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Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (FROZ)

Frozen Food Gift Group Inc. (FROZ) is comprised of two separate business units; Miami Ice Machine and SENDaSCOOP.com.

Founded in 1961, Miami Ice Machine (MIMCO) is a leading provider of quality refrigeration equipment of numerous different types, including walk-in refrigerators and state-of-the-art freezers, with more than 50 years of operation. The company also provides commercial contractor services. Boasting clientele ranging from nationally franchised businesses to single-location operators, the company is known for its continual innovation and leading refrigeration technologies.

Miami Ice Machine has manufactured and installed more than 100,000 pieces of equipment for its customers in a variety of industries. The latest-generation ice machine sanitation technology, which both prevents contamination and provides an automated sanitation solution, has been incorporated into the company’s complete line of ice machines. This integration represents the very first time automated ice machine sanitation is included as a standard feature. The sanitation technology dramatically reduces the ice machine cleaning cycle by approximately 75 percent, dropping significantly the maintenance burden for operators.

SENDaSCOOP.com is a development stage company that will sell specialized ice cream gift products via the internet for delivery anywhere in the United States. A virtually untapped gift category, ice cream is purchased by 92% of U.S. households and is an industry game-changer poised to stand out amongst the more traditional offerings such as gift baskets, fruit, candy, steaks, popcorn, and flowers.

Leveraging its team’s many years of combined experience, the company intends to capitalize on the well-established successes of both the gifting and ice cream industries by combining them into one exceptional offering. Roughly $20 billion is spent on ice cream and other frozen dairy products in the U.S. alone. Knowing Americans spend more of their disposable income on gifts than nearly every other category, management has strategically positioned SENDaSCOOP.com to introduce a new mail order food gift category. With a solid business model in place, an all-encompassing marketing strategy, and direct access to the best refrigeration technologies, the company is well prepared to satisfy the nation’s never-ending love for ice cream with its artisan creations.

Transfer Agent
500 Perimeter Park Drive
Suite D
Morrisville, NC, 27560

Investor Relations
3370 N. Hayden Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ. 85251

Key Investment Highlights
Full-Service Commercial Resource
Leading Refrigeration Technology
Subsidiary Established in 1961

Sector: Services
Industry: Commercial
Sub-industry: Contractor Services

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