Teewinot Life Sciences (TLF)

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Teewinot Life Sciences (TLF)

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Teewinot Life Sciences ("TLF") is an international biopharmaceutical company focused on the use of synthetic biology and advanced formulation for the production and implementation of cannabinoid-based therapies. Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Teewinot is a global leader in the formulation, manufacturing and delivery of products containing cannabinoids, cannabinoid prodrugs, and cannabinoid analogs. The company's wholly owned subsidiaries in Ireland and Canada, along with collaborations formed with key research institutions, consumer product companies, manufacturers, and local communities, combine cutting-edge scientific research on cannabinoids with an aggressive intellectual property portfolio to create new and improved patient therapies.

Teewinot's experienced in-house Research and Development team utilizes a powerful array of technologies for the efficient and cost-effective production of authentic cannabinoids, cannabinoid pro-drugs and cannabinoid analogs. By combining synthetic biology, biocatalysis, chemical synthesis, bioinformatics and metabolomics, authentic cannabinoids are produced that have the identical chemical structure of cannabinoids naturally produced in the cannabis plant in small quantities. Through its partnerships with leading universities and pharmaceutical companies, Teewinot is working to move the development of these proprietary compounds into clinics to provide novel patient therapies.

Full Spectrum Laboratories Ltd. and Canadian Medical Hemp Biotechnologies, Inc., Teewinot's wholly owned subsidiaries who develop its proprietary and cost-effective methods for biosynthesis of cannabinoids, are in strict compliance with all applicable government regulations within each operating jurisdiction. Canadian Medical Hemp Biotechnologies, Inc., located near Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, holds a controlled substances license from Health Canada to work with cannabinoids. A recently expanded main laboratory facility houses significant research capacities in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, chemistry, genetics and formulation technologies. A planned expansion into a second laboratory in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, will further enhance in-house capabilities in synthetic biology, biosynthesis, biocatalysis, microbiology and organic chemistry.

Full Spectrum Laboratories Ltd., headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, owns the corporation's intellectual property and is engaged in licensing activities. FSL's location within the European Union provides beneficial access to significant global markets.

Teewinot enjoys commercial first-mover advantage in the field of cannabinoid biosynthesis with patents covering biosynthetic processes and equipment for the manufacture of cannabinoids, as well as water-soluble cannabinoid formulation technology. Teewinot's disciplined approach to research and development targets specific applications, which allows for customized product solutions and formulation challenges. Teewinot is available to assist commercial partners in the development or manufacture of new cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals, prodrugs or analogs.

Teewinot has assembled a veteran management team with demonstrated success in leadership, growth, pharmaceutical development, marketing and aftermarket support. The organization includes a team of highly experienced scientists, business people, attorneys and other support personnel who are carefully aligning the intellectual property strategy with business goals and scientific developments. Teewinot President, Director and CEO Jeffrey M. Korentur is a co-founder of the company with more than 25 years of experience in leadership position in military and private sector roles. He is joined by Richard Peet, J.D., Ph.D., who serves as the chief intellectual property counsel; Bryan K. Brink, vice president of finance; Dr. Malcolm Kavarana, chief scientific officer and senior director intellectual property; and Eric A. Walker as chief information officer.

Teewinot's strengths lie in its commitment to innovative research that unlocks the medicinal properties found within the cannabis plant, its disciplined approach to research and development with targeted applications, and its determination to connect and collaborate with research institutions, consumer product companies, manufacturers, local communities, and team members. Teewinot's global technology and intellectual property represent a breakthrough in the creation and delivery of cannabinoid based medicines.
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