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Capital City Energy Group (CETG)

Capital City Energy Group (CETG) is an energy company focused on becoming one of the few vertically integrated independent oil & natural gas companies. The company’s strategic business plan is to build a portfolio of core areas that present growth opportunities through grass-roots drilling, operating, service companies, acquisitions and fund management.

By acquiring energy-related businesses that follow the direction of the company, Capital City Energy Group aggressively pursues its “Triad” business model that consists of: fund management, principal investments and strategic acquisitions. The cleverly designed Triad strategy enables the company to become more opportunistic and have greater control over its investments through vertical integration. By acquiring direct ownership in all the divisions within the energy industry, Capital City Energy Group becomes a more dynamic and full-service energy company.

In recent news, the company acquired an interest in the prolific Fayetteville Shale located in Van Buren and Cleburne Counties in Arkansas. Capital City Energy is participating in drilling wells on over 30,0000 acres and has already participated in the drilling of 29 producing wells. CEO Timothy W. Crawford stated that the company is excited to have a part in the play and noted that the location has quickly developed into a large unconventional gas resource. He also emphasized that it has attracted nationwide attention as a result of the success in the area by well-known energy firms such as Chesapeake Energy and Southwestern Energy Company.

Capital City Energy Group understands what it takes to see sustained business success, which includes high standards of business conduct, effective corporate governance, sound financial controls, operational integrity and community engagement. These values are evident in the company’s underlying principles which accentuate teamwork and commitment to professional superiority and integrity. The management is dedicated to growing and maintaining the company’s unique corporate culture, while upholding core values which place the interests of shareholders first.

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