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CleanTech BioFuels, Inc. (CLTH)

CleanTech BioFuels, Inc. (CLTH) is focused on developing ground-breaking technologies to convert cellulosic material found in municipal solid waste (MSW) into ethanol. Out of the 250+ million tons of garbage disposed of each year in America, only 32% is recovered, 14% is burned at combustion facilities and the remaining 54% is tossed in landfills. However, using CleanTech’s technology, this unusable waste is a source of energy rather than a disposal problem.

The company holds exclusive licenses to a collection of technologies that offer substantial advantages in converting MSW into viable energy. CleanTech is also developing an exclusive license to produce ethanol from municipal garbage by utilizing a dilute acid hydrolysis process that transforms cellulosic feedstock into fermentable sugars. Together, these technologies will allow CleanTech to produce cellulosic ethanol from municipal garbage at low costs.

Because the company has such a unique method of solving disposal issues while also addressing our dependence on foreign oils, it has been presented with opportunities to joint venture, license or acquire other related technologies that can also be used to convert municipal garbage into energy. CleanTech anticipates developing other complementary technologies to convert even greater amounts of the municipal waste stream into clean fuels.

The demand for the production of ethanol has grown to incredible levels with the recent volatility in oil prices and recently enacted legislation requiring a production rate of 36 billion gallons of ethanol per year by 2022. Ethanol from agricultural products like corn and sugar cane isn’t expected to be able to meet this mandate, creating an even stronger demand for advanced biofuels such as cellulosic ethanol.

CleanTech BioFuels is Turning Household Trash Into Fuel

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