since 2001, they have held more than 134 auctions around the world selling over 80,500 items. Their combined sales total is more than $968.5M-USD.

The Company offers a comprehensive range of services geared to buyers and sellers of industrial, construction, and maritime equipment, materials, and products. They do this via a combination of physical, video, and Internet-based auctions. WWA has one subsidiary and three joint venture partner companies. Each has licenses and registration to operate in their respective countries. WWA Group Inc. and their partners can do business as a whole or individually.

WWA operates an Internet site with an equipment search engine, and interactive buyer and seller features. They offer live on-line bidding, on-site video presentation, and wireless electronic bidding systems. The company always has top-level managers on-site at every auction, accessible to participants.

Yesterday, WWA Group Inc. announced the record-breaking conclusion of their most recent auction. This was at their Dubai facility during December 20, 21, and 22, 2008. The December auction was WWA Group's last major auction in Dubai for the year 2008. The auction was the Company's largest ever in terms of gross auction sales as sales exceeded US $33.1 million.

We're tracking WWA Group Inc. (WWAG) on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Today, WWA Group Inc. (WWAG) closed at $0.12 down $0.23 or 65.71 percent. Volume was 1,000 shares for a 3-month average volume of 1,304.69.

ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB)

Red Chip, Small Cap Pulse, and OTC Picks reported earlier on ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB) and today we highlight the Company here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

ZBB Energy Corporation provides clean energy storage solutions based on proprietary zinc rechargeable energy storage technology. Headquartered in Menomonee Falls , Wisconsin , with additional offices located in Perth , Australia , they trade on the American Stock Exchange (AMEX) as part of the Electric Utilities industry. Founded in 1998, their clean energy storage solutions address requirements in markets such as alternative energy applications, large electrical utilities, and green residential and commercial architecture.

ZBB Energy Corporation markets their modular, transportable, and environmentally friendly Zinc Energy Storage Systems (ZESS). The Company and their subsidiaries develop and manufacture these energy storage systems for utility companies, renewable energy generators, commercial, and industrial customers. The basis of their solutions is their proprietary zinc-bromine rechargeable electrical energy storage technology. Their systems combine their zinc-bromine batteries with computer hardware and software that interface with clients' power sources to recharge during off peak times and discharge power as required.

ZBB's systems are for use in load management for generation, transmission, and distribution utilities and energy service companies. They are also for commercial and industrial customers. In addition, their systems are for the storage of renewable energy, such as wind, hydro, and solar energy production. These systems are also used for the uninterruptible power supply and power quality protection from voltage, current, or frequency deviations for both commercial and industrial customers.

In December, ZBB Energy announced that they received an order for a standard, modular, ZESS 500 energy storage system. This is for installation in conjunction with existing wind energy assets at the Centre for Renewable Energy, Dundalk Institute of Technology in Ireland . The ZESS 500 is a 500kWh 'plug and play' system. It consists of ten of ZBB Energy's standard 50kWh modules, together with associated power electronics. It integrates with the existing power management system operating in conjunction with the wind turbine. The contract includes site delivery, commissioning, installation support, on-site monitoring, as well as a yearly service agreement.

ZBB Energy Corporation (ZBB) closed today at $1.49 up $0.11 or 7.97 percent. Volume was 27,066 for a 3-month average volume of 28,560.90.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. (BMSN)

Small Cap Network and Small Cap Voice reported earlier on Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) and we are highlighting the Company here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in San Diego, California, Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. is a biotech research and development company that commercializes medical devices and monitoring systems for the stem cell research market. They are now focusing on adult stem cell processing and cryogenic storage. Bio-Matrix is a company of doctors and scientists that specializes in the long-term storage of individuals' own adult stem cells for their own therapeutic use in the future, if they should require them. Founded in 2005, Bio-Matrix trades on the OTCBB as part of the Biotechnology industry in the Healthcare sector.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group Inc. works with strategic partners that offer key technologies in biomedical device development, tissue engineering, cell culturing, genome therapy, and drug delivery systems. This allows the Company to become a leading source for stem cell research technology and innovation. They have a 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility in San Diego that contains their two secure Cryogenic Stem Cell Banks, three research laboratories, an aseptic cellular/tissue class 10,000/100 processing laboratory, hematology, microbiology, and flow cytometry laboratories.

The Company's management and board of directors has expertise in stem cell science, general medical industry, life science marketing, business management, capital raising, and strategic partnering. Bio-Matrix announced in October that they received and processed human umbilical cord blood units. This is part of their long-term liquid nitrogen storage quality assurance and testing program.

The processing and storage of these cord blood stem cells is to validate the handling, processing, and cryopreservation of cord blood specimens.

Bio-Matrix obtained the cord blood stem cells from donor cord-blood units. They processed them in their cord blood division laboratory using separation techniques aimed at enriching the stem cell content. They will now use these cord blood stem cells to further their quality assurance program for their cellular storage division. To assure their clients of optimal cryostorage conditions, Bio-Matrix will have periodic monitoring of the cellular viability of these specimens over their storage life. Stem cell cryopreservation and storage involves the collection and processing of stem cells in liquid nitrogen. These stored stem cells can preserve in this manner for several years until needed in future medical procedures.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group is finalizing potential contracts and is talking with several other companies regarding the processing and storage of stem cells from cord blood and peripheral blood. Their quality assurance program is a key factor for them in moving forward to finalize these contracts with several entities.

Bio-Matrix Scientific Group (BMSN) closed today's session at $0.35 up $0.07 or 25.00 percent. Volume was 29,600 for a 3-month average volume of 22,354.70.

Empire Film Group Inc. (EFGU)

Today, OTC Stock Exchange reported on Empire Film Group Inc. (EFGU), Stock Stars, OTC Advisors did earlier, and we are tracking them on our radar screens as "One to Watch" here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Empire Film Group Inc. is an independent film finance, production, and distribution company. Trading on the Pink Sheets, the Company has their corporate and production office in Malibu , California . Empire Film's commitment is to developing and producing low-cost, high quality, commercial films that will attract talent and strong distribution. They have a management team that has more than twenty-five years of experience. These are in the areas of development, production, distribution, finance, and marketing of feature films and television programs.

In addition to their U.S. production, Empire engages in film production at diverse locations around the world. They also have the ability to produce Canadian Content when it comes to film and television. Consequently, they are eligible to receive Canadian subsidies, tax incentives, rebates, and financing.

The Company is focusing their efforts on what they believe is a lucrative market segment. They look to produce and/or acquire modestly budgeted, theatrical-quality films. They then look to distribute these to theaters, video, and television in the U. S. marketplace. The Company's business approach is to release films to theaters, with less than 1,000 prints per film sent out. Major Studios and major independents typically release 2,500 or more prints per film. The reduced level of prints will enable Empire to reach key U.S. markets. They can do so at less cost, and although there is less box office revenue, the revenue they do garner contributes to a stronger bottom line because their expenditures are approximately one-third of the major studios.

The majority of the films released by Empire in 2008 and set for release for the first half of 2009 are titles that are licensed or acquired in a completed (or nearly completed) condition from third party production companies.  The Company anticipates that original productions of theirs will be ready for distribution during the second half of this year.  Empire Film Group also owns and operates a distribution division for books, DVD's, Blu-Ray HD videos, CDs, and television titles.

Today, Empire Film Group entered into a venture with Industry-Works International of Vancouver and Vivendi Entertainment Canada of Toronto. This venture is for the release of their feature, "Hounddog,'" starring Dakota Fanning. Vivendi will release the film to mass merchants and other video retailers throughout Canada on March 3.

We have Empire Film Group Inc. (EFGU) on our radar as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Empire Film Group Inc. (EFGU) closed Thursday's session at $0.56 up $0.16 or 40.00 percent. Volume was 885,130 for a 3-month average volume of 22,917.20.

mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL)

Microapaliance reported last month on mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL), Lebed.biz did previously, and today we are highlighting the Company as "One to Watch" here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, mPhase Technologies, Inc. focuses on developing and commercializing a new battery technology. Headquartered in Little Falls, New Jersey , they do this through their wholly owned subsidiary AlwaysReady, Inc. They base their technology on a well-patented phenomenon known as electrowetting. This phenomenon provides a unique way to store energy and manage power.

Research groups at several universities including MIT, Rutgers, and the University of Wisconsin are now publicizing their work on electrowetting and superhydrophobicity and superlyophobicity. They are working to create "smart" structures on metal, ceramic, or polymer surfaces that resist getting dirty, fogging up, or forming ice. These structures can find use on displays, lenses, as well as other applications.

mPhase Technologies Inc. is looking to use this phenomenon in their Smart NanoBattery. They are looking to manipulate the liquid electrolyte via a proprietary silicon structure - a porous membrane - coupled with unique battery architecture.

In December, mPhase Technologies announced that they signed a contract with the Porsche Design Studio, in Austria . The studio will design a premium version of the AlwaysReady Emergency Flashlight. The flashlight will contain mPhase's proprietary lithium reserve battery. A breakable barrier in this battery separates the solid electrodes from the liquid electrolyte until the battery receives manual activation. The mPhase battery remains in an inert state with no leakage or self-discharge until activation, and offers potentially infinite shelf life.

On November 24, 2008, mPhase Technologies received recognition as a "Company to Watch" by the New Jersey Technology Council (NJTC). The annual NJTC Awards Gala took place as a celebration of technological innovation. mPhase/Always Ready was one of only five companies honored as a "Company to Watch." mPhase/AlwaysReady is featured in NJTC's monthly publication -- New Jersey TechNews (Vol. 12 Issue 8).

We have mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL) on our radar also as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Today, mPhase Technologies Inc. (XDSL) closed at $0.0145 up $0.0003 or 2.11 percent. Volume was 1,868,041 for a 3-month average volume of 894,727.

Providential Holdings Inc. (PRVH)

Hawk Associates, Stock Stars, and OTC Picks reported on Providential Holdings Inc. (PRVH) and today we choose to highlight the Company here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Trading on the OTCBB, Providential Holdings, Inc., through their subsidiaries, provides financial consultancy, and merger and acquisition advisory services. They also engage in investing in the rapidly growing economies of Vietnam and Asia . Providential Holdings has their headquarters in Huntington Beach , California . The Company is aiming for a listing on the NASDAQ or another major exchange as part of their plans for the near future.

Providential Holdings currently focuses on four areas of activities. These are consulting and financial services, energy and resources, real estate development, and special situations. The consulting and financial services segment includes merger and acquisition advisory services, management consulting, corporate restructuring, asset management, fund management, and investment banking. The energy and resources segment deals in independent oil and gas, alternative energy, and mining. The real estate development segment engages in commercial and residential real estate, hotels, and integrated hospitality. Special situations comprise investments in select opportunities that have a potential for high growth.

Providential hosts seminars as part of their activities in Vietnam . They do this in conjunction with NASDAQ, the Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and leading U.S. investment banking firms. The focus here is to help Vietnamese companies go public and raise capital through the U.S. financial markets. They are currently developing "Pointe 91," an upscale residential community and luxury resort in Chu Lai, central Vietnam .

Yesterday, Providential Holdings announced that PHI Mining Group, Inc. signed a principal contract with Angkor Metal Corporation, a Cambodia-based company, to survey, explore, exploit, and process copper ores in Preah Vihear Province , Cambodia . PHI Mining Group, Inc. is a company focusing on mining opportunities in Southeast Asia , through their wholly owned subsidiary Indochina Mining Corporation (IMC). IMC will own 51 percent of Angkor Metal Corp. stock at the closing of the transaction. Providential Holdings, Inc. currently owns approximately 18 million shares or 80 percent of PHI Mining Group, Inc. stock.

Providential Holdings Inc. (PRVH) closed today at $0.029, which was up $0.009 or 45.00 percent. Share volume was 78,500 for a 3-month average volume of 40,867.20.

Thresher Industries Inc. (THRR)

Today we are highlighting Thresher Industries Inc. (THRR) as "One to Watch" here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Headquartered in Hanford, California, Thresher Industries is a provider of aluminum and metal matrix composite alloy castings. The Company started as a perm-mold casting enterprise, but later expanded their manufacturing capabilities to include low pressure, high pressure, and Nautilus Core manufacturing. The Nautilus Core manufacturing is a unique method of producing cores for use in aluminum and magnesium casting. The core is easily removable through high-pressure steam or water, is biodegradable, and can be located in areas not viable for sand or foam core.

Thresher Industries offers full engineering, metallurgical, and sales support along with designs and prototype development. The Company prides themselves on offering rapid response to customer needs as well as regional customer support from their sales and engineering team members. Thresher Industries has manufacturing sites near their diverse markets. Along with their full engineering services, they have a group of fully audited outside service providers for x-ray, machining, painting, and more. In addition, their production department also provides finished castings.

In December, Thresher Industries announced that they plan to expand their business. This is through the purchase of high-pressure die casting technology. They agreed to purchase two Toshiba 350 ton and one hi-bred 650 ton high pressure die casting machine with a Wazniac high performance shot end and all support equipment including efficient high volume melt/hold furnaces. These will enable Thresher to offer conventional die-castings as well as metal matrix composite and high ductility aluminum in near net configurations. They forecast that this will generate an increase in annual revenue of approximately $15,000,000.

Today, the Company announced that they have established goals to expand their sales and marketing initiatives throughout the U.S. this year. They will seek sales representatives to promote their product, introduce their services to new clients across several vertical markets, and focus on long-term domestic growth for Thresher Industries.

Thresher signed an agreement last year with Advanced Technology Sales Associates to be their global sales representative. Advanced Technology will represent Thresher Industries in the automotive, aerospace, and electronics industries in the Eastern United States and Europe.

We're keeping Thresher Industries Inc. (THRR) on our radar screens as "One to Watch", here at the QualityStocks Daily Newsletter.

Thresher Industries Inc. (THRR) closed today's session at $0.055 up $0.015 or 37.50 percent. Volume was 206,445 shares.

The QualityStocks Company Corner

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI)
Sector 10 Inc. (SECT)

Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC)
Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD)

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight QuoteMedia Inc. (QMCI). Today, QuoteMedia Inc. Inc. closed trading at $0.078, which was up $0.008 or 11.43 percent. Their volume today was 650 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 22,273.40 shares.

QuoteMedia, Inc. (QMCI) is a leading data provider of financial stock market data , market news feeds, and related financial software solutions to financial service companies, online brokerages, clearing firms, banks and public corporations.

The Company's diversity of technical expertise, its agile responsiveness to custom corporate requirements, and its proven commitment to superior delivery technologies have established QuoteMedia as a frontrunner in the financial market data industry.

QuoteMedia, Inc's low cost data provision contracts, combined with other factors such as the Company's uniquely streamlined, cost-effective and proprietary data delivery systems, provide healthy margins even at the wholesale level. Most of QuoteMedia's competitors use outdated data delivery technologies based on legacy style data networks that incur more bandwidth, heavier server and network loads, higher server costs, and higher data delivery costs. Disclaimer

QuoteMedia, Inc. Daily Blog

QuoteMedia, Inc. News:

QuoteMedia Reports 26% Increase in Revenue for Q3 2008; and 33% Increase for Comparative 9 Month Period

QuoteMedia Reports 30% Increase in Revenue for Q2 2008

QuoteMedia Announces Enterprise Agreement with Penson Worldwide

Sector 10 Inc. (SECT)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Sector 10 Inc. (SECT) Today, Sector 10 Inc. closed trading at $0.06, which was up $0.01 or 9.09 percent from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 9,140 shares for a 3-month average volume of 31,054.70 shares.

Sector 10 Inc. is focused on becoming the world's leading provider of mobile and stationary emergency life response equipment. The company dedicates its efforts to restructuring a fragmented industry with its globally patented Mobile and Stationary Response Unit (”MRU” and “SRU”) product lines and saving lives.

While expanding its global client base, Sector 10 strives to remain rooted in its core competencies and operating principles. The company's strategy is to continue to invest in management and business development, increase efficiency, manage risk and further strengthen our culture. Sector 10 aims to reach corporate profitability and produce a favorable investment environment by establishing a balanced trend of growth and capital management.

The company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on an extremely fragmented industry and dominate its future growth. While billions of tax dollars are wasted in emergency response, little is spent on preparedness. Through Sector 10's pre-deployed solutions, immediate help and safety is available to those who need it most. These systems provide first aid supplies, life saving equipment, occupant tracking through a real-time 3D interface, and emergency communications.

Leading the way at Sector 10 is Pericles DeAvila who serves as the company's CEO, inventor and lead creative thinker. DeAvila is responsible for all strategic, financial and operational aspects of Sector 10 and its associated businesses. DeAvila studied business and construction management in California and also studied at the Institute University of the Azores. He fluently speaks Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, as well as English and has entrepreneurial experience nationally and internationally. Disclaimer

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Axial Vector Energy Corp. (AXVC) Today, Axial Vector Energy Corp. closed trading at $0.13, which was up $0.01 or 8.33 percent. Their volume today was 63,828 shares. Their 3-month average volume is 122,938.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation (AXVC) a publicly traded, development-stage company providing global energy solutions, develops multi-fuel engines and generators for use primarily in military and commercial applications.

Founded in 2002, with headquarters in Portland, Oregon, Axial Vector - through a joint venture agreement with Adaptive Propulsion Systems, LLC - develops and manufactures their engines and generators with an eye toward environmental responsibility and social benefit.

Axial Vector Energy Corporation owns, develops and licenses a technologically advanced suite of internal combustion engines and electric power generation modules. The company has also developed the world's only “coreless” no iron electric motors, which consume one half the electricity of conventional electric motors.

These cutting-edge technologies are focused on fulfilling global engine and energy needs by delivering greater fuel-efficiency, cost effectiveness, versatility, and environmental sensitivity than ever before in venues from the commercial to the industrial, including the vehicular and military sectors. Disclaimer

Axial Vector Energy Corporation Blog

Axial Vector Energy Corporation News:

Axial Vector Energy Corp. Summarizes Highlights of Investor Conference Call

Axial Vector Energy Corporation Announces Investor Conference Call Hosted by Company President/CEO, Sanjai Chhaunker

Axial Vector Announces the Formation of United States Wind Power Industry Joint Venture


Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD)

The QualityStocks Daily Newsletter would like to spotlight Nexia Holdings, Inc. (NXHD) Today, Nexia Holdings, Inc. closed trading at $0.0002, for no change from yesterday's close. Their volume today was 90,441,630 shares.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. announced that management is both reviewing and planning for their advertising and marketing efforts in 2009. CEO Richard Surber stated that, "I first want our shareholders, employees, and customers to be aware of some of the unique and traditional marketing efforts that have occurred over 2008 and how we plan to improve upon those efforts in 2009." Their press release of December 22, 2008 outlines their marketing efforts.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. is a diversified holdings company with operations in health and beauty, fashion retail, and real estate. Currently, the company owns two salons, one retail store, one online retail store and three commercial properties.

The two salons, Landis Lifestyle Salon and Landis Salon, are both located in Utah. Landis Lifestyle Salon, located in Salt Lake City, is an Aveda™ Lifestyle Salon, while Landis Salon, located in Bountiful, is an Aveda™ Concept Salon. Nexia plans to grow the Landis brand to a national level with up to 5 locations in the Salt Lake region before executing a national expansion plan that could include franchise opportunities.

The retail store, operated by subsidiary Black Chandelier, sets itself apart from clothing giants such as The Gap, Hot Topic, and Target by offering eco-friendly fabrics, in-house sewers and silk screeners, and crazy models like Lisa D'Amato. The store was designed to be a tourist attraction that offers an innovative retail shopping experience.

Nexia Holdings, Inc. also has more than a decade of experience acquiring undervalued properties in the area of Salt Lake City. The company's existing portfolio includes the historic Wallace-Bennett Building (a 38,000 sq. ft. multi-story office building in Salt Lake City), a 7,000 sq. ft. one-story retail building on State Street in Salt Lake City, and 100,000 sq. ft. building on Sam's Boulevard in Kearns. The company also owns seven small parcels of undeveloped raw land in Utah and Kansas. Disclaimer

Nexia Holdings, Inc. Blog

Nexia Holdings, Inc. News:

Nexia Assembles New Real Estate Acquisition Team

Nexia Ranked in Top 40 Public Companies by Utah Business Magazine

Nexia Acquires Two Additional Residential Properties


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