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TapImmune, Inc. (NASDAQ: TPIV)

TapImmune, Inc. (NASDAQ: TPIV) is leading the field of oncology with its next-generation T-cell vaccines and novel immunotherapy platforms. By fully leveraging the scope of its technology and through collaborative partnerships and license agreements, the company aims to maximize its value and growth potential.

Most cancer patients die from metastatic disease, which is when the cancer travels to other parts of the body that ultimately cannot be treated, instead of the primary tumor. TapImmune's immunotherapies overcome the deficiencies of earlier cancer vaccine approaches by targeting both tumors and metastatic diseases. The company's approach further differentiates itself by influencing the body's own immune system to fight the disease.

Two clinical stage T-cell vaccine candidates are currently being advanced in multiple Phase II and Phase Ib/IIa clinical trials for treating ovarian and breast cancers, including programs in ovarian cancer that will benefit from the FDA Fast Track and Orphan Disease Designation. The U.S. market alone is very large for these cancers, with a combined 290,000 new patients estimated to be diagnosed each year. Mayo Clinic, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and AstraZeneca are among the collaborators in these trials, and the U.S. Department of Defense has provided significant non-dilutive funding as well.

The company's off-the-shelf vaccines have been proven to boost patients' immune systems to comprehensively stimulate both killer T-cells and helper T-cells to destroy cancer cells, and they are designed to treat a wide patient population across varied therapeutic areas of cancer. These vaccines have the potential to be a powerful standalone therapy or part of a leading combination regimen by complementing other approved or development-stage immunotherapeutics.

PolyStart is TapImmune's unique DNA-based antigen expression system that helps the body recognize and kill target cells. It is a novel vaccine technology platform that creates a four-fold or greater increase in presentation of any antigen, which gives it unlimited application in oncology and infectious disease. The PolyStart platform further solidifies the company as a leader in the development of next-generation vaccines for cancer as it will be able to use this technology for its own vaccine candidates as well as generate additional value for the platform by licensing it to third parties.

The company plans to first build value through advancing candidates that treat women's cancers, while continuously developing its unique pipeline. As part of its long-term vision, the company is also developing proprietary technologies that can enhance the potency of DNA-based immunotherapies against other types of cancer and infectious disease. Other goals include discovering, acquiring and developing additional technologies that modulate antigen presentation and driving incremental value by monetizing proprietary protein expression systems through business partnerships.

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