5BARz International, Inc. (BARZ)

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5BARz International, Inc. (BARZ)

Postby QualityStocks » Tue May 22, 2012 1:19 pm

5BARz International is the exclusive distributor of a proprietary line of Cellular Network Extenders developed by CelLynx under the 5BARz brand. Along with its consolidated subsidiaries, 5BARz International is launching one of the global wireless marketplace’s most significant new technologies.

The 5BARz patent-pending products offer the first plug-and-play consumer electronic product that can capture cell signal, amplify it, and resend that signal – all within a device the size of a clock radio. This device provides clear voice and data cell service throughout the home or office or when the user is mobile, regardless of which cellular carrier the user is with.

Simultaneously building shareholder value for its investors, 5BARz International will also alleviate significant frustration for wireless users worldwide. Headquartered in Mission Viejo, Calif., 5BARz International is a Nevada Corporation.
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