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Forum Guidlines

Postby QualityStocks » Fri Jun 01, 2007 7:34 pm


First, remember that this is a privately owned board, and that you have agreed to Terms Of Use when you signed up.

Here at the QualityStocks Message Board, we only have three guidlines:

Guideline #1
No PUMPING and/or BASHING of stocks, no spamming or advertising of any kind.

Guideline #2
No pumping and/or bashing of stocks, no SPAMMING or advertising of any kind.

Guideline #3
No pumping and/or bashing of stocks, no spamming or ADVERTISING of any kind.

Posts in violation of these three rules will be deleted promptly; in some instances, moderators might edit, rather than delete, posts, at their own discretion.

Members in violation of these rules may be banned – temporarily or forever – at moderators' discretion.

Links to other message boards are welcomed, but commercial/pay-for sites, or adult sites are prohibited


#1. We encourage you to share stock tips, finds and ideas (positive or negative).
When you do, please tell us why – back up your statement with TA, fundamentals, news, logic… maybe even a chart or two
If you only give us a blanket statement, we will see it as pumping or bashing.

To illustrate:

Wrong way/pumping: BHGRL.PK is going to the moon!!! Buy buy buy! Get rich!

Right way: BHGRL.PK has made some upward movements in the last few days, based on increased revenues and improving debt ratios over the past two weeks. Positive after-market PR was issued on Friday, and chart clearly shows ….

#2. If you’ve been spammed or spot something ‘fishy’, please let me know. Contrary to popular belief, we are not here 24/7, so chances are, you might catch something long before I do.

If you report a post, it would also be very helpful to let other members know it’s already been reported by posting in the thread in question.

If you do so, please be nice, as I like to give everyone the benefit of a doubt; so, say something like ‘hmm… interesting. I will have one of our moderators look into this’


Please respect each other and this board.
It’s normal to have differences of opinions and you are welcome and encouraged to share them. However, if you cannot do so in a civilized and mature manner, don’t do it at all.

You and only you are responsible for your actions and trading decisions.
Don’t take anyone’s word ‘for it’. Do your dd (due diligence/research) before investing. If you need help, ask, but remember, the final responsibility for your decision lays on you, so please, don’t come back here and blame your losses on somebody else.

If you stick with these two guidelines, you will do no wrong!

Other Guidlines

- Do not insult or harass other members

- Stay focused and relevant
In other words, stick to the stock market and don’t use what you perceive
as one member’s ‘shortcoming’ to try and undermine the value of what they
might be saying (for example, spelling and grammar are irrelevant here, as
is good control of English language and syntax).

- Don’t bicker.

Debating is good, but bickering is bad!
If you don’t know the difference, ask our moderator.

- Please don’t use profanities and stay ‘appropriate’
All posts deemed not appropriate will be edited or deleted at the discretion of the moderators. A temporary or permanent ban could also be issued.

We invite you to share your tips and ideas for making board participation a pleasant and valuable experience for all!
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