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Brite Strike Technologies, Inc. (BSTK)

Brite Strike Technologies, Inc. (BSTK) was started by two police officers who believe the top manufactures of tactical lights do not meet the needs of police officers. The company is committed to using the very latest technology, while abiding to the highest design and manufacturing standards, so that policemen and consumers can rely on Brite-Strike products when they are needed.

The company's Tactical Blue Dot series was specially designed for patrol officers. Features include a tri-sided barrel design for a more ergonomic grip as well as front and rear tri-strike-crowns for maximum impact when using the device for pressure point and weapon retention techniques.

The Protector series allows citizens to also participate in non-lethal self defense. The tactical LED flashlights use the latest LuxeonR LED and EMP chip technology, which is unparalleled by older LED and incandescent lighting technology. Current retailers selling the product include BJ's Wholesale Club, Lowes .com, Herrington Catalog, and Frontgate, with Walmart, Costco Wholesale, and Dick’s Sporting Goods expected to follow by the end of this year. Brite Strike also sells to a number of specialty police and shooting distributors.

The company's marketing potential is massive. Consumers range from the U.S. Armed Forces, State and Local Police, FBI, CIA, women, and others who are concerned with self-defense. Brite-Strike plans to market their products in both the United States and Europe through major retailers and catalogs. The management team leading the company has 28 years of experience in law enforcement and is well qualified to meet the demand for tactical self-defense devices.

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