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Emerging Media Holdings Inc. (EMDH)

Emerging Media Holdings Inc. (EMDH operates through its two subsidiaries, Media Alianta S.R.L. and Analytic Media Group, S.A. The company is primarily focused on radio and television broadcasting, where it derives most of its revenues through advertisement sales.

Analytic Media Group is known as a market leader in television advertising and production, creating and delivering its own TV shows in the Republic of Moldova. This subsidiary’s passion is creating a channel of information and entertainment for Moldavian viewers. Currently, 90 percent of the cable television operators in Moldova have signed agreements with Analytic Media Group, reaching a total of 100,000 subscribers. Moldova’s advertising market ranks among the top 10 European countries, a volume which could reach 20 million dollars, or an increase of about 675 percent over 2006. Worldwide advertising expenses are estimated to exceed $454 billion for 2007. This amount is expected to further increase, reaching $511.8 billion in the next three years.

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