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B2Digital, Inc. (BTDG)

B2Digital, Inc. (BTDG) is focused on utilizing its management's expertise to take advantage of solid long term industry trends in technology development and natural resources. In technology development, the company has specific experience in digital compression technology, internet services and media development and delivery systems. In natural resources, the company focuses on aggressively building and advancing its mineral property portfolio.

The B2 Movie Network (B2MN) is a provider of in-room entertainment and information services to the domestic lodging industry, offering Hollywood movies, sports, and live events, as well as various types of pay-per-view content. To date, the company has installed and serviced over 50,000 hotel rooms. Services are typically rendered under long-term contracts to hotels, hotel management companies and individually owned and franchised hotel properties.

The company has a joint venture agreement in place with Firma Gold, Inc. which pertains to the mining exploration leases owned by Firma Gold in Landrienne and Courville, Quebec. Under the terms of the agreement, B2 Digital is responsible for funding the exploration, operation, and, if required, the disposition of the Firma Gold properties. In return, B2 Digital, Inc. will receive 90% of the net profit after deduction of any capital or operating costs incurred in its role.

B2 Digital is currently exploring further mining opportunities in Quebec. The properties under consideration are not exclusively limited to gold but also include properties that may contain silver, copper and lithium. The company is also seeking proposals from contractors with extensive experience in the Malartic Region to undertake a testing program at existing claims.

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