Neologic Animation, Inc. (NANI)

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Neologic Animation, Inc. (NANI)

Postby QualityStocks » Sun Nov 04, 2012 3:18 pm

Neologic Animation is an educational software development and marketing company in the People’s Republic of China. The company’s mission is to actively and continuously develop the best methods for educating children through the Internet via games and videos that stimulate children’s thought processes, as opposed to conventional methods that children can quickly lose focus on.

The company is currently developing a Web site to be marketed as “Naniya World” for primary school students in China. The goal of the Web site is to educate children regarding how to develop and hone their creative skills, and this will be done through interactive educational games that incorporate Adobe Flash. The games implement a curriculum that has been developed by some of the top professors and child psychology experts in China. The Web site sets itself apart from other afterschool programs in China because it deviates from the traditional methods of Chinese education.

By showing children that learning is fun, Neologic Animation’s aim is to inspire all children in China to become the best students they can possibly be. The company plans to continuously increase sales and expand profitability through cooperation with afterschool training centers that will license the right to use the Web site as part of their education programs.
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Re: Neologic Animation, Inc. (NANI)

Postby Nyx-TrAdah » Tue Jul 30, 2013 8:43 pm


NANI Company Overview & Description
Neologic Animation Inc. is an educational software development and marketing company; currently developing a website to be marketed as "Naniya World" for primary school students in China.

The website's goal is to educate children how to develop and hone their creative skills through interactive educational games that incorporate Adobe Flash. The games incorporate a curriculum that has been developed by some of China's top professors and child psychology experts.

NANI sets itself apart from other after school programs in China because it deviates from the traditional methods of Chinese education. The Company's mission is to inspire every child in China to become the best student they can possibly be by showing them that learning is fun.

For more information about the Company please visit the website at

NANI Key Company Management
Hongxiao Zhang is a Doctor of Educational Philosophy and an Associate Professor. She earned her Ph.D. from the China Academy of Science. Her area of focus has been the educational psychology of seven to 14 year old students. She has published a vast amount of papers and articles regarding primary and middle school education and stimulation of the child’s thoughts and focus. She co-wrote and published the book 6S Learning Methods.

Over 100,000 copies were sold, mainly at State Xinhua Bookstores throughout China. She is one of the cofounders of Neologic Animation INC and was immediately named by the Board of Directors as CEO.

Her other publications include:
• October 2005: Trinitarianism of Primary School Student Learning Environment (Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience)
• July 2007: Memory Methods of Developing Student from Poly-Intelligence (Psychological Bulletin)
• September 2006: Attention Training of Children Sensory Integration (Journal of Experimental Psychology)

NANI Contact Info
Neologic Animation Inc.
Jindi Garden, Boyage, Xihu District,
Zhejiang 323000
Phone: 011-86-1358-841-111

NANI Products & Services
Instead of a child sitting in a classroom listening to a teacher or reading a two dimensional, boring textbook, our games make the subjects come alive.

With vivid graphics and exciting characters, our games create the kind of engagement and interaction that not only helps children focus, but they learn faster and develop a more complete understanding of the subject matter.

Our games are hosted on our Joyful learning net portal which children can access through this website using their Neologic universal card.

This card will unlock the world of Neologic gaming to them. Instead of dreading going to school and seeing learning as a boring chore, children will see the concepts they are learning come alive in our games. As children become more and more involved in Neologic world’s games, their attention spans will increase along with their basic desire to learn.

We begin with a learning capacity assessment which can be taken online so that the child begins to play the games at a level that matches their present ability and development level.

1) We have a forum where children can interact with each other and talk about the games and share what they are learning with other children from all over the country.

2) A parents club where parents can share with and support each other as their children learn and grow.

3) We have a 24/7 Q & A section where any questions or challenges can be addressed anytime day or night.

4) A beginning level family tutor to help get children started on their najia journey.

5) Educational consulting to help all along the way.

We are delighted that you have found us and together we will make learning fun.
The growth of the chinese market, especially the explosive growth of their middle class has created enormous opportunities for the afterschool education market.

The chinese educational system is one of the best and the most competitive in the world.

Children face difficult entrance exams as early as primary school to determine if they meet the academic standards of the top middle schools. These entrance tests continue for their entire academic lives.

Because chinese families have fewer children thanks to the government’s one child per family rule, families pour enormous resources into each child to ensure their success.

This has caused a boom in the afterschool education market.

Close to 70% of middle class urban children at present take some sort of after school educational courses to help them stand the best possible chance of entry into the highly sought after, but very limited, amount of spots available at top schools.

The aftermarket education market is, at present, a 3.81 billion dollar market.

This market is experiencing a huge growth curve because the middle class in china is growing so rapidly.

By 2025 it is projected that 80% of the entire population of the country will belong to the middle class, the main consumers of afterschool education.

Current players in the market utilize antiquated teaching modalities that are only moderately effective.

We believe that a huge opportunity exists for a player in this market that has a differentiated, fresh, scientifically tested and validated teaching method to both take market share from the legacy players as well as capture a large segment of the growing urban middle class market.

Founder Dr. Zhang has spent her entire career studying the psychology of learning for children between the ages of 7-14.

Her publications in this area have sold over 100,000 copies and she is considered a foremost expert in this field in the chinese market.

The central focus of her research and publication has been the notion that children learn more when the information presented to them is done so in the form of a game.

Games have the unique ability to make otherwise uninteresting and seemingly irrelevant information come alive, especially for children.

Attention span measurably improves, retention improves and the integration of recall of the information presented improves.

Dr Zhang is not alone in coming to this conclusion. Scientific study after study has shown that children who were taught using interactive games had better retention of the ideas presented and ultimately better test scores than children who were given the same information presented using the traditional “teacher teaches, student listens” approach.

The efficacy of interactive game based learning is not only proven through science it is common sense.

At present, in the chinese afterschool education market, not one of the major players is doing anything but more of the same teaching stylistically that the children receive in school.

Dr Zhang has created a series of interactive games and videos that can be delivered over the internet to children as a part of an afterschool curriculum that will assist them in mastering the concepts that they will be tested on during their middle and high school entrance exams.

The company plans to approach the market in the following ways.

1) There will be a tiered agent system. Where larger regional agents will cover more populous areas with smaller city wide distributor agents handling the urban areas withthin a given region.

2) Partnerships with large teaching institutions. The chinese education market is filled with large teaching organization which the company can partner with to reach their student body. These shools could provide tens of thousands of students per year that would be a perfect fit for the company’s products.

3) Parterships with retail organizations. There are all manner of retail clubs that target the middle class consumers. For example a drivers club that aggregates buying demand to get discounts on insurance and other essentials. These clubs are another great fit as their market is essentially the same as the company’s.

These partnerships and a seasoned management staff, each of whom bring prime contacts to the table positions the company perfectly to attack this market and expand rapidly and profitably.

SEC Filings

Investigate more @ for more due diligence.

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Re: Neologic Animation, Inc. (NANI)

Postby Nyx-TrAdah » Wed Jul 31, 2013 6:48 am

$NANI news!!! Neologic Animation Inc.'s Website Will Let Every Student to Roll Play and Become Interactive in their Online Games
Last update: 7/31/2013 7:30:00 AM ... 00517.html
HANGZHOU, China, July 31, 2013 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Neologic Animation Inc. (otcqb:NANI) (NANI),- (The Company), an educational software company in the People's Republic of China, is looking at introducing to its students interactive roll playing in its games. The deep participation and experience of students has always been one of the key points of the Company's research. Recently, the Company is developing a new student interaction experience module which allows every student to select a role in a game that he or she likes, and then to participate in phonetic form.
In the planned online games, each player would select a role that only belongs to him or herself to participate in a game. However, the level and type of participation is just a single role that can be selected. With smart phones becoming more popular and mainstream, it will allow more students with access and the ability to roll play in the interactive games to now use voice to participate in games, the true feeling of participation would be stronger. It will not only increase the students' learning interests, but also increase the true feeling of interaction among students. The president of the Company, Dr. Zhang states, "that many education psychology experts have pointed out that role play is one of the most vivid methods to increase a child's learning interest. To attract more students to participate in the games, a ranking list will be set, students' language performance, expression, and other items will be used as evaluation parameters of the student's performance."
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