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Aquasil International, Inc. (AQUS)

Aquasil International, Inc. (AQUS) is focused on engaging in the distribution of premium mineral water naturally fused with silver. Offering a unique bottled water product unlike anything currently on the market, the company is in a great position to capitalize on the well-known benefits of silver infused water. These benefits include elimination of bacteria and toxins in the body, respiratory repair, regeneration in vital organs and increased energy.

The health benefits of silver water have been known for centuries with people willing to pay large sums of money to have limited access. Aquasil is now bringing this exclusive water to every consumer, regardless of means or geography. The company's new facilities contain state of the art bottling and filtration systems that include reverse osmosis and other proprietary purification techniques to offer consumers bottled water that's fresh, clean and healthy.

Aquasil silver water is in a unique position to appeal to a diverse group of consumers. While organic minded individuals will value the premium water's natural mineral state, athletes will appreciate a more natural source to increase hydration without having to consume the sugar packed sports drinks that are commonly used. For those in the military, Aquasil can bridge the gap from simple drinking water, to water that helps strengthen their immune systems for a fighting chance.

The company is currently in discussions with several major U.S. distribution channels to bring the product to market. With an already established and growing customer base in Europe, Aquasil is poised to duplicate its success in the multibillion dollar U.S. bottled water market.

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