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Universal Detection Technology (UNDT)

Universal Detection Technology (UNDT) is focused on developing, marketing, and distributing a large range of products purposed to combat the threat of terrorism. The company offers sophisticated surveillance equipment as well as cutting-edge airborne pathogen, radiation, and bioterrorism detection technology.

With the assistance of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the Company developed a bacterial spore detection system that provides uninterrupted monitoring of the air for unusual levels of bacterial spores such as anthrax. Universal Detection Technology has already provided its anthrax detection kits to the U.S. Army and sold two bacterial spore detection systems to the Government of the United Kingdom.

The Company is dedicated to developing products to keep innocent people safe as terrorists use more sophisticated biological weapons. Universal Detection Technology understands how crucial it is to stay alert to these new threats, and through its advanced technology, intends to keep our nation safe.

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