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GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP)

GNCC Capital, Inc. (GNCP) is primarily a gold exploration company with some Silver interests and with seven different projects, all of which were carefully selected due to their outstanding characteristics, being a base of sound economic and potential low cost production Gold Mining Assets. The company’s business strategy is to generate revenue streams from joint venture agreements on its properties and then deploy the proceeds to accelerate the exploration of other potentially viable gold properties for further joint venture agreements and to secure sustainable cash flow.

The company’s exploration properties, located in Arizona, consist of White Hills, Esther Basin, Burnt Well, Clara Gold, Kit Carson, Silverfields, and Potts Mountain. GNCC Capital does not require any additional funding in this fiscal year to achieve their stated objectives as management has secured the necessary funding to execute this fiscal year’s strategy to completion.

Backed by a world-class management team with decades of experience in the financial and mining sectors, GNCC Capital is well positioned to fully capitalize on its current projects. Notably, GNCC Capital’s business plan also allows for the acquisition of additional assets, should they meet management’s requirements for potential low-cost extraction, in order to secure additional revenue streams for the company. The Company sees huge opportunities at present, with the current decline in the gold price. This presents the Company will a lot of acquisition opportunities, should they be of a strategic and economic fit.

The company’s focus is creating value for its shareholders, employees, and business and social partners through responsible and safe exploration, mining, and marketing. While gold exploration is the company’s main focus, GNCC Capital will take advantage of value-creating opportunities in other minerals where it can leverage existing assets, skills, and experience.

The Company’s acquisition (on June 20, 2013) of the “White Hills” Gold Project has provided GNCC Capital with a significantly larger base of sound economic and potential low cost production Gold Mining Assets. Given the Company’s stated objectives, this acquisition is expected to move the Company into a Joint Venture / Revenue Producing Arena; at an accelerated rate, as previously envisaged by the Company’s Management. Management is of the opinion that the acquisition of “White Hills”, coupled with existing portfolio properties should secure an enhanced economic base for the Company going forward.

Transfer Agent
Madison Stock Transfer Inc.
1688 East 16th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11229

Investor Relations
3370 N. Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251

Key Investment Highlights
Directors Hold 12% of Outstanding Shares
Extensive Precious Metals Mining Portfolio
World-class Management Team

Sector: Basic Materials
Industry: Precious Metals
Sub-industry: Gold & Silver

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