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Medefile International, Inc. (MDFI)

Medefile International, Inc. (MDFI) is focused on developing technologies and services that assist clients with the collection, management, and distribution of key health data including medical records and images. The Company’s proprietary system gathers and digitalizes medical records so that anyone can have comprehensive records of all their medical visits. The Medifile system provides easy access to medical records to those who need it such as patients and healthcare providers.

The Company was founded by an entrepreneur as well as a group of registered medical records specialists, physicians, and technologists. The motivated team is a great asset to Medefile as it is comprised of individuals who bring innovative vision, business acumen, and a vast knowledge of the medical field. The President and CEO, Milton Hauser, brings years of experience in the field of marketing as he has created and executed a number of high profile national campaigns and programs for companies such as Panasonic, Sanyo, Avon, Lederle International as well as other Fortune 500 companies.

Medefile’s system revolutionizes the healthcare delivery process. Previously, patients have been viewed as only passive participants, but through Medefile’s system, they can now take more responsibility for their healthcare and make decisions regarding treatment. The Company also enables doctors and registered medical records specialists to easily see detailed information on a patient’s complete medical history.

As part of the MedeFile service, each member is provided with a MedeDrive, an external USB drive that contains all of the member’s emergency medical information and medical records as well as an overview of the member’s and his or her family’s medical history. Harnessing the ease and availability of the Internet, MedeFile users can also instantly access their information from anywhere in the world.

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