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Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (SMKY)

Smoky Market Foods, Inc. (SMKY) is focused on producing a complete line of fully-cooked Smoke-Baked meat, poultry and fish through an innovative wood-burning oven system. This proprietary, wood-burning oven technology makes it possible to create products that do not contain harmful additives or chemical preservatives, making Smoky Market foods a healthy alternative to the chemical-laden smoked meat, poultry and fish products flooding the market today.

Smoky Market Foods, Inc.’s business plan consists of building a national chain of Smoky Market® restaurant-stores and self-contained kiosks. The company’s menu of delicious wood-smoked cuisine is made in a large, USDA-inspected processing facility located in Webster City, Iowa.

The smoking technology used by Smokey Market Foods was approved by the USDA for mass commercial production after many years of costly development. Since its creation, the system has evolved into a huge, stainless steel, wood-burning oven that is capable of producing more than 15,000 pounds of food each day. All the food produced by the oven is made according to the superior quality standards instituted by Smoky Market Foods.

The Company uses hickory and other woods to cook its food, infusing a full, satisfying, smoky flavor. Smoky Market’s foods are guaranteed to be the most natural, wholesome and authentic of any smoked foods available in today’s marketplace. The genuine goodness consumers expect from Smoky Market’s products can only be created by the company’s use of real wood, special care, and lack of additives.

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