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Spare Backup, Inc. (SPBU) Announces Launch of Mobile Security and Backup Services with Second European Financial Services Group

Spare Backup, a leading provider of data backup and security software for smartphones, tablets, and PCs, announced plans to launch its services with a second financial services group in Europe as part of a master service agreement with their largest European distributor. Spare Backup is unaffiliated with any carrier or manufacturer. The launch is expected to occur in the next 30 days and will support the strategy of providing services on a private label.

"We are excited to launch our Spare Mobile offerings with a second financial services industry partner as we begin to see some early sales data that supports our efforts in the warranty and mobile insurance space," commented Cery Perle, CEO of Spare Backup. "Through our private labeled websites we can support multiple launches in a very quick time frame and we intend to diligently work with our partners in North America and other parts of the world to rapidly grow our customer base. We believe we are in the right place at the right time in the mobile space to quickly gain traction and support a very large recurring revenue base for our company to fuel our future growth."

Partnering with a second financial services group is a key milestone because it validates the ability of Spare Backup to meet the standards for encryption and security mandated by the financial services industry. It also supports the ability to launch services for different industries across the globe. Initial data from the first launch in North America have demonstrated a 30% customer take rate on offerings incorporating Spare Backup services. Management expects similar results for other scheduled launches in North America and Europe.

Spare Backup specializes in helping consumers, small office/home office users, and small to mid-sized businesses protect their computer data quickly, automatically, and cost-effectively. Spare Backup’s flagship software is the first totally automated cloud-based backup service that is distributed on a stand-alone or private label basis through major retail and warranty service partners. Their software enables consumers and small to medium sized businesses to protect computer and mobile data on a continuous basis or according to the schedule of the user's choice. It also supports the integration of that content across various devices and provides enhanced security features to protect valuable data on any lost or stolen devices.

For more information, please go to www.sparebackup.com

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