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BizRocket.com, Inc. (BZRT)

BizRocket.com, Inc. (BZRT) has created a subscription-based social networking website developed specifically for pre-teens. The website, KidzRocket.com, provides a safe, fun social networking chat, game, video-chat, and online activity room for children. A subscription to the online community also includes an advanced web filtering parental control module.

The KidzRocket social networking website was designed to address the potential dangers that preteens may experience when using social networking sites on the Internet. KidzRocket helps protect children from Internet dangers, including predators, pornography, and cyber-bulling, and prevents them from posting and e-mailing sensitive information about themselves or their families.

A recent teen internet survey conducted by Children's Advocate John Walsh, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children and Cox Communications found that 64% of adolescents with online profiles post photos or videos of themselves online. Fifty-six percent post information about where they live and 69% are sent personal messages from people they do not know on a regular basis.

The new social networking website for kids meets the challenge of pre-teens using social networking sites in a safe, responsible way. The targeted market includes 130 million parents in the U.S. with children in the 8 to 13 age group. As parents, law enforcement officials, school PTO's and others are continually reminded of the dangers the Internet presents to children, BizRocket is well positioned to capitalize on market growth.

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