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WRAPmail, Inc. (WRAP)

WRAPmail, Inc. (WRAP) is a publicly traded company incorporated in Florida in October 2005. The basic premise behind WRAPmail is capitalizing on the reality that almost everyone has a Web site and at least one (and often multiple) social network sites, and that most people send e-mail on a daily basis. These e-mails can become complete marketing tools that help promote, brand, sell, and cross-sell as well as drive traffic to Web sites and help conduct marketing research through tracking analysis.

WRAPmail is available for a license fee or free of charge with third-party ads. No routines need to change, as users simply download a toolbar or route e-mails through Google or WRAPmail’s servers. While the focus is on e-mails, WRAPmail additionally offers an enterprise solution that allows clients to send unlimited e-mail campaigns using the same technology that avoids the “red X” when e-mails arrive. The company’s solutions are built so that recipients see images right away and are not as quick to discard the e-mail due to a lack of enticement or fear of viruses from downloading images.

WRAPmail’s revenue models are advertising revenue through the company’s own ad network, which allows users to advertise in other users’ e-mails; license fees from ad-free and enterprise clients; and affiliate revenue from super affiliates. WRAPmail is a Google Apps vendor and is also compatible with Google Analytics.

WRAPmail additionally aids in the search for missing children with every e-mail sent by free users through the incorporation of an RSS feed from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

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