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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB)

PostPosted: Thu Mar 13, 2008 12:52 pm
by QualityStocks

As products begin to become more common within a marketplace, users want them to be even more convenient then they were when they initially came to market. Cell phones are no exception. Where once they were convenient around town or perhaps in roaming areas, they are now expected to offer that same convenience around the world. There may still be work to be done in knitting together a complete network, but some companies are on the job and making short work of making the connections.

Global Roaming Distribution Inc., a global telecommunications SIM card provider and parent company to CelTrek Inc., provides SIM card cell phone availability to global travelers at below competitive rates. The company provides its customers access to over 350 country systems, 165 countries and all continents around the world. Hopes of growing this number substantially in the coming year appear positive.

Perhaps the largest advantage that the company brings to SIM card users is the ease of use between various countries. One domestic cell number can be used, making the translation between country systems that much easier. The company indicates that its current system agreements allow solid global coverage but that additional agreements are needed. With a very solid 2007 under its belt, the company is moving forward at a very fast clip in 2008.

CelTrek Inc. is currently finding its customer base across all users but feels that growth will be found primarily among corporate users. It may also begin to see cell phones used as a primary communications tool rather than in combination with land line connections. In any event, the company has finished its first year of operation meeting all goals and expects its coming years to be just as favorable. The world is getting smaller and Global Roaming Distribution Inc., through CelTrek Inc., is ready to meet the challenges ahead.

PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 7:22 am
by QualityStocks
Newest Member of Global Roaming Distribution Inc.’s (GRDB.OB) Board of Directors Contributes 10 Years of Telecom Experience

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB) recently announced Pat Phelan will join the company’s board of directors. Phelan’s 10 years of telecom experience makes him a key asset to Global Roaming as the company focuses on providing low cost roaming solutions for entities and travelers around the world.

“Pat Phelan is a tremendous asset to our company,” CEO of Global Roaming Yakov Sarousi said in the press release. “His experience and business relationships in the telecom industry make him an invaluable part of our team and we are very excited to have him on board.”

Phelan is currently president and co-founder of Cubic Telecom Ltd., an Ireland-based mobile telephone provider, as well as a handful of other European telecommunications companies such as Excel Collections Ltd., Cork Phone Systems Ltd. and Roam4Free Ltd.

“I am very excited to join a team with the depth and experience of the one that exists at GRBD. I believe we have the product and technology to change global telecoms and to drive the firm through this phenomenal growth period,” Phelan stated.

Global Roaming distributes SIM technology, via the Internet, equipped with an application designed to initiate services by sending specific service action requisites. The company also owns and operates the CelTrek website, and retains a 50-percent stake in Cubic Telecom.

PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:17 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Recently Attended GSMA World Congress

In February, Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. attended the GSMA World Congress 2008 in Barcelona, Spain. Over 55,000 people were present at this major cellular event, during which Global Roaming subsidiaries, MAXroam and Qik, held private gatherings in the Institut del Teatre to talk about their products and opportunities. Attendees included visitors, the press and other telecom providers.

Speakers included Global Roaming Distribution’s CEO Florian Seroussi, Pat Phelan of MAXroam, and Bhaskar Roy of Qik. Mr. Seroussi and Mr. Phelan were also both chosen to speak at the main event representing Qik.

The founder of Qik had this to say about the company and the service it provides, “”MAXroam solved a huge problem…expensive roaming! For Qik’s growth, we need cheap roaming. MAXroam is well on the way to making all our needs available. We find great synergies here for our users.”

The event made clear the advantages offered by MAXroam and Qik’s strategic alliance. By using Maxroam’s cheap roaming in conjunction with Qik’s streaming Video capabilities, the companies can offer competitive roaming costs to customers. According to Mirea Fontbernat, the alliance is very synergistic for users of Qik’s technology and solves one of their largest problems, roaming.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 9:24 pm
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CelTrek, Subsidiary of Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB), Highlights Innovation Award and SIM Technology Services

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB), parent company of CelTrek, an international global SIM card company based in Miami, Fla., recently announced the progress of CelTrek’s first year in business. The company is focused on putting an end to high roaming fees for international travelers by utilizing SIM technology.

CelTrek was one of the Florida recipients of The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s first ever International Business Leadership Awards. The awards were distributed to companies in support of international business development, and to those who positively impacted Florida’s economy in some way. CelTrek’s award was specifically for Innovation in the Marketplace.

The company currently holds over 350 GSM network operator agreements spanning more than 165 countries across the globe. CelTrek offers one unique SIM card with a local US phone number, allowing for significantly reduced calling fees, as compared to other US carriers.

Global Roaming is engaged in the promotion, sale and distribution of telecommunications equipment. The company operates as a marketing entity and as an Internet-based distributor of SIM technology. This technology is equipped with an application designed to initiate services through designated service action requests.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:35 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Recognized for Its Innovative SIM Technology

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB) operates as a marketing entity for the promotion, sale and distribution of telecommunications equipment, and is also an online provider of SIM technology. The company also powers CelTrek, a mobile phone system which offers one SIM card for 165 countries with a single local U.S. phone number. CelTrek’s calling rates are 50-90 percent lower than normal cellular roaming rates, making it the preferred solution for all global travelers. According to the company, CelTrek is the first U.S.-based international SIM card company providing a local U.S. or French phone number.

“We have created a sensible and user friendly solution for low cost and high service international roaming. Just one CelTrek SIM card enables you to travel the world with all the features you’d expect from your home phone. Advanced voicemail, free incoming SMS/text messages, call waiting, recorded calls, conference calls, and more. Best yet, you’ll never have to search for phone cards or multiple SIMS again while traveling. CelTrek does it all at a price and service you’re going to love,” CelTrek COO Jenny Callicott said in a statement.

The company’s achievements were recognized at the end of 2007 when it received the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s first ever International Business Leadership Award for Innovation. The company was also nominated for the trophy of “Best Companies”. The awards, which recognize international business development, are given to companies who positively impact Florida’s economy in some way.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2008 10:55 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) - The Momentum Builds

A tremendous amount of positives took place in 2007 for Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (OTCBB:GRDB), a telecommunications holding company specializing in providing extremely low cost roaming solutions for corporations and leisure travelers around the globe. In fact, the end of 2007 found CelTrek (a division of Global Roaming) among a prestigious list of Florida companies who won The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce’s first ever International Business Leadership Awards.
But it has certainly not been resting on its earlier successes. It seems that 2008 is shaping up to be even more exciting than 07.

In just the first quarter of the New Year, GRDB has announced that it was to acquire a 50% ownership in Cubic Telecom Ltd. and along with that, Pat Phelan has joined the company’s Board of Directors. Phelan, age 43, currently serves as President and co-founder of Cubic Telecom Ltd., an Ireland based mobile telephone provider, which is now 50% owned by GRDB. But his Resume is much broader than that. Phelan has also founded several other European Telecom companies including Excell Collections Ltd., Cork Phone Limited, and Roam4free Ltd.

Adding a company such as Cubic and an experienced and well versed Board member is exciting, but it’s just one of the many advances the company has been making. In fact, just this February Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. attended the GSMA World Congress 2008 in Barcelona, Spain. It was there that Global Roaming’s subsidiaries MAXroam and Qik, were able to discuss their products and services to many of the 55,000 attendee’s of the now famous cellular event show.

By combining MAXroaming’s inexpensive roaming services, with Qik’s streaming video, GSMA attendee’s quickly saw the value of Global Roaming Distribution’s cellular alliances. The roaming cellular user has been up until now besieged with outrageous costs and Global is showing them how they can enjoy more services than they ever had, at savings of up to 90% from traditional carriers.

2008 is only a few months old and already Global Roaming has made several major news announcements, acquisitions, product displays, management additions and product enhancements. We can only wonder what the balance of the year will bring, and we wait anxiously to find out.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:15 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Announces Promotion through

Global Roaming Distribution will be featured in upcoming Daily Newsletters, Daily Blogs, Message Boards, and the Small Cap Daily Internet broadcasts put out by QualityStocks. QualityStocks has over 600,000 subscribers to The Daily Stock Newsletter, which is a free service that collects data from hundreds of Small-Cap and Micro-Cap online Investment Newsletters and puts it all into one Free Daily Newsletter Report.

Yakov Sarousi, CEO and President of Global Roaming Distribution, has the company focused on offering extremely low-cost roaming solutions for corporations and leisure travelers around the globe. According to Mr. Sarousi, “Global Roaming Distribution has a unique and solid business foundation, and appreciates the opportunity to sponsor the Quality Stocks Newsletter, Video and Blogs. QualityStocks is providing a much needed service in the micro-cap and small-cap markets.”

Michael McCarthy, Director of Business Development for, stated that QualityStocks is pleased to have Global Roaming Distribution as a featured company. McCarthy added that the company, GRDB, is methodically establishing itself as a category leader.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 4:31 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) - Leading the Inexpensive Global Cell Phone Revolution

If you have ever traveled overseas on business or for pleasure and used your cell phone to call back to the office or home, then you are well aware how much international roaming charges can cost. The major carriers, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, charge anywhere from $1 to $5 per minute for international roaming. The same mobile carriers also offer special international plans, which charge a slightly lower rate per minute, but cost the subscriber an arm and a leg in monthly fees. Fortunately, there is a new solution to help international travelers ease the burden of these outrageous fees.

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. is now offering international global SIM cards for use in all seven continents at an extremely competitive price. These cards can be added to any unlocked cellular phone that operates on a GSM network, and - with Global Roaming’s CelTrek call system - can save travelers up to 90 percent on international calls.

Last month, Global Roaming Distribution received very positive feedback during the GSMA Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona, Spain, where over 55,000 people attending the event got to see this SIM-card technology first hand. At the conference, Ireland-based Cubic Telecom and its MAXroam products (part of Global Roaming Distribution) showed off these SIM cards using Global Roaming’s CelTrek technology which operates in over 170 countries. These cards are a simple solution to outrageous roaming charges which may finally slay the giant carriers once and for all.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 10, 2008 8:23 am
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Featured by Tech2.0 for International SIM Card Technology

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB) was featured in Tech 2.0, a website devoted to technological advances. Tech 2.0 spotlighted Global Roaming’s international SIM card that works in more than 160 countries, can be used on almost any Quad band GSM phone, and saves users between 50 and 90 percent over other roaming services.

“We have created a sensible and user friendly solution for low cost and high service international roaming. Just one CelTrek SIM card enables you to travel the world with all the features you’d expect from your home phone. Advanced voicemail, free incoming SMS/text messages, call waiting, recorded calls, conference calls, and more. Best yet, you’ll never have to search for phone cards or multiple SIMS again while traveling. CelTrek does it all at a price and service you’re going to love,” CelTrek COO, Jenny Callicott stated in the article.

Global Roaming offers users the choice of a local U.S., UK or French phone number to use for international traveling, while simultaneously cutting down on roaming rates. The pre-paid service requires no contracts or minimum usage. Additional SIM cards, airtime and phones can be ordered from the company’s Web site, which also allows users to check their usage rates and compare calling rates.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 6:15 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Explains CelTreck Functionality

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB) launched CelTrek, a SIM card technology working with more than 350 GSM network operators in 165 countries, to save travelers money when abroad. CelTrek users are offered their choice of a U.S., UK or French local phone number to reduce airtime charges when traveling internationally.

CelTrek is pre-paid and requires no contract or minimum usages. The company’s Website can be used for a variety of functions, including call forwarding so that users can forward their CelTrek phone number to their U.S. number when back in the states. CelTrek also features caller ID, online rechargeable airtime, account management and allows an increasing number of compatible devices to work with the CelTrek service.

“These features were not required to measure up to the other SIM products on the market, but as part of our desire to create a true world phone capability,” Florian Seroussi, CEO of CelTrek stated in a previous press release. “The advanced functions, the ease of use, and yes, of course the fact that our users can save up to 90 percent over roaming costs from other U.S. carriers, makes us proud to say, you can feel free to move about the planet and communicate as you would from home or office.”

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 14, 2008 10:43 am
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Provides International Travelers with the Calling Comforts of Home

In today’s technologically advanced society, you would be hard pressed to find someone who does not own a cellular phone. They enable us to stay connected to our integral networks no matter where we are in the country. Few of us, however, carry phones with affordable global-roaming capability; that’s where Global Roaming Distribution’s Celtrek comes into play.

Through the use of specially designed SIM cards, CelTrek provides the international traveler with the world’s most full-featured global-roaming tools available. The chips offer voicemail, text messaging, call-forwarding and recording, conference-calls, and much more. Not only do they facilitate all of the everyday services we are accustomed to, but they also allow the customer to choose their own local number, as well as enjoy an ease of use that is unprecedented in the industry. Pair those great features with instant account management and customer service access from anywhere on the planet, and travelers will begin to wonder how they ever got by without CelTrek.

Just how prompt is the customer service? We called the toll-free number and were expeditiously connected with a live representative in about 30 seconds! To top it all off, the service is made available to consumers at rates up to 90 percent cheaper than their current local carriers. Have you ever returned from an overseas trip, only to find your phone bill racked with outlandish roaming charges? Well, we are happy to report that, with the innovative solutions offered by CelTrek, such a situation is a thing of the past.

CelTrek COO Jenny Callicott reiterates her organization’s services in this statement: “We have created a sensible and user friendly solution for low cost and high service international roaming. Just one CelTrek SIM card enables you to travel the world with all the features you’d expect from your home phone. Advanced voicemail, free incoming SMS/text messages, call waiting, recorded calls, conference calls, and more. Best yet, you’ll never have to search for phone cards or multiple SIMS again while traveling. CelTrek does it all at a price you’re going to love.”

In closing, we are very excited to represent a company that has carved a true niche for itself in the multi-billion dollar telecommunications industry. With functionality in over 160 countries, and continued efforts to improve their already superior services, CelTrek is on the path to becoming a widely recognized household name in global communications.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:55 am
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Boasts World-Class Management Team

Best known for providing internationally roaming SIM cards through its CelTrek project, Global Roaming Distribution is led by a board of telecommunications officers with experience “second-to-none”. In all, the team brings with them more than 75 years of combined expertise in the industry.

At the top of the totem pole, you have Mr. Florian Seroussi, CEO. Considered to be a telecommunications innovator, Seroussi has sat on the boards of several successful technical groups. He has acted as a director for Group Labotec, a Group MCI subsidiary, as well as founding Group Xplore. He has been recognized for his unique ability to comprehend all aspects of the complex technologies required to succeed in communications. It is this understanding that landed him the position of Vice Chairman of IPE, a group specializing in VoIP Telecom services. He holds both an MBA and a B.A. in Economics, fully qualifying him to seamlessly run Global Roaming Distribution, Inc.

CFO Michael Thaler brings more than 30 years of pertinent business experience to the table. As well as an impressive record as a real estate developer, he has an acute interest in cellular technology. His knowledge has attracted a lot of attention over the years. He was a beta-tester of the very first attempt by a domestic carrier to provide global roaming. He has also been asked to test a new type of WiFi service that has yet to reach the public markets. Thaler took the job with Global Roaming after immediately realizing the company’s tremendous potential.

The Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Jenny Callicott, is perhaps one of the most over-qualified officers you are ever likely to run across. Her work in the cellular industry has been instrumental in the mainstreaming of many of the technologies we now take for granted. She has been an innovator in cell phone rentals, starting two successful businesses in the field. CellRent, and later CPR Cellular Phone Rentals, have landed her on the cutting-edge of an industry where many are often left behind.

In short, management over at Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. has the drive, knowledge, experience, and innate capability to carry this promising corporation into the future of global telecommunications. In fact, largely due to the quality of this team, many strides have already been taken toward that end.

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 28, 2008 9:04 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) - The Clear Choice in International Roaming

The freedom to use your cellular telephone anywhere on the planet is brought to you by Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. Still in its first year of operations with CelTrek, the Florida company’s brain-child, Global Roaming Distribution has already grown by leaps and bounds.

As a result of the organization’s pro-active approach to global-SIM technology, and unprecedented ease-of-use, The Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce recognized Global Roaming Distribution for Innovation in the Marketplace at the first ever International Business Leadership Awards.

The CelTrek service has rapidly become the most intelligent method by which international travelers can enjoy the communicative comforts of home. It has done so through strategic alliances with over 350 GSM networks encompassing 165 countries, and spanning every continent.

Not only does it offer global-roamers a better service than their domestic carriers, but a lower price as well. In fact, the associated costs run up to ninety percent less than the roaming “solutions” of local providers. How affordable are they? When you purchase $100 of global airtime, the fully rechargeable SIM card is yours for only $29. People who have experienced the international service charges of traditional roaming can tell you just how amazing that is.

Through its CelTrek subsidiary, Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. has smartly positioned itself to become the clear choice for international roaming. Businesses and private citizens alike need not worry about staying connected overseas anymore. Feel free to rest assured, CelTrek has got you covered.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:22 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Creates Strong Local and National Ties

Since the launch of its CelTrek SIM card, Global Roaming Group (GRDB.OB) has developed new relationships with international companies in Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. Due to the success of the CelTrek SIM card, the company has fast-tracked their plans for new advances and increased website capabilities. Even with the tremendous growth in recent months, Global realizes the importance of continuing strong domestic relationships.

Global is headquartered in Miami and is committed to contributing to the community. The company is a member of the Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce and The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). The company has extended up to 90 percent discounts on its SIMS cards to members of the Greater Miami Chamber to assist local companies whose employees must travel internationally. Global recognizes that Miami is a hub for international business and realizes that providing this type of benefit to local businesses will assist in the growth of the local economy. The discounted SIM cards will allow business travelers to reduce the high costs of cellular communications.

On a national level, Global has provided government and relief agencies with SIM cards at up to a 70 percent discount, to be distributed amongst the military forces in Iraq. The company was also approached by one of the international relief agencies to provide a more affordable cellular option for their field agents. Global Roaming was able to save the agency up to 90 percent of what the agents would normally spend. Using the CelTrek SIM card also allowed the field agents to make cellular connections in more than 165 countries.

Global Roaming Group currently has over 350 network operator agreements and is working to expand the coverage accessible through the CelTrek SIM card. The CelTrek is a pre-paid service with no contract or minimum usage requirements. Users purchase the SIM cards, airtime, and phone, and then manage their account online via

Cellular communication to a wide-range of countries at a more affordable price is a combination that most business travelers yearn to obtain. Global Roaming Group is a company focused on tending to the needs of its local and international clients.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2008 4:46 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Responds to Industry’s Call for Innovation

Today’s telecom firms are subject to far greater rivalry than anything previously experienced. More than 60 percent of technology executives admit to the disruption caused by the entry of new competition that boasts more up-to-date products and services. Even the largest network carriers can be outdone by a company with a solid idea. That’s where Global Roaming Distribution comes into play.

Through its CelTrek subsidiary, Global Roaming is pushing the envelope in creating freedom for cell users everywhere. They are causing large carriers to re-assess the plausibility of continuing to offer traditional roaming solutions. As any international traveler can tell you, the roaming charges forced onto your phone bill by a domestic provider can border on the criminal.

Up till now, in an almost monopolistic fashion, there has been little or no industry alternative to this problem, short of leaving your phone behind on a long trip. CelTrek is the remedy for this injustice. Using specially designed, instantly rechargeable SIM cards, CelTrek proudly boasts roaming rates in excess of 90 percent cheaper than its competition.

These cards are designed with the global traveler in mind, and are shockingly affordable. They offer the transmission/reception of SMS text messages, voicemail, call-conferencing and more; all of the services to which you are accustomed. The cards can be purchased online for as little as $29 when associated airtime is purchased. Because of Global Roaming’s CelTrek, no longer will placing an overseas call to your loved ones become a critical spending decision.

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PostPosted: Tue May 06, 2008 1:37 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Has Opportunities for Growth

Global Roaming Distribution (GRDG.OB) is a group of companies focused on adding functionality and flexibility to the telecommunications business. All the companies within Global Roaming center on providing the CelTrek™ to their regions. The company has distribution plans for those interested taking an active role in the expansion of Global. Global Roaming Distribution offers various programs to resellers, developers, and a White Label solution for those who want to build their own branded SIM card product.

The developer program allows individuals to create their own business strategy to sell Global’s products with the help of a set of Web Services (API). A developer can access the CelTrek™ API Functionalities (CAF) through a one-time set up fee of $349 and monthly charges of $99. The last step for a developer would be stocking up on SIM cards and Airtime packages. Typically, a developer starts business with a minimum of 100 SIM cards and $2500 in airtime in their account.

The reseller program allows anyone to purchase the products directly from CelTrek™. A reseller will then stock SIM cards and Airtime to a reseller account where products can be sold on A reseller has the ability to activate customers, recharge their SIM cards, and assign phone numbers (DIDs) through the website, and receives a commission (up to 20 percent) if a customer charges the reseller directly or charges the CelTrek™ site. Resellers can choose to set prices at a different scale than CelTrek™, but clients must recharge airtime directly with their reseller.

The White Label Solution (WLS) is an all-inclusive package featuring a customized website, a business branding system, Advanced Technical Support (ATS), and all the features of the developer program. Utilizing the WLS option, customers do not need to know about the relationship with CelTrek™. The customer can be a part of the CelTrek™ server’s infrastructure or can be set up on the customer’s own hosting configuration.

There are a number of levels to the WLS program. The Basic level allows businesses to sell, activate, and assign DIDs to one customer’s SIM card a time. The Bronze level provides a website to sell the Global products and services. The Silver level provides the Bronze level services along with an Affiliates program. The Platinum level provides a resellers program under a business along with all the benefits of the prior levels. Lastly, there is a custom-based level that can be configured any number of ways to meet any individual’s unique needs.

Global has opportunities for those who want to join in their expanding business. The CelTrek™ is the only SIM card that can provide mobile access to 165 countries with a local U.S. phone number. With an ever growing number of alliances with telecommunication companies throughout the world, the benefits of the CelTrek™ SIMCard are a major selling point to all business and international travelers.

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PostPosted: Thu May 08, 2008 12:57 pm
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Uses Go-to-market Strategy to Boost Success of its Business Partners

Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (OTCBB: GRDB) operates as an entity to promote, sell and distribute telecommunications equipment, while also serving as an Internet-based distributor of global SIM technology through its CelTrek Web site.

The CelTrek telecommunication platform is an application enabler, and an integral part of Global Roaming’s business and Go-to-market strategy based on business layers. Each layer represents a specific market, allowing the creation of new business opportunities.

The layers include direct customers, affiliates, resellers, developers, white label solutions, wholesalers, retailers and corporate accounts. The company has designated its GRDB technology and software factory to implement the layers to the marketplace and to utilize them to achieve business goals.

To ensure the layers span the majority of the market’s needs, the company has set in place value propositions. This allows Global Roaming’s business partners to know where their needs, specific investment, human resources and business goals meet to create the desired profitability.

Global Roaming measures its business partners’ success by the success of their Go-to-market strategy. Global Roaming makes sure each of its business partners are aware and set with the market needs, and that their approach will fulfill the desired results. To do this, Global Roaming conducts market research, polls and testing to ensure results.

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PostPosted: Tue May 13, 2008 9:13 am
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Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) Announces New Features, Hits Number One Spot Among U.S. Travelers Abroad

Global Roaming Distribution (OTCBB:GRDB) announced new features and improvements to the company’s premier offering, the CelTrek™ Global roaming SIM card. Global Roaming Distribution, a telecommunications holding company focused on providing extremely low-cost roaming solutions for corporations and leisure travelers around the globe via its SIM card, provided details of these new features.

Using the SIM card, a customer can now use call forwarding via the Web to any number worldwide. In other words, a CelTrek™ user can forward his or her unique CelTrek™ phone number to a personal U.S. number when back home, and can also forward any continental U.S. or international number to his CelTrek™ phone.

CelTrek™ now also offers caller ID. The CelTrek™ phone number will be displayed whenever a user makes an outgoing call. In addition to this invaluable feature, allowing friends and business associates to identify callers through their cell phone numbers, Global Roaming also offers additional options for recharging cell phone airtime, either via the CelTrek™ phone itself with a pin code, or by using “scratch card” top ups, or via an Automatic Recharge web-based tool, which allows both resellers and direct users to manage their account on a SIM-by-SIM basis according to need and established security thresholds. These security features, which allow the blocking of SIM cards, are another valuable feature. Global Roaming also offers new account access through the SIM menu, and customers can view their account balance or their number and add credit as needed. All these enhanced features are now available through a dramatically increased number of compatible phones and other devices.

Global Roaming’s CelTrek™ SIM Card provides 24/7 online billing, full-service, international roaming coverage, and enhanced security, as well as two sets of benefits that literally beat out the competition, namely price and calling range. At up to 90 percent less than current roaming charges from other companies, Global Roaming’s CelTrek™ offers coverage in 165 countries on all continents under the aegis of partnerships with 350 GSM systems worldwide, all via a single phone and U.S. phone number. CelTrek™, with its added features like call forwarding and caller ID, transforms a cell phone into a full-featured telephone system no matter where the customer finds himself. These advantages also propel Global Roaming to the head of the international calling marketplace, and will surely attract more customers who have previously been under the onus of changing cell phones as they change countries.

Cost, flexibility and simplicity are the keynote features that have propelled Global Roaming Distribution into the number one spot among international travelers from the U.S., and the addition of key calling features only strengthens this position.

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PostPosted: Wed May 14, 2008 11:16 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution Inc. (GRDB.OB) - Taking Advantage of Industry Partnerships to Provide the Best Service Possible

Global Roaming Distribution Incorporated is doing its best to change the way people make international long distance calls. The new revolution is available to consumers because GRDB is offering international global SIM cards for use in all seven continents at an extremely competitive price. International global SIM cards can be added to any unlocked cellular phone that operates on a GSM network and can save travelers up to 90% on international calls.

This massive savings wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for Global Roaming Distribution’s massive network of partners. It all starts off with the local service operators. These operators are an important asset to the group because they provide the reliability necessary to make the proper transfer on time, every time. Global Roaming and its partners have signed agreements with over 350 local services operators in over 165 countries. The next partnership that helps Global Roaming pass the savings on to their customers is their extensive network of global roaming services. This network allows Global Roaming to be the most advances and competitive in terms of price, service and quality bar none.

The next, and probably most important partnership, is the global DID providers. These companies are the key to the cost effectiveness of the company. They allow for the purchase, uses, assignments and disposals of local DID numbers around the world in the blink of an eye. These local DID numbers are what allows a “local” call to be made to a user at such a cheap price, even internationally.

Anytime you are dealing with a leading player in a technological field, they require a pipeline or network of new software and hardware to maintain their competitive advantage. Global Roaming Distribution is no different. They have a centralized facility that acquires and develops advanced information technologies that can help win the battle to satisfy ever growing customer needs. These technologies help to make Global Roaming faster, more reliable and cheaper than any competitor and help to exceed the expectations of every customer.

Finally, every good business, and technology for that matter, has the potential for mishaps, which is why Global Roaming has a centralized customer service center. Their center is very advanced compared to other organizations and offers multi lingual help 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their record is nearly flawless and they boast a 90% success rate on resolving issues after the first call. With all of these partners and safety nets, GRDB is well structured for success.

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PostPosted: Fri May 16, 2008 8:29 pm
by QualityStocks
Global Roaming Distribution, Inc. (GRDB.OB) Creates Packages for International Resellers and Distributors

Global Roaming Distribution (GRDB.OB) has created user-friendly web-based reseller and distributor platforms to ease the growth of the brand into the world market. Global is the first US-based company to offer a SIM card that can be used in all seven continents. The company currently has agreements with over 350 GSM systems that provide a greater cellular use footprint than any other provider.

Travel and mobile telecommunications are historically the most resilient segments in the world economy. Modern countries have realized the positive impact of increased international travel and growing cellular use. An estimated one billion cellular handsets are in use worldwide with a 30 percent growth in demand for some countries. This tremendous growth should continue, based on the latest forecasts that estimate the number of cellular subscribers doubling within the next five years.

Global’s COO Jenny Callicott stated, “With over 900 million roaming calls made each month and over 30 billion text messages sent around the world, CELTREK™ has the unique ability to provide savvy businesses an entree into this billion dollar industry.”

Global has established reseller and distributor packages that include virtually all marketing and fulfillment requirements. Resellers and distributors can quickly add Global’s flagship SIM card, Celtrek™, to any new or existing market. The Celtrek™ card can be the basis of a new enterprise or supplement an existing retail site.

The CelTrek™ SIM card features were created to fill the needs of international travelers, who want to maintain the use of a local number and to reduce cellular costs while abroad. The card provides users with 24/7 customer service and technical support 365 days a year.

Global hopes to establish relationships with distributors who have access to high volume users. Global has an option which allows the CelTrek™ to be marketed for private branding, so established companies and entrepreneurs can sell the cards with their own trademarks. The association with Global is not required through this private label route.

Florian Seroussi, CEO of Global said, “The strategy of Global Roaming and its CelTrek product is far more than mass distribution of our cards. We have pinpointed the industries and users who need us most, and thus bring the greatest benefit to us all through predictable high averages of talk time.”

Global will soon be releasing the V3 CelTrek SIM, which will have even more features than the current card. The company plans on offering packages that include discounts of up to 90 percent on local carrier charges. The addition of the new SIM card with expanded features, along with the attractive Global packages, will provide competitive advantages for resellers and distributors who choose to join the Global team.

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