Breezer Ventures, Inc. (BRZV)

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Breezer Ventures, Inc. (BRZV)

Postby QualityStocks » Fri May 11, 2012 8:50 am

Breezer Ventures is a publicly traded emerging natural resources company focused on oil and gas acquisition, exploration, and production. The company is also engaged in the acquisition, production, exploration, and development of natural gas and minerals.

Breezer specializes in sustainable, low-cost oil and gas production that delivers value from efficiency. The company currently owns and operates Well #6 in the Jackson oil and gas leases in Texas. The Jackson Lease presently contains 870 acres situated 5 miles north of Baird, Texas, on the western side of the Bend Arch of the Fort Worth Basin. Currently, there are 10 existing and plugged wells on the Jackson lease that are available for rehabilitation and reactivation. Many of these wells that are shut-in or in need of service can be reentered and completed with a low capital expenditure. Breezer’s aim is to reenter a number of these wells and establish production.

Breezer’s program consists of many phases and objectives that will be conducted over the next few years. The company initially plans to restore production, rehabilitate or recomplete some wells, and to reenter and establish production in previously plugged wells. This will establish solid production at a very low capital cost. Once production has recovered all or most of the initial investment, the company plans to look at a seismic study in selecting new wells.
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