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Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO)

Patient Access Solutions, Inc. (PASO) is a healthcare solutions company focused on advancing the healthcare information technology industry. The company has created an array of technology, resources and allies to become an agent of major change in what has traditionally been a slowly evolving healthcare environment.

Patient Access Solutions is dedicated to quality and service within the healthcare community, with an overall focus of using innovative and secure technology to facilitate their client's needs. Recognizing the many opportunities within the healthcare industry to capture data and complete transactions electronically, the company began to apply its technology knowledge in this marketplace.

The company's D-PAS technology enables healthcare organizations to streamline and digitalize day-to-day paperwork processes without disrupting the simplicity of using ordinary pen and paper. All the information written is captured electronically, transmitted to a central processing server via the Internet and made available to back office and document management systems immediately.

In addition to D-PAS and other solutions, the company has also been working with partners for a coordinated release and the support of an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) product. Through a national marketing program involving two independent medical sales organizations, the company projects generating sales of approximately $8.4MM in FY2012, with 1,800 units sold this year.

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