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Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN)

Carbon Sciences, Inc. (CABN) is an earth conscious company working toward the fight against global warming. The Company has developed an innovative technology that transforms harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) into earth-friendly carbon products. Some products that can be produced are various building materials, fertilizers and plastics. Carbon Sciences’ technology is based on a patent filed by the Company and it is developed under the brand name, GreenCarbon™ Technology.

Carbon Sciences, Inc. will commercialize the GreenCarbon™ carbon dioxide capture and transformation technology for coal powered plants. The GreenCarbon™ technology is intended to target emissions from coal-fired electrical power and fuel production plants. This intention is based on the knowledge that about one-third of CO2 released into the atmosphere is from the combustion of coal. The increasing use of coal as a power plant fuel is a substitute for oil and gas and the International Energy Agency has estimated the overall world coal use will increase 50% by 2030.

The Company's GreenCarbon™ Technology provides three important advantages. First, Stability over the long term since the production of mineral carbonates will insure a permanent fix rather than temporary storage of the CO2. The second advantage is the Immense Capacity it will offer. The raw materials used for binding CO2 already exist in vast amounts throughout the world. The amounts far exceed optimistic estimates of coal reserves which is set at (~10,000 × 109 tons)1. Finally, GreenCarbon™ Technology will offer economic viability. The sale of value-added products created during the carbonation process has huge potential to offset any carbon sequestration costs.

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