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NavStar Technologies, Inc. (NVSR)

NavStar Technologies, Inc. (NVSR) provides GPS related hardware and services in both the consumer and commercial markets internationally. Following the acquisition of Argo Navigation, the company offers GPS products and services that track/monitor vehicles and other valuable assets in addition to its hands-free calling voice driven navigation system.

The Company's premiere product, titled the "Voice Navigator(TM)" innovatively stands out from competitor offerings since it is designed around a thin client/server concept that reduces unit cost, provides real-time directional information, enables users to download directional information for numerous destinations, and allows advanced customization for specific industries.

Unlike most GPS products, the Voice Navigator can receive requests for direction by voice. NavStar's proprietary voice direction database provides users with higher quality verbal directions compared to competing products, while at the same time staying considerably lower in price.

The portable navigation and tracking market is rapidly growing and has plenty of potential to expand further. With a proven product and thousands of units already in service, NavStar provides an affordable solution to protect and monitor high-value assets and cargo while providing hands-free navigation.

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For more information please visit www.navstarinc.com


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