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Sauer Energy, Inc. (SENY)

Sauer Energy, Inc. (SENY) is a company dedicated to providing clean energy technology without harming or polluting our environment. Specializing in wind power solutions, the company designs products for commercial use so that urban areas can take advantage of the cost-saving alternative energy options. As such, Sauer Energy manufactures small wind Turbine Systems that can be roof mounted on homes or small buildings.

Sauer Energy's philosophy led to the development of its Vertical Axis Wind Turbine solution. The wind energy market has been dominated by horizontal wind turbines, which require space and a high level of wind speed – two factors that prevent many companies from taking advantage of the eco-friendly energy source. The company's VAWT changes the game by preventing noise pollution, minimum blade speed threshold, bird endangerment and space limitations. The technology can be installed on existing structures and is non-intrusive.

Sauer Energy cites its superior solution as the prime source for its demand, and recognizes that with its progress comes a standard for community development. Sauer Energy hopes its strategy and technology research will lead to a global collaboration between people to move towards clean energy. Long term, Sauer aims to become the most effective wind energy producer in the world.

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