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Voiceserve Inc. (VSRV)

Voiceserve Inc. (VSRV) is a telecommunications company based in the UK. The company utilizes an innovative Voice–over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology to offer feature-rich, low-cost telecommunications services comparable to traditional landlines.

The Company’s focus is on providing an Internet infrastructure to provide global communication at low costs. Voiceserve’s main product is a VoiceSIM card that closely resembles an ordinary SIM card provided by mobile operators. Their innovative Voice SIM allows customers to receive calls in over 125 countries due to the Company’s proprietary Mobile Network that links to VoIP technology.

Voiceserve, Inc. also sells communications devices, such as USB and VoIP phones. Customers are offered direct dial, Web callback, and caller ID/call forwarding services through the Company’s software. Voiceserve’s business model offers customers savings with incoming calls and outgoing calls on their mobile phones whether they are national or international.

Voiceserve, Inc. believes that five main features differentiate their products from other telecommunications companies. First, the low cost to customers will draw and keep customers. Secondly, a customer can save up to 85% on international calls. Third, the international coverage is one feature that other companies won’t provide. Fourth, the universality of the one SIM card enables more roaming freedom. And finally, the convenience of Voiceserve’s products allows customers to add airtime minutes as they are needed.

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