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SkyShop Logistics, Inc. (SKPN)

SkyShop Logistics, Inc. (SKPN) is an international mail distribution company focused on delivering commercial mail and periodicals into the Latin America-Caribbean (LAC) region. The Company is one of the leading private mail networks in Latin America and handles mail from European postal administrations, major publishers, international mailers and financial institutions that demand on-time, reliable delivery of their mail and/or magazines. Through its web-based proprietary tracking system, SkyPostal Networks offers clients with the option of tracking their mail as well as the Company’s performance.

The Company fulfils the demand for reliable, low cost, trackable mail service in the LAC region. The Public Postal services in the area are plagued with abnormally high inter-country mail tariffs, inefficiencies with little to no technology, poor service and horrible delivery rates. In fact, about 30% of the mail sent to the LAC region from Europe and the USA is never delivered. These failures provide SkyPostal Networks with an extraordinary opportunity to capitalize on demand for quality service.

SkyPostal Networks is one of the largest facilitators of mail delivery from Europe and the US into the LAC region. At this time the Company’s main customers are the French and German National Posts. SkyPostal Networks not only handles the mail originating in the two countries, but also their Extraterritorial Offices of Exchange (ETOEs). In addition, it serves other European Posts’ cross border companies such as Swiss Post Spain, acting as a median in the delivery of 150 tons of mail per month.

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