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CLICKER, Inc., (CLKZ) is a company able to skillfully engineer Brand Identity by integrating the full spectrum of Web Publishing technologies. By utilizing social networking, reward properties, commerce and advertising, Clicker harnesses an interoperable web presence model that allows them to leverage international content platforms, all to build brands for their clients.

The overall strategy of Clicker is to create and oversee the management of independent web sites which can exploit such global markets as Finance, Entertainment, Sports, Local, Classified and personalized rewards by integrating social networking capability that is directly tied to content. Clicker has developed such brands as ForWant.com, a unifying conduit of web communities, with free and paid classifieds, encompassing all the categories people expect from personals, including job listings and “for sale”, and all harnessing a forum-based architecture. This is a component architecture system, like an advanced Craigslist but within a completely web 2.0 framework that allows for better interaction and seamless, user-focused marketing.

Wall St Network is another brand which has become a worldwide leader among financial, social networking sites, where traders from around the globe have access to a persistent community built on blogging platforms and timely data aggregation. Executive interviews, research tools and multimedia content presented in an intuitive and user-driven environment forms a basis for continual brand identity construction via TV, Video Print and Web integration.

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