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Exchange Media Corp. (EXMD)

Exchange Media Corp. (EXMD) provides mobile phone users with a unique end-to-end multimedia video/audio solution. The company’s XCPlayer software allows these users to search, download, manage, and play published audio and video content. The software also incorporates value-added services such as video ring tones and real-time high resolution video.

Because the software solution has excellent compatibility with numerous mobile phones, it can support millions of users regardless of their phone’s brand. The XCPlayer also supports all international audio/video codec standards and utilizes the most efficient compression and optimization technology to help customers save bandwidth and money.

The company has primarily targeted young mobile phone users aged 18 to 35 as they are more susceptible to accept new applications with stronger consumption and are already accustomed to mobile value-added services. The XCPlayer was designed to be flexible, allowing for future revisions as technology progresses and users demand expanded functionality.

The number of mobile value-added service users is growing very rapidly, outpacing the number of new mobile phone users. The Chinese market size of ringtones and MP3 music totaled approximately $1.7 billion in 2006 and is expected to grow further as there are more than 520 million mobile users. Exchange Media Corp. is well positioned with their unique and advantageously designed XCPlayer software and stands to profit from the exploding use of mobile value-added services.

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