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Ecotality, Inc., (ECTY)

Ecotality (ECTY) is committed to developing and commercializing environmentally-friendly energy systems and solutions that address today's global energy challenge. The amount of energy available from fossil fuels is rapidly dissipating, and one day the conventional fuel may run out. Ecotality was formed to address this rising problem, and today is actively identifying new, cleaner technologies to power our planet.

Ecotality is currently pursuing and identifying innovative and revolutionary technologies. Strategically partnering with Fortune 500 companies and leading research & development institutions is one way the company expands this vision. Through partnerships and acquisitions, Ecotality acquires the rights to technologies and ensure that they are developed properly.

The company’s premier product, Hydratus(TM), could be the solution to making hydrogen a commercial fuel source. The system works by producing hydrogen from readily available materials in a way that does not emit anything other than pure water. The materials used are environmentally friendly and are all recyclable through a recharging process.

The President & CEO of Ecotality has over 30 years of experience growing corporations in various markets through global licensing agreements, strategic partnership and creative management guidance. Mr. Baer, the CFO, earned his bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from the University of Colorado and has served as a CFO at a number of corporations. There is much potential for Ecotality as its experienced management team and strategic partnerships lead the company to greater success.

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