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mPhase Technologies (XDSL)

mPhase Technologies (XDSL) is committed to leading the development of future battery technology. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary, AlwaysReady, Inc., has revolutionized the traditional concept of the battery by providing potentially infinite shelf life, lower manufacturing cost, power management functionality, faster ramp to power, versatile packaging, and a flexible array of configurations while being environmentally friendly.

Batteries are used in a countless number of electronic devices that are demanding higher performance, longer lasting power, and environmentally friendly methodologies. mPhase’s Smart Battery can be used in a wide array of industries including military, medical, industrial, and consumer technologies, as well as many more.

The company has received prestigious awards from NASA, Frost & Sullivan, Deloitte, and NJTC. mPhase has also attracted the attention of the media, including Wired, Bell Labs Tech Journal, Scientific American Magazine, Langmuir “NanoNails,” Battery Architecture, Power Sources Conference, NJ BIZ “Science and Success,” Credit Suisse, and Nano Circle.

mPhase’s battery technology offers significant improvements over conventional batteries because it is based on nanotechnology. Commenting on the integration of battery and nanotechnologies, Dr. Dominik C. Muller, equity analyst at Nanotechnology & Alternative Energy, stated, “In recent decades, there has been a quantum leap in terms of the miniaturization and improvement of electronic devices. By contrast, battery technology remains at the initial stage of development in many areas. It is already becoming apparent that nanotechnology will play a central role in advancing this development process.”

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