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AISystems, Inc. (ASYI)

AISystems, Inc. (ASYI) is a technology leader that has developed a proprietary business platform software system for the airline industry called jetEngine™. This revolutionary new platform for strategic airline management enhances business planning and operational capabilities, solving some of the most challenging problems facing the commercial airline industry.

The business planning process currently used by airlines is not only complicated and lengthy, but is inadequate to simultaneously analyze dynamic variables such as routes, fleet, crew and maintenance. As a result, an airline's ability to achieve and sustain profitability is hindered, not to mention prone to error since multiple departments and independent planners have to be involved in the current process.

jetEngine™ offers a new paradigm for strategic airline management that enables the integration and control of airline planning, revenue management, and operations functions in real time. Composed of two unique suites of products, the jetEngine™ platform is suitable for any passenger airline regardless of its size, business model, or network structure.

AISystems has strategically established a scalable infrastructure for sustainable growth to address the airline industry's most pressing need of achieving sustained profitability. Emphasizing teamwork and making a significant impact on the $500 billion global airline industry, the company has carefully assembled of a team of world class developers and mathematicians.

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