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Positron Corp. (POSC)

Positron Corp. (POSC) designs, develops and markets Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanners. The Company is focused on producing state-of-the-art PET equipment for use in clinical settings such as hospitals and diagnostic clinics. The scanners are used to diagnose, stage and treat critical illnesses such as cancer, coronary disease and neurological disorders that include Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. The company also provides total solution packages to physicians and hospitals for the diagnosis and management of the disease intended for imaging.

Positron scanners are designed to produce the best cardiac PET images, as well as high quality PET imaging for oncology and neurology patients. Positron Corp. strives to continually enhance their technology to produce the highest quality images. PET’s are quickly becoming a major diagnostic imaging tool. It is proven that PET scanners are the most effective way to check for cancer recurrences. Studies have shown that PET provides significant advantages over a CT or MRI when diagnosing disease.

PET scan cost can range from $1200 to $3500, depending on the type of scan used. Most insurance companies will cover the cost of most PET scans.

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