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Wescorp Energy Inc. (WSCE)

Wescorp Energy Inc. (WSCE) is an oil and gas operations solutions company focused on commercializing technologies that overcome tough operations challenges facing oil and gas operators today. Wescorp combines its intellectual capital, oil and gas industry experience, best practices methodologies and its market offerings to deliver these solutions in a timely, economic and environmentally friendly manner.

Wescorp's main focus technology is their Water Remediation and Purification Technology, wholly-owned through a subsidiary, Total Fluid Solutions Inc.. The Water Remediation and Purification Technology based offerings by Wescorp can remove hydrocarbon contamination content from water and soil and can prove an effective tool in meeting environmental, regulatory and safety issues facing the World’s Energy Industry today and in the future. Conventional technology removes hydrocarbon contamination content down to 0.5% to 3% (5,000 to 30,000) parts per million - Wescorp removes hydrocarbon contamination content down to 0.005% (50 parts per million).

There are over 800 producing oil companies in Western Canada alone, ranging from a one well producer to producers with thousands of wells. There are in excess of 17,000 batteries that are storage facilities for contaminated formation water that requires remediation prior to re-injection into the oil reservoir just in the province of Alberta. These batteries range in storage capacity from 200 to 50,000 barrels of toxic water. Wescorp's technology can have a significant economic and environmental impact on virtually all oil producing fields.

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