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Cord Blood America, Inc., (CBAI)

Cord Blood America (CBAI) is focused on becoming the most respected stem cell preservation company in the world. The company plans to achieve its goal by educating expectant parents, families with a history of disease, critically ill patients, and all others who wish to learn about their life saving service.

Through its subsidiary, CorCell, the company is a licensed and accredited cord blood company, which has been dedicated to its work since 1995. The company began in Pennsylvania as the first private cord blood company licensed for umbilical cord blood collection and today is one of the leaders in the industry.

Their stem-cell harvesting procedure is preferred by obstetricians for its safe, simple, and uncomplicated method. The precious stem-cells are stored in its private laboratory which is both internationally known and AABB accredited.

The company has demonstrated its desire to increase shareholder value and become cash flow positive by retiring registered convertible debt, in addition to lowering operational loss, increasing revenues, and halving the basic and diluted loss per share.

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For more information please visit www.cordpartners.com


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